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The 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: Efficiency and Grit

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Most of the time hybrid vehicles are known for their ability to help you cut your fuel consumption. They allow vehicles to run more efficiently and really bump up those MPGs. That’s not the only purpose of hybrid vehicles though, and the 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is proof of that. Hybrid tech can also make vehicles much more powerful and exciting to drive around.


It’s Packing Heat

The newest hybrid from Porsche offers a total of 462 HP and a whopping 516 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s a whole lot to pack into a little car, and you’ll feel every bit of that power when you stomp on the pedal and squeal the tires in a cloud of smoke.

The car splits all that power between its four wheels and can travel from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds. It has a top speed of 172 MPH, faster than most people will be brave enough to take the vehicle.

Driving without Fuel

This car is packed with a powerful battery and is capable of motoring around town without using a single drop of fuel. You can get a total of 31 miles on a single battery charge, which doesn’t seem like too much, but for many people it’s enough to complete daily errands or even for a short work commute.

Instant Torque Satisfaction

While this Panamera is going to be a blast to drive at high speeds, it’s also going to be a whole lot of fun at the low end of the spectrum. That’s because all that electric torque is available instantly, as soon as you press the peddle your vehicle is going to start moving and moving fast. You’ll feel the acceleration, even just speeding up from sitting at the stop sign. Driving the Panamera Hybrid around town will make doing errands much more enjoyable overall, and you don’t have to worry about all the fuel you’re wasting by accelerating too vigorously, because you’ll be running on electricity.

Liquid Cooled Battery Tech

High performance batteries get really hot, which is why the lithium battery fitted into the Panamera is liquid cooled to keep it from overheating. This allows the car to provide excellent performance, while keeping the battery in optimal condition at all times.

The 2018 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is one of the most potent variation of the Panamera yet released, and it’s pretty efficient as well. It will be a blast to drive, and is expected to show up in dealerships later on this year. Keep your eye out for this exciting model, and you’ll see just what hybrid tech is capable of.

A Porsche SUV Much Older than the Cayenne

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When most people talