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Lexus is Tops in Reliability for Sixth Year Running

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By now most Lexus fans know all about the reliability of the brand, or at least the supposed reliability that it has to offer. That’s because companies are constantly going on about the benefits of relying on Lexus. Sure luxury vehicles are more expensive, but the added cost pays off in the case of Lexus thanks to its exceptional dependability. To prove that point further, the luxury brand just received the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study for the sixth year in a row. If that’s not impressive I don’t know what is.

2017 Lexus ES

Dominating the Dependability Study

Lexus is known as a highly reliable brand, in part because it’s a branch of Toyota, but also because the luxury brand continually dominates reliability tests. According to the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, Lexus vehicles have been the most reliable luxury model widely sold throughout the U.S. for the last 6 years. That’s something worth bragging about, and even before Lexus was the top brand, it was still known for its reliability.

How the Study Determines Winner

The dependability study relies on a very simple metric in order to decide which vehicles are the most dependable overall. It looks at the number of reported problems for the vehicles sold, and then compares that figure with the level of vehicles sold. These two figures together lead to an average set of problems per 100 vehicles sold, and that’s the number that J.D. Power uses to determine which vehicles are the most reliable and which are the least.

Individual Lexus Standouts

On top of coming in first place for a luxury brand overall, Lexus also had three different models that scored highest in their respective categories. In the Midsize Premium Car category the Lexus GS came out on top with a score of 94 problems per 100 vehicles, which is actually exceptionally low. The Lexus RX had a similar score with only a small number of more problems per 100 with 105 problems per 100 vehicles on average. The Lexus ES took the luxury compact car segment with ease with just 91 problems per 100 vehicles.

Either Lexus vehicle is exceptionally reliable and worth taking a look at if you are considering buying in the category.

Lexus vehicles might not be the most flashy, or the most powerful of all the luxury models on the market today, but they are the most reliable. For buyers serious about the value of their purchase, and cost of maintenance over time, a Lexus makes a lot of sense compared to the many other luxury options on the market today.

The 2018 Lexus LS is More Capable Thanks to Serious Engineering Enhancements

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Lexus is always looking for ways to improve on its vehicles, and that’s true for its flagship LS more than any other. The automaker took special engineering measures to make the LS more capable than ever. It’s stronger, safer, more spacious, lighter and faster, all from some serious engineering tweaks throughout.

2017 lexus ls

Added Room

Lexus is always looking for ways to expand the interior space of its automobiles, but it’s important to avoid making the vehicles bulkier in the process. The automaker managed to keep bulk to a minimum, while increasing interior space of its 2018 Lexus by relying on more durable high-strength steel products. The vehicle is actually lighter and more spacious, a pretty impressive combination.

Shedding the Pounds

In order to cut away approximately 200 lbs. from the vehicle, Lexus made use of high-strength tensile steel in several sections of the body of the LS. The steels are used throughout the body and frame of the vehicle to do away with bulkier metals that were once required to support the vehicle. Lexus also implemented an aluminum hood and trunk lid to cut down on weight even more. The overall result is that the vehicle is lighter, faster and more spacious overall.

Aluminum Supports a Safer Frame

Not only will the next LS be lighter, but it will also be safer as it tries to come out with higher scares on the next crash test. Lexus is making heavy use of aluminum webbing throughout the structure of the LS to add to its strength. The chassis benefits from suspension towers at both the front and rear.

All these changes should make the LS better than ever before and will give owners something to be proud of in their vehicles. Sure the lighter body, the greater interior space and the added safety won’t stand out as much as design changes would, but these improvements are the things that really matter most.

Lexus Covers a Car in LEDs and it Looks Awesome

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In order to celebrate the upcoming 2017 Lexus IS, the automaker made a special version of the vehicle absolutely covered in a total of 41,999 lights. The car lights up blindingly and can display a wide range of graphics and messages. It’s a pretty cool spectacle and it can do a lot more than you might expect.

light up lexus LIT

Different Interactive Modes

Lexus is calling the light-covered vehicle LIT, and it comes with three different modes that all do something special and cool. From reacting to music, to drawing in attention, this special car is an excellent way to get attention on the automaker.

Music Viz Mode

In Music Viz mode all the lights on the vehicle respond to the sound and beat of music. Different patterns are created, and a unique looking light show is put on from the vehicle. It’s a pretty cool spectacle when put to the beat of a good song.

Gesture Mode

Gesture Mode gives full control of the LEDs to a single person through a gaming console. The console is attached to all the lights, and you’ll be able to create unique gestures all over the vehicle while going down the road, sitting at a red light, or just showing off in a parking lot.

