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Take a Look at this Lexus Inspired Spaceship

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Lexus is known for its quirky design style and unique vehicles that you simply don’t see out on the road. The most notable design feature on Lexus vehicles is the hourglass grill that’s so different from everything else on the market. That’s the key design feature that you’ll see in the new fictional Lexus spacecraft as well. A Lexus design company was recently called upon to create an attractively designed spacecraft for the upcoming film Valerian, and the end result is a sight to behold.


One Person Spacecraft

The final result of the design process is an interesting mixture of a jet, a Lexus sports car and a spacecraft. It’s a single-person spacecraft that’s supposed to be a unique vehicle of the future that fits into the Valerian space world. Both the grill and the headlights are clearly from Lexus vehicles and the headlights specifically are inspired by the LC coupe.

From the first moment that you glance at the Spacecraft it’s pretty obvious that it’s a Lexus product. Heck, it even has a Lexus badge out on the front of it.

Unique Designs of the Future

While this Lexus spacecraft is clearly fictional and nobody will really be flying around it in the future, some of the design elements that inspired it will likely find their way into future Lexus vehicles as well. It’s pretty cool to see how distinct some of the Lexus features are, and that you can tell that the spaceship is a Lexus creation, even without the big “L” symbol out front.

A Modified Lexus LC500 Wows at SEMA 2016

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SEMA is a time for celebrating vehicle modifications and taking a stock vehicle and turning it into something more. That’s exactly what one group did to the Lexus LC 500. A custom version of the vehicle was put on display at SEMA 2016, and it’s a powerful beast of a machine that happens to look nicer too.


Functional Enhancements

The custom version of the LC 500 comes with a whole slew of exciting enhancements. The body is adjusted with aerodynamic enhancements to help it move faster and more efficiently. Overall, the aerodynamic adjustments are achieved by a rear diffuser, a rear wing, side skirts, custom fender flares and the use of a front diffuser, all to help the car move more fluidly down the road. The suspension is more rugged and designed to handle racing better. The car’s been fitted with a hydraulic lift system that features height adjustable springs to make the car a bit more customizable. With enhanced brakes, wheels and tires, this modified sports car stands out even more than the original.

Interior Improvement

Not only did Gordon Ting and Beyond Marketing add additional features and functional enhancements to the sports car, but the company also redid the interior. It was tailored to be luxurious, but to also be focused a bit more towards racers. You’ll notice the difference immediately after climbing behind the wheel of the LC 500, and it’s an exciting upgrade that many buyers will be looking for.

Enhanced Engine

One exciting improvement made to this enhanced LC 500 was a full engine remodel. Hard Media Inc. and D Sport Magazine took their time transforming the stock engine into a 5.6-L beast offering a total of 525 HP and a whole lot of torque. The stock engine offered 471 HP and 398 lb.-ft. of torque. In order to beef up the custom engine, a set of custom Moly-2000 Amphibian sleeves were used to up the bore size of the engine. A custom set of connecting rods and pistons were also added to allow the engine to handle up to 9,000 RPMs reliably.

Working with a Prototype

This custom creation is really impressive because the LC 500 is so new, and the developers behind this project had to start with a prototype rather than a stock car. That means that there were no aftermarket parts available, and that any serious modifications had to be custom made right by the companies involved. Careful work with the prototype car helped fuel development of custom suspension components, body kits and brake kits that could all be available for sale in 2017.

Overall, this SEMA entry looks more aggressive, drives more aggressive and comes with a lot of cool features to help it perform better than you would expect from the stock version of the vehicle. It has all the making of a truly exciting custom car.

