A Walk Around And Test Drive Of The New Porsche 718 Boxster S With Pacific Porsche General Sales Manager Carl Tofflemire

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Pacific Porsche 718 Boxster

The new 718 Boxster from Porsche has generated quite a buzz.  The styling has been updated, taking some cues from the 918 Spyder, but it still is very much a Boxster in its looks.  The ride and handling have been improved along with the steering feel.  The big news, however, is out back.  Gone is the naturally aspirated flat six, now replaced with a turbocharged flat four.  Some are not thrilled with this decision, however, as Carl talks about in the video, once you are behind the wheel, your opinion will change!  To quote Carl, “it’s truly one of the finest automobiles on the planet today.

Please watch the video then schedule your test drive of the new 718 Boxster today!

Lexus U.S. Factory Provides A Personal Touch To Every Car

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When it comes to Lexus sedans, crossovers, and SUVs, quality and luxury are of the utmost importance. That’s why every ES luxury sedan that comes to Lexus of Santa Monica is assembled with extreme care at the 8.1 million sq.-ft. Lexus factory right here in the United States.

Dedication to Quality

Employees at the Lexus ES assembly plant at expected to be able to spot even the slightest imperfection there may be on any given model. Some employees have even made the pilgrimage to Japan, learning from the ten Lexus master craftsmen to fine-tune their craft. Additionally, these employees spent weeks painstakingly taking apart and reassembling 22 ES sedans in order to become familiar with all 2,000 parts inside and out.

Truly A Personal Touch

Employees are even expected to catch even unseen imperfections in the bodywork of the Lexus ES. Upon donning a pair of white gloves, employees run their hands along the striking curvature of the Lexus ES body panels to ensure nothing but perfection.

Just like the professionals at the Lexus ES assembly plant, our staff at Lexus Santa of Monica is highly trained to make your car buying experience just as great as the impressive quality built into every one of our new sedan, crossover, and SUVs. Take a look at our inventory of brand new Lexus models right here on our website. If you have any further inquiries, give us a call at (424) 229-9998 or use our online contact form.

Lexus RC Tops Segment Safety

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Safe construction is extremely important, and but also often overlooked when drivers are shopping for a new vehicle. But when buying a sports car capable of incredible speeds and horsepower, safety becomes even more important. The safest, most crashworthy sports coupe in Santa Monica, CA is the 2016 Lexus RC.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent nonprofit, is one of the most respected authorities on vehicular safety in the U.S. According to recent testing by the IIHS, the 2016 Lexus RC outperformed the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro, and the Dodge Challenger in crash safety. Its top scores across the board earned the 2016 Lexus RC the coveted Top Safety Pick+ designation.

Vehicles are tested on five different scenarios.

  • Small overlap front: Simulates striking a tree or utility pole on the front driver’s side
  • Moderate overlap front: Simulates colliding with another vehicle on the front driver’s side
  • Side: Simulates being struck from the side by another vehicle
  • Roof strength: Simulates a rollover
  • Head restraints & seats: Simulates whiplash

The 2016 Ford Mustang did not measure up in the small overlap front test, which covers a full quarter of all serious and fatal crashes. The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro did less well than the Lexus RC in the roof strength category. The 2016 Dodge Challenger performed the poorest, scoring a ‘Marginal’ rating in the small overlap front test, and mere “Acceptable” ratings in both the roof strength and head restraints and seats tests.

The IIHS also notes whether the vehicle is equipped with crash avoidance and mitigation technology. Of the four vehicles mentioned here, only the 2016 Lexus RC comes with qualifying technology.

For drivers who want a performance-minded coupe that’s not only thrilling to drive, but safe, then the choice is obvious. Drop by our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica today to test-drive the 2016 Lexus RC or fill out our contact form for more information on the Lexus models in our new vehicle inventory.

#PokeRide The “Catch Them” Test Drive Event At Pacific Volkswagen

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Pokemon GO! has taken over the U.S.!  You’ve seen the YouTube video’s and items on the news where people are driving and trying to catch the Pokemon’s.  At Pacific Volkswagen, we’ve joined the craze too!  However, we want to help you do this “war driving” safely, so we have created #PokeRide.  We are offering to drive you around for free in the iconic Volkswagen Beetle in the “Catch Them Test Ride.” The ride includes several stops at designated hotspots so you can level up from the passenger’s seat. The idea came to the Pacific Volkswagen team when they noticed their dealership was already a pre-designated hot stop on the mobile game.

