Gear up for the Plant Based Biz Event this December

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It’s important to do what you can for the environment and businesses are beginning to realize that. That’s exactly why you should take the time to learn sustainable practices. That’s what the PlantBasedBiz event is all about. It’s being put on by the Sustainable Business Council, and aims to help people figure out exactly how to start up a business that relies on an environmentally friendly concept. Plenty of different businesses and business concepts will be put on display and you can learn exactly what you can do to modify your own business to be better for the environment along the way.


Special Guests

At the event you’ll get a chance to hear from many different special guests. Singer and songwriter Moby will be making a speech, Matthew Kenney, Cuisines Founder will also be present as well as Bob Goldberg and Rich Roll. It’s sure to be a professional packed event and the Plant Based Biz event should be a lot of fun as well.


When and Where?

The big event occurs on December 3, 2015 between 6:00 and 9:00 PM. It’s going to be hosted at Expert Dojo in Unit 308 at 395 Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica California. When you show up parking will be available adjacently in the Santa Monica Place mall parking garage. At just $25 per person, you can learn a great deal about sustainability while networking with likeminded professionals. RSVP here today!

How You Can Help Get the Word Out?

If you’re interested in helping get the word out for this special event, take some time to share it with your friends and business network. Call up personal friends and contacts and let them know about the event. Email 10 friends about the reception letting them know exactly what they can expect. Share the event to your Facebook or Linkedin page as well.

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Super exciting Sustainable Business Council – SBC event on #PlantBasedBiz on December 3. Speakers include Moby, Maranda Pleasant, Rich Roll, Ryland Engelhart, Bob Goldberg, Matthew Kenney and others. Tiffany Paige is hosting the Periscope Live stream for those that can’t attend in person! Join me and get your tickets now! It may sell out.

RSVP & Ticket Purchase Reminder:

Full Details:


Join us by attending the Sustainable Business Council’s #PlantBasedBiz event! This event features the most prolific sustainable trailblazers of our time participating by giving inspirational talks including the musician and activist Moby, purpose-driven publisher extraordinaire Maranda Pleasant, the co-author of the new bestseller, THE PLANTPOWER WAY, Rich Roll, sustainable pioneer Bob Goldberg, CEO and founder, Follow Your Heart and Matthew Kenney Cuisines Founder & CEO, Matthew Kenney to name a few!




Join us for
Trailblazers Talks & Reception! RSVP Reminder :

Take the time to share this special event with everyone you can. Every little bit of publicity helps!

A Hybrid 911 is Likely but an EV Version is Far Off

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With companies like Tesla pushing the limits on the technology, electric vehicles are gaining in popularity. They are becoming more effective and more widely used. Hybrids have been out for more than a decade, and Porsche is quite familiar with electric and hybrid vehicles. The company created the company created the Panamera hybrid after all. While Porsche could most certainly create a hybrid version of the 911, the company says that a full EV 911 isn’t going to happen anytime soon. It’s not that they’re against the technology, but they want it done right, and that simply isn’t possible at the moment.

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera
2016 Porsche 911 Carrera

Power Without the Weight

While it would be cool to make an EV version of the 911, Porsche states that it just isn’t possible at the moment because of all the weight that you have to deal with for the batteries. Creating a powerful 911 that runs purely on electricity would just be too heavy to offer the true 911 experience. That’s why Porsche says that an EV is out of the question, but a hybrid isn’t.

Porsche is having enough trouble figuring out how to maintain the original 911 experience while making the vehicle into a hybrid to save on fuel costs and to make it much more efficient. Weight is so important to the 911 that even adding just a few hundred pounds could throw off the performance of the vehicle and battery packs are notoriously heavy.

Porsche says that they will release a hybrid version of the 911, but that it’s going to keep the flat six for as long as internal combustion engines are still allowed for use. During that time Porsche will improve on its technology and look for ways to maintain that lightweight level of performance with new electric technology.

