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The 2017 911 Turbo S is the Top Launcher According to Motor Trend

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While aesthetics are an important part of choosing which sports car you want to buy next, for many buyers there’s nothing more important than acceleration. Most people rely on the 0-60 figure, but many real car enthusiasts know than the 0 to 30, and the 0 to 40 are really much better indicators of acceleration. After all, these are going to be the main speeds that drivers get to enjoy on a daily basis, and that’s why the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S is now one of the most highly recommended vehicles to speed enthusiasts that want to accelerate as fast as possible.


Testing at the Top

Motor Trend likes to put its test vehicles through the paces and really see what they are made of. During the testing process the company went through a sprint up to 30 MPH, up to 40 MPH, up to 50 MPH and finally to 60 MPH. While the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo wasn’t able to snag top place for the 0 to 60, it managed a screaming victory in each of the shorter tests, showing just how amazing its acceleration is.

It takes just 0.9 seconds to sprint up to 30 MPH in this sleek powerhouse. That’s faster than the 918 Spyder or the Laferrari that Motor Trend tested previously, making the speed a seriously impressive feat. 40 MPH happens in 1.3 seconds, 50 MPH takes just 1.8 seconds and even the 60 MPH marker comes in at 2.5 seconds. All the speeds up to 50 are records for the company and hitting 60 takes just marginally longer than it does in the Laferrari and the Spyder, both of which come in at 2.4 seconds.

How is this Possible?

There are a few characteristics that help this Porsche stand out from the others. The first is its exceptionally lightweight body. At just 3,557 the Turbo is a pretty sleek body that’s easy to get moving down the road. When all 580 HP and 553 lb.-ft. of torque is engaged it’s easy to see how the car would get going so rapidly. Not only does this car pack an immense amount of power in a tiny package, but it places the power at the rear of the vehicle, helping to create a nice balance of weight for going from static to high speeds in an instant.

The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S is an exciting car for other reasons, but it’s most exciting because it goes really fast at the starting line. If you’re looking for a beautiful car, with top-notch driving mechanics, that just happens to go pretty darned fast, the 911 Turbo S is the vehicle for you. There are few models on the road that can boast of beating out some of the best super cars available, but this car does so with ease at the bottom end of the speed range.

Porsche Comes in First for J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index

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Porsche is known for caring about customer satisfaction more than many other automakers in the world today, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that the automaker managed to take the top rank in the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) out of all the automakers that sell vehicles in America.


That’s a pretty big accomplishment, and it essentially means that customers enjoy buying vehicles from Porsche more than any other. Customers that don’t enjoy the vehicle buying process, could significantly improve their experience by going with a luxury model like a Porsche instead. The same can’t be said for every luxury model though.

Beat out All other Luxury Models

Porsche managed to achieve a higher score on the survey than any other luxury manufacturer on the market today, and it’s not the first time the company has accomplished this feat. In fact, Porsche achieved the same thing last year as well, making this a two-year accomplishment over all the luxury providers.

The U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index

The Sales Satisfaction Index is a figure that’s based on information from auto buyers between April and May of 2016. Each of the 28,989 buyers or customers that leased a vehicle this year, gave their input about the entire process. The index is made up of the four figures below.

  • Negotiating the deal
  • The salesperson
  • Delivery
  • The facility

Together these factors form the final index number that every automaker in the contest is represented by. Porsche managed to get a higher score than anyone else in every single one of those four categories.

Major Improvements Since 2015

Porsche did particularly well on the survey last year, but the automaker improved dramatically in 2016, making it the best in the world. The brand went up by a total of 72 points, pushing it ahead of every other company for the second time in the last 30 years. That means that buying a Porsche today, is better than ever.

If you want to enjoy the purchase process more, consider skipping another luxury or standard model vehicle, and going with a Porsche instead. You won’t believe the difference that it makes.

The Porsche Panamera for Executives

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While the standard Porsche Panamera is all about luxury and driving enjoyment, the Panamera Executive is more about passenger comfort, plush seats and riding around in style without actually driving the vehicle. It’s the type of car that you want to pay to be driven around in, and that’s exactly what some business executives will do.