Please call 424-251-5192 to schedule your “Catch Them” test drive appointment, OR, if you’d rather book your appointment online, please email Pokemon@LAcarGUY.com. Include your first and last name, as well as your preferred drive time and date.  Hurry, as this only runs through Sunday at 5PM!

The drive will last around 30 minutes. Good luck!!!

Details About the 2017 Lexus LC

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The chief engineer at Lexus, Koji Sato describes the 2017 Lexus LC as one of the greatest challenges the company has faced since creating the original LS. The team worked extremely hard to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort with this new vehicle, and I’d say that all that work paid off.

2017 lexus lc

Sporty Looks

From the moment that you set your eyes on the 2017 LC it’s clear that it’s a sports car. Sure you won’t be racing it anytime soon, but if you want an aggressive looking daily driver, this is your vehicle. It’s got a low stance, it has large intakes in front of each of the four wheels, and it has a front end that’s bold and sleeked down into one continuous curve that goes on for days. Overall the LC is one of the best looking Lexus vehicles to date, and it’s something you’ll be proud to drive around in.

Keep it Low

One of the most noticeable features of the 2017 LC is that it has an incredibly low roofline. The roof looks like a Prius that’s been dropped lower to the ground by half and given a much more significant swoopback. It’s sleek and seems lower down to the ground than any roof should be, but the vehicle still manages to remain comfortable.Despite this really low stance, the LC doesn’t feel cramped on the inside. The floor of the car is kept low enough, and the interior designed in such a way that you can remain comfortable while motoring around in this sleek ride. You’ll be amazed at how much space the interior has as compared to how it looks on the outside.

A Lightweight Design

While some Lexus vehicles have been criticized for being too heavy in the past, that’s not likely to be an issue with this model. That’s because it incorporates a bunch of lightweight elements to help it shed some serious weight. The car relies on carbon fiber and aluminum doors. The front suspension makes use of aluminum towers as well to shed even more weight.

The Many Power Options

When you pick out the LC you have two different powertrains to pick from. You can go with the standard gas powered V8 engine that offers ample power, or the hybrid setup that comes with a 3.5 liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine as well as a hybrid motor and battery setup for improved efficiency with a similar level of power output. The V8 is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the hybrid comes with a automatic transmission with 10 simulated gears for driving feel.

The interior is of course dramatic, clean and exceptionally inviting. The 2017 LC looks to be one of the best sports cars offered by Lexus to date, and it’s set to debut in the first half of 2017 for anyone interested in the vehicle.

The 2017 Prius Prime Drives Exceptionally Well

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The Prius Prime isn’t out to the public yet, but that doesn’t mean that the press hasn’t already had a chance to give the cars a go. There are several reviewers that have hopped behind the wheel of a Prius Prime, and this is the collective information gathered about the new car thus far.

2017 prius prime

The New Look

The Prius Prime is easy to tell apart from the fourth gen Prius because of exterior styling cues. The rear shows off a curved red LED strip that tops the whole back end lip. The front end of the car is edgier, more curved and just designed to stand out.

Brimming with Features

The Prius Prime comes standard with navigation on its highly responsive 11.6” touchscreen display. It has a color heads-up display that’s easy to navigate using the intuitive interface and built-in tools. It has selectable driving modes and a bunch of infotainment options that will keep you busy and entertained as you drive around.

It’s a Better Ride

The Prius Prime is the most enjoyable Prius to drive around yet. It’s more responsive than the other models, feels more connected to the road and speeds up much faster than the others. It’s a blast to stomp on the accelerator when a red light changes to green and feel the car zip away. Part of the reason the Prime feels so much quicker is because now both electric motors are being used to drive the car along, instead of keeping one to serve as a generator the whole time. This means that you have 68 kW of power instead of 37 kW. The Prius Prime is built on top of a double wishbone suspension in the rear, and this gives it a more grounded feel so that you feel connected with the road as you drive along.

