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Heal the Bay with Ecover and Lexus Santa Monica

September 23, 2008 lacarguy Heal The Bay, Lexus 1 Comment
Picture 1Cruise on over to Lexus Santa Monica and enjoy an afternoon of live music, good food, and giveaways, in celebration of the arrival of new Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Ecover Car Glass & Interior Cleaner October 4, 2008. Help Us Heal The Bay!

In partnership with the LAcarGUY family of dealerships, Ecover will be giving an ecological car wash and wax demonstration to celebrate the launch of new Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Car Glass & Interior Cleaner with a special keynote address by non-profit partners Heal the Bay. This is a free community event sponsored by Ecover and the LAcarGUY family of dealerships promoting ecological awareness for our precious waterways and oceans.

“While certain to be a fun-filled event, more importantly it is an opportunity to bring together government representatives, business and environmental leaders, non-profit organizations and the residents of Santa Monica to help us strengthen our commitment to the environment,” said Alisha Wagner, Environmental Manager for LAcarGUY.

Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Car Glass & Interior Cleaner clean, degrease, and shine using plant-based ingredients that quickly and completely biodegrade for a minimum impact on aquatic life. Ecover bottles and labels are made of polyethylene, cap of polypropylene, both of which are 100% recyclable and can be recycled together using a low energy process.

“With Ecover’s new car washing products, users can demonstrate pride of ownership not just for their vehicle, but for their environment as well,” said Kipling Rutherford, Assistant Marketing Manager for Ecover.
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The first 250 attendees will receive ecoswag bags filled with special natural products and a gift certificate for new Ecover Car Wash & Wax or Car Interior Cleaner (redeemable at Whole Foods Market of Santa Monica). Guests will also enjoy refreshments courtesy of Whole Foods Market of Santa Monica and the musical stylings of the Dave Yaden band.

Purchase Ecover Car Wash products at any of the six LAcarGUY Toyota, Lexus or Volkswagen dealerships, and LAcarGUY will donate 25% of the sale to Heal the Bay supporting local education programs and the cleanup of our beaches, rivers, streams and storm drains.

"Heal the Bay salutes companies that are doing the right thing and introducing more environmentally-friendly products into the marketplace,” said John Seiber, director of development for Santa Monica-based Heal the Bay. “Next-generation car washing products can help reduce harmful pollutants from reaching our oceans and watersheds.”

WHAT: Help Us Heal The Bay: Ecover LAcarGUYcar Wash & Wax Launch Event at Lexus Santa Monica
WHEN: Saturday, October 4th, 2008
TIME: 11 AM – 2 PM
WHERE: Lexus Santa Monica -1501 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 453-1890
BY CALLING (323) 255-9178 x 13
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Please consider the environment and carpool (in a hybrid), bike, walk, or take the Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica to this event. Complimentary valet parking provided to drivers of Lexus hybrids, Toyota Hybrids and Volkswagen Biodiesel vehicles.

For over 25 years, Ecover has been producing products that adhere strictly to the World Health Organization’s definition of heath, which incorporates the well-being of the whole person – both mental and physical – and the environment in which they live. Ecover is constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to create new and more effective products that have minimum negative impact on the environment, and consistently achieves extraordinary ethical standards with its products, management and production methods. For more information, visit

Heal the Bay is a non-profit environmental group dedicated to making California coastal water,including the Santa Monica Bay, safe and healthy for people and marine life. For more information, visit
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Please visit our web site at
Lexus Santa Monica
New Car Showroom
1501 Santa Monica Blvd – Santa Monica, CA 90404 – 866-906-4078
Preowned Showroom
1502 Santa Monica Blvd. – Santa Monica, CA 90404 – 866-906-4175
Service Center
1602 11th Street – Santa Monica, CA 90404 – 888-390-7551 supports Cystic Fibrosis

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Breath of Life



Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama support cystic fibrosis fundraiser on July 19

Story by Lori Denman Photos by Adam Latham

While they battle and conquer fierce elements by choice, two legendary watermen now hold a new hero in their hearts – surfer and cystic fibrosis survivor Emily Haager. Laird Hamilton and David Kalama launch down 70 foot walls of water, completing feats that leave other surfers speechless. Risking their lives for the perfect ride, their idols have always been surfers who bring home the gold. That was until they met those who surf to survive.


Haager, a surfer from Diamond Bar, has been battling cystic fibrosis since six months old. At this age, she was not gaining any weight. Numerous tests revealed no connection to CF. Prompted purely by intuition Haager’s parents took her to a CF specialist and insisted on treatments including the ingestion of special enzymes, Haager finally gained the weight necessary to survive.

Lung infections and issues began at age four, when she began necessary breathing treatments to maintain her lungs. A few months later, she entered the hospital for a month. She has battled lung infections ever since.

At the age of ten, Haager’s cousin died from complications of CF at 19 years old. In 2006, the predicted median age of survival was 37 years. Now at the age of 25, Emily stands strong against the odds of doctors’ predictions. She undergoes numerous therapies including four daily breathing treatments that clear her lungs for air passage and ingests numerous medications for her digestive system. Although her life has consisted of strife and struggle, a shining smile breaks the barrier of any pain written across her face, thanks to a natural treatment she has enjoyed for the past three years – surfing.

She is now the face for Pipeline to a Cure, a fundraising campaign recognizing the connection between surfing and the deadly genetic disease. “I am really excited to be a part of Pipeline to a Cure and working with the CF Foundation because there is so much hope ahead for cystic fibrosis,” Haager said. “I fully believe that there will be a cure during my lifetime and I can’t wait to see it.” The correlation between surfing and healing surfaced two years ago when patients with cystic fibrosis in Sydney, Australia reported feeling better after hitting the waves, stating that their chests felt relieved as the ocean water cleared the mucus from their and sinuses and lungs. The finding made complete sense, as the top daily treatment for the disease, Hypertonic Saline Solution, mimics a “surf session” for the lungs.