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Prepare to be Amazed at the Lexus UX Concept

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Lexus recently announced that it would release a new concept vehicle known as the Lexus UX Concept. This is a vehicle designed for use in heavily urban areas, so you can bet that it’s going to be compact and fuel efficient. It has a distinctly modern look to it and will likely be a highly popular SUV if it’s released to the public.

Based on Creative Design

The look and theme for the new vehicle was created at the European Design Centre and it’s supposed to show off Lexus’ bold design language, which means it will be edgy in appearance and probably showcase some exciting new features at the same time.


Exciting Features

The concept car is said to showcase imaginative technologies while creating an immersive driver experience. That means it will show off some cool features that you haven’t seen before, some of which will make driving more exciting for the person behind the wheel.

The new concept vehicle is destined to make its appearance at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and will be put on display on September 29. It’s not the only vehicle that’s going to be shown off though, a redesigned Lexus IS will also be on display, as well as the Lexus LC and the Lexus NX Sport Edition.

The show is going to be an excellent way to see where Lexus is going with its designs and what you can expect from the next set of vehicles from the luxury automaker.

2016 Lexus ES Wins Top Safety Award from IIHS

August 26, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica

2016 Lexus ES

The new Lexus ES earned a prestigious “Top Safety Pick Plus” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), demonstrating its prowess at keeping occupants alert, aware, and protected on the roads in and around Santa Monica, CA.

The 2016 Lexus ES received changes to its front structure, A-pillar, roof rail, door-hinge pillar, and doorsill, all of which contributed to the luxury sedan’s top rating on moderate overlap, side, roof-strength, and head restraint tests. The new Lexus ES mid-sized luxury car also earned a ‘Superior’ rating on front crash prevention when equipped with the available forward collision warning system.

Are you looking for an incredibly luxurious Lexus sedan with a tried-and-true top safety rating? Look no further than the 2016 Lexus ES, including ES 350 and ES 300h models. The new vehicle inventory at our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA has dozens of 2016 Lexus ES trim packages, colors, and features packages available.

If you have any questions, reach out to a Lexus Santa Monica product specialist through our online contact form today!

The Lexus RX is the Best Selling Luxury Vehicle in the U.S.

August 26, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica

Lexus RX

Have you been on the 5 recently? If you’ve started noticing more Lexus RX SUVs next to you, you’re not alone. Topping the list for luxury vehicles sold in the U.S. through June, the 2016 Lexus RX sits at just under 50,000 models sold for the current year. The nearest competitor, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, is more than 10,000 units behind the popular Lexus RX in total sales for 2016.

Developed to provide a capable performance and sophisticated design, the latest version of the new Lexus RX is one of the most popular SUVs for sale at our dealership in Santa Monica, CA. From the striking front grille to the chiseled frame, the 2017 Lexus RX features a stunning design profile that hints at the luxury features included in the cabin.

When equipped with the Luxury Package, the interior of the 2017 Lexus RX is smartly appointed with semi-aniline perforated leather trim, gray sapele wood with aluminum trim, and a driver’s seat with power cushion extender and four-way power lumbar support.

Whether you’re looking for the RX 350 or the 450h, Lexus of Santa Monica has almost every trim package available for sale in most color combinations. Browse through our available luxury SUV inventory and find your ideal model. Then see it up close during a test drive at our Lexus dealership. Contact our team through our online form or by phone at (424) 229-9998 to make an appointment with us.

The Much Improved 2017 Lexus ES

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For more than a decade now the Lexus ES has been the favored vehicle offered by the luxury automaker, and that trend looks like it will continue thanks to all the nice improvements that have been made to the 2017 ES. Not only does the vehicle get some nice multimedia enhancements, but it also gets a bunch of safety features as standard to really sweeten the deal.

2017 lexus es

New Features offered in the ES

The ES comes with a set of new standard safety equipment that makes it safer than ever to driver around. Not only that but it comes with a GPS link system that connects right through a smartphone to bring GPS navigation to the vehicle’s multimedia system. Many advanced safety features that are designed to prevent accidents from occurring, come as standard on the 2017 Lexus ES.

