Volkswagen Takes the Top APEAL Spot in 2016

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For years now the J.D. Power APEAL study has been considered as a benchmark for car owner satisfaction. If a particular model, or brand of vehicle gets high scores on the study, it means that owners with these vehicles are generally happier with their purchases. That’s something to be excited about, and something that you should take not of as well, and it’s something that Volkswagen buyers will be very interested in. After all, Volkswagen did take the top spot for non-luxury vehicles.

2016 volkswagen passat

Volkswagen the Non Luxury APEAL Leader

Volkswagen managed to get a score of 809 points between all its different vehicles. This score was quite a bit higher than the overall average of 801 points, and it put Volkswagen in the 12th spot overall, when including all the luxury brands. When you take the luxury brands out of the equation that score puts Volkswagen squarely at the top of the study. It did better than all the other brands out there, which means you should really be interested in Volkswagen vehicles and how enjoyable they are to drive around.

How the Study Works

A total of 33 different nameplates were considered for the study. This includes all the biggest automakers from around the world, and it considers all the major vehicle manufacturers that sell vehicles in the United States. More than 80,000 car owners were talked to about their vehicles and which ones they prefer to come up with the end results for this study. That’s a lot of opinions and that’s why the findings from this study are so significant. Even if the results don’t reflect the opinions of everyone accurately, they reflect the opinions of a large portion of the auto buyers in the United States.

The next time that you go to shop for a vehicle, just remember that if you aren’t getting a luxury car the best that you can do is a Volkswagen if you want to be satisfied with your purchase. This is based on significant statistical results, and it shows that Volkswagen really focuses on the features that are going to make auto buyers happiest with their purchases.

2016 Lexus ES Wins Top Safety Award from IIHS

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2016 Lexus ES

The new Lexus ES earned a prestigious “Top Safety Pick Plus” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), demonstrating its prowess at keeping occupants alert, aware, and protected on the roads in and around Santa Monica, CA.

The 2016 Lexus ES received changes to its front structure, A-pillar, roof rail, door-hinge pillar, and doorsill, all of which contributed to the luxury sedan’s top rating on moderate overlap, side, roof-strength, and head restraint tests. The new Lexus ES mid-sized luxury car also earned a ‘Superior’ rating on front crash prevention when equipped with the available forward collision warning system.

Are you looking for an incredibly luxurious Lexus sedan with a tried-and-true top safety rating? Look no further than the 2016 Lexus ES, including ES 350 and ES 300h models. The new vehicle inventory at our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA has dozens of 2016 Lexus ES trim packages, colors, and features packages available.

If you have any questions, reach out to a Lexus Santa Monica product specialist through our online contact form today!

The Lexus RX is the Best Selling Luxury Vehicle in the U.S.

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Lexus RX

Have you been on the 5 recently? If you’ve started noticing more Lexus RX SUVs next to you, you’re not alone. Topping the list for luxury vehicles sold in the U.S. through June, the 2016 Lexus RX sits at just under 50,000 models sold for the current year. The nearest competitor, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, is more than 10,000 units behind the popular Lexus RX in total sales for 2016.

Developed to provide a capable performance and sophisticated design, the latest version of the new Lexus RX is one of the most popular SUVs for sale at our dealership in Santa Monica, CA. From the striking front grille to the chiseled frame, the 2017 Lexus RX features a stunning design profile that hints at the luxury features included in the cabin.

When equipped with the Luxury Package, the interior of the 2017 Lexus RX is smartly appointed with semi-aniline perforated leather trim, gray sapele wood with aluminum trim, and a driver’s seat with power cushion extender and four-way power lumbar support.

Whether you’re looking for the RX 350 or the 450h, Lexus of Santa Monica has almost every trim package available for sale in most color combinations. Browse through our available luxury SUV inventory and find your ideal model. Then see it up close during a test drive at our Lexus dealership. Contact our team through our online form or by phone at (424) 229-9998 to make an appointment with us.

The 2017 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition is Breathtaking

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There’s something particularly special about the 911 Targa. It just oozes heritage out of every one of its pores, and it’s something that you can be proud to drive around in general. Well, the 911 Targa options are about to expand, with an even richer offering, the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition. It’s a highly capable vehicle that’s infused with even more life and history than the other Targa offerings.