It’s Long

One thing you’ll notice about the 2018 Executive is that it’s lengthy. This car is quite a bit longer than the standard Panamera, and that’s to offer more sitting space at the rear. If you want to be able to stretch out your legs and comfortably type on a keyboard or take phone calls while travelling, this is just the setup for you.

Extreme Comfort

Each of the rear seats is heated and comes with multi-adjust seats so that you can sit at just the right angle. It’s easy to look up at the sky during your ride thanks to the classy panoramic sunroof, and the electric power sunshades will help you block out light when you’re trying to see screens or just get over a night of partying. The four-zone climate control system ensures that you get just the right temperature for maximum comfort, no matter where it is that you are sitting.

Entertainment on the Go

With built-in flat-screen television sets at the back, you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies, catch up on seminars and just enjoy crystal clear video viewing of any variety that you prefer. The rear 10-inch touchscreens come with internet connectivity and access to thousands of apps and entertainment options. The internet extends to your own personal devices as well for connectivity everywhere.

Fun to Drive

Well, you probably won’t want a chauffeur every day of the week will you? During those days when you feel like getting behind the wheel, it’s a whole lot more fun if you have a Porsche Panamera to do it in. This beast of a vehicle still drives nimbly and is a whole lot of fun on windy roads. It comes with capable all-wheel drive as standard, and you can choose the 3 liter V6 turbo with 330 HP, the 2.9 liter V6 turbo with 440 HP or the 4 liter twin-turbo V8 with 550 HP. That all-wheel drive helps the lengthy Porsche take tight corners and handle a bit better overall. This is the type of car that your chauffeur will love driving, and it’s something that you’ll want to take to work on those off days as well.

Most people don’t think about being chauffeured around in a Porsche, but this model might just make you reconsider. It’s designed for supreme comfort, and you won’t mind taking the car for a spin yourself on off days either.

Fully Reinvented 2017 Porsche Panamera

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Porsche really wanted to come up with a unique product when it redid the Panamera to create the 2017 version and that’s why it threw pretty much everything out the window except the brand name, the car concept and that quality Porsche build strategy. When you take a look at the 2017 Panamera you’ll be astounded by the level of tech infused into the vehicle (it went from 70 control units to 112 and jumped from 2 million lines of code to an astounding 100 million!)


Smaller and Lighter

Porsche attempts to make smaller and more lightweight vehicles with each new iteration, and the Panamera is no different. Through the use of more aluminum, and high strength steel, Porsche has managed to drop the weight of the vehicle slightly, while jamming in a whole bunch of new tech devices.

Impressive Tech Features

The 2017 Porsche Panamera is an impressive tech product that’s equipped with a range of capabilities that will make you feel like you’re in a vehicle of the future. Nearly every bit of information that you’ll see in the vehicle is digital, including the speedometer. Three different screens show off this info, while giving you access to more apps, nav systems, and special features than you’ll probably ever need.

Car & Info

This 7-inch display is dedicated to showing off information about fuel efficiency, trip distance and it also shows off a very cool night vision display. This special feature allows you to see heat signatures in the night, making it very easy to spot people, animals and other vehicles heading down the road. Unfortunately the screen is quite small, so it’s more of a novelty than an important driving tool. It’s still very cool though, and you won’t find a feature like this on many other vehicles.

Speed & Assist

This screen shows off a virtual speedometer as well as information about the cruise control system and other driving information. It’s a useful tool for helping you keep on top of how fast you’re going and how you manage your speed while traveling down the road.

The Central Display

Finally, there’s the massive center display that’s positioned right in the middle stack of the Porsche Panamera. This 12.3 inch screen is a high-resolution touchscreen that connects you with a whole slew of apps and some pretty cool capabilities as well.