Attract Mode

Attract Mode is the main form of advertisement that Lexus does for the new IS. This mode shows off a unique spectrum of colorful patterns that Lexus claims shows off the design elements of the IS nicely.

This isn’t the first time that Lexus has gone all out for one of its upcoming vehicles. They create exciting spectacles and cool stunts all the time, but this one was particularly cool and is certainly a sight worth seeing. Do yourself a favor and watch a video of the car, it’s worth the time.

Lexus Plans Additional Variants for LC 500 Flagship Model

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The Lexus LC 500 is an exciting vehicle and it’s currently the flagship model offered by the automaker. Even though the car just only came out, it seems like Lexus has more planned for the big model than just the basic version that’s gracing the streets around the country currently. Many people believe that a convertible model is in store and that it will be released in the next year or two. Others are expecting an all-wheel drive version or a more aggressive LC 500 F. Nothing is confirmed, but Lexus could go in a lot of directions with this impressive machine.


Why a Convertible?

There’s a really good reason for Lexus to release a convertible version of its vehicle, and that’s to compete. In order to compete with the likes of BMW and Jaguar a convertible would be a powerful and helpful tool. Lexus will likely want to capture a bit more of the market share, and a convertible will allow them to do that effectively.

It’s a Possibility

While there is no official word on whether or not Lexus is going to release a convertible version of the LC 500, it’s definitely possible to make one according to the chief engineer responsible for the LC. He claims that the structure is there to make it a possibility, it just needs the green light from Lexus to happen. There is no guarantee that it ever will, but many think it’s a possibility now.

Maybe a Performance LC or an All Wheel Variant as Well

The chief engineer also said that the car could be fitted with an all-wheel drive setup, but there was no word on whether or not that was going to happen either. It’s very likely that a more powerful and aggressively styled LC F will be released in the future, but Lexus hasn’t given an official word on that either.

There is a lot in store for this new flagship vehicle, but nothing can be confirmed at the moment. We’ll all just have to wait and see what changes are in store for the coupe next, and hope that they are going to be as good as we are expecting they will be.


Toyota Tops the IIHS Safety List

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The IIHS (International Institute for Highway Safety) recently did crash tests and came up with its initial list of 2017 Top Safety Pick + vehicles. Toyota managed to land the very top spot of all the testing, proving that Toyota works hard to create some of the safest vehicles around.


Toyota Took the Top Spot

Toyota managed to best all other automakers by nearly doubling Honda in second place by getting 9 of its vehicles on IIHS Top Safety Pick + designations (counting Lexus models as well). Honda had five cars that received the designation.

Good Lights Matter

Only 38 models received the IIHS top designation this year, and much of that has to do with the low quality of headlights that are used on vehicles today. The IIHS decided to take a close look at headlights and whether they provide a bright enough viewing area at night or not. A group of engineers examined each of the vehicles to verify that they were capable of lighting up the road at night and paving the way for safe driving. With so many accidents happening after dark, it’s good that the IIHS is finally looking into this issue with its rating system.

Automatic Braking is Another Consideration

Toyota recently implemented its active safety systems on nearly all of its new models, meaning that if you opt for a new Toyota you’ll enjoy some of the best safety features available, no matter what model you decide on. This is another factor that helped the automaker take the very top spot for the most models on the safety list. That’s because automatic braking and its effectiveness to mitigate accident damage is another important consideration that’s used when picking out a vehicle to be a Top Safety Pick + model.

What Toyota Models Made it?

  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • Prius
  • Prius V
  • RAV4
  • Lexus ES 350
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus RX

Each of these vehicles managed to pass the strict crash tests, make it through the headlight test and achieve a good score for automatic braking. All together you get a pretty good lineup of vehicles, meaning that if you are a Toyota or Lexus fan, you have plenty of safe models to pick and choose from when making a purchase.


Upgrade Your Commute with a Lexus Hybrid

November 22, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


Are you looking to drive a modern luxury car focused on efficiency, but don’t like the idea of plugging in every night? Pairing a gas-powered engine with advanced battery technology, the current lineup of Lexus hybrid models provide advanced fuel economy without needing a plug. The Lexus hybrid lineup available in Santa Monica, CA is always charged and ready to take on your daily commute

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Lexus December To Remember Sales Event

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Have you made sure to be good all year in hopes of finding a brand new Lexus luxury car, crossover, or SUV with a big red bow sitting in your driveway during the holiday season? With the Lexus December to Remember Sales Event, you are one step closer to making the dream of owning your own luxury vehicle come true.

Whether you’re looking to be as eco-friendly as possible with the CT hybrid, enjoy the poised power of the GS F, carry up to eight passengers in absolute luxury with the LX, or nearly any model in between, you can find a great offer at Lexus Santa Monica during the December to Remember Sales Event. Take a look at our expansive inventory to find all of the models we have in stock to help you find the Lexus that’s perfect for you. For more details about our lease and sales offers, take a look at our online incentives page.