Who knows, maybe Porsche’s future answer for power will be in Hydrogen fuel-cell technology. The car would still need an electric motor to propel itself, but it could rely on a tank of hydrogen fuel instead of a massive bank of batteries to propel it down the road or the track.

No matter what lies ahead in Porsche’s future, you can count on the release of a hybrid 911, but it’s hard to say if there will ever be a 911 EV according to Porsche.

A Tour of the Green Operations at Audi Pacific

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Green building and design is more important now than it ever has been. With the climate changes an ever-present problem it’s important to get ahead the issue and start teaching children about how to mitigate damages through careful green practices. A mom at Torrance Elementary School saw an ad that mentioned Pacific Audi as a recipient of the Leed Gold Certification and decided that would be an excellent field-trip opportunity for the children of the school.

Audi Pacific Garage

Reaching out to Audi

The mom got in touch with Alisha Auringer, the manager of the of the Environment for LAcarGUY and requested a field trip for the children. A full tour was set up for the children, giving them an opportunity to see how businesses can reduce their impact, while also seeing what goes on behind the closed doors of an automotive dealership and garage.

Audi R8

The Field Trip

The field trip consisted of a tour through the Service and Shop department of the Audi dealership as well as a look around the rest of the dealership facilities to see how green practices are put into place. The children were able to learn how cars are taken care of at the facility and to get a cool behind the scenes look at the day-to-day functioning of the company. Not only that but they even got an up-close look at the awe-inspiring Audi R8 as the team fired it up for the children.

At the end of the day the children went home with Eco penicillin sets and reusable LAcarGUY tote bags and a bunch of stories to share with their families about the practices of the car dealership and about green technology in general.

It’s these types of events that will help children learn to respect the environment more, and to understand businesses with healthy green practices and others that pollute the environment.

Celebrate the Season at the 2015 Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks

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It’s that time of year again. On December 13 families are encouraged to come out and enjoy the 27th annual Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks event. The event begins at 4:00 PM and lasts until 7:00 PM. It’s a fun way to get out of the house and to celebrate the holidays, complete with music, a snow park, bouncy house and finally a set of high quality fireworks voted the Best Holiday Fireworks in the Nation by the Travel Channel.


Musical Performances

The fun-filled day will host a variety of musical performances to keep festive music going during the event. Joe’s Band will start the day off with holiday music and family sing-alongs. The Mira Costa HS Jazz Ensemble will also be performing a selection of holiday pieces. The Hyperion Outfall and Ari Perelmuter will also be performing during the event. Each of the musical performances is sponsored by LAcarGUY and should help to give the event a festive feel.

Skechers Snow Park

Get Into the Holiday Spirit at the Snow Park

One of the main draws of the Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks event is the snow park for kids. It’s put on by Skechers and offers a total of five 50′ sled runs and two different snow areas for children. Give your children a chance to play in some snow and take a bunch of family photos at the event. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit while keeping your children occupied outdoors.

Meet Santa

Of course no holiday celebration would be complete without the opportunity to meet with Santa. Santa will glide in on his float and take the time to meet and greet with the children and make himself available for photos.

Go Crazy at the Bounce Park

A set of giant slides and a massive shark offer plenty of bouncing opportunities for all the children present. Children can swoop down the massive slides and jump around like crazy within the mouth of the shark. It’s a fun opportunity for the little ones that want to burn up some energy.

Cap of the Night with a Shower of Lights

Finally the night will complete at 7:00 with a spectacle of holiday fireworks. The sky will glow with blazing reds, oranges, purples and pinks. It’s the perfect way to finish off the night before heading home to relax.

The 2015 Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race was a Huge Success

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The 2015 Manhattan Beach pumpkin race was a huge success that brought together local families and businesses for a day of fun while helping to support local schools and the CHOICE program. Families got a chance to get out and participate in crafts or enter into the big pumpkin race against all the other participants for a chance to win the prized Championship Trophy.

1st Place Dylan Arroyo and Kevin Clark
1st Place Dylan Arroyo and Kevin Clark 

What Goes on at the Pumpkin Race?

