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The 2015 Volkswagen E-Golf Has Been Names Most Efficient in its Class

If you’re looking for a highly efficient car for commuting to and from work, or for casual driving around town, you would be hard-pressed to beat the 2015 Volkswagen E-Golf. With an EPA estimated 116 MPG of gasoline equivalent the car has been rated the most efficient in its class. It manages 126 MPGe around town and maintains a firm 105 MPGe out on the highway.


Impressive Range

For such a compact vehicle, the EGolf manages an impressive all-electric range of 83 miles. While that isn’t enough to take a road trip comfortably, for most people it is more than enough to get them back and forth to work each day. That essentially means you could commute between 30 and 40 miles each way to work every day, or go even further if there is a charge station at your company’s location.

Fun to Drive

Although the E-Golf isn’t packed with a massive amount of power and it’s designed for efficiency more than performance it’s still a lot of fun to drive. It’s quick to start moving thanks to the high torque provided by the electric motor and it’s compact size lets you feel the acceleration and each turn along your way to work.

Won’t Waste Much Power Idling

Another bonus that most people don’t consider when looking at electric vehicles or EVs is that you save a lot of energy when sitting still compared to a standard gasoline engine. While many gasoline engines continue to burn fuel while idling, an EV only uses up energy when moving and can sit still while still being on without using up much energy at all, depending on whether you are using the climate control or not.

Several Charging Options

The car comes with a 7.2 kW charger built into it allowing three different charging methods depending on what you have available. It can be attached to a standard 110/120 volt wall outlet, a more powerful 240 volt outlet or one of the impressively quick rapid charger systems. A basic wall outlet will charge the car in around 20 hours, while the rapid charger can get it to 80% battery life in just 30 minutes.  No matter how you choose to charge up your car, you’re going to be spending less on electricity than you would with a standard gasoline vehicle.

The only true downside to the 2015 Volkswagen EGolf is its price tag. At $35,445 it will be affordable for many families, but the amount of money you save on fuel may not be enough to justify the price difference between this and a more budget friendly vehicle depending on how much you drive each week.


The A3 Has the Potential to Be an Excellent Trip Vehicle According to Auto Journalist Anton Wahlman

Audi recently challenged 16 different journalists to pair up and take 2015 A3’s on a trip to see how far they could travel on a single tank of diesel. Their goal was of course to increase press for their newest entry-level, and in the process show off the efficiency of the car. The A3 is rated at an EPA estimate of 43 MPG highway, but the results produced by Anton Wahlman prove that estimates aren’t always as accurate as we assume. He far exceeded those figures and managed to travel an astounding 834 miles on the single 13.2 gallon tank.

2015 Audi A3 diesel

The Test

Eight different A3’s were devoted to a test that Audi devised. They chose journalists because they could release a story about the experiment and because there would be no accusations of them putting in professional hyper milers to come up with bloated fuel efficiency figures. The tank was sealed by the automaker and failsafes were put in place to keep anyone in the contest from cheating. Over the next few days the duo in Wahlman’s A3 managed to rack up just over 800 miles and according to him it was a comfortable ride the whole way.

Diesels Often Perform Above EPA Rating

With gasoline engines most people think of the EPA fuel efficiency rating as a dream number that you will rarely hit. That is a best-case scenario that you would be lucky to get once and awhile. While that may be the case with many gasoline models, it isn’t the same with diesel cars. Many times a diesel vehicle manages to outperform its EPA rating. The careful work done by these two journalists show that the Audi A3 is a member of that group. The A3 diesel is rated at 31 MPG in the city and 43 MPG on the highway, and at an achieved level of 63 MPG the figures were beat by an astonishingly large number. Even if the duo kept to highways for the entire trip, they still managed to top the figure by a cool 20 MPG. That’s impressive, and that’s why it makes sense to research diesel vehicles a bit before taking the word of an EPA rating.

Look Out Hybrids

For years the Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles have been looked at as the standard for fuel efficiency. The Prius achieves around 50 MPG while out on the highway and the A3 operated by these two journalists just massacred that number.  Instead of looking at the Prius or other electric vehicles as a great all-around efficient vehicle, it makes more sense to rely on them for short-term transportation, while relying on a highly efficient diesel such as the A3 for road trips. Not only does the A3 have a superior driving range compared to most sedans out there, but it’s also quite comfortable and enjoyable to drive.

