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Lexus U.S. Factory Provides A Personal Touch To Every Car

July 22, 2016 jhur Lexus Santa Monica


When it comes to Lexus sedans, crossovers, and SUVs, quality and luxury are of the utmost importance. That’s why every ES luxury sedan that comes to Lexus of Santa Monica is assembled with extreme care at the 8.1 million sq.-ft. Lexus factory right here in the United States.

Dedication to Quality

Employees at the Lexus ES assembly plant at expected to be able to spot even the slightest imperfection there may be on any given model. Some employees have even made the pilgrimage to Japan, learning from the ten Lexus master craftsmen to fine-tune their craft. Additionally, these employees spent weeks painstakingly taking apart and reassembling 22 ES sedans in order to become familiar with all 2,000 parts inside and out.

Truly A Personal Touch

Employees are even expected to catch even unseen imperfections in the bodywork of the Lexus ES. Upon donning a pair of white gloves, employees run their hands along the striking curvature of the Lexus ES body panels to ensure nothing but perfection.

Just like the professionals at the Lexus ES assembly plant, our staff at Lexus Santa of Monica is highly trained to make your car buying experience just as great as the impressive quality built into every one of our new sedan, crossover, and SUVs. Take a look at our inventory of brand new Lexus models right here on our website. If you have any further inquiries, give us a call at (424) 229-9998 or use our online contact form.

Lexus RC Tops Segment Safety

July 21, 2016 jhur Lexus Santa Monica


Safe construction is extremely important, and but also often overlooked when drivers are shopping for a new vehicle. But when buying a sports car capable of incredible speeds and horsepower, safety becomes even more important. The safest, most crashworthy sports coupe in Santa Monica, CA is the 2016 Lexus RC.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent nonprofit, is one of the most respected authorities on vehicular safety in the U.S. According to recent testing by the IIHS, the 2016 Lexus RC outperformed the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro, and the Dodge Challenger in crash safety. Its top scores across the board earned the 2016 Lexus RC the coveted Top Safety Pick+ designation.

Vehicles are tested on five different scenarios.

  • Small overlap front: Simulates striking a tree or utility pole on the front driver’s side
  • Moderate overlap front: Simulates colliding with another vehicle on the front driver’s side
  • Side: Simulates being struck from the side by another vehicle
  • Roof strength: Simulates a rollover
  • Head restraints & seats: Simulates whiplash

The 2016 Ford Mustang did not measure up in the small overlap front test, which covers a full quarter of all serious and fatal crashes. The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro did less well than the Lexus RC in the roof strength category. The 2016 Dodge Challenger performed the poorest, scoring a ‘Marginal’ rating in the small overlap front test, and mere “Acceptable” ratings in both the roof strength and head restraints and seats tests.

The IIHS also notes whether the vehicle is equipped with crash avoidance and mitigation technology. Of the four vehicles mentioned here, only the 2016 Lexus RC comes with qualifying technology.

For drivers who want a performance-minded coupe that’s not only thrilling to drive, but safe, then the choice is obvious. Drop by our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica today to test-drive the 2016 Lexus RC or fill out our contact form for more information on the Lexus models in our new vehicle inventory.

Lexus RC Tops Safety List Amongst Competitors

June 27, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica

2016 Lexus RC 350

The 2016 Lexus RC sports coupe earned a prestigious ‘Top Safety Pick+’ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, demonstrating how safety, athletic performance, and a luxurious design can co-exist in one vehicle.

In comparison, the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger could not live up to the Lexus RC sports coupe’s high safety standards. The 2016 Ford Mustang and 2016 Dodge Challenger fell short of the 2016 Lexus RC’s ‘good’ rating in the small overlap front test. The 2016 Chevy Camaro earned a less-than-ideal rating on the roof strength test.

In order to earn its ‘Top Safety Pick+’ designation, the 2016 Lexus RC scored top ratings in small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraints and seat categories. The IIHS also ranked the Lexus RC sports coupe’s front crash prevention ‘advanced.’

Our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA has a variety of 2016 Lexus RC coupe models in our new vehicle inventory, all with the combination of safety, performance, and luxury that will give drivers peace of mind and thrills behind the wheel. Get in touch with a Lexus Santa Monica product specialist to learn more at (424) 229-9998 or through our online contact form.

Lexus Commits to Sustainability with Eco Challenge

May 25, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


Are you interested in a company that not only provides exceptional products, but also operates with respect and concern for the environment? Lexus, which offers more hybrid models than any other auto manufacturer, has partnered with Scholastic to award half a million dollars in scholarships and grants to schools for sustainability education to help create a greener future.