You can easily navigate around the roads using the built-in GPS, the real-time traffic display and Google Earth. There’s also support for Apple CarPlay, making it easy to access your favorite Apple capabilities. You can do a search for fuel prices, find your flight info, look through your calendar, see news updates, glance at Twitter and do much more with this built-in display. It’s a useful tool to help you stay on top of your life while you drive down the road. It also manages your entertainment through things like satellite radio, standard radio and Internet radio.

Not Intuitive

There’s so much going on within the Porsche digitally, that it’s not intuitive. You’ll have to spend some time behind the wheel, and in the interior just fiddling with the menus and the features to become really comfortable with them. As you grow more accustomed to the many features, you’ll start to enjoy all the capabilities offered and all the cool things that you can do with the vehicle. Take some time to learn how the system works, and you’ll come to enjoy it and how effective it is for managing all those useful features detailed up above.

Exhilarating Performance

The 2017 Panamera comes in two different flavors. There’s the 4S and the Turbo. The milder 4S comes with a 2.9 liter V6 that puts out a whopping 440 HP and delivers a crushing 405 lb.-ft. of torque. For even more power, the intense Turbo version of the Panamera comes with a V8 that delivers 550 HP and 462 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s a beast of a machine that manages 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds when equipped with the Sport Chrono Package.

Overall, the Porsche Panamera is a modern tech marvel that comes with all te features that you would expect, plus many more. It’s something that buyers will have to get used to, but any tech enthusiast will come to love. The car comes packed with enough power to rocket you down the road, and with all those screens and modern-day features, you might just think you’re blasting off into space.

The 2017 Porsche Panamera is Faster and More Efficient

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The 2017 Porsche Panamera is an exciting improvement over the older models, and it’s something that you can enjoy if you like to go fast. Not only is this model faster, it’s also more efficient and it comes packed with a more technologically advanced cruise control system. Overall that makes for a more enjoyable ride and a Porsche that you won’t want to miss out on.


Exceptionally Fast

When you slam down on the gas pedal of the 2017 Panamera it goes in a hurry. You’ll feel the torque push you back in your seat as you blaze from 0 to 60 in just 3.6 seconds. It’s one of the fastest sedans that you’ll probably find on the market, and that’s thanks to the 550 V8 Twin Turbo that’s used within the vehicle. Not only is the vehicle a blast to drive around, but it’s actually quite efficient as well when you drive under standard conditions thanks to the cylinder deactivation technology.

While it’s easy to miss the torque difference between the V6 and V8 versions of the Panamera, the highest powered version offers nearly instant power and is more effective for speeding up overall. There isn’t any noticeable turbo lag, and the PDK clutch system moves through the gears so smoothly that you won’t believe the acceleration that you can achieve.

Good Fuel Efficiency

Porsche vehicles are not know for being fuel efficient, but when you upgrade to the 2017 Panamera, you’ll enjoy efficiency increases of up to 30%. That’s because Porsche is now using cylinder deactivation technology in the vehicle. In other words, when you aren’t driving at high speeds, or accelerating roughly, the Panamera switches to using just four cylinders rather than all eight.

Advanced Cruise

This Porsche vehicle also comes with a cool feature known as InnoDrive which is like cruise control on steroids. It takes into account the different vehicles on the road and what the traffic speed is like ahead of you. The system can help you maintain a certain speed in relation to the legal limit and operates more smoothly than most advanced cruise control setups.

The Same Weight

Even though Porsche relied on a more robust engine in the latest Panamera, it doesn’t weigh any more than the older models. That’s because of Porsche’s heavy use of aluminum in the body. The entire roof and many side panel sections of the vehicle are composed of the stuff, and that cuts down on weight significantly.

When you’re looking for a capable sedan to drive your family around in, that you can also bring to the track, the 2017 Porsche Panamera is one of hte best options available. It’s spacious, it’s potently powerful, it’s luxurious and it handles like it’s on rails. You’ll love your time in this sedan, and that’s something that Porsche is counting on.

