Lexus Santa Monica Sponsors 21st Annual JA Southern Golf Classic

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Lexus Santa Monica is proud to once again sponsor the Junior Achievement of Southern California Golf Classic at the Riviera Country Club on May 2nd.  The event kicks off at 8:30 with a registration, breakfast and a putting contest.  10:30 is the shotgun start to the event, there will be a barbecue lunch, and then starting at 4PM is the cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner and awards.

Lexus Santa Monica will be bringing two cars, including a 2016 GS350 as a “Hole In One Car”!

Please see the flyer for all the details, but we look forward to seeing everyone on May 2nd!

JASoCal Golf Classic Overview

The 2016 eGolf is Loaded with Features

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The 2016 VW eGolf is more capable than ever before with full-electric drivetrain, advanced media and connectivity features and a driving range of over 80 miles. It’s more effective than before and easier to operate as well. You’ll enjoy improved control through different driving modes, and improved safety through driving assistance technology. Altogether, the 2016 eGolf is a worthy successor. Take a few moments to learn the specifics surrounding its features, and you might decide that it’s the vehicle for you.

2016 vw egolf

Charge Quickly and Easily

With an electric vehicle one of your biggest concerns is likely to be how to keep it charged up in between driving. With the growing EV infrastructure that task is easier than ever. Not only can you charge your vehicle right at home via a 240V plug, but you can use a charge station at any one of the 26,000 different locations around the country. Every receives a membership card to Chargepoint, and thus given access to all those different locations where their vehicle can be charged to 80 percent power in just 30 minutes time.

The Latest Media Systems

The 2016 eGolf comes with all the multimedia and infotainment systems that you would expect on such a modern vehicle. The media system will accept an Aux-in cable and is also capable of connecting to smartphone devices through Bluetooth. Once connected the Carnet Appconnect system will allow you to stream audiobooks, music, phone calls, podcasts and even audio from YouTube videos as you travel down the road. It’s easy to get navigation information and to take full advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities while travelling down the road in the eGolf.

Remote Access Technology

Don’t you ever wish that you could control your vehicle without actually being in the driver’s seat. The Carnet Security and Service App won’t let you operate your vehicle like a remote-control car, but it will let you do things like set the climate control and handle battery charging, without actually being in the vehicle. You can very easily set your car to cool itself off before you get in on a hot day, or stop the charging process before you have time to move your vehicle away from the charge point. It’s highly convenient and you’ll find yourself relying on the app more than you ever thought you would.

Multiple Driving Modes

Sometimes you just want to let loose and burn out down the road, and other times you want to drive as far as you possibly can on a single charge. That’s why the eGolf comes with three different driving modes, to help you meet your specific driving goals each time that you leave the house. Between Normal, Eco and Eco+ modes you can balance power, acceleration and efficiency to give you the best possible driving results overall.

Highly Capable Driver Assistance

It’s easier to stay out of trouble and to navigate the roads, alleys and parking lots more effectively with the active driver-assistance capabilities that are added into the 2016 eGolf. Automatic parking capabilities help you get into tighter spots easily. Forward collision and emergency braking technology will help you stay out of trouble when incidents arise on the road. Overall the eGolf is built to keep drivers safer than ever before, and should help cut down on collisions.

The 2016 Volkswagen eGolf is a highly capable vehicle and is well worth taking a look at for anyone interested in a capable EV. It has one of the highest ranges on the market currently, and could be just the thing you need to get you back and forth to work without using up any gas in the process.

Pacific Porsche Celebrates The Launch Of The 2017 Porsche 911

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The new 2017 Porsche 911 is here!

To celebrate the new 911, and over 50 years of greatness for the model, we held a launch party with over 250 people joining us for brats and beer, and of course, the new 911.

The new 911 issues in a new era for Porsche as turbocharging now comes to the Carrera and Carrera S offering more power, significantly more torque and better fuel economy.  As our General Manager Jeff LaPlant said, “every time you ask your self, how can it get any better than this, and every time it is!”

We put together a video of the event, have a look and enjoy, then book your test drive in the new 911 Carrera and Carrera S and see for yourself just how good the new 911 is.