Lexus UX Concept Revealed at 2016 Motor Show

October 19, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


The new Lexus UX SUV concept is the most remarkable-looking vehicle to debut at the Paris motor show this October. The UX concept offers a peek at what will likely replace the CT 200h hatchback in the coming SUV lineup. “We are ready for the next chapter of a bolder Lexus SUV – the UX concept,” Dr. Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Lexus in Europe stated. He elaborated on the futuristic cabin design and technology, explaining it will offer an “immersive driver experience.” Potential design and technology features to look forward to include:

  • Suicide doors with a curvy appearance
  • Sharp LED tail lights
  • Rear-facing cameras to replace side-door mirrors
  • Lexus designed Kinetic Seat Concept technology
  • Wrap-around dashboard
  • Dual-screen infotainment system
  • Shift paddles integrated into the steering wheel
  • Gear selector buttons, replacing the traditional shifter

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2017 Lexus IS Gets Facelift and Safety Features

October 13, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


For luxury-loving Santa Monica, CA drivers, the 2017 Lexus IS offers the exclusive driving experience you’ve been waiting for. Detailed changes to improve its overall aesthetics make the handsome Lexus IS even more desirable and safety system upgrades ensures that the changes are more than just cosmetic. The exciting advancements to the 2017 Lexus IS will definitely impress at the workplace and after hours as well.

2017 Lexus IS: Exterior Design

The bold 2017 Lexus IS was diligently modified to have a sportier look. The spindle grille that Lexus is so famous for stretches further up the fascia than the 2016 Lexus IS. You’ll look like you’re floating as you pull up to the light since the air intakes give the front fender a hover-like appearance. The rear has L-shaped LED lights with three guide layers stylishly standing out in a way that no other model can compete with. Additional available exterior updates sure to turn heads include:

  • A more sculpted hood
  • Rectangular chrome exhaust
  • Three-dimensional mesh pattern
  • Five-spoke 18-in. wheels
  • Caviar and Nightfall Mica color options
  • Jet black metallic coating

2017 Lexus IS: Safety

High-quality improvements don’t end with the exterior design. The Lexus Safety System now comes standard on all 2017 IS models. Multiple safety must-haves included are Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Intelligent High Beam (IHB), Pre-Collision System (PCS), and Steering Assist.

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The Lexus Seat that Relies on Spider Webs

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For decades automakers have been restyling the same old seat technology, without coming up with something better. That’s about to change if Lexus has anything to say about it. The automaker is designing a new set of seats that are more dynamic and supposedly much more comfortable as well.

The seats look like a mesh of a solid frame and a spider web. They are designed to conform to the body, to allow movement while sitting and to create a comfortable long-term environment. Drivers that sit for extended periods of time will really appreciate the level of effort that went into producing these high quality seats.


 A More Natural Seat

The Lexus Kinetic seat is designed to mimic the natural movement of the human spine. It’s lightweight in construction and designed to create a stabile head position, to support the arms and minimize fatigue while driving, and most importantly to do away with soreness that comes from sitting for extended periods.

The Green Seat

This new seat developed by Lexus is a greener alternative to the seats used today. That’s because the strands of fiber that make up the seat bottom and back rest are composed of a synthetic spider silk material known as QMONOS. It’s a Japanese product that’s designed to replace petroleum-based materials. It’s based on proteins and spun into a highly durable product that creates a comfortable seating environment.

Already Dynamically Tested

It’s true that the seat isn’t past the testing phase yet, and there is a lot of development that still has to go into making the final product, it has been tested under pretty strenuous conditions already. Lexus brought it to Nurburgring speedway and used the seat under high-speed tests to verify that it’s strong and ready for use out on the road.

While there is still a great deal of development to be done on the seats, they could be showing up in Lexus vehicles in the next few years. Such an addition would make the vehicles even more attractive, and create an exciting feature for buyers looking for enhanced comfort. Lexus vehicles are known for their superb comfort, and this latest seat enhancement could increase that brand image even more.

Imagine Using Holograms for Your Vehicle Display

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A holographic information display sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s an actual reality for the latest concept car from Lexus. This little beauty relies on a series of holographic displays to show all your most important information as you drive around.


Large Central Hologram

The concept car comes with a large box-shaped crystal that is going to be used to display holographic information. The box is designed to show off climate control and infotainment information in full 3D. While it’s difficult to imagine exactly what that’s going to look like, since Lexus hasn’t shown the tech off yet, it’s something that you’ll definitely want to check out at the Paris Motor Show when the concept car is put on display.

Instrument Cluster Hologram

Not only is the media system going full hologram, but so is the system information system by the steering wheel. This hologram has the ability to show information in both digital and analog, and will allow you a better view of what’s going on in the vehicle than a standard dash computer does.

Enhanced Windows

Not only are holograms employed within the UX concept, but the windows of the vehicle can be darkened or lightened based on need. They’re electrochromic, and you’ll have complete control over their shade. Imagine being able to block out that brilliant sunlight near the end of the day when it’s blocking your view. A quick adjustment on your window knob and you’ll have a darker view that’s much more comfortable to drive with. Similar technology is already in use on the roof of some vehicles, but it hasn’t been used on standard windows just yet.

Improved Seating

Lexus has developed an advanced spider-web type seating that is supposed to conform to the body of a driver more effectively. These lightweight seats offer drivers more mobility and the ability to swivel around slightly while driving for a better view of what is going on. Not only that, but they should be quite breathable to help you stay comfortable as you drive.

The Lexus UX concept should be one of the coolest and most futuristic vehicles on show at the Paris Motor Show, but to find out you’ll have to stay tuned.

The 2018 Lexus LC 500 Coupe Dazzles the Luxury Market

September 22, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


For the 2018 model year, Lexus has an all-new coupe to debut: the 2018 LC 500. Previously announced at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2016, the 2018 Lexus LC 500 Coupe will reign alongside the luxury brand’s two other coupe models—the Lexus RC and RC F—available to consumers in early 2017.

So, what’s in store for Santa Monica, CA area drivers interested in the 2018 Lexus LC 500 Coupe? According to Lexus chief engineer Koji Sato, a whole lot of power. The Lexus LC 500 comes with a 5.0L V8 engine, which delivers 471 HP and 398 lb.-ft. of torque. To give you some context, these numbers were estimated at 467 HP and 389 lb.-ft. of torque at the Detroit Auto Show.

Why the sudden change? Lexus reimagined the intake and exhaust systems to deliver an ever better performance than initially thought out. These changes are just a few of several performance-minded adjustments that will be made because Lexus will carry out ongoing developments until the LC 500’s release date.

A hybrid version of the LC 500 Coupe is also in development, although no new changes have been announced. The Lexus LC 500h will come with a 3.5L V6 engine with a single electric motor, and will get 354 HP.

Although the new Lexus LC 500 Coupe won’t be available until next year, you can still browse the new vehicle inventory at our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica for available performance coupe trim packages. For more information, send us a message online or call (424) 229-9998 to speak with a product specialist directly.

Updates to Lexus 2017 Models

September 22, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica


Change can frustrating, but this time it’s for the better. Updated for the 2017 model year, Lexus is making some impressive improvements to their vehicle lineup. While the Lexus GS F, GX, LS, RC, and RC F receive only minor changes, several of their models are getting a significant update to their look and performance. Take a look at the list below for details on what’s been upgraded for 2017, and then find the new model you want to drive in the inventory at our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA.

  • The 2017 GS350 F Sport offers a RWD drivetrain with a limited slip differential to evenly distribute power to the wheels.
  • FWD for the NX200t and NX300h is no longer available
  • The Lexus RX450H no longer has FWD available, but does have F Sport versions now.
  • The Lexus IS has new bumpers, exhaust finishers, taillights, LED headlights for all standard models, and a new 10.3-in. infotainment display.
  • The IS F Sport models get front break ducts.
  • The Lexus LC has a leaner, wavy body with prominent hips and a bigger grille.
  • The Lexus LC500 comes with a ten-speed automatic transmission for the first time, and includes a 5.0 L V8 producing 467 HP and 389 lb.-ft. torque.
  • The LC500h, a hybrid, includes a 3.5 L V6 and two electrical motors producing 295 HP capable of a 5.0 second 0-60 MPH acceleration time when properly equipped.
  • The LC500h has improved fuel economy with 40 mpg on the highway.

