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Global Green’s Millennium Awards Honors Mike Sullivan for Community Environmental Leadership

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Global Green’s 16th Annual Millennium Awards were presented on Saturday, June 2nd 2012 at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. Each year, these awards recognize a number of honorees who embody the Global Green mission of “fostering a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure world.” The Awards were established in 1996 to herald individuals and organizations who recognize the important connection between humankind and nature, to celebrate their success and inspire others to make such exceptional behavior the norm.


This year, Mike Sullivan of LAcarGUY was recognized for his personal commitment to supporting many important local environmental organizations and for actively promoting community projects, from cleaning beaches to creating school gardens. Mike was also thanked for providing hybrid vehicles to transport celebrities to the Oscars during Global Green’s Red Carpet-Green Cars campaign.

The LAcarGUY brand was recognized as a leader in the Los Angeles automotive industry since 1964, along with the 11 award-winning dealerships and two state-of-the-art body shops. Mike and LAcarGUY sell more hybrids and clean diesel cars than any other dealership group in America and also showcase energy- and resource-conserving in-dealership practices, including a new Audi LEED-certified dealership.

Special mention was given to the LAcarGUY Green Team that represents the company’s commitment to advancing sustainability by encouraging, inspiring, and educating 800+ employees about reducing their carbon footprint–individual and corporate.

Mike Sullivan was awarded the Community Environmental Leadership Award which honors individuals or organizations that have cultivated and led communities to create extraordinary collective environmental achievements.


Mike Sullivan To Be Awarded With Community Environmental Leadership Award From Global Green USA

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LAcarGUY‘s Mike Sullivan will be honored at the 16th Annual Millennium Awards Gala in Saturday June 2nd at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica with the Community Environment Leadership Award.

This honor recognizes Mike’s personal commitment to supporting so many important local environmental organizations and for actively promoting community projects from beach cleanups to creating school gardens. When Global Green needed hybrid cars for their Red Carpet – Green Car campaign (i.e., taking stars to the Oscars in fuel efficient cars), Mike provided them.

LAcarGUY not only sell more hybrids and clean diesel cars than any other dealership group in America, we also showcase energy and resource conserving practices in its dealerships — including the new Audi LEED certified dealership. The LA Green Team represents the company’s commitment to advancing sustainability by encouraging, inspiring and educating its 800+ employees about reducing their individual and corporate carbon footprint, as well as selling more hybrids and clean diesel cars than any other dealership group in the United States.

We hope you will join us in paying tribute to Mike’s contributions and help support the work of Global Green by sponsoring a table or purchasing tickets to the event. To participate or for further information, please contact MTA Events at or 818.906.0240 if you require further information. We look forward to seeing you there!

LAcarGUY Wins Prestigious Sustainable Business Council Industry Achievement Award

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The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) recently announced the Inaugural SBC Industry Achievement Awards recipients during an awards ceremony attended by preeminent sustainable business leaders from throughout Southern California. Five Inaugural SBC Giving Tree Awards trophies that are Ficus Bonsai in Bamboo planters, to coincide with Earth Day and be symbolic of the event’s sustainable message, were presented during the award’s ceremony.

SBC’s Sustainable Business Award results were a tie. The two recipients have impressive sustainability credentials. The Miyako Hybrid Hotel is a Silver LEED certified hotel built to show that business, luxury services and green facilities and operations are not mutually exclusive.

As a business located in the city of Los Angeles, with an active Sustainable City Plan implemented in 1994, LAcarGUY commits to conducting business in a manner that safeguards health, protects the environment and conserves valuable materials and resources.

LAcarGUY won SBC Sustainable Business Award because we are a business that is a leading contributor to the Southern California economy and society. Our sustainable achievements are acknowledged by the general public, scholars, critics and peers. LAcarGUY continues to advance the sustainable business industry.

Volkswagen Passat Named Motor Trend 2012 Car of the Year

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, the 2012 Volkswagen Passat was announced as the winner of the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award, which is the most prestigious honor bestowed upon an automotive manufacturer by Motor Trend.

This year’s group was a record at 35, all-new or thoroughly redesigned, 2012 model year vehicles. The all-new for 2012, made in America, Volkswagen Passat edged out its European, Japanese and American contenders in an exhaustive evaluation process that included the full complement of Motor Trend performance tests, track-based ride and handling evaluations, and real-world driving on city streets, freeways, and two-lane roads.

“The well-equipped Passat is a breakthrough car for Volkswagen, as it has been designed to suit the North American market and is being built in a brand-new, state-of-the-art assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.,” said Motor Trend editor-in-chief, Angus MacKenzie. “It has one of the roomiest interiors of its class, a wide choice of powertrains and a well-tuned chassis. A compelling new entry in the toughest, most competitive vehicle segment in the U.S. today; it’s a terrific all-around family sedan.”

For the past 62 years, the editorial staff of Motor Trend has met to determine the best new car for the following model year. The Car of the Year process is not a comparison test; the winning vehicle is the one that, in the judges’ opinions, best fulfills six key criteria: advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value, and performance of intended function.

The Passat’s styling is clean and simple, but executed with precision normally seen on expensive luxury cars. Car of the Year judge Tom Gale, Chrysler’s former design chief, noted, “…like the Audi [A6], what is remarkable is the restraint shown with the handling of the design. Clean, beautiful surfaces have been refined for an engaging result.”

With options that include a 2.5-liter five-cylinder gas engine, a powerful V6 or a highly efficient turbo diesel–each with the option of being mated to a standard transmission or the seamlessly smooth dual-clutch auto-manual unit–Motor Trend found the powertrains of the Passat to be perfectly matched to the car. Editors particularly praised the diesel engine mated to the dual-clutch auto-manual gearbox. Engineering guru, Chris Theodore noted of the combination, “…without the compromise that mainstream green vehicles impose–a true technological achievement.”

The standard 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine returned 26.5 mpg in testing while the optional turbo-diesel returned an average of 34.3 mpg. The Passat has the best fuel economy stats among this year’s finalists over the course of 11 mixed-driving loops.

Between government mandates and consumer expectations, pretty much all vehicles in this segment gets a standard complement of passive safety gadgets that include six airbags, stability control, tire-pressure monitoring, ABS, and brake-assist, among numerous other electric aids. “What’s more fun to talk about under the safety rubric is how well the Passat’s chassis is tuned to keep it out of trouble, because well-driven, agile cars are less likely to plow into things than poorly controlled, flabby, clumsy ones,” said Motor Trend technical editor, Frank Markus.

And by investing in a facility in Chattanooga, Tenn. to build the Passat, VW has reduced the potential for currency fluctuations to negatively impact the price, as happened with the previous imported model. With initial costs lower and overall ownership costs suppressed–thanks to improved build quality and VW’s Carefree Maintenance Program–the 2012 Volkswagen Passat stands as a great value in a market segment driven by price-conscious consumers.

The 2012 Passat was inteneded to be an affordable, roomy, efficient mid-sized sedan for the American family, and the car delivers perfectly on the mission statement. Car of the Year judge, Chris Theodore summed it up best, “I was expecting a large, cost-reduced VW that had lost its Fahvergnugen, but it’s still there, just cloaked in Brooks Brothers.”

This is only the second time Volkswagen has won Motor Trend’s highest honor, the first being in 1985 for the then American-built TDI.