Join Lexus Santa Monica To “Scooter For Batten”

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Batten disease (also known as Spielmeyer-Vogt-Sjögren-Batten disease) is an extremely rare and fatal autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder that begins in childhood. It is the most common form of a group of disorders called the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCLs).

Although Batten disease is usually regarded as the juvenile form of NCL (or “type 3″), some physicians use the term Batten disease to describe all forms of NCL. Historically, the NCLs were classified by age of disease onset as infantile NCL (INCL), late infantile NCL (LINCL), juvenile NCL (JNCL) or adult NCL (ANCL).[1]

Scooter For Batten

At least twenty genes have been identified in association with Batten disease, but juvenile NCL, the most prevalent form of Batten disease, has been linked to mutations in the CLN3 gene.

Join us on May 21st from 9am until noon at the Palisades Charter High School as we raise money to cure this horrible disease.  We will have face painting, a DJ, and kids activities.

Resgister at for more details.

The hashtag for the foundation is #curebatten make sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Helpful Tips for Vehicle Owners

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Other than knowing the rules of the road, you don’t have to know that much about using a vehicle to get your license and start driving. Here’s a collection of tips to help make you a more effective car owner, and to hopefully help keep you safer while out on the road while saving you some money in the process. Whether you own a high-end Lexus or a more standard vehicle, you should know about each and every one of the below tips.

Lexus Snow

Rainproof Windshield

Keeping your windshield clean and easy to see out of is as simple as replacing your windshield every three months, but you can improve visibility further by adding a rain repellent to the windshield. This allows the wipers to glide more effortlessly, extends their lifespan and reduces the need for wipers at all since rain will slide down and out of the way more quickly leaving you with a clearer view.

Grip the Wheel Properly

To enhance your comfort while driving it’s important to have your seat set at the proper position and to hold the wheel itself the right way. Position your seat so that you can just barely drape your wrists over top of the steering wheel comfortably. While holding the wheel don’t wrap your thumbs around the back, and instead rest them on the sides of the wheel. This protects your hands if you get into a crash, and it’s a more relaxed, but still safe, driving position.

Prepare for Water

While it’s highly unlikely that your vehicle will ever be submerged into water, it’s vital that you prepare for just such an occasion. As soon as a vehicle sinks down into water, those convenient electric windows will short out on you, rendering them next to useless. At that point your only option is to break your way out. To do that you’ll need a tool such as a center punch in order to break through easily. Consider a rescue knife with a glass breaker, or a glass breaking tool specifically to keep in your vehicle.

Low Pressure for Getting Unstuck

If you get stuck in the snow or in the mud, the key to getting out might just be lowering your tire pressure. If you can drop the pressure in each of your tires down below 10 PSI, they will grip more effectively and help you get out of your position. Of course make sure that you raise the pressure up again after getting out of that position and before driving off down the road. A portable pump works well for this.

Handle a Deer Effectively

If you notice a deer in your way slow down but don’t swerve. Flash your lights if possible to help scare the deer out of your path. Drive straight in your lane just as you normally would even if you are going to collide with the deer. If the deer is lined up with the front of your vehicle, turn sharply away just before you run into it. This will keep the deer out of the windshield and hopefully protect everyone in the vehicle while minimizing damage.

Each of these tips can help make you a more effective vehicle owner, and help you get through some serious problems if you ever encounter them. The tire pressure trick alone is bound to help plenty of drivers throughout next winter when roads become slick once again.

The Prius Receives More Efficient Tires

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The 2016 Toyota Prius is set to receive more efficient tires than what was used on previous models of the vehicle. This move will not only improve fuel efficiency while driving around, but the tires are also reported to be safer to drive around on, an exciting improvement that only serves to bolster the high safety ratings that the 2016 Prius received from the IIHS and NHTSA.

Blue Earth E70

The Tires

The new tires are from BluEarth and are the E70 tires. The tires are known best for improving fuel efficiency, and that’s why they are being paired with so many hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles to improve them even further. These tires are seen as environmentally friendly and they rely on a Nano BLEND compound that relies on Orange Oil during construction. The tires have an advanced inner liner for improved strength. BluEarth tires are developed by Yokohama, a brand that’s known for working toward environmentally sustainable products that are highly efficient.