Porsche is Re-Engineering its Doors with Electromagnets

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Porsche has always been known for having nice doors. That’s because most Porsche vehicles come with hydraulic struts that firmly hold the door in place. The only downside to that system is that you have to push a bit harder in order to get the doors to shut fully. Overall Porsche doors are more reliable than the industry standard that simply relies on hinges with a small detent. Even though Porsche doors are already some of the best in the industry, the automaker figured out a way to improve on them even more, and is working on putting a powerful magnetic door stop into place.


The System

Porsche is considering a magnetic system that uses electro-magnets to vary the resistance applied to a door. The door could be held open through electrical power, and then that resistance could be removed entirely just as fast as it was originally applied. By combining such a system with traditional hydraulic door stops, Porsche doors could be kept nice and smooth, while also making them easier to open and close.

Why it Hasn’t Happened Yet

Though Porsche is looking at this technology to create an even more superior door, there are still some problems standing in the way of accomplishing that goal. For one thing, there has to be a mechanism in place controlling the magnet. The door would have to know when you were holding it and when you wanted to close it. Sure it could rely on force calculations or some sort of touch sensor, but Porsche hasn’t decided how they want to do it just yet. The automaker would likely consider the technology for vehicles like the Cayenne and the Panamera where weight isn’t as much of an issue, and avoid it on some of the sleeker sports cars.

Sure cool electromagnet doors aren’t going to make a Porsche drive any better, but they will make getting in and out of the vehicle even more enjoyable. Plus it’s a cool bragging point. After all, who doesn’t want to brag about having a technologically advanced door?

Porsche Works to Get Charging Issues Sorted Out for Mission E

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Porsche wants to work with the likes of Tesla, Mercedes and other car companies to come up with a universal charging standard for electric vehicles. It will be nearly impossible to achieve success with an electric vehicle without coming up with a universal standard, which is exactly why Porsche wants to get everyone on the same page before it releases its first high-powered EV.


Agreeing on a Standard

Porsche says that from a technical standpoint most automakers are on the same page when it comes to an electric charging infrastructure, but the companies can’t yet agree on a specific standard. They are going back and forth about the different types of chargers, but want something that’s going to work with Tesla vehicles as well as other standard vehicles around the country.

Universal Charge Stations

Electric vehicles need universal charging stations that work for everyone. That’s what Porsche is trying to accomplish and the automaker states that Tesla is open to allowing other car users to make use of its charging network.

Fastest Charger

Porsche has developed an 800-volt charger, the fastest available today. It’s nearly twice as fast as the 450-volt charging system that Tesla currently has in place, and it’s an effort to make charging up electric vehicles a bit faster and easier. Even still, it will take about 15 minutes to charge the Mission E battery to 80 percent with that high-powered charge. It’s still more time-consuming to charge up batteries than it is to refill a car with gasoline, which is an issue that automakers around the world are trying to sort out.

Using Adapters for Charging

It’s clear that not every manufacturer is going to agree on the same port size. Which isn’t really that important. What is important is that the manufacturers can agree on a basic charge station setup. That way electric vehicles can make use of chargers produced by other manufacturers. It’s easy to make adapters for different charge stations, it’s not so easy to charge vehicles when the station doesn’t rely on the same type of power output. Most automakers agree that simple adapters should allow electric car owners to use a range of charging points without issue.

Long-range electric cars are quickly coming to the market, and Porsche is working hard to try and get the charging infrastructure ready to meet that increased demand.

The 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car

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During the Paris Motor Show, most people were focused on the new Porsche Hybrid vehicle, and while it’s impressive, it wasn’t the only exciting piece of technology that the automaker had to show off. Off to the side, sat the latest and greatest 911 GT3 Cup car. With an unassuming look, and almost no coverage, it would be easy to write off the car as uninspiring, or nothing new, but it actually packs quite a bit of tech, and is pretty impressive overall. Here’s a quick breakdown of Porsche’s latest race car911-gt3-cup that you probably didn’t hear much about.


More Powerful

The latest Porsche sports car of course is more powerful and capable than before. It gets a nice power enhancement thanks to the new 4.0 liter flat six engine that’s used within. The new power rating is 485, up from the 460 offered by the old engine.