911 Targa Exclusive Design Edition

A Historic Color

The entire vehicle is featured in a brilliant Etna blue. It’s the same color that was used on the Porsche 356 B in 1960 and 61. The badging, spoiler and grill also feature that same color and they blend with the overall theme of the vehicle nicely. This brilliant color is set of nicely by a deep black that’s used on the rear grill, the tailpipes and the LED headlights as well as the RS Spyder wheels. It gives it some nice definition and a striking appearance overall.

Close 911 Targa Exclusive Design Edition

A Striking Interior

Inside this special design edition of the vehicle you’ll notice a bunch of special characteristics that mark it as a special edition. The sill plates come with an exclusive logo and some of the letters light up in blue when the doors are opened. The quality leather upholstery is a smoky graphite blue and blue accents are used throughout the vehicle in places like the stitching, the air vent fins and a bunch of other slight areas. This car is very blue, but Porsche makes the colors work together nicely and really give this car a special feel as well.

Special Accessories

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this special car you’ll receive some accessories to help you celebrate your purchase. It comes with a indoor car cover and a graphite-blue photo album that will match the leather seats within. The photo album details the build process for the car, so that you can show it off to your loved ones that are interested in the vehicle.

Overall it performs just like a 911 Targa 4S is expected to, but it comes with enough added style and exclusivity to be something special all its own.

The 2017 Audi A4 is Surprisingly Efficient

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The 2017 Audi A4 offers a great blend of features and looks, but one of the most exciting of them all might just be te high level of fuel efficiency that the car offers. Sure it’s not going to beat out a Prius anytime soon, but it does quite well for the powerful little luxury sedan that it is. If you’re looking for a sedan that will save you a bit of money at the pump, while still being something that you can be proud to drive around, the 2017 A4 is a good option for you to consider.

2017 audi a4

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The A4 gets about 27 MPG in the city and 37 MPG while out on the highway. That means if you do mostly highway driving you can expect a pretty affordable driving experience overall. Even when you  drive a mix of the two types you’ll get around 31 MPG combined mileage with the car. That’s exceptional for an A4 and a major improvement over the older versions of the Audi model.

Driver Assistance Features

Not only does the A4 do really well out on the highway, but it comes with some very nice driver assistance features as standard. When you pick up the 2017 A4 you’ll enjoy Virtual cockpit as well as several adaptive safety features that help make driving it safer than ever before.

Fuel Efficiency Enhancements

In order to achieve such a high level of efficiency, Audi had to make some significant enhancements to the A4. The company made use of a more efficient 2.0T TSFI engine that can deliver more power with less fuel. They also relied on a different combustion pattern to get even more out of the engine than what’s possible from the standard version on older model years of the vehicle. These two enhancements come together and offer an excellent level of efficiency for a luxury sedan.

Sure the A4 isn’t really about fuel efficiency, and it’s about luxury at an excellent value, but that efficiency only serves to make the car even more appealing. It’s something that you’ll enjoy every time that you have to refill your tank, and it’s something that you can brag about to all your buddies as well.

Prepare to Pay a Bit More for the 2017 Tundra

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Toyota Tundra fans know that the trucks are built to last. They are rugged vehicles that handle hauling and other hard tasks unlike many other vehicles on the road. That’s exactly why so many owners are happy to pay the high sticker prices for these powerful vehicles, but owners should be forewarned that that sticker price is climbing higher for the 2017 model year. The Tundra will start at $31,215 and climb up steeply depending on the version that you want.

2017 toyota tundra

Added Standard Features

You aren’t just paying more money to say that you have the latest Tundra, the automaker is including additional features as standard for the added money that you have to pay for it. When you buy the 2017 Tundra you’ll enjoy a tow hitch receiver as standard on every single model that’s available. That means that you don’t have to worry about having one of those installed later on and you can enjoy towing immediately. If you go for a limited model you’ll enjoy power front bucket seats without having to pay extra for that feature as well. There are some other added tech improvements and minor changes made to the vehicle, but for the most part those are the enhancements that you’ll enjoy when you pick up the 2017 Tundra models.

Enjoy Some New Colors

Not only are you going to get some new features added as standard to the 2017 Tundra, but you will also have some colors to pick from as well. When you get a 2017 Tundra you can have it made in Barcelona Red Metallic, Black and Super White when you get one of the SR models of the vehicle. The Inferno color has also been made available to SR5 and Limited models of the vehicle, though it’s now discontinued on the TRD Pro model. If you want to get a Tundra, you’ll now have a slightly more difficult time picking out the color that you’re going to go with.