Enhanced Grip and Efficiency

It’s tough to get tires to be efficient while still offering a high level of grip force. This tire balances both of those requirements well to create something that will maintain traction even in rain or snowy conditions. The tire is built to create as little rolling resistance as possible, but to be reliable and safe to use as well.

Anyone that picks up a new 2016 Prius can expect to find this tires factory fitted. They’ll help improve driving efficiency even more and should be viewed as a feature all on their own. After the tires wear out it could be a bit difficult finding matching tires in the United States, but they are sold in some locations around the country if you’re looking to maintain those high levels of efficiency and performance over time.

Enjoy the improved efficiency of your new Prius if you decide to buy one, and even if you don’t you might want to consider having this set of tires added to an older model to draw some of the same benefits. Sure you won’t see efficiency figures like you do with the 2016 Prius, but every boost helps.



The Lexus LC 500h Coupe Makes American Debut | Santa Monica, CA

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2016 Lexus LC 500

Appearing for the first time in America, Lexus announced production of their all-new Lexus LC 500h Coupe in New York at the 2016 Auto Show. The Lexus LC 500h uses a next-generation multi-stage hybrid system powertrain to align engine speeds and throttle inputs while balancing fuel consumption with powerful performance. The LC 500h hybrid coupe will also feature an “M” mode that provides drivers with direct and responsive gear shifting.

Engineered with an aerodynamic exterior style, a high-performance V8 engine, and the first 10-speed automatic transmission offered in a luxury vehicle, the LC 500H is one of the most advanced luxury vehicles Lexus has ever created.

Can’t wait for the Lexus LC 500h to arrive? That won’t be a problem at Lexus Santa Monica. Stop by our new vehicle inventory where we have plenty of high-end Lexus coupes available for our Santa Monica, CA customers to peruse.

For more information on scheduling a test drive, our auto service department or our finance center, please don’t hesitate to contact Lexus Santa Monica through our website or by calling us at (424) 231-6601.

Lexus Sells its 1 Millionth Hybrid Vehicle

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Hybrid vehicles started with Toyota, and quickly moved to the luxury segment at Lexus. The very first luxury hybrid went on sale in April of 2005, and between that day and 2016 more than 1 million of the vehicles were sold by Lexus to the general public. That’s an amazing milestone that the automaker is celebrating and a single NX 300h was delivered to a customer in Milan, Italy to commemorate the special milestone.

2016 Lexus NX

A Variety of Hybrid Models

Currently Lexus manufacturers 10 different hybrid models, making it one of the most diverse luxury automakers as far as hybrids are concerned. Lexus customers have plenty of options to pick and choose from, and additional models are planned for release as hybrids in the future to broaden the selection even more.

The 1 Millionth Vehicle

The 1 millionth Lexus model ever produced was delivered in Milan Italy to Alain Uyttenhoven, the head of Lexus Europe. The buyer was thrilled to learn about receiving the milestone vehicle and excited about having the advanced technology available.

This is what Lexus President Tokuo Fukuichi had to say about the company’s hybrid offerings.

“The hybrid drive system continues to be our core vehicle technology to help reduce CO2 emissions, while providing a pleasurable driving experience.  We have set ambitious environmental goals for 2050, and hybrid popularity worldwide is extremely important if we are to achieve those goals.  Today, Lexus manufactures ten hybrid models, with more on the way.  I’m pleased over 1 million customers worldwide have put their faith into our hybrid line-up,”

Lexus is an ideal luxury automaker to work with if you’re interested in a hybrid vehicle. Not only does the automaker have more hybrids available than the others, but those vehicles tend to be more refined and fuel efficient as well.


The 2016 Toyota Prius Does Very Well in Safety Tests

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The 2016 Toyota Prius is safer to drive around than many people realize. It scored very highly on both IIHS and NHTSA crash testing and came up with a rating as high as any of the other safe vehicles out on the road today. That’s exciting news and worth taking notice of. The Prius is always marketed because of its exceptional efficiency, perhaps it should be marketed for its high level of safety as well. It received a 5 star rating on the tests from NHTSA and a Safety Pick + Rating from the IIHS.