Enhanced Downforce

While the latest Porsche sports car still relies on the 72-inch wing at the rear, it does come equipped with one enhancement that improves downforce significantly. The car comes equipped with both front and rear end pieces that are designed to increase the overall downforce while driving at high speeds for more control.

The Most Sold Cup Cars to Date

Since starting to produce them back in 1998, Porsche has produced and sold a total of 3,031 cup cars that have either been kept with the company or sold to independent drivers. That figure helps the automaker claim the title of most cup cars produced out of any automaker. If you want to get your hands on one of these potent race cars, you’ll have to shell out approximately $213,000 USD. Sure that’s an approximate amount, but it’s close enough, and few people will actually buy one of the cars anyway, though they would be fun to bring out onto a track.

Carefully Tuned

Of course, like every other race car sold by Porsche, the 911 GT3 Cup was carefully tuned at the Porsche compound in Weissach Germany to make the most of the power and components offered by the vehicle.

This latest race car is set to race in the Porsche Mobile 1 Cup, a series that supports Formula One vehicles, another German cup series and then a 2017 competition in North America. Porsche is going to work hard to make the car available to even more races in 2018 as well.

Porsche Might Release a Mini Mission E

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It’s a bit disappointing to hear that the Porsche Mission E, full-electric supercar project has been delayed and that we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what the car has to offer, it’s exciting at the same time. That’s because there is worth that Porsche is considering making a scaled-down version of the mid-sized electric sedan, to compete with the Tesla 3. This smaller full-electric sports car would be more affordable, and offer many of the impressive performance features of the larger vehicle.


The Delayed Mission E

If you haven’t heard yet, Porsche recently confirmed that the Mission E is getting delayed a bit. It’s tough to say if this is because of development problems, or because Porsche is deciding to focus on another project first, but it’s getting pushed back a bit. Many experts are hoping that it’s because Porsche decided to produce a scaled-down version of the vehicle first, and it’s entirely possible according to the head of development.

It’s Scalable

Porsche will neither confirm or deny that it’s thinking about producing a smaller version of the Mission E, but Oliver Blume, the chief developer of the Mission E did confirm that the model is completely scalable. That means it could be used to produce other vehicles as well, which means a scaled-down version of the electric sedan is completely possible and probably pretty easy to do as well.

Maybe they Will Both Be Released

While there is no guarantee that we’ll even get a scaled-down version of the Mission E sedan, it’s possible that we’ll get that as well as the full-sized version around the same time. That would certainly help Porsche compete a bit better with Tesla and BMW, two automakers that are both planning on releasing electric vehicles of their own.

No matter what Porsche decides to do, when the automaker finally releases electric vehicles, they’ll be well worth the wait, and should offer the performance and the luxury aspects that Porsche fans have come to expect over time.

The Porsche Performance Station Wagon

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If you thought it was strange that Porsche was planning on releasing an SUV back when you heard about the Cayenne, you’ll probably think it’s even more bizarre that the automaker is now planning on launching a station wagon. Station wagons are hardly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a luxury vehicle after all.


A Performance Wagon

Porsche is planning on making a station-wagon version of its Panamera sports car. You can believe that the car will come with plenty of power, and all the refined features that you would expect out of the luxury automaker. The only difference is, that buyers will have plenty of storage space as well. The car is designed to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake, and it should appeal to some fans looking for a more spacious ride.

A Hybrid Panamera

Not only is Porsche planning on releasing a station wagon version of the Panamera, the automaker is also going to offer a hybrid version of the car to buyers. The hybrid version is going to be shown off at the Paris Motor show later in the month, but only time will tell whether the concept is something that fans decide to pick up. The hybrid technology will likely make the vehicle more fuel efficient, while also adding a bit of power and improving the acceleration of the vehicle in the process. The proposed hybrid version of the Panamera will likely have a range of about 30 miles, and a pretty respectable 0 to 62 acceleration of about 4.6 seconds. It’s not going to come cheap though, and you should expect to pay well over $120,000 to get your hands on the vehicle.