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Lexus Santa Monica energy-saving retrofit completed

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Lexus Santa Monica just completed an energy-saving retrofit by installing highly-efficient lights in the service
bays and wash rack.  The old lighting system was made
of 400w to 1000w metal halide lamps which consumed about 121,340 kWh per year. With the retrofit, the new lights are highly
efficient "T8" lamps. The energy consumption per year will decrease
to 55,576 kWh (The equivalent of taking 5 cars off the road!).

This retrofit is just one of many moves dealerships are working on to help offset our carbon footprint. Stay tuned for more exciting green initiatives we are working on.

Video from Ecover/Heal The Bay event at Lexus Santa Monica

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On October 4th, Ecover gave an ecological car wash and wax demonstration to celebrate the launch of new Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Car Glass & Interior Cleaner with a special keynote address by non-profit partners Heal the Bay. This was a free community event sponsored by Ecover and LACarGuy Family Group of Dealers promoting ecological awareness for our precious waterways and oceans.


Ecover 1

Ecover demonstration at Lexus Santa Monica

Heal the Bay with Ecover and Lexus Santa Monica

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Picture 1Cruise on over to Lexus Santa Monica and enjoy an afternoon of live music, good food, and giveaways, in celebration of the arrival of new Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Ecover Car Glass & Interior Cleaner October 4, 2008. Help Us Heal The Bay!

In partnership with the LAcarGUY family of dealerships, Ecover will be giving an ecological car wash and wax demonstration to celebrate the launch of new Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Car Glass & Interior Cleaner with a special keynote address by non-profit partners Heal the Bay. This is a free community event sponsored by Ecover and the LAcarGUY family of dealerships promoting ecological awareness for our precious waterways and oceans.

“While certain to be a fun-filled event, more importantly it is an opportunity to bring together government representatives, business and environmental leaders, non-profit organizations and the residents of Santa Monica to help us strengthen our commitment to the environment,” said Alisha Wagner, Environmental Manager for LAcarGUY.

Ecover Car Wash & Wax and Car Glass & Interior Cleaner clean, degrease, and shine using plant-based ingredients that quickly and completely biodegrade for a minimum impact on aquatic life. Ecover bottles and labels are made of polyethylene, cap of polypropylene, both of which are 100% recyclable and can be recycled together using a low energy process.

“With Ecover’s new car washing products, users can demonstrate pride of ownership not just for their vehicle, but for their environment as well,” said Kipling Rutherford, Assistant Marketing Manager for Ecover.
Picture 6
The first 250 attendees will receive ecoswag bags filled with special natural products and a gift certificate for new Ecover Car Wash & Wax or Car Interior Cleaner (redeemable at Whole Foods Market of Santa Monica). Guests will also enjoy refreshments courtesy of Whole Foods Market of Santa Monica and the musical stylings of the Dave Yaden band.

Purchase Ecover Car Wash products at any of the six LAcarGUY Toyota, Lexus or Volkswagen dealerships, and LAcarGUY will donate 25% of the sale to Heal the Bay supporting local education programs and the cleanup of our beaches, rivers, streams and storm drains.

"Heal the Bay salutes companies that are doing the right thing and introducing more environmentally-friendly products into the marketplace,” said John Seiber, director of development for Santa Monica-based Heal the Bay. “Next-generation car washing products can help reduce harmful pollutants from reaching our oceans and watersheds.”

WHAT: Help Us Heal The Bay: Ecover LAcarGUYcar Wash & Wax Launch Event at Lexus Santa Monica
WHEN: Saturday, October 4th, 2008
TIME: 11 AM – 2 PM
WHERE: Lexus Santa Monica -1501 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 453-1890
BY CALLING (323) 255-9178 x 13
Picture 3

Please consider the environment and carpool (in a hybrid), bike, walk, or take the Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica to this event. Complimentary valet parking provided to drivers of Lexus hybrids, Toyota Hybrids and Volkswagen Biodiesel vehicles.

For over 25 years, Ecover has been producing products that adhere strictly to the World Health Organization’s definition of heath, which incorporates the well-being of the whole person – both mental and physical – and the environment in which they live. Ecover is constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to create new and more effective products that have minimum negative impact on the environment, and consistently achieves extraordinary ethical standards with its products, management and production methods. For more information, visit

Heal the Bay is a non-profit environmental group dedicated to making California coastal water,including the Santa Monica Bay, safe and healthy for people and marine life. For more information, visit
Picture 5
Please visit our web site at
Lexus Santa Monica
New Car Showroom
1501 Santa Monica Blvd – Santa Monica, CA 90404 – 866-906-4078
Preowned Showroom
1502 Santa Monica Blvd. – Santa Monica, CA 90404 – 866-906-4175
Service Center
1602 11th Street – Santa Monica, CA 90404 – 888-390-7551

Lexus Hybrid Benefits

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Increased Horsepower

Zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds [1] [2]. That’s the kind of power you can expect in the GS 450h. While it may have a V6 engine under the hood, the extra boost from the electric-drive motor gives the vehicle the acceleration power of a V8. Of course, performance like this isn’t exclusive to the GS 450h. The LS 600h L’s V8 gas engine and high-output electric motor provide an impressive 438 total system horsepower [1]. The RX 400h also boasts similar power enhancements, as will future Lexus Hybrids.

Lower Emissions

Lexus Hybrids were designed to provide the long-term benefit of lower smog-forming emissions. In fact, every Lexus hybrid vehicle has been certified as a Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) with about 70% fewer smog-forming emissions than the average new vehicle. Hybrid drivers also receive the more immediate advantage of better fuel economy overall. ]

Smoother Ride

The signature refined ride and smooth acceleration Lexus is famous for is also retained in our hybrid vehicles. Thanks to an Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT), the switch between the electric-drive motors and internal combustion engine is virtually seamless. And the strategic placement of hybrid components throughout the vehicle, coupled with exceptional rigidity of the frame, give the driver a solid and luxurious ride.

Reduced Noise

Those already familiar with our legendary quiet interiors will be pleased to discover the noise levels in Lexus hybrid vehicles have been reduced even more. The engine mounts were moved upward to diminish vibrations, and the air intake system was completely redesigned. We even added insulation to the body panels, wheel wells and windshield. It’s all part of our continuing quest to provide the most serene environment for our drivers.

Longer Battery Life

The nickel-metal hydride battery in Lexus hybrid vehicles is so advanced that it’s covered by a warranty for eight years/100,000 miles. Better still, you never have to plug in the vehicle to charge the battery. The reason? When the vehicle is coasting or braking, electric power is captured and stored in the hybrid battery for later use. This power management system helps to ensure the battery never runs out of energy.

Better Fuel Economy

The electric-drive motors in Lexus hybrid vehicles provide more than a quieter ride. They also result in vehicles that have better fuel efficiency than their non-hybrid counterparts.

Performance & Innovations Dual Power Supply

During strong acceleration and when maximum power is required, Lexus Hybrid Drive simultaneously uses its internal combustion engine and electric-drive motors for exceptional performance. When the electric-drive motors complement the gasoline engine, they provide higher torque, which in turn results in smoother acceleration, free from gearshift lag. Plus, the extra torque that the electric-drive motors provide makes the engine feel considerably larger than it actually is.

Lexus Santa Monica is now using a no-water carwash

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Lexus Santa Monica is now using a no-water carwash to keep its new car inventory clean saving thousands of gallons of water each month. 

An excerpt of the LA Times article is pasted below.

To the list of marketing oxymorons — the sunless tan, cheeseless pizza, soap-free detergent — add this: the no-water carwash.

Lisa and Jeff Peri have been peddling Green Earth Waterless Car Wash for only five months but already have gotten some traction, gaining a major local hospital and one of California’s biggest Lexus dealers as customers for their product, which they describe as environmentally gentle.