The included safety features are the pedestrian detection system, adaptive cruise, lane departure and steering assist as well as automatic high beams. These features come together to make driving around a whole lot easier and safer. The added features should really make the 2017 ES even more desirable to buyers, and it’s already the most popular Lexus on the market.

Silky Smooth Ride Quality

The ES is a sedan that focuses on comfort and ride quality above all else, and it’s not like the other luxury sedans that focus on performance more than anything else. The 2017 model keeps with that focus and offers a highly desirable sedan that soaks up the bumps and bruises while travelling around on most terrain types. It comes with an excellent suspension system that makes most bumps hard to notice, and has excellent soundproofing that will keep your rides whisper quiet.

Paying for the Features

While the ES comes with a whole bunch of new standard features, you will have to pay a bit more money in order to have those features in the vehicle, which makes a lot of sense. The base cost of the vehicle is approximately $800 more than it was in 2016 and the destination fee has also gone up to $975, an increase of $25. These cost increases are quite minor compared to all the additional features that are being offered with the ES though, which helps the car remain a good value to buyers.

The Lexus ES is still one of the best offerings that Lexus has, and all the new features make owning the vehicle even more exciting overall.

The Lexus Design Award 2017 Contest Has Now Begun

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For the last four years Lexus has called together designers from around the world to help shape the look and feel of its vehicles. Each year the Lexus Design Award challenges designers with a specific theme, and those designers have to come up with creations of their own that fit that theme as well as possible. The 2017 Design Award focuses on the “Yet” theme, that at its core is the philosophy of Lexus itself. This year is a big deal and it offers a chance for many designers to gain recognition and to learn from the very best mentors from around the world.

Lexus Design Award

The Lexus Yet Philosophy

At Lexus there is an overriding philosophy that two very different features or qualities can be combined together into one vehicle. For example, performance focused yet comfortable are two features that normally aren’t offered in a single vehicle. That same philosophy is the theme for the 2017 Lexus Design Awards contest, and it should lead to some very interesting creations in the end focusing on blended features or designs coming together into one final piece.

How the Contest Works

Designers are encouraged to enter in ideas for the contest, and just 12 finalists will be chosen in the end and given a chance to prototype their final designs. Each of the chosen finalists will be provided a budget of up to 3 million JPY or about $29,641 USD, and they will work under accomplished mentors and proven designers to refine the design further and come up with the very best finished product. It could be furniture, sculptures or anything else that the designer chooses to work on. As long as it goes with the “Yet” mindset well it has a shot of winning.

Applying for the Contest

If you would like to apply to the contest you can do so between August 10th and October 16. Head over to to learn more about how to go through the process and get your piece into that contest so that you’ll have the opportunity to put together a prototype for real. It’s an exciting opportunity and something that every designer can try for. The contest itself helps Lexus keep creating modern-looking vehicles and coming up with excellent special edition products that you can’t help but enjoy looking at.

The Lexus LX 570 is Surprisingly Good

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If you’re looking for a rugged and highly capable luxury SUV the Lexus LX 570 is a surprisingly good option. While testing one of these vehicles out recently I picked out several key features of the SUV that stood out as useful to both off-roaders and the everyday driver. These are the things that would lead me into a Lexus dealership to pick up one of these SUVs and each one of these features is pretty darned exciting.

2016 lexus lx 570

The 360 Camera is Very Useful

The Lexus LX 570 comes with a 360 degree camera system that lets you see what’s going on at every side of the vehicle. Not only on either side but front and back you’ll be able to see small objects and large ones. This is useful for climbing in and out of tight parking spaces, but also for off-roading situations where trees and other foliage must be navigated.

Crawl Control Offers Smooth Ascents and Descents

If you’re ever tasked with going up or down very steep inclines you will quickly realize how uncomfortable it is handling the braking and gas on your own. Unless you’re a seasoned expert at off-roading you’ll be pressing both pedals too hard or two soft and jarring the vehicle all over the place. That’s why SUVs like the Lexus LX 570 come with a Crawl Control feature. These vehicles are capable of going over steep grades without any input from the driver other than steering the vehicle. It will keep a constant and smooth speed and leave you feeling very secure about how the SUV is handling overall.

