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The 2016 Sustainable Quality Awards are Coming Soon

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Business owners interested in protecting the environment and working toward more sustainable business practices may be interested in the Sustainable Quality Awards scheduled for April 21st this year. The event is set to begin at 11:00 AM and will be help in the Delfina Santa Monica Hotel Penthouse Ballroom. It’s going to be a fun day of awards, speeches, demonstrations and food for surrounding business owners and enthusiasts. A sustainable lunch will be served to everyone in attendance and there will be an hour dedicated to business networking for anyone looking to make connections.

sustainable quality awards

Learn to Build a More Sustainable Business

Clinton Maloney, an expert in sustainable businesses with more than 17 years of experience in the matter will be giving a keynote speech at the event. Anyone interested in building a more sustainable business can learn something from Maloney and his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Enjoy a Bite to Eat

Attendees will have the opportunity to try out different appetizers from Uplifters Kitchen, Sunny Blue, Lo/Cal Coffee, and the Art Institute International Culinary School.

Pedal Up in Style

The Santa Monica Bike Center is coming together to organize a group ride to the Awards on April 21st. The ride starts at Santa Monica bike Center and takes a direct route to Le Meridien Delfina Hotel. If you’re interested in taking part in the ride make sure you show up at 10:30am. If you’ll need bike tuning you should show up earlier so you have time to prepare for the ride.

It’s a Green Event

This organized event will produce zero waste thanks to careful organization and planning. It’s lead sponsored by LAcarGUY and Morley Builders and will show off local restaurants that rely heavily on local Farmers Market Produce.

When and Where?

The 2016 Sustainable Quality Awards are set to take place on April 21st and the Le Meridien Delfina Hotel in Santa Monica. If you aren’t sure where that is, the address is 530 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA. Prepaid tickets for Chamber members is just $50 and nonmembers can pick up tickets for $60. Tickets are available online here or you can call (310) 393-9825 to reserve your spot at the big event.

Get Involved

If you would like to be more involved with the big day than just being an attendee now’s your chance. Visit this link to learn how you can be an event sponsor, a volunteer or an exhibitor at the 2016 Sustainable Quality Awards.

Why LAcarGUY Takes The Time To Recycle It’s E-waste

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Many companies will ditch their e-waste in the cheapest way that they can. This often means throwing it away and sending it to help fill up the already overburdened landfills around the country. That’s a big deal and a very real problem for our country and the rest of the world. Some companies such as LAcarGUY are actively working to get rid of E-waste in a more sustainable manner, by recycling as much of it as possible. Every four months the company recycles any accumulated E-waste. This month more than 3,000 lbs. were diverted from landfills.

e-waste recycling

What is E-Waste?

E-waste is all those electronic components and products that aren’t used any longer. Here in the United States we have a massive amount of E-waste that has to be taken care of in one way or another. This can be in the form of TVs, computers, printers, game systems and most other electronic items that you have around your home. This is a real problem and these items are filling up landfills when they aren’t disposed of properly.

How is it Recycled?

The e-Waste recycling process is a complex one. Essentially all of the electronic products are broken down into sellable resources and recyclables. Things like metals and glass are sorted out and sold as a commodity product while the plastics and woods are recycled for use in other products. A disassembly team will take apart the electronics by hand in some instances, and special tools will process equipment automatically in other instances.

Relying on Isadore Recycling

Isadore Recycling is a company skilled in taking electronic systems and recycling them down into usable products and goods that can be recycled responsibly. They accept huge amounts of e-Waste from the surrounding community and transform it into valuable resources while also helping to keep these items out of landfills.

By taking the time to recycle E-waste, responsible companies like LAcarGUY can diver thousands of pounds of electronics away from landfills each and every year, and collectively keep millions of pounds of products from being wasted.

Grades of Green Students Improve Both Robinson and Mirabella

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There’s no better way to tackle major environmental problems than by getting students involved in the task. Not only are they capable of solving some pretty major problems, but they’re also the future of this world and our country. By teaching them about sustainable responsibility, and helping them become involved with actively improving the earth organizations like Grades of Green can have a dramatic impact on the earth overall.

LAcarGUY has partnered up with Grades of Green to help with important projects around the Santa Monica and LA areas. Just last week members from Grades of Green came in to visit with the Green Team at LAcarGUY to learn about important sustainable practices in the auto industry.

mirabella mulching

Grades of Green is actively working to help students make an impact, and here are a couple of stories about just how students are managing to do that. Each of these events happened recently and they were led by students concerned about their environment.

