An Overview of the 10 Street Strategy

April 26, 2015 lacarguy Hollywood Central Park, Uncategorized

The Friends of Hollywood Central Park and the Los Angeles Beautification Team recently got together and began planning a tree planting initiative. They dubbed it the 10 Street Strategy Project and committed to putting huge number of trees into the Hollywood community over a 10-street expanse. The initiative would help bring more nature to the area and serve as a nice accent for the Hollywood Central Park project by running adjacent to it.

10 street strategy

Project Details

The trees run along the roads listed below. The project is split into several clusters that border a variety of different environments. Busy streets, restaurants, and a park will all benefit from the improved appearance that the trees provide.

  • Virginia Ave
  • Fountain Ave
  • Western Ave
  • Van Ness Ave
  • De LongPre Ave
  • Fernwood Ave
  • NHorth Bronson Ave
  • Carlton Way
  • Hafold Way
  • La Mirada Ave

Improved Looks and Secluded Feel

By adding all these new trees to the area the city will take on a more secluded and natural look. It will seem less crowded and will give people more greenery to look at as they travel throughout the day. Also by putting the trees in a position that borders the Hollywood Central Park project the companies can help draw more attention to the park project and accent the project nicely letting people know they are approaching the site.

The project will be a major undertaking, but with help from a local grant it shouldn’t cost the two organizations much money, just lots of manpower. The overall project hopes to add a total of 540 trees to the Hollywood area, and all the benefits that come along with the equivalent of a small forest. When successful the plans will show that large-scale improvements are possible in the Hollywood area and will provide hope that the Hollywood Central Park project can also be successful.

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