That price figure around $31K is just for the base 2WD version of the Tundra, and when you opt for more advanced versions of the vehicle, such as the 1794 or Platinum models, you can expect to pay upwards of $50K for the vehicle. That’s why you need to take your time and decide which features mean most to you and which you can do without. That’s the only way to really spend the right amount of money on a Tundra without regrets.

How New Audis Allow You to Predict Stop Lights

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Have you ever wished that you could tell when a traffic light is going to turn green or red? Are you tired of guessing when you’re going to have to slam on your brakes to slow down enough for that high-speed light up ahead? Well have no fear, the technology is soon being offered to Audi owners around the country.

traffic light

Initial Cities

Only a small set of five cities are going to be offering the technology initially, which means you’ll have to have a new Audi model and live in one of the supported cities in order to predict when the lights are going to change, but that doesn’t stop it from being cool. The first cities that are going to support the technology are Washington, Washington D.C., Seattle, Nevada and Las Vegas.

How it Works

The technology taps into signals that are given off by the traffic lights themselves already. A private company is going to partner with the government to help create a message system that will link Audi vehicles up with the traffic lights throughout the five cities listed up above. When the system is turned on, every driver will have detailed information about when the lights are going to change to green or red so they can feel more at ease while driving around.

The System in Action

When the system is in use on these Audi vehicles a simple notification will pop up each time you are near one of the upcoming traffic lights. A countdown style timer will let you know when the light is going to change, and it will vanish once again after you get out of range of it. This should make it easier to drive with confidence around lights, and to stop worrying about whether or not it’s going to change as you come up on it.

Convenient Features

With this technology active it should help vehicles predict better driving paths for more efficiency, and it could even be used to suggest vehicle speeds to help you hit every green light throughout your morning commute. Sure the tech is a long way off from that just yet, but it’s definitely a future possibility.

Bringing the Technology to All Vehicles

Though the technology is only going to available to Audi owners for the time being, it is likely to be offered to the owners of other vehicle brands in the future. Automakers are experimenting with the technology and eventually hope to tie infrastructure information into vehicle information systems so that drivers know exactly what is going on as they travel around the road.

The Stretched Tiguan Makes an Appearance

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It’s been ages since Volkswagen announced the new Tiguan and actually showed it off, almost a year now, but still nothing is available in the United States yet. That’s due to having to rely on the Puebla Mexico factory that still isn’t retrofitted for producing the vehicle properly yet. Anyway, people have been eagerly awaiting news of the latest Tiguan because it’s supposed to have three rows in the stretched version, and there’s finally some images to look at for the latest model. That’s truly exciting for someone waiting to pick this model up when it’s available!

Extended Tiguan from Frankfurt Auto Show

The Stretched Model

When you take a look at an image of the stretched model of the Tiguan it’s obvious that the rear doors have been stretched out. This added length gives Volkswagen the room it needs for another set of seats to help the vehicle appeal to larger families. The latest model looks a bit more like a station wagon than the shorter version does, but it keeps the same general styling overall. A strong front, sloped rear and relatively flat top give it a raked over look that’s not too bad at all. If you’re looking for a large SUV that looks somewhat like a high quality station wagon, you should wait for the Tiguan to be released by Volkswagen.

Powertrain Options

There’s no guarantee about what powertrain Volkswagen is going to release, but you better believe there is going to be a turbocharged four-cylinder that’s going to be offered. There is also likely a standard six-cylinder offering, and other than that it’s tough to say what options will be available. It’s possible there will be a hybrid variation that could make it more efficient or even more powerful. Either way, the Tiguan is going to be a pretty capable vehicle and a decent option for families when it’s finally released.

With the stretched version of the Tiguan showing up out in the open, it’s likely that an official reveal is going to happen pretty soon. That’s something to get excited about, and it could mean that Volkswagen is getting closer to launch the latest Tiguan in the United States as well.

The 2017 Audi A3 Makes Tech Affordable

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The Audi A3 is the entry level luxury car offered that’s designed to make it more affordable for people to get into the luxury market. This little car packs an excellent level of performance under its hood, but it does more than just gives people a fast ride. The A3 also makes cutting edge technology available to more drivers thanks to all the different features that come standard, or that can be added on through additional options or trim upgrades.

2017 Audi A3

Standard Technology

No matter which version of the A3 you pickup you’ll enjoy the Virtual Cockpit media system with it’s large 12.3 inch display. You’ll also enjoy an advanced MMI touch system and a rear-view camera.