Making Use of the Drive Modes

The Prius Prime comes with a variety of drive modes, but it’s set to EV as standard. You can choose to force the car to remain in full EV mode all the time until you run out of power by setting it on EV, you can set it to hybrid operation right away, or you can get the best of both worlds by setting the vehicle to Auto before you leave the house. In auto mode the car will rely on electric power fully whenever it makes sense to do so. This is typically at lower speeds. When you travel in the right conditions for the gas engine to be more efficient, it will fire up and you’ll enjoy the top-level of efficiency offered by both power sources at your disposal.

Follow the EcoScore

Just like trying to achieve a new high score in a video game, the Prius Prime offers an EcoScore to drivers to let them know how well they are driving. The higher the score that’s displayed on the dash, the more mileage you’ll get out of the vehicle. Keep a close eye on your score and make little changes to how you drive each day. Over time you’ll figure out ways to improve your mileage and become a more efficient driver overall.

The Prius Prime is the most attractive, most fun and most capable hybrid vehicle sold by Toyota to date. It offers the same fuel efficiency figures as the Prius 4, but it’s clearly the winner anyway. There’s a lot to love about this hybrid, and not too much to dislike, especially if you do a lot of short-range commuting.

Toyota is Developing More Advanced Safety Equipment

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Automakers are always looking for the next best way to keep drivers safe. Many are now releasing systems that use radar to detect obstructions in the road and help reduce the severity of a crash, but what if your car could predict a crash from much farther down the road and do more than just stomp on the brakes to help keep you out of trouble? That’s exactly what Toyota is working on, and it’s exciting.

toyota nav sense

A More Capable System

Toyota is investing more than $1 Billion into artificial intelligence in a quest to make vehciles that are more intelligent and that can operate themselves to some degree. While making this massive investment Toyota also hopes to make major strides towards safety. The automaker is exploring different safety systems that can detect crashes and other dangerous situations more effectively, and respond to them in new and helpful ways. For instance, a wreck in the middle of the highway would be best avoided by changing to a new lane that puts you out of the way of the vehicle. The Toyota vehicle might notice that you haven’t changed lanes yet and steer you into the safer lane after checking to be sure there was a safe opening to move. Of course the vehicle would let you know you’re being moved for safety purposes, and you would be spared the risk of that collision. That’s the type of technology that Toyota is working towards, and it’s something that could help prevent a lot of collisions or near collisions while out on the road.

Helping Japan’s Aging Society

Toyota is investing so much of its resources into AI research to help stay ahead in the race toward self-driving vehicles, but also to help its aging society. The automaker realizes that citizens in Japan are slowly growing older and older and that puts private vehicle ownership at risk in the country. In order to help out the citizens, and keep selling vehicles in Japan, Toyota really wants cars that take on more of the driving responsibility themselves, so that the elderly still have vehicles to rely on. Toyota is even looking at robots designed to help out people in their homes so that their lives can be improved outside of the vehicle as well.

Toyota isn’t the only automaker to look at these types of enhancements, but it seems to be one of the most serious companies about safety and self-driving vehicles. With major safety advancements like the one detailed above going into mainstream vehicles, the roads are bound to become significantly safer for everyone involved, and that’s exciting news for everybody.


2017 Prius Vehicles Get Top Safety Marks

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It’s a fact of life that cars are still quite dangerous to drive around, even though they are becoming safer every year. That’s why things like crash test ratings, and standard safety equipment mean so much today. Anyone interested in owning a high-efficiency hybrid vehicle will be happy to hear that the Toyota Prius and the Prius Prime both performed at the top level when tested out by the IIHS and received a “Good” in every single category of the testing.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime
2017 Toyota Prius Prime

The Safest Prius Vehicles to Date

According to the testing data provided by the IIHS, the two Prius vehicles are the safest options on the road to date when it comes to a highly efficient hybrid car, and they both received the Top Safety Pick + designation.

NHTSA Results

The IIHS wasn’t the only organization to give the 2016 Prius vehicles a glowing review. The NHTSA also took a look at the Prius Prime (both Prius vehicles use the same platform) and gave it a top five-star rating. Sure the Prius Prime didn’t receive a five on every single test, but it performed quite well and was one of the safest vehicles to be tested anyway. The Prius got a four-star rating in the rollover category and for the frontal crash, but got five star marks for the side crash test.