While the main event feautures a set medium-sized pumpkins turned race cars racing against one another for the top-prize trophy, there are arts and crafts, food and special events going on all along the Manhattan beach area for everyone involved. It’s a fun day to dress in costumes, get involved with the local community and show off your carefully crafted pumpkin car before you race it against all the competitors.

The event was organized back in 1990 and has been bringing thousands of participants together ever since. Mike Sullivan from LAcarGUY was the MC for the event and a also behind some of the donations supporting the event as well as many other local businesses in the area.

The CHOICE Program

The CHOICE program is a partnership with local businesses to help High School students involved with a special education program find local employment opportunities. Small businesses are encouraged to learn more about the program and how they can help these students get a start in their first career. By encouraging a more inclusive workplace environment companies can obtain loyal employees that are going to thrive in their positions. That’s the ultimate goal of the CHOICE program and it’s something that businesses all along the Manhattan Beach California area can become involved with. To learn how your business can be involved with the program and help out local students email Sonia Dickson at for information about the program and how you can become involved.

Lexus Just Released Some Very Impressive Anti-Roll Technology on the RX

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As cars evolve they almost always get bigger, faster or more efficient. The one type of upgrade that isn’t nearly as common is a suspension upgrade. Added power needs to be handled more effectively. Demanding driving environments should be approached with everything we’ve got. That’s why Lexus is so excited to talk about its new Roll Skyhook Control technology. The tech is used in the brand new RX SUV and gives a whole new meaning to smooth.

Lexus RX Sky Roll Hook

When travelling over a bump surface it’s very common to experience a rolling sensation. That’s an issue even if the vehicle is prevented from rolling. That’s the issue that Lexus nearly resolves with the new Skyhook tech. This new system creates a feeling of being “hooked in the sky” according to Lexus. That means the vehicle will stabilize itself from the top side and remove most of that roll feeling in a variety of driving situations.

How it Works

The company does not go into detail about how the technology works, but an electronically controlled system of counter weights seems plausible. There is something up near the top of the vehicle that throws weight in the opposite direction of the roll of the vehicle. Whatever the technology is, Lexus promises a much more stable and smooth driving experience, especially around corners. This is an excellent improvement in a

Enhanced Suspension Too

The Skyhook technology is just one of the special features that comes with the new RX, it can also be equipped with an adaptive suspension system to help provide smoother driving dynamics in most standard situations. While going over major bumps the system relies on a series of dynamic dampers to help stabilize the situation.
The Lexus RX is a seriously improved vehicle, and with the new Skyhook technology you’ll be able to corner faster and more confidently. The improvements make the RX more attractive to look at, and more enjoyable to drive as well. With the adaptive suspension it handles smoothly and corners with ease and the media enhancements within make the RX more pleasurable overall.

Toyota is Pushing Ahead with Artificial Intelligence Research to Make Safer Vehicles

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It’s no secret that automotive companies like Toyota want to create self-driving vehicles, but some companies are putting in more effort than others to make it happen. Toyota is putting a great deal of emphasis on artificial intelligence in order to allow their vehicles to predict pedestrian movements as well as traffic adjustments. This technology could help make self-driving vehicles safer and much more effective than the more simplistic models that companies are using at the moment for testing and development.

Toyota Technical Center

Ramping up Research and Development

Toyota announced last week that it would be putting in a total of $1 billion to create two different research and develop centers, both in the United States. The first will be in Silicon Valley and the second at a campus right by MIT in MA. Overall a total of 200 scientists and engineers should eventually be included on the project, but that money will be spent over a term of five years.

AI Research

Toyota forged a separate relationship with Stanford and MIT to research more into artificial intelligence to help improve human and robotic interactions, because that’s what a self-driving car would be, a robot. To further those research efforts specifically Toyota is contributing $25 million to both Stanford and MIT toward artificial intelligence research.  Steve Eglash, the executive director of the artificial intelligence lab at Stanford is hopeful that the two research centers funded by Toyota will lead to improved vehicle handling in poor weather conditions and on busy city streets.