That small list of items might not sound like much when listed by name, but they offer a whole lot of functionality to drivers. The Cockpit is a massive display that offers information at a blistering 60 frames-per-second so that everything happens smoothly. This display is in rich color and can be used for navigation purposes, to adjust radio settings or for use with a bunch of additional apps. It’s simple to use thanks to the MMI touch setup and the included touch keys designed for users that aren’t too happy with relying solely on a touchscreen for navigation.

The MMI system also  offers handwriting recognition, so that you can write letters instead of entering them on a keyboard. It’s now offered with a simpler button layout and is designed to be intuitive to use. Spend a little time with the system and you’ll quickly become comfortable with what it has to offer and you’ll see its true potential.

Optional Features

While you’ll get plenty of nice features out of the included features, there is plenty more to like when you pick a higher trim level or you opt for some of the optional features available to Audi owners. Below is a quick list of the features available that we’ll break down in detail further down the page.

  • Connect Prime
  • Connect Plus
  • Parking System Plus
  • High Beam Assistant
  • Active Lane Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Audi Side Assist


Connect Prime – No matter which trim level of the Audi you decide on Connect Prime is an optional add-on. It gives you a bunch of added navigation features on top of standard Google Earth. The system also offers you myAudi destinations, Audi Semi-dynamic route guidance and the Inrix XD traffic and information system. Together all these features will help you figure out where to go no matter where you are and what you are looking for.

Connect Plus – This optional service can be added to any version of the A3. It’s for owners that like to stay connected while on the move. It creates an LTE 4G hotspot for up to eight devices right in the cabin of the vehicle.

Parking system plus – This system is standard on Premium Plus and Prestige models. I helps simplify the parking process, especially when in tight spots. The system has a series of sensors that let you know exactly how much distance is available on all sides of your vehicle. It makes parking much more intuitive.

High Beam Assistant – Standard on the Prestige models, this feature seamlessly changes from high to low beams with traffic patterns so you don’t have to manage it yourself.

Active Lane Assist – This system is standard on Prestige models and issues a vibrating warning when you travel out of your lane without signaling.

Adaptive Cruise – Adaptive Cruise is standard on Prestige models and helps the vehicle remain in cruise control even when slow cars are ahead, it slows down automatically until the cars speed up or get out of the way, at which point the set speed is reached once again.

Audi Side Assist – Standard on Prestige models and available on Premium Plus models, this feature checks blind spots and uses LED indicators to let you know when they’re safe.

The Audi A3, S3 and A3 Cabriolet models all come with a whole bunch of tech features, but deciding to opt for the Premium Plus or Prestige models offers you even more excellent features that make owning the luxury sedan even more worthwhile.

The Lexus Design Award 2017 Contest Has Now Begun

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For the last four years Lexus has called together designers from around the world to help shape the look and feel of its vehicles. Each year the Lexus Design Award challenges designers with a specific theme, and those designers have to come up with creations of their own that fit that theme as well as possible. The 2017 Design Award focuses on the “Yet” theme, that at its core is the philosophy of Lexus itself. This year is a big deal and it offers a chance for many designers to gain recognition and to learn from the very best mentors from around the world.

Lexus Design Award

The Lexus Yet Philosophy

At Lexus there is an overriding philosophy that two very different features or qualities can be combined together into one vehicle. For example, performance focused yet comfortable are two features that normally aren’t offered in a single vehicle. That same philosophy is the theme for the 2017 Lexus Design Awards contest, and it should lead to some very interesting creations in the end focusing on blended features or designs coming together into one final piece.

How the Contest Works

Designers are encouraged to enter in ideas for the contest, and just 12 finalists will be chosen in the end and given a chance to prototype their final designs. Each of the chosen finalists will be provided a budget of up to 3 million JPY or about $29,641 USD, and they will work under accomplished mentors and proven designers to refine the design further and come up with the very best finished product. It could be furniture, sculptures or anything else that the designer chooses to work on. As long as it goes with the “Yet” mindset well it has a shot of winning.

Applying for the Contest

If you would like to apply to the contest you can do so between August 10th and October 16. Head over to to learn more about how to go through the process and get your piece into that contest so that you’ll have the opportunity to put together a prototype for real. It’s an exciting opportunity and something that every designer can try for. The contest itself helps Lexus keep creating modern-looking vehicles and coming up with excellent special edition products that you can’t help but enjoy looking at.