Standard Safety

The Prius Prime comes with such standard features as ESC and anti-lock brakes, along with eight different airbags around the vehicle. This includes driver and front passenger multi-stage airbags. Driver knee airbags and front passenger seat cushion airbags also come as standard. If you want any of the more advanced adaptive safety features, you’ll have to add those on as additional options.

Now you know just how safe either of the new Prius vehicles are, and you have another reason to pick them up other than their high marks in fuel efficiency. If you value safety in a sedan, consider either the new Prius or Prius Prime, they both offer safety and one of the highest efficiency levels on the market today.

The 2017 Toyota 86 Shows Itself

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The all-new Toyota 86 just recently made its appearance to the public, and Toyota Racing Development is already showing off an extensive body kit for interested buyers looking for an even edgier appearance. The body kit helps bring the sporty coupe to the next level with some very sharp features that are hard to ignore.

2017 toyota 86

The Kit

The front end of the 86 comes with an even more extended front splitter dressed up in black. The group also added on a set of daytime running LEDs to help dress up the car. The rear of the vehicle is enhanced by a lip spoiler that wraps around the back edge of the boot. The bumper has a whole new set of creases and bends designed to give it a more complex look than the standard 86 backend. The final standard item that comes with the set is a pair of quad exhaust pipes that go onto the back of the 86. They’re similar to an optional set that you can get from Toyota for the 86 right now, but they’re dressed up in chrome.

Additional Goodies

If all those changes aren’t enough for you, there are a bunch of additional items that you can add on to the 86 as well. You can choose between 18-inch aluminum wheels or between two 17-inch options, one from SARD and the other from TOM’s. There’s also a massive carbon fiber wing that you can add on to the car if you really want to give it that hardcore racecar look.

Functional Enhancements

While most of the above features are just for looks, other than the daytime lights and the spoilers, there are several functional improvements that you can add to the 86 as well. There is a set of adjustable coilovers you can use to change the way the suspension performs. There are also a bunch of underbody brace options to help stiffen up the ride even more, and a front tower brace that you can add as well.

For the moment this body kit is only an option through Japanese car dealerships, but it’s very likely that the option is going to spread to other countries in the near future, giving you the ability to really customize your ride.

The 2017 Volkswagen Passat Gets Top Safety Marks

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One thing that owners are always looking for in a family vehicle is the safety ratings. That goes doubly true for a family sedan, which is why it’s so important to pick up a car that’s got top ratings. Fortunately for Volkswagen fans, the 2017 Passat is one of those vehicles.

2017 Passat Front Crash Test


Scoring Top Marks

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) gave the 2017 Volkswagen Passat a top rating of five stars. The organization tested the vehicle on things like rollover, side impact and front impact to be sure that it can stand up to harsh crash conditions. The vehicle flew through the tests with ease.

It received a five star rating on the side crash test, and four star ratings on both the rollover and front crash tests. These high scores show that the vehicle can take a hit effectively and leave the passengers within doing well.

Standard Safety Equipment

The Passat also comes loaded with plenty of high quality safety equipment. Of course it comes with things like antilock brakes, and an Electronic Stability Control system, but it also has a rearview camera, autonomous emergency braking and a forward collision warning system. These are not so common on vehicles and they hardly ever come as standard equipment. That means no matter which version of the Passat you decide to go with, you’re going to enjoy utilizing all that equipment as you drive around.

More Safety Tech

If you decide to pick up the R or SE models of the Passat, you’ll enjoy even more advanced safety features without having to add on any additional packages. These version of the Passat come with a blond spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert. The system will ensure that you know when drivers are passing you, so that you don’t actually change lanes into a vehicle that’s coming up on you quickly.

The 2017 Volkswagen Passat is a highly rated vehicle that’s worth picking up if you value your safety. Not only is it one of the safest sedans out there according to the NHTSA, but it’s also a decent value that comes with a lot of other worthwhile features. The IIHS hasn’t rated the vehicle yet, but it’s worth mentioning that the 2016 Passat that’s built on the same platform received the highest rating available from the organization last year when it reviewed it.