Comfortable Travel

While traveling in the 2015 A3 it’s clear that you’re riding around in a luxury sedan. The seats are all padded heavily and contour to your body exquisitely.  The A3 may not be as handsomely outfitted as say the A6 or A8, but it’s comfortable. The rear of the vehicle provides ample room for two adults, and offers enough space for three with slightly cramped quarters. Compared to more compact cars and hybrids like the Prius, the A3 is just more enjoyable to ride in.

Range that Offers Flexibility

While travelling you don’t want to constantly be worrying about where the next gas station is, or recharging station in the case of EV’s such as the Tesla lineup. Not only is it tiresome to be constantly have to look for another spot to refuel at, but it causes you to compromise throughout your trip. When you have a higher range you can pick and choose the points you stop at more freely and this results in a more enjoyable trip overall. With the A3 you have potentially 800 miles of straight driving capability before you have to stop to refuel and that gives you the freedom to choose where you eat, where you stop to rest your legs and what sights you see along your trip.

If you’re trying to get the best possible mileage when travelling locally it makes sense to go after a hybrid or an EV, however if you’re the type who enjoys lengthy road trips the diesel A3 would be hard to beat at the moment. It’s luxurious, it has an impressive range and it’s highly efficient.



Scion is Teasing their New Concept Car Before Upcoming LA Auto Show

It’s no secret that Scion’s been in a rut lately and now they’re working to bolster sales by adding a new edgy model into the mix with their iM concept. The car’s going to be the main attraction that Scion brings along with them to the LA Auto Show and it promises edgy looks and sporty performance that should liven up the brand a bit. .If you don’t want to wait until November to see the top secret concept there a couple pictures have been leaked around the web. They’re easily accessible via Instagram if you have an account to look on.


Scion Instagram Photos

Scion took a few test shots of the new concept car and they’re releasing them around the web. The easiest way to find them is to go on Instagram and type of #iMDriven. You’ll see photos of the sporty front end as well as a few other pictures added by users conversing on the page.

Appealing to Younger Customers

The new Scion concept is designed to appeal to younger customers who are interested in trendy or edgy vehicles. The main leaked photo shows a very sporty front end with modern LED lights and very defined edges.

The vehicle will be unveiled on November 19th at 3:40 PM in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Auto Show. You can find out the latest information about the vehicle on Instagram under #imDriven, or just wait for the big release day to come.


Porsche’s 918 Spyder Almost Sold Out

If you fancy the Porsche 918 Spyder and actually planning on buying one of these supercars you’d better move quick because Porsche says they’re almost spoken for. That’s right, the car with a starting price of $850,000 is nearly sold out. If that isn’t a testament to the quality of the vehicle I don’t know what is.

Limited Units Produced

When you create such a high performance vehicle like the 918 Spyder you can only make so many of them because the market for a car closing in on a million isn’t very large. Porsche decided on the magic number of 918 cars, and by the end of March or the beginning of April they will have reached that special figure.

They’re Spoken For

According to Porsche only 30 cars have been delivered so far, but nearly the entire production line has been spoken for already with just a few stragglers remaining. The production process started last fall and customers have begun receiving cars this year. Just locking down one of these cars demands a $200,000 deposit, but it’s good enough to garner substantial interest.

A Look at the 918 Spyder

Just in case you don’t remember the specifics about the 918 Spyder that we posted earlier, here’s a quick overview again. This hybrid supercar packs in a powerful V8 naturally aspirated engine, along with two electric motors for a total power output of 887 HP and 944 lb.-ft. of torque. This car speeds up exceptionally fast (try 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds fast), and since electric power is being added through both axles it drives like it’s all-wheel drive. The electric motors allow it to accelerate faster than a standard gasoline engine ever could, and they help make the whole system more efficient as well.

A Supercar Bargain

It’s hard to imagine ever calling the $850,000+ price tag put on the 918 Spyder a bargain, but compared to vehicles like the LeFerrari or the McLaren P1 that both go for over a million dollars it’s quite an affordable option. Both of those vehicles are just as difficult to grab, if not more so than the 918, but they were each produced at a volume of less than half of the supercar’s.

It’s vital that you act now if you still want one of these cars at the original selling price. It’s likely that a few collectors will pick up the car and decide to resell it, but there’s no guarantee you will be paying the original price at first, and you could find yourself going up over the million dollar mark to obtain one of these rare supercars.