It Turns Really Tightly

The Lexus LX 570 comes with a special feature that enables it to take corners more sharply than a large SUV should be able to. The system brakes the inner back wheel during a corner to help sharpen up the turning radius, and it makes a pretty big difference.

Ground Clearance Aplenty

The Lexus GX 570 is designed to offer plenty of ground clearance for standard everyday objects. The suspension is enhanced to give an additional 3” of ground clearance, which is a lot if you aren’t sure how beneficial that is. This means that you can easily go over most mid-sized rocks and other obstacles without catching anything important on them along the way.

The 2016 Lexus GX 570 is an awesome product for off-roaders, but it’s also comfortable, spacious and good in all-weather conditions. Things that standard drivers are going to enjoy as well, and hey if you need to do some off-roading in the process the SUV will handle it with aplomb.

Drive on a Cloud with the Lexus LS 600H

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Luxury cars are often known for their looks, their performance or just for having cool features that you can’t get in standard vehicles yet. While all of those things are true for the new 2016 Lexus LS 600H, the thing that stands out for most drivers is just how smooth and comfortable the vehicle is to drive or ride around in. This is an area that Lexus is beating other automakers in, and it’s something that buyers should really consider before they go with a different brand luxury vehicle.

2016 lexus ls 600h

Supremely Quiet

Whatever Lexus is doing to keep road noise at bay, it’s working nicely. When you ride around within the 2016 LS 600H you won’t hear much at all other than the radio or someone speaking within. It’s amazing how quiet it is within that cabin with how thin the walls are surrounding you. Lexus takes great pride in its sound damping efforts, and they show clearly when taking the vehicle for a test drive. Even at highway speeds the hum from the road is difficult to notice unless you listen very carefully. The quiet atmosphere makes it easy for the quality of the top-end sound system to shine through in every beat of your favorite song.

Pillow Soft

As you sink down into the buttery leather seats found throughout the cabin of the Lexus, you won’t want to get back up again. Not only are the seats supportive and comfortable in the vehicle, but it’s designed with a capable suspension that absorbs bumps and road shifts capably throughout your ride. You’ll feel as if you’re travelling down a much smoother road than you actually are. The feeling is almost like floating down the road, which is exactly how a Lexus should feel.

Smooth Performance

The Lexus LS 600H speeds up confidently but it does so smoothly as well. It can travel from 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds. Acceleration is smooth and even and you’ll get up to really high speeds before you even realize how fast you’re travelling, so be careful when testing out this vehicle!

If you want to feel every change in the road pick up a Porsche, if you want to ride around on a cloud and glide from place to place, pick up a 2016 Lexus LS 600H instead. It’s capable, affordable, supremely comfortable and even a little bit practical, which is nice in a luxury car.

Details About the 2017 Lexus LC

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The chief engineer at Lexus, Koji Sato describes the 2017 Lexus LC as one of the greatest challenges the company has faced since creating the original LS. The team worked extremely hard to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort with this new vehicle, and I’d say that all that work paid off.

2017 lexus lc

Sporty Looks

From the moment that you set your eyes on the 2017 LC it’s clear that it’s a sports car. Sure you won’t be racing it anytime soon, but if you want an aggressive looking daily driver, this is your vehicle. It’s got a low stance, it has large intakes in front of each of the four wheels, and it has a front end that’s bold and sleeked down into one continuous curve that goes on for days. Overall the LC is one of the best looking Lexus vehicles to date, and it’s something you’ll be proud to drive around in.

Keep it Low

One of the most noticeable features of the 2017 LC is that it has an incredibly low roofline. The roof looks like a Prius that’s been dropped lower to the ground by half and given a much more significant swoopback. It’s sleek and seems lower down to the ground than any roof should be, but the vehicle still manages to remain comfortable.Despite this really low stance, the LC doesn’t feel cramped on the inside. The floor of the car is kept low enough, and the interior designed in such a way that you can remain comfortable while motoring around in this sleek ride. You’ll be amazed at how much space the interior has as compared to how it looks on the outside.

A Lightweight Design

While some Lexus vehicles have been criticized for being too heavy in the past, that’s not likely to be an issue with this model. That’s because it incorporates a bunch of lightweight elements to help it shed some serious weight. The car relies on carbon fiber and aluminum doors. The front suspension makes use of aluminum towers as well to shed even more weight.