Mulching in Mirabella

Droughts are a serious issue in California and it’s important to preserve moisture whenever possible for that reason specifically. That’s why the Youth Corps project at Mirabella Middle School was such an important one. The student along with help from the 8th grade science classes went around and mulched plants around the school. Not only did the students mulch each of these plants, but they also learned about why mulch is key in preserving plant moisture and improving soil fertility as well.

mulching in mirabella

Doing Away with Idling at Robinson Elementary

Car idling is a major issue for the environment and for public locations like schools. It wastes gasoline and puts pollutants into the air around schools. In order to take control of this problem, and cut down on pollutants that children are breathing in, students between 3rd and 5th grade held a “No Idling Event” for parents encouraging them to turn off their vehicles while waiting. During the event Mark Burton the Manhattan Beach Mayor, and Wayne Powell a City Councilmember from Manhattan Beach joined in to help explain the importance of this project to parents. Not only does the event encourage parents to stop idling entirely, but it also helps define a zone around the school where idling shouldn’t take place to keep air cleaner for students.


Grades of Green Sustainable School Presentations a Big Success

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Grades of Green is a well-known organization that empowers children to improve school sustainability around the country. Last week was an exciting time for Grades of Green because they put on two different assemblies, one at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica on Monday and the other at Adams Middle School in Redondo Beach.

Two Youth Corps students attended each of the assemblies and presented alongside with Allie to help get across the importance of recycling and sustainability in schools.

grades of green assembly pic 1











What Students Learned

While at the assembly students learned the importance of sorting their waste and how big of an impact such as simple task can have on their community. The assembly focused on small changes and what they can do over time for the environment. Sorting bins were put on display and used to show proper sorting techniques to make it easier to implement effective recycling methods at each of the schools. It’s a good first start toward future sustainability and an important message that each of the children needed to hear.

grades of green assembly pic 2

No Idle Zone Event

It’s believed that idling vehicles outside of schools significantly contribute to air pollution and lower the quality of breathing air around schools. To help reduce this issue Grades of Green is teaming up with Robinson Elementary School to try and set up a “No Idle Zone” that will keep idling vehicles farther away from the school. This should help improve the air quality around the school while also encouraging more people to stop idling their vehicles and save on fuel consumption.

The No Idle Zone event is scheduled to take place from 1 to 2 PM in Manhattan Beach on February 3rd. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the event and help further the cause for cleaner air around local schools.

Tips on How to Have Green Holiday

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The holidays are a time for showing appreciation for family and getting together with one another. Unfortunately they’re also a time for buying more than usual, mailing more packages than any other time and generating more waste than the rest of the year. While it’s good to show your appreciation for loved ones, the holidays don’t have to be a time of year that hurts the environment. With just a few simple changes you can reduce your impact on the environment and make the holidays into a green time that’s actually beneficial to the environment. Here’s a breakdown of green holiday tips offered by members of Grades of Green

Get Creative

It’s easy to buy gifts for someone, but it shows real thought to put something together yourself and hand-craft gifts for other people instead of heading to the store or ordering something over the Internet. You can put together cookie, cake or brownie batter mixes, create a handmade craft, sew something for a loved one or put whatever hobbies you have to use creating something special for the people on your list. Homemade gifts will save you money and they’ll reduce the amount of packaging and waste produced around the holidays.

You don’t just have to stop with gifts though, you can create your own homemade gift cards as well, or better yet reuse the cards that you received in the past. While it might seem like a cheap idea to someone to reuse a card, it’s an important step to help reduce the number of Christmas cards purchased every year. Each year close to 3 billion Christmas cards are bought from stores, a number large enough to fill up a 10 story football field, that’s a number that could stand to go down. If you don’t want to reuse cards you can rely on e-cards instead to reduce your total paper card use.

Rent a Christmas Tree

Instead of going out to a tree farm and chopping down a living tree to use for a few weeks up until Christmas, consider renting a Christmas tree instead. There are rental programs that allow you to bring home a Christmas tree in a pot of soil and keep it at your home throughout the holiday season. Once the holidays are over you bring the tree back to where it came from and it will continue out its life without having to be chopped down. This service greatly reduces the number of trees that are cut down each year and can help with deforestation issues while ultimately increasing the number of pine trees around the country.

Decorate Your Tree Using Homemade Ornaments

You don’t have to spend much money to decorate your Christmas tree, and you don’t have to generate much waste either. You can create ornaments from recyclables with excellent results, or you can make them from items that you have around your home already. Look around at DIY websites for ornament ideas and you’ll be more excited to put together some custom decorations for the tree than you will to go out and buy them from the store.

Donate to Charity as a Gift

Instead of buying or making gifts for the loved ones in your life, you can also donate to a charity of your choice, such as Grades of Green, in the name of one of your friends or family members. This is a gift that will make them feel good, and it’s something that will have a positive impact on the world.