The 2015 Subaru Impreza Gets EyeSight Technology

Subaru is all set to add their EyeSight safety technology to the 2015 Impreza,  as one of their biggest selling vehicles this could be a very smart move. This technology provides a much safer driving experience and dramatically reduces the risk of a collision between you and the driver in front of you.Subaru currently only has an option for their technology in three of their vehicles, the Legacy, the Outback and the Forester. With the inclusion of the Impreza, their lineup becomes safer and more desirable than ever before.

2015 subaru impreza

Tapping into the Family Market

Currently people buy Subaru’s because they are known for being able to handle the great outdoors better than most other brands. Most of their models are equipped with powerful all-wheel drive, and they are setup to handle rough driving conditions. Subaru doesn’t want to only be known for their all-wheel drive and great handling, they want to tap into the family market more.

By adding in their powerful EyeSight safety package as an option on one of their most popular family sedans they are hoping to grab a larger chunk of the family market. This tech will make it safer to drive for Impreza drivers than ever before, and for those who want the technology it could be just the reason to decide to go with a Subaru.

EyeSight Technology

Subaru’s EyeSight technology offers a powerful adaptive cruise control system that helps you avoid colliding with drivers in front of you. The car is fitted with a powerful stereo camera that is capable of seeing colors and identifying important cues such as rear lights and brake lights of vehicles ahead. As long as you aren’t driving more than 31 miles per hour faster than the driver in front of you, the car can stop you completely before you run into them, even if you aren’t watching the road.

The system also offers corner-responsive fog lights for all US versions of the car. When the driver is going around a corner the corresponding fog light turns on and illuminates the outside edge of the road, making for safer night driving conditions.

Fuel Efficiency Improvements

On top of the improved safety features available for the Impreza, it also gets better fuel efficiency than previous versions. The upcoming version of the Impreza gets a bump up to 37 MPG on the highway, slightly better than the 36 now offered.

Adding EyeSight technology to the Impreza is likely the first change of many to come, and Subaru is hoping to increase the number of vehicles that they sell with this technology in years to come. Only 10 percent of Subaru buyers in the US pick up this impressive technology, while 76 percent of buyers in Japan opt for it. By making improvements and trying to get the word out about how impressive the tech is they hope to change that in the future.



Audi Shows the World the Power of Automated Vehicles

Over the weekend Audi showed the world that they have a good handle on self-driving technology, when one of their RS7 cars zipped around the track at the finals for the German DTM series. During a break in the final race, Audi put two RS7’s on the track. One manned by a professional driver and the other operating all on its own using computer automation technology, the results were impressive to say the least.

audi rs7 hockenheim


Audi’s Self Driving Car

During the demonstration, the self-driving car managed to beat the one being operated by a professional driver by a resounding five seconds. The car made all its turning decisions by itself and demonstrated that a driver isn’t necessary to zip around at top level speeds.

How the Car Functions

While going through the race the car was responsible for making all the decisions on its own. It relied on a GPS system accurate down to the centimeter, but that only supplied the right and left borders of the track, the car was in charge of deciding which path to take while moving through the course. In order to verify its current position Audi equipped the RS7 with a 3D camera that compared its video stream with prerecorded images of the location. Together with this information as well as the GPS borders the car was able to decide which path would be the most effective.

The Race

Throughout the lap that the RS7 zoomed around the track, it managed to achieve a top speed of 190 MPH and it moved around the course with precision. The demonstration made it very clear that self-driving vehicles are a possibility and that they can be better than cars manned by humans.

Releasing Self-Driving Cars to the Masses

With each demonstration such as the one put on by Audi people are going to gain more confidence with self-driving technology. It’s pretty hard to argue about the possibility of a car driving itself when you see it happening right before your eyes. It’s also difficult to argue that it’s a danger when the vehicle performs better than one operated by a highly skilled driver.

As long as governments get on board with the technology, and they allow it to be used, it’s likely to begin showing up in the next couple years. The car industry is going to be worth up to 87 billion dollars a year by 2030 according to Lux Research located in Boston, and Audi, BMW, Toyota and a host of other automakers all want in on that action.

Automated cars are no longer a dream, they are slowly becoming a reality. Audi impressed everyone with such an effective performance over the weekend, and more demonstrations like this are likely to occur in the future. Automated cars are being tested in several states in the US currently, and it’s only a matter of time before they go up for sale. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for them.