Drivers in the Santa Monica, CA area can check out our new vehicle inventory to see which 2017 models have already arrived at our Lexus dealership. If you have any questions contact us today at (424) 229-9998.

Lexus Launches the 10th Annual Lexus Eco Challenge

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Lexus Eco Challenge

How would you like to win $500,000? Through the annual Lexus Eco Challenge, teams of middle and high school students and their teachers compete for the opportunity to take home the grand prize by taking on projects to protect the environment, enrich their community, and learn important science and engineering skills.

“The Lexus Eco Challenge has changed the way I teach. It’s changed my classroom, it’s changed the lives of my students, and it’s changed my school—all for the better. This is such a great way to get kids to care about the world around them and not only think about the ‘moment;’ but also think about what a difference they can make,” said JoAnne Brown, a science teacher at Olympus Jr. High School in Holladay, Utah. Over 600 of Ms. Brown’s students have participated in the Lexus Eco Challenge since 2006.

This year marks a decade of environmental projects started through the Lexus Eco Challenge, and more than $5 million dollars awarded to over 30,000 students across the country. Past winners’ projects have included raising awareness about safe environmental practices, research on renewable energy, protecting native species, and other conservation efforts.

Teams of up to ten students and two teachers select an important environmental issue, and develop and implement a plan to address it. There are two categories to choose from:

  • The Land & Water Challenge, August 15-October 16, 2016
  • The Air & Climate Challenge, October 19-December 12, 2016

Winners advance to “The Final Challenge”, which takes place from January 16-February 27, 2017.

Learn more about the Lexus Eco Challenge and how your local school can participate at Scholastic. You can also do your own part to help the environment and feel good doing it by driving a low-emission luxury hybrid Lexus model, available now from our new vehicle inventory in Santa Monica, CA.

The Lexus UX Concept Does Away with Side Mirrors

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Those pesky side mirrors that get in the way while driving through really tight spaces don’t have to exist any longer, and that’s exactly what Lexus decided to prove on its latest concept vehicle the UX. This vehicle, that is set to be shown off at the Paris Motor Show, will demonstrate a concept that utilizes a set of cameras instead of mirrors. This approach allows drivers to keep their head facing forward more, while providing all the information that’s needed to safely drive around.


How it works

Instead of mirrors on the outside of the vehicle, you get a single display to the left of the steering wheel that shows off what the side mirrors would normally show you. This way you only have to look slightly off from the steering wheel to see what you need to, and you don’t have to worry as much about mirrors sticking out or getting damaged. Sure there are still cameras in place of the mirrors, but the whole design is meant to work better and provide for an improved user-experience, which is what the concept is all about.

Will We See Such Features on a Vehicle Anytime Soon?

It’s not likely that we’ll see this type of feature on a production vehicle anytime soon. That’s because mirror less designs still aren’t allowed in many countries, and because the features haven’t been heavily tested yet. They would have to go through more tests and really be tried out before they could be added instead of mirrors. While the tech is a bit more complicated than a basic mirror, it also gives you a better view, and is very easy for you to make use of.

There are a bunch of other futuristic features that are shown off within the Lexus UX concept vehicle, but many of them are probably even further away from being released than the simple mirror less camera system. Even still, there are plenty of features to be excited about, and drivers will be enjoying some very capable and cool looking vehicles in just a few years from now if Lexus has anything to say about it. For a closer look at the concept vehicle, take a look at video footage from the Paris Motor Show in the beginning of October, there are sure to be plenty of cool released, though most likely won’t be as futuristic as the Lexus UX.