Set a New Years Resolution to Go Eco-Friendly

While making changes between November and December is an excellent way to reduce your impact on the Earth, you can improve even more by making a New Year’s resolution to live a greener life in 2016. Whether you decide to bike to school or work, to pack your lunch in reusable containers throughout the year, or to stop buying bottled water and store water in reusable water bottles instead, all of these actions would really make a difference. Take the new year as an opportunity to start fresh and help you begin living a greener lifestyle.


Gear up for the Plant Based Biz Event this December

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It’s important to do what you can for the environment and businesses are beginning to realize that. That’s exactly why you should take the time to learn sustainable practices. That’s what the PlantBasedBiz event is all about. It’s being put on by the Sustainable Business Council, and aims to help people figure out exactly how to start up a business that relies on an environmentally friendly concept. Plenty of different businesses and business concepts will be put on display and you can learn exactly what you can do to modify your own business to be better for the environment along the way.


Special Guests

At the event you’ll get a chance to hear from many different special guests. Singer and songwriter Moby will be making a speech, Matthew Kenney, Cuisines Founder will also be present as well as Bob Goldberg and Rich Roll. It’s sure to be a professional packed event and the Plant Based Biz event should be a lot of fun as well.


When and Where?

The big event occurs on December 3, 2015 between 6:00 and 9:00 PM. It’s going to be hosted at Expert Dojo in Unit 308 at 395 Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica California. When you show up parking will be available adjacently in the Santa Monica Place mall parking garage. At just $25 per person, you can learn a great deal about sustainability while networking with likeminded professionals. RSVP here today!

How You Can Help Get the Word Out?

If you’re interested in helping get the word out for this special event, take some time to share it with your friends and business network. Call up personal friends and contacts and let them know about the event. Email 10 friends about the reception letting them know exactly what they can expect. Share the event to your Facebook or Linkedin page as well.

Here is a set of suggested posts that you can simply grab and share quickly and easily.


Super exciting Sustainable Business Council – SBC event on #PlantBasedBiz on December 3. Speakers include Moby, Maranda Pleasant, Rich Roll, Ryland Engelhart, Bob Goldberg, Matthew Kenney and others. Tiffany Paige is hosting the Periscope Live stream for those that can’t attend in person! Join me and get your tickets now! It may sell out.

RSVP & Ticket Purchase Reminder:

Full Details:


Join us by attending the Sustainable Business Council’s #PlantBasedBiz event! This event features the most prolific sustainable trailblazers of our time participating by giving inspirational talks including the musician and activist Moby, purpose-driven publisher extraordinaire Maranda Pleasant, the co-author of the new bestseller, THE PLANTPOWER WAY, Rich Roll, sustainable pioneer Bob Goldberg, CEO and founder, Follow Your Heart and Matthew Kenney Cuisines Founder & CEO, Matthew Kenney to name a few!




Join us for
Trailblazers Talks & Reception! RSVP Reminder :

Take the time to share this special event with everyone you can. Every little bit of publicity helps!

Celebrate the Season at the 2015 Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks

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It’s that time of year again. On December 13 families are encouraged to come out and enjoy the 27th annual Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks event. The event begins at 4:00 PM and lasts until 7:00 PM. It’s a fun way to get out of the house and to celebrate the holidays, complete with music, a snow park, bouncy house and finally a set of high quality fireworks voted the Best Holiday Fireworks in the Nation by the Travel Channel.


Musical Performances

The fun-filled day will host a variety of musical performances to keep festive music going during the event. Joe’s Band will start the day off with holiday music and family sing-alongs. The Mira Costa HS Jazz Ensemble will also be performing a selection of holiday pieces. The Hyperion Outfall and Ari Perelmuter will also be performing during the event. Each of the musical performances is sponsored by LAcarGUY and should help to give the event a festive feel.

Skechers Snow Park

Get Into the Holiday Spirit at the Snow Park

One of the main draws of the Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks event is the snow park for kids. It’s put on by Skechers and offers a total of five 50′ sled runs and two different snow areas for children. Give your children a chance to play in some snow and take a bunch of family photos at the event. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit while keeping your children occupied outdoors.

Meet Santa

Of course no holiday celebration would be complete without the opportunity to meet with Santa. Santa will glide in on his float and take the time to meet and greet with the children and make himself available for photos.

Go Crazy at the Bounce Park

A set of giant slides and a massive shark offer plenty of bouncing opportunities for all the children present. Children can swoop down the massive slides and jump around like crazy within the mouth of the shark. It’s a fun opportunity for the little ones that want to burn up some energy.

Cap of the Night with a Shower of Lights

Finally the night will complete at 7:00 with a spectacle of holiday fireworks. The sky will glow with blazing reds, oranges, purples and pinks. It’s the perfect way to finish off the night before heading home to relax.