The 2015 Lexus LS Comes with Some Nice Improvements

The Lexus LS is one of the longest lasting models in the luxury dealers lineup with 25 years behind it, and the 2015 touch up of the model enhances the already refined sedan. The exterior of the LS was revamped quite heavily in the last couple years, with the spindle grille update happening last year, so Lexus decided to go easy on the exterior without making any noticeable changes. The interior is a different story entirely.

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Multimedia Enhancements

The 2015 Lexus LS received a media update helping it stay modern. The navigation system now predicts what traffic will be like and helps you avoid congested roads which should improve your commute times noticeably. The system also suggests the nearest gas station automatically when you start to run low on fuel. The rear backup camera now features dynamic gridlines, which is a nice feature that should enhance accuracy while backing up just a bit more.

Remote Smartphone Application

The latest Lexus LS comes with a remote Lexus Enform App that lets you use your smartphone as a remote for the vehicle. You can easily adjust certain things in the car, such as the climate control, lock and unlock the doors and start the vehicle remotely. You also have a handy guest driver monitor so that you can see how your friend or family member is treating your precious car when you’re not going along for the ride.

The system now comes with an impressive 12.3-inch display and offers HD Radio, Bluetooth audio sync and an automatic phone book transfer feature so you don’t have to waste time punching in all the names and addresses from your phone. The HD radio system gives you the ability to record 15 minutes of live radio and play it back at a later time, which is a pretty cool feature for when you’re sitting in a parking lot or for when you want to replay a favorite song. iPhone users now have Siri Eyes Free Mode integrated into the vehicle so they can enjoy using voice commands with the vehicle for the first time.

Improving the F-Sport

The more powerful and fun F-Sport model gets more significant changes than the standard level. It gets noticeably more aggressive front fascia making it stand out from the other models much more than before. It also got 19 inch forged alloy wheels and a new air-ride suspension that drops it just a bit lower to the ground. That air suspension also provides more control over how the car feels while driving. You can switch between a sport mode or a comfort mode depending on what level of stiffness you want to experience. The new blacked out interior is classy and edgy at the same time, and a torsion limited slip differential adds a bit more bite to the rear-wheel drive F-Sport.

Overall the 2015 Lexus LS is the same classy car that countless owners have come to love, it’s just a little bit better now. The media system is more enjoyable and feature rich, the F-Sport model is a bit more responsive and looks a whole lot meaner, and you’re smartphone just became a lot more useful.



Toyota is the Highest Rated Automotive Brand On Interbrands Top 100 Global Brands

Toyota held the top spot for most valuable auto brand in the world accord to Interbrand’s new ranking of 100 best global brands. This is the 11th year in a row that Toyota has bested the rest of the World’s automakers and it even moved up from 10th to 8th position on the list of worldwide brands. This goes to show that Toyota isn’t just providing solid stability that it’s known for, but also shaking up the market and adding in excitement with its latest offerings and increasing in power.


How Interbrand Compiles Their List

Interbrand compiles a list based on the overall quality of brands that they assess, using three different metrics. They take a close look at the financial performance of the brand, its competitive strength, and how much of a role the brand plays in purchasing decisions around the industry. These three factors come together to determine the best and worst brands, and together they are what put Toyota at the top of the Automotive Heap.

Toyota’s Improved Position

Toyota has been leading the auto industry according to Interbrand for 11 years now, but between 2013 and 2014 their ranking improved. Toyota was ranked at position 10 last year, and now is holding strong at number 8. Toyota’s well-known reputation for quality products is what holds it up at such a good position, but their growth in China and Europe over the last year are the two factors that helped propel the brand up to its new and improved position.

Advancing Alternative Technology

Not only does Toyota have a strong foothold in traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, but it also has one of the strongest market shares in hybrid vehicles currently with the Prius lineup, and the brand is trying to expand to uncharted waters with the new hydrogen fuel cell car. By branching out into these new technologies, and dominating the market, Toyota is improving its brand overall and becoming even more of an industry giant.

Top Competitors

There are only three other car manufacturers that managed to crack the top 20 on Interbrand’s list and they are Mercedes at 10, BMW at 11 and Honda at 20. Each of these brands has a long list of followers and their badges are all able to command purchases effectively. Toyota manages to stay ahead of the rest of these brands by offering a broader lineup, and holding a larger market share That being said, brands like Audi and Volkswagen are gaining ground on Toyota with brand value gains of 27% and 23% respectively. Both were able to outgain Toyota even though the top brand managed to improve by 20%.