The Standard side of the research effort will be housed in an existing building and will work on between seven and nine different projects. Not only is Toyota offering a staggering amount of research funding for these projects, but the automaker is also offering access to its massive data pools collected from drivers, from past research and development efforts and through all the different studies and engineering work that’s been completed in the past.

All the funding and the focused effort on learning more about artificial intelligence and what it can do for driving should help move self-driving technology ahead by leaps and bounds. Researchers that aren’t part of the project are excited about the prospects of the work as well and are looking forward to building on the research later on to help further the field of artificial intelligence even more and to apply it to other sectors around the world.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to affect almost every part of life and people are just starting to realize that. Toyota wants to build better and safer vehicles, but the research efforts will likely yield benefits to the rest of society as well.

Prepare Your Scion for the Upcoming Winter

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Winter is fast approaching, are you ready for the harshest season out of the year? If you haven’t taken steps to prepare your Scion yet, you should set some time aside to do so now. Follow along with these steps to get ready for ice, snow, sleet and slush and all the troubles that come when the temperature dips down. It will take some time, but all good things do.

scion frs snow

Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

There’s no telling when you’re going to run into an emergency while driving down the road, it’s especially important to be prepared for such things during the winter. Make sure that you have jumper cables, a spare tire or donut, a jack, a flashlight and a blanket in your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to keep an emergency cell phone in your vehicle if you don’t normally carry a cell phone with you anyway. With this set you should be able to handle most emergencies that you come across and get help for the rest.

Plan for Ice and Snow

If you live in a northern climate, chances are good you deal with a lot of ice. You should have an ice kit in your vehicle to help you with common cold-weather troubles. The kit should have sand, an ice scraper, de-icer and a small shovel. The sand and shovel are to help you dig yourself out of a snowbank and increase traction so you can get out if you slip off the road. The ice scraper should always be kept on hand to clean off windows when they ice up. De-icer is a handy little tool to get doors open and unfreeze keyholes when it’s really cold out.

Take Care of Maintenance

Cold weather is particularly hard on vehicles in the winter, and the last thing you want to be doing once is cold is working outside on your vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to handle all the maintenance tasks before it gets too cold out.

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your tires. Make sure the tread is good and rotate them if necessary. Switch over to your winter tires once the weather is cold enough for snow if you have any. After the tires you should move on to your oil. Check to see how long it has been since your last change. Switch it if necessary to make sure you don’t have to deal with the task in the winter. Finally take a look at your coolant levels and ensure that your antifreeze is topped up properly to keep everything running smoothly in frosty temperatures. Also check your battery to be sure it’s still in top condition. Starting your car is more difficult in the cold and a poor performing battery won’t turn the engine over on those particularly frigid mornings.
Now that you’ve gone through the steps you should feel better about your chances of getting through winter without an issue. You’re ready for unexpected problems, and the maintenance you did should help you avoid some of them.

Off-Road in style with the Lexus GX 460

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If you’re looking for a blend of comfort, luxury and rugged performance the 2016 Lexus GX 460 could be just the thing for you. It hasn’t changed dramatically from the 2015 version, but the changes it does have are all positive ones. The GX 460, unlike other luxury vehicles still relies on rugged body-on-frame construction and it performs just like you would expect it to in off-road situations.

2016 lexus gx 460


Past Improvements

Two years ago the Lexus GX 460 received a set of minor upgrades including LED daytime running lights and headlights, and optional LED fog lights. The SUV also got an updated rear fascia and taillights but nothing major.


While most things haven’t changed in the latest GX 460, owners can now add on the Lexus Enform Service Connect package and they can enjoy it with a one-year trial subscription to see if they like it. The package makes it possible for owners to obtain remote access for information about the vehicle through the MyLexusandBeyond mobile application for iOS phone users, and through the website.

With this software comes warning lights, vehicle health reports and maintenance reminders. You’ll get access to things like current vehicle alerts and service campaigns as well. Not to mention that you’ll enjoy remote lock and unlock features as well as remote stop and start for the engine and a climate control adjustment.