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Lexus Tops Consumer Reports’ 2016 Reliability Survey

November 22, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


Once a year, Consumer Reports puts out a survey that ranks each vehicle manufacturer according to reliability. These reliability ratings show how well a manufacturer’s vehicles hold up over the years and the odds for which an owner will have to worry about problems and repairs. Consumer Reports uses a meticulously crafted 0-100 point system based on subscriber feedback to determine which vehicle is most reliable. For the 2017 model year, Lexus landed directly on top of the “More Reliable” brands list with an impressive 86 points.

Scoring more points than Tesla Motors, Ram Truck, Jeep, and GMC, Lexus remains at the same place as last year’s report as the most reliable vehicle manufacturer in the industry. Since the current information available from Consumer Reports spans the last ten model years, you can be sure that Lexus produces the kind of reliability you want from a luxury vehicle.

If you would like additional information regarding the reliability of Lexus models or how you can schedule a test drive at our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or by calling our team of product specialists directly at (424) 229-9998.

Take a Look at this Lexus Inspired Spaceship

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Lexus is known for its quirky design style and unique vehicles that you simply don’t see out on the road. The most notable design feature on Lexus vehicles is the hourglass grill that’s so different from everything else on the market. That’s the key design feature that you’ll see in the new fictional Lexus spacecraft as well. A Lexus design company was recently called upon to create an attractively designed spacecraft for the upcoming film Valerian, and the end result is a sight to behold.


One Person Spacecraft

The final result of the design process is an interesting mixture of a jet, a Lexus sports car and a spacecraft. It’s a single-person spacecraft that’s supposed to be a unique vehicle of the future that fits into the Valerian space world. Both the grill and the headlights are clearly from Lexus vehicles and the headlights specifically are inspired by the LC coupe.

From the first moment that you glance at the Spacecraft it’s pretty obvious that it’s a Lexus product. Heck, it even has a Lexus badge out on the front of it.

Unique Designs of the Future

While this Lexus spacecraft is clearly fictional and nobody will really be flying around it in the future, some of the design elements that inspired it will likely find their way into future Lexus vehicles as well. It’s pretty cool to see how distinct some of the Lexus features are, and that you can tell that the spaceship is a Lexus creation, even without the big “L” symbol out front.

A Modified Lexus LC500 Wows at SEMA 2016

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SEMA is a time for celebrating vehicle modifications and taking a stock vehicle and turning it into something more. That’s exactly what one group did to the Lexus LC 500. A custom version of the vehicle was put on display at SEMA 2016, and it’s a powerful beast of a machine that happens to look nicer too.


Functional Enhancements

The custom version of the LC 500 comes with a whole slew of exciting enhancements. The body is adjusted with aerodynamic enhancements to help it move faster and more efficiently. Overall, the aerodynamic adjustments are achieved by a rear diffuser, a rear wing, side skirts, custom fender flares and the use of a front diffuser, all to help the car move more fluidly down the road. The suspension is more rugged and designed to handle racing better. The car’s been fitted with a hydraulic lift system that features height adjustable springs to make the car a bit more customizable. With enhanced brakes, wheels and tires, this modified sports car stands out even more than the original.

Interior Improvement

Not only did Gordon Ting and Beyond Marketing add additional features and functional enhancements to the sports car, but the company also redid the interior. It was tailored to be luxurious, but to also be focused a bit more towards racers. You’ll notice the difference immediately after climbing behind the wheel of the LC 500, and it’s an exciting upgrade that many buyers will be looking for.

Enhanced Engine

One exciting improvement made to this enhanced LC 500 was a full engine remodel. Hard Media Inc. and D Sport Magazine took their time transforming the stock engine into a 5.6-L beast offering a total of 525 HP and a whole lot of torque. The stock engine offered 471 HP and 398 lb.-ft. of torque. In order to beef up the custom engine, a set of custom Moly-2000 Amphibian sleeves were used to up the bore size of the engine. A custom set of connecting rods and pistons were also added to allow the engine to handle up to 9,000 RPMs reliably.

Working with a Prototype

This custom creation is really impressive because the LC 500 is so new, and the developers behind this project had to start with a prototype rather than a stock car. That means that there were no aftermarket parts available, and that any serious modifications had to be custom made right by the companies involved. Careful work with the prototype car helped fuel development of custom suspension components, body kits and brake kits that could all be available for sale in 2017.

Overall, this SEMA entry looks more aggressive, drives more aggressive and comes with a lot of cool features to help it perform better than you would expect from the stock version of the vehicle. It has all the making of a truly exciting custom car.