The annual Lexus Eco Challenge encourages middle school and high school students across the nation to join teams that each choose an important environmental issue to research, and then develop and test a practical solution. One team of middle school students from Jersey City used Mesoamerican agriculture techniques to combat algae blooms in their local reservoir for their project.

The grand prize winner is awarded $30,000, while 32 finalist teams each receive prizes of $10,000 shared between the students, their teacher, and their school. The Lexus Eco Challenge is now in its 9th year, and is part of the Lexus Pursuit of Potential project, which helps provide children opportunities to learn and grow.

Interested in helping the environment your own way by driving a hybrid? Contact a product specialist at Lexus of Santa Monica, or browse our new model inventory.

The Industry Achievement Awards Held at Lexus of Santa Monica

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Last month the annual Sustainable Business Council Industry Achievement Awards were held, and a collection of industry leaders and environment activists were celebrated in the process. Moby, Dr. Bronner’s and Rose Marcario the CEO or Patagonia Inc. were all recognized at the event as leaders of the sustainable business effort and real helpful forces driving environmental concerns forward.

Local Roots CEO Eric Ellestad, L.A. Kitchen President Robert Egger and Activist Award honoree Moby Photo by Jon Weinberg

A Large Showing

There were more than 400 people that attended the April 19th event. It was held in the Lexus Santa Monica building over on Santa Monica Boulevard, the Italian Villa styled building making the ideal location for such a special occasion.

What the Awards Mean

Awards are given by the Sustainable Business Council only to companies that helped to improve sustainability in a noticeable way. Dr. Bronner’s, Rose Marcario and Moby all helped to improve industry sustainability remarkably, a worthy goal when you consider that much of the world’s pollution results from businesses and industries.

Offering Recognition Where it’s Due

Each year businesses are split up into six different award categories and dealt with separately. Among those six different categories there was a total of 70 different finalists that each made a difference for the environment and made things a bit more sustainable. Local Roots, an indoor vertical farming company managed to come out on top of the Seedling Small Business Award, as a company with less than $100,000 in revenue throughout 2015. Other notable finalists were Everblaze, the solar company based out of Santa Monica, Newlight Technologies, a company that creates plastics from detrimental methane emissions, and L.A. Kitchen, a non-profit organization that strives to reduce food waste while training ex-prisoners and former foster children for a career in food.

A Night of Fun

Not only were the Industry Achievement Awards about recognizing all the great strides that industry has made toward more sustainability, but also about having a good time and making connections with others. As people arrived they were interviewed by Marci Zaroff on the “green carpet”. A group of women modeled a collection of outfits designed by LA Relaxed and composed entirely from recycled materials. There was good food and plenty of entertainment to go around, and the increased number of finalists shows that more businesses are becoming environmentally conscious and trying to make a difference.

Lexus Santa Monica Sponsors 21st Annual JA Southern Golf Classic

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Lexus Santa Monica is proud to once again sponsor the Junior Achievement of Southern California Golf Classic at the Riviera Country Club on May 2nd.  The event kicks off at 8:30 with a registration, breakfast and a putting contest.  10:30 is the shotgun start to the event, there will be a barbecue lunch, and then starting at 4PM is the cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner and awards.

Lexus Santa Monica will be bringing two cars, including a 2016 GS350 as a “Hole In One Car”!

Please see the flyer for all the details, but we look forward to seeing everyone on May 2nd!

JASoCal Golf Classic Overview

Join Lexus Santa Monica To “Scooter For Batten”

April 20, 2016 lacarguy Community Involvement, LAcarGUY News & Events, Lexus Santa Monica

Batten disease (also known as Spielmeyer-Vogt-Sjögren-Batten disease) is an extremely rare and fatal autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder that begins in childhood. It is the most common form of a group of disorders called the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCLs).

Although Batten disease is usually regarded as the juvenile form of NCL (or “type 3″), some physicians use the term Batten disease to describe all forms of NCL. Historically, the NCLs were classified by age of disease onset as infantile NCL (INCL), late infantile NCL (LINCL), juvenile NCL (JNCL) or adult NCL (ANCL).[1]

Scooter For Batten

At least twenty genes have been identified in association with Batten disease, but juvenile NCL, the most prevalent form of Batten disease, has been linked to mutations in the CLN3 gene.

Join us on May 21st from 9am until noon at the Palisades Charter High School as we raise money to cure this horrible disease.  We will have face painting, a DJ, and kids activities.