Offroad Prowess

The Lexus GX has always been known for tackling offroad challenges effectively and the latest model is no different. Unlike most SUVs sold today with unibody construction, the GX 460 still relies on body-on-frame construction that trucks and more rugged SUVs from the past made use of. It comes packed with the V8 that 4-Runner buyers can no longer gain access to. The SUV puts out 301 HP and 329 ft.-lb. of raw power that lets it tackle most terrain with strength. It comes with Crawl Control for slow uphill climbs and Downhill Assist Control for easy descents down steep hills. Overall driving the GX on harsh terrain is simple and comfortable to do.


Inside the GX you get room for two up front, three in the second row and finally two smaller individuals out back. That’s seating for up to seven people overall. As with any Lexus the GX is whisper quiet when travelling down the highway. It’s also highly smooth when the suspension is set on Comfort. That’s right you get an electronic suspension setup that you can adjust to your desired performance level. It can be set to normal, sport and comfort depending on the ride quality that you’re after.
The LX 460 isn’t cheap by any means with a starting price of $50,140, but it provides what most SUV owners are looking for. It comes with all the comfort features you could want, leading edge technology and it’s still capable of driving in rough terrain. The base price is enough to get you many comfort features, but if you want to go all out and get the top-end version you’ll have to spend more than 60k with a top price of $61,515 overall.

The Lexus Mobility Teammate Concept Shows off Automation at its Best

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Lexus knows that vehicles are still a long way from being able to operate themselves effectively without any input from drivers at all. That’s why they named their concept the Mobility Teammate concept. They’re trying to show that there is still a relationship between the driver and the vehicle. The vehicle isn’t making all the decisions and it can’t do a lot of the driving without the driver behind the wheel. There are too many questions left to answer and too many software hurdles to overcome before cars will be doing all the work, but by keeping this idea of shared driving responsibility in mind, it could be possible for partially self-driving vehicles to be released very soon.

Lexus Mobility Teammate

See What the Car Sees

One of the most important steps that Lexus took with the Lexus Mobility Teammate Concept is giving the driver a view of what the car sees specifically. This monitor representation of what is happening out on the road offers a bit of peace of mind. By looking at the monitor you can see what the vehicle plans to do and you can see exactly what the car believes is going on out on the road. How many cars there are, which lane the car is in, all that information is available to you on the spot with that monitor.

Not only does the monitor offer an indicator that lets you know what’s about to happen, but there is a chime and a voice that lets you know what’s about to happen as well if you aren’t watching the screen. This helps keep the driver involved with driving without actually having to do any of the work.

What it Can Do

The vehicle can speed up and slow down, it can change lanes and it can handle corners all on its own. The vehicle will even operate the turn signals at an appropriate time to keep things safe for all the other drivers around.

Overriding the System

The system is designed to allow the driver to take control at a moment’s notice. That means if you notice that something isn’t quite right, you simply adjust the steering wheel or press down on the gas or brake pedals and you’re in control of the vehicle. With the setup you can enjoy letting someone else drive, but you can still maintain control of the vehicle, and that’s a blend that’s going to be very important to drivers just getting used to autonomous technology.

Autonomous Zones

As the technology develops and improves there will be more locations around the world that will support autonomous driving, but what Lexus is trying to show off is that the technology won’t support autonomous operation everywhere immediately. Early on the technology will work in limited zones, and that’s exactly how it went when drivers tested out the Lexus Mobility Teammate Concept. There were sections where the car could operate itself, and there were other areas where the driver had to assume control of the vehicle once again.

Vehicles just like this Lexus concept could be released very soon, and they would take some of the driving burden away from drivers looking for a break. Sure they wouldn’t handle all the daily navigation responsibilities, but that isn’t the point. All the increased drive time would provide valuable information to car companies, and the systems could be refined that much faster. Self-driving vehicles are on the horizon, and the first cars released are likely to be very similar to this driver-car hybrid operation vehicle.