Toyota is clearly a market leader, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has owned one of their vehicles. They build good cars that are highly reliable, and they are always working hard to innovate and expand their lineup further.


The 2015 Lexus NX 300H Combines Aggressive Looks with Refinement for a Devastating Combo

The first thing you’ll notice when gazing at the new Lexus NX 300H is its pure look of aggression. It features a mean looking spindle grille and a heavily creased front-end that accentuates the grille further. It comes in a variety of bold colors that scream “look at me!” but it doesn’t look tacky. For such an aggressive looking SUV the NX 300H is surprisingly refined and mellow within.

2015 lexus nx 300H

Smooth and Refined Interior

The carefully composed interior looks classy and throws a multitude of gadgets your way, but it isn’t overwhelming. Two LCD displays give you access to media controls and vehicle information, and all the important buttons and gadgets are situated neatly in the angular center console.

lexus nx 300h interiorChrome accents blend seamlessly with stitched leather upholstery giving a bold yet refined look to the interior. When you finally decide to step on the gas pedal you’ll glide smoothly from the curb into motion, noiselessly. Weaving through traffic in this gentle SUV makes commuting almost peaceful. Noise isolation is superb, and the suspension provides a silky smooth driving experience. Gently slide over bumps and bruises in the road without even noticing their there.

The SUV isn’t the fastest in the segment with 195 HP available, but it packs enough punch to keep up with cars without feeling underpowered.

The interior isn’t as spacious as some of its competitors, but Lexus put some thought into the design to free up as much space as they could. They split the battery pack into two pieces, helping to keep the boot available for storage.


Highly Efficient

This refined SUV isn’t just great looking and enjoyable to drive, it’s also pretty darn efficient. With 54.3 MPG in combined fuel efficiency you won’t be heading to the pump very often to refuel. While driving only 121g/km of CO2 will be released, and that figure dips down even further to 116 g/km if you opt for the front-wheel drive rather than the four-wheel configuration.

The tech-savvy vehicle comes with plenty of standard features, but it has a wide range of upgrades available to it as well. When you opt for the top of the line Premier model you’ll spend over $54,000, but you’ll gain access to advanced features like satellite navigation system, full LED headlights, a 360-degree monitoring system, lane and blind spot assistance, a heads up display and rear cross traffic alerts. This long list of features manages to outshine most luxury vehicles in its class and gives a futuristic appeal.

The Lexus NX 300H is aggressive looking, performs like a refined sedan and offers some of the best features in the industry making it a devastating competitor. When you compare it to vehicles like the Audi Q5 or the Evoque it’s easy to see that Lexus offers the best value for your money, and it’s a vehicle you can be proud of too.


Germans Will Witness a Self Driving Audi RS7 in Action on October 19th

On October 19th Audi plans to show the whole world just how well it’s self-driving car can perform in a real-world racing situation. Their custom RS7 is going to whip around a German Touring course during a break in the Championship and expects to top out at nearly 150 MPH. Just a few quick laps around the course will show off how advance self-driving vehicles have become and should leave people talking about the event for quite awhile.

audi rs7

A Driver-Less Race Car

The Audi RS7 is going to rely on a set of sensors in order to pilot itself around the course. The company expects the vehicle to achieve a lap time of around two minutes and they think that it will hit around 149 MPH while moving through the course. These figures are about what a professional driver could achieve on their own. The RS7 isn’t going to have a driver behind the wheel, or anywhere in the car at all for that matter.

Confidence in Their Technology

While travelling around an empty race course certainly isn’t as challenging as moving through traffic on a crowded road, Audi is still displaying a high level of confidence in their abilities by showing off an automated vehicle in the middle of a very crowded event. The race is set to occur during a break during the racing final of the German DTM Touring Car Championship. The advanced road course is full of difficult twists and turns and will really demonstrate to people that self-driving cars are not only possible, but can become more advanced than people themselves.

If you want a first-hand look at this technology tune into the big race finals on October 19th or simply wait until the videos are released from the event. It’s sure to show off an impressive bit of technology that many drivers haven’t witnessed, and might get some more car owners believing in driver-less technology.