The Many Power Options

When you pick out the LC you have two different powertrains to pick from. You can go with the standard gas powered V8 engine that offers ample power, or the hybrid setup that comes with a 3.5 liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine as well as a hybrid motor and battery setup for improved efficiency with a similar level of power output. The V8 is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the hybrid comes with a automatic transmission with 10 simulated gears for driving feel.

The interior is of course dramatic, clean and exceptionally inviting. The 2017 LC looks to be one of the best sports cars offered by Lexus to date, and it’s set to debut in the first half of 2017 for anyone interested in the vehicle.

The 2017 Lexus GS F is a Luxurious Muscle Car

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The Lexus GS F combines the excitement of being behind the wheel of a muscle car, with the pleasure of driving around in pure luxury. It’s classy on the outside, clean and well manicured within, and powerful enough to get your pulse running when you stomp on the accelerator.

2017 lexus gs f

Lounge in Comfort

Before you even take off down the road you’ll be thrilled that you picked up the Lexus GS F. That’s because it’s draped in quality leather and the interior is meticulously laid out and styled for comfort and easy use. Each of the contoured seats provide ample support while cruising down busy streets, or thundering down the highway. The automatic climate control easily keeps temperatures just so, and the heated seats provide comfortable warmth on chilly mornings as the heater catches up.

Tune the Car to Your Needs

Before you head out in the GS F you can pick between one of three different driving modes depending on what you need the vehicle to do. Eco mode is reserved and more fuel efficient for calm family driving. Sport or Sport + modes offer more power and thrills as you drive around. You’ll notice changes in the way the throttle responds depending on which mode you select, so consider how you’ll be driving before you get started each time and you’ll get more out of your trip with the proper mode set.

Burn Rubber

Switch the car to Sport+ mode and stomp down on the gas pedal to literally burn rubber. This Lexus GS F comes loaded with a V8 engine that puts out 467 HP overall. One firm press on the pedal and you’ll be rocketing down the road with your pulse thundering to the thrum of the throaty engine. It takes on screamy notes as you get to the upper end of the register while driving. This Lexus feels much more powerful than you would expect from this style of luxury vehicle, and that’s likely it’s biggest selling feature of all.

Packed with Modern Technology

Right after you get done admiring how comfortable the seats are in the GS F, you’ll notice all the different buttons for the various gadgets within. A modern heads up display helps organize all the vehicle’s functions with a simple menu setup. The car comes with intelligent radar-assisted cruise control that adjusts the speed on the fly to help maintain a comfortable distance from vehicles while out on the highway even if they slow down.

Overall the 2017 Lexus GS F is a highly capable luxury vehicle that’s designed to offer both power and comfort at once. Sure it’s not the most agile, and it isn’t immediately recognizable as a sport car, but it’s a lot of fun to drive around when you’re looking for a thrill, and it is capable of slow street cruising comfortably as well, making it a good capable combination overall.

Lexus RC Tops Safety List Amongst Competitors

June 27, 2016 jhur Lexus, Lexus Santa Monica

2016 Lexus RC 350

The 2016 Lexus RC sports coupe earned a prestigious ‘Top Safety Pick+’ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, demonstrating how safety, athletic performance, and a luxurious design can co-exist in one vehicle.

In comparison, the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger could not live up to the Lexus RC sports coupe’s high safety standards. The 2016 Ford Mustang and 2016 Dodge Challenger fell short of the 2016 Lexus RC’s ‘good’ rating in the small overlap front test. The 2016 Chevy Camaro earned a less-than-ideal rating on the roof strength test.

In order to earn its ‘Top Safety Pick+’ designation, the 2016 Lexus RC scored top ratings in small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraints and seat categories. The IIHS also ranked the Lexus RC sports coupe’s front crash prevention ‘advanced.’

Our Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA has a variety of 2016 Lexus RC coupe models in our new vehicle inventory, all with the combination of safety, performance, and luxury that will give drivers peace of mind and thrills behind the wheel. Get in touch with a Lexus Santa Monica product specialist to learn more at (424) 229-9998 or through our online contact form.