2016 toyota prius

Nailing IIHS Testing

The 2016 Toyota Prius performed better on IIHS testing than many other manufacturer models have been able to. The car received the very highest rating “Good” on every single one of the tests that the facility put it through. That even includes the very difficult small overlap frontal impact test that many vehicles have trouble with. That’s reassuring for anyone purchasing the small vehicle, and it gives buyers another reason to be interested in the highly efficient sedan,

What a 5 Star Rating means?

Even though the Toyota Prius didn’t get the highest possible score on every test from the NHTSA, the car still managed the highest overall score of 5 stars when testing was completed. The tests look at crash and rollover test results, as well as the safety technology put into vehicles to come up with a final figure. It’s a rough process and only the most well put-together vehicles get the highest rating on this test. That’s why it’s so impressive that the 2016 Prius received the 5 star rating from the NHTSA. If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle that can stand up to a hard impact, the Prius would fill that need.

It’s easy to expect a small vehicle like the Prius to do poorly in crash tests. After all there is much less metal and body in a Prius than there is in a large SUV, but that’s not the case at all. You can be just as safe motoring down the road in a Prius as you can in a larger vehicle thanks to careful engineering and design processes. That’s exciting news for anyone looking for a highly efficient mode of transport, and why many people should consider a Prius. Consider getting a Prius with all of the addon preventative safety features to make travelling even safer, and add some additional features such as adaptive cruise control to the vehicle to make it more enjoyable to use out on highways and other long-distance trips.

Toyota is Creating a Guardian Angel for its Drivers

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While there is a great deal of excitement around self-driving vehicles, for obvious reasons, Toyota understands that that type of technology is still a pretty long way off into the future. Instead of focusing on producing a fully-autonomous vehicle, the company has started developing what it calls Guardian Angel technology instead. This is a set of systems that takes control of the vehicle just long enough to ensure that the driver doesn’t crash. So Toyota cars won’t drive you to the store and back, but in the near future they could swerve to help you avoid a collision or make other evasive maneuvers by briefly taking over control of the vehicle when a situation looks bad.

Toyota 3D Simulator
Toyota 3D Simulator

Toyota’s Chance to Perfect Self Driving

The main issue with fully-autonomous driving is that it’s exceedingly difficult to perfect. The automaker could likely produce cars that drive perfectly most of the time, but it’s those small instances that throw the vehicle off that could lead to real problems. Not only does Toyota not want to deal with the liability that could come from a component failure or a miscalculation, but the automaker doesn’t want to scare drivers away from autonomous driving either. There are many people against self-driving cars already, and that’s before any serious crashes have occurred. Just think how much more criticism there will be around the technology if something serious happened because of a computer mistake.

Toyota puts more than 10 million cars out on the road every year. With that level of traffic the automaker’s technology would be tested out on over 1 trillion miles each year. With numbers that high, even a very tiny possibility for failure would result in some significant issues. The automaker is relying on its Guardian Angel system to test out self-driving technology and to help with perfecting it before any serious issues result.

The Technology at Work

Toyota hasn’t specified everything this new Guardian Angel technology will be able to do yet, but the automaker says it will likely communicate over short range communication with other vehicles to pick out major issues like fast braking or loss of control in those vehicles. It will likely be able to full-pedal brake, something that forward collision systems today aren’t capable of doing. It’s likely the system will also be able to change lanes and perhaps use the shoulder for emergencies as well.

Testing and Developing the Technology

All the technology and equipment necessary to make Guardian Angel work on Toyota vehicles hasn’t been developed yet, but the automaker has three different research facilities in the United States working on autonomous technology, and a simulation center at a Japan facility to help with perfecting the technology in its final stages. One facility is located in Palo Alto California, another at Cambridge Massachusetts and the final one is being developed in Ann Arbor Michigan. Each has a different focus, but they are all working toward creating vehicles that can easily drive themselves around.

When working toward such revolutionary technology, it’s wise to move in small incremental steps until finally reaching the major goal of vehicles that can handle all standard driving conditions. Toyota realizes this, and the Guardian Angel project is just one of those steps that could really make driving safer in the process.