The Peris’ Inglewood company, which currently goes by the name of its fragrance-free cleaner, also markets a few related products and sometimes will send its employees to wash cars. The entrepreneurs are looking to attract buyers who are sensitive to chemicals in cleaners or concerned about drought, given that washing a car at home uses 80 to 140 gallons of water and running it through a commercial carwash uses 20 to 45 gallons of water.

"We feel like we are doing something life-changing for other people," said Lisa Peri, 36.

View the latimes article

Surf Santa Monica reports on Lexus Santa Monica Grand Re-Opening

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By Jorge Casuso

April 20 — There aren’t many car dealerships with showrooms that feature hand-carved chess sets or a fireplace or tapestries hanging from the walls.

But then, there aren’t many car dealerships like Lexus Santa Monica, which held a grand opening celebration for its newly refurbished building Thursday night that drew some 1,300 guests to what is arguably the largest showroom in the Los Angeles area.

After a year-long renovation, the 1928 building resembles a Spanish mission with towering ceilings laced with trusses, the latest model luxury cars taking a back seat, at least for one crowded night, to their surroundings.

The new Lexus lobby features a decorated ceiling and mission-style chandeliers. (Photos by Jorge Casuso)

“We just went back and resurrected everything,” said owner Mike Sullivan, who photographed Union Station and the Roosevelt Hotel as models for the look he wanted the renovated building to evoke.

“We’re getting offers for weddings and proms,” he added.

Those who stood under the lobby’s decorated ceiling or wandered the 26,000-square-foot structure hung with custom built mission-style chandeliers dreamed up events of their own.

“How about Salsa dancing in the Lexus,” one woman suggested. “Or cooking classes.”

“We’ve had a request for a ladies’ golf luncheon,” said Steven McClintock, head of advertising for LA Car Guy, Sullivan’s collection of six dealerships.

Dorraine Gilbert Weiss and Barry Weiss turn showroom floor into dance floor.

By renovating the Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, Sullivan cast a vote of confidence for a town he considered leaving four years ago when his expansion plans were frustrated by what he deemed a slow-moving City bureaucracy and a “capricious” Planning Commission.

The political scene has improved and the auto business — the City’s prime economic engine — is on the fast track, he said.

“The economic model is phenomenal, the market is great and the political climate is functional,” Sullivan said.

Former Mayor Michael Feinstein, who helped push for new auto dealer standards while on the council, said the City’s efforts to accommodate the needs of its auto dealers have paid off.

“We sent a signal to people like Mike Sullivan that we wanted him here, and now he is still with us to this day,” said Feinstein, who sought advice from Sullivan and his Volkswagen delership when renovating his vintage van.

“I am thrilled that a young-thinking, hip, yet down-to-earth person with business acumen has kept his existing dealerships in Santa Monica — and continues to invest in new ones here — when neighboring cities were courting him hard,” Feinstein said.

Lexus party in full swing.

Turning the old dealership — with its service bays, closed framing and exposed roof — into a spacious upscale showroom was no easy task, said Don Wheeler, the architect responsible for the renovation.

“We rebuilt this building, other than a few walls,” he said.

The massive doors were fashioned in New Mexico of salvaged wood, the trusses were beefed up and every window casement was replaced with wood, said Wheeler, who works for RTK Architects.

The ambitious renovation even turned up a few surprises — like the bathroom buried between walls that seemed to throw the drawings off. It was only discovered when someone poked a hole.

Inside the bathroom was a 40-year-old Valley paper with a front-page headline of the Sharon Tate murder and a coffee mug Wheeler kept.

“After all the time we spent on it, it feels great to stand here and say, ‘Alright,’” Wheeler said.

Then he looked at the crowd eating fancy hors d’oeuvres and swaying to the jazz band playing a Billy Holiday tune.

“And it’s a good place for a party,” he said.