2013 Subaru BRZ: When Analog Is Better Than Digital

February 23, 2012 lacarguy Subaru Tags: , , , , , , , 0 Comments

Car enthusiast are much like audiophiles, the debate always rages on which is better, the way things were, tube amps and vinyl or the latest digital processing and 24/96 recordings. Gear heads debate manual transmissions and traction control with your right foot versus the latest DSG’s and active driver aides.

While in the automotive world all the latest technology might enable you to get around a racetrack faster, the question is, are you having as much fun doing it? When the computer is making a majority of the decisions, is the driver as engaged? The Subaru BR-Z will answer that question!

With the new Subaru BRZ it’s back to basics where the DRIVER is the most important thing. Pure driving enjoyment is at the core of this sports car. Rear wheel drive, manual transmission, tires that allow you to truly feel whats going on with the road through the steering wheel, nothing gets in the way of being one with the car and the driving experience.

Powering the BRZ is a 2 liter Boxer four cylinder producing 200 horsepower! That’s 200 naturally aspirated horsepower, no turbos, no superchargers, just pure mechanical power, and 100 horsepower per liter is usually something found only on exotic sports cars, not something that costs $26,000!

It’s a brand new car from scratch, which is a rare thing these days. The product is a result of the collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. As suspected, both companies have had specific tasks within this joint project. Toyota has been responsible for the design and has lent its direct injection technology to the engine. Subaru has done pretty much everything else. This is good news as we know Subaru can build great cars.

The engine is mounted so low that Subaru believes it has a lower center of gravity than the Ferrari 458. A low engine is not only great for handling, but it also means that the driver can be seated lower. The driver’s seat is definitely the place to be. Once on the road, the moment you pull the steering wheel off-center, you notice how rapidly and accurately the BR-Z responds to driver inputs. The weight distribution is not quite 50/50; Subaru engineers will only admit that less than 60 percent of the car’s mass is over the front axle, and the chassis has been set up for mild understeer. But there’s no mistaking the agility borne of low mass, slung low.

If you consider yourself a driver, and enthusiast, a gearhead, then the Subaru BRZ has been designed for you. It’s not a car that can only be experienced at a race track, though it’s happy to do so, it’s a car that you look forward to driving every day, on any road that you can find.

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