The 2015 Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race was a Huge Success

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The 2015 Manhattan Beach pumpkin race was a huge success that brought together local families and businesses for a day of fun while helping to support local schools and the CHOICE program. Families got a chance to get out and participate in crafts or enter into the big pumpkin race against all the other participants for a chance to win the prized Championship Trophy.

1st Place Dylan Arroyo and Kevin Clark
1st Place Dylan Arroyo and Kevin Clark 

What Goes on at the Pumpkin Race?

While the main event feautures a set medium-sized pumpkins turned race cars racing against one another for the top-prize trophy, there are arts and crafts, food and special events going on all along the Manhattan beach area for everyone involved. It’s a fun day to dress in costumes, get involved with the local community and show off your carefully crafted pumpkin car before you race it against all the competitors.

The event was organized back in 1990 and has been bringing thousands of participants together ever since. Mike Sullivan from LAcarGUY was the MC for the event and a also behind some of the donations supporting the event as well as many other local businesses in the area.

The CHOICE Program

The CHOICE program is a partnership with local businesses to help High School students involved with a special education program find local employment opportunities. Small businesses are encouraged to learn more about the program and how they can help these students get a start in their first career. By encouraging a more inclusive workplace environment companies can obtain loyal employees that are going to thrive in their positions. That’s the ultimate goal of the CHOICE program and it’s something that businesses all along the Manhattan Beach California area can become involved with. To learn how your business can be involved with the program and help out local students email Sonia Dickson at for information about the program and how you can become involved.

Grades of Green Makes a Real Difference in Communities

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Grades of Green focuses on empowering students to make a real difference in their communities and their environments. The latest story from the organization only goes to show how big of a difference local children can make. Max and Izzy, two Grades of Green Youth Corps students began working on their 100 Trees in HB project back in the fall of 2014. The project was a bold one with big aspirations and to date it’s almost nearly been accomplished.

grades of green trees

What is 100 Trees in HB

The idea behind 100 Trees in HB was to plant a total of 100 different trees throughout Hermosa Beach. Not only would the trees be planted throughout the project, but people would be educated about the value of trees along the way as well. Since started the project a total of 70 trees have already been planted thanks to two different events put together by Max and Izzy. First was an Earth Week tree planting that resulted in the planting of 30 trees and helped to educate a total of 175 students about the value of trees and how they help the environment. Next was the an event hosted by Max, another tree planting. This event resulted in 40 more trees being planted while further educating the community.

grades of green max

Not only have the efforts of Max and Izzy resulted in a total of 70 brand new trees improving the environment, but they’ve also helped educate hundreds of children and adults about the importance of trees to improve the environment. Imagine all the CO2 they’ve already helped pull out of the atmosphere,. It’s easy to see how big of a difference you can make with careful coordinated efforts.

If you would like to make a difference in your community, or you know a few students who you believe could make a real difference take a look at this link. The registration process is a simple one and it’s worth going through if you truly want to make a difference in your community.

A Recap of the 2015 EMA Awards

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The EMA awards (sponsored by Toyota and Lexus) were a fun-filled spectacle that really gave Gwyneth Paltrow and a handful of other environmental champions a chance to shine for all their efforts to improve the environment. Paltrow received the 2015 Green Parent Award thanks to all her efforts to make corporations label all their GMO products as such. This is a major environmental issue and Gwyneth spent 2015 working toward getting the issue resolved. Lance Bass was the night’s host and he kept the tone light and fun, but also made sure that everyone understood just how important the environmental issues represented really are.

2015 EMA Awards

Environmental Cars

Both the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Mirai were recognized at the event. The Prius was a major spectacle at  the EMA awards because the vehicle’s been on the market for the last 15 years. The Mirai – Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell car – was on display for everyone to get acquainted with fuel cell technology a bit more and to see the stylish vehicle in person.


Rescuing a Baby Elephant

Kristin Davis of Sex and the City was honored at the big event for her work with the EMA to bring back an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya. She helped rescue the creature that was a victim of poaching and she helped raise even more awareness for the ongoing issue in Kenya and other parts of the world with poaching.

Saving Elephant

Missions in Music

Don Henley received the Missions in Music Award during the event for his continued work to help preserve historic locations and the Walden Woods, home to Henry David Thoreau’s many writings and to the conservation movement overall.

Don Henley

Overall there was an excellent turnout to the event. Big names like Jessica Biel, Blythe Danner, Don Henley, and Gwyneth Paltrow were all in attendance to show their support for the environment.

Mike Sullivan of LAcarGUY was present to explain the Mirai and Toyota’s leading environmental technology and it was a good night for the environment overall.