Resgister at for more details.

The hashtag for the foundation is #curebatten make sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Lexus Announces Automatic Emergency Braking for 2017 Models

April 11, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica

Lexus Automatic Breaking

As part of their dedication to reducing collisions and helping save lives, Lexus has been working on automatic emergency braking systems for all of their cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs.

In March 2016, Lexus announced that they’ll be putting Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems in nearly all of their models as a standard feature. Fast-tracked into the Lexus Safety System™, AEB will help drivers in and around the Santa Monica, CA area prevent collisions before they happen.

The high-tech safety package that will come with Lexus models starting in 2017 will provide three driver-assistance features that include, preventing or mitigating forward collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, lane-keeping systems, and road safety design features for enhanced driving at night.

While AEB systems from most manufacturers are offered only as options on high-end trim models, Lexus says that it will add their advanced braking system to nearly all models by the end of 2017.

For more information on the new Automatic Emergency Braking system, any of the new vehicles we have at our Lexus dealership, scheduling a test drive, our finance center, or our service department, please don’t hesitate to contact Lexus Santa Monica through our website or by calling us at (424) 231-6601.

Lexus Santa Monica Hosting Upcoming 2016 SBC Awards

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In order to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day Lexus is holding its annual SBC Awards or Sustainable Business Council awards. The event is designed to commemorate businesses that help improve the environment in an impactful way. It will take place on Tuesday April 19th between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM at Lexus Santa Monica at 1501 Santa Monica Blvd. It’s sure to be a night to remember, and should be a lot of fun for everyone in attendance.

sustainable business council

The Honored Guests

Three special individuals are set to be honored at the 2016 SBC awards, Moby, Rose Marcario and David Bronner, each has contributed to the environmental movement in a big way. Each will receive a special award and have an opportunity to speak  at the event.

Food and Drink

Everyone in attendance will enjoy high quality appetizers provided by Mathew Kenney Culinary, the world’s first plant-based culinary academy. This virtually guarantees the vegan appetizers are delicious. Along with the appetizers, VitaFrute cocktails by VEEV will also be provided, offering visitors a taste of the first line of All-Natural and Organic ready-to-drink cocktails on offer.


The event will be hosted by Boise Thomas, a well-known stand-up comedian and Brianna Brown the CEO of the New Hollywood. DJ Siera Leone will provide music throughout the event to keep things lively throughout the night.

Cost and Parking Details

Attendees will receive complimentary valet parking courtesy of Lexus Santa Monica. The cost to attend is $46 that will benefit the Sustainable Business Council.

The event’s sponsored by many local environmentally friendly businesses like Solar City, LAcarGUY, Lexus, SustainableLawGroup, VEEV and many others.

Date, Time and Place

If you’re interested in attending make sure that you get your ticket to the big event. It’s set to take place at Lexus Santa Monica at 1501 Santa Monica Blvd. between 6-9PM on April 19th. You can purchase tickets and tables at the big event here. Get one as soon as you can before the event’s completely sold out.

Benefits of the Lexus CPO Program In Santa Monica, CA

March 23, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


Are you wondering what the certified pre-owned program at Lexus Santa Monica is all about? CPO programs are an excellent way to find vehicles at the price point of a pre-owned model, but with the performance and appearance of a vehicle only recently off the lot.

Most certified pre-owned models are former lease vehicles, which helps these models retain a standard of quality that isn’t guaranteed in vehicles that have seen more than one owner. For example, no Lexus sold as a certified pre-owned model will be more than 6 model years old, or have more than 70,000 miles on the odometer. This helps make luxury vehicles such as a Lexus more accessible to the population of Santa Monica.

Pre-owned models also always undergo a lengthy examination which they must pass before they can earn certification. The Lexus program inspects 161 elements on every vehicle to-be-certified.

Lexus’s own certified pre-owned program, named L/Certified, takes the advantages of purchasing certified pre-owned models to a new level with benefits that other manufacturers don’t offer.

  • L/Certified owners will benefit from the remainder of the new vehicle Basic Warranty plus an addition two-year, unlimited mileage L/Certified Limited Warranty for up to six years of coverage.
  • Complimentary maintenance covering the first four factory-recommended service appointments after purchase.
  • Roadside assistance, loaner vehicles, and trip interruption coverage are all part of the package if you experience any mechanical problems.

If you are interested in owning a certified pre-owned Lexus model, view our current inventory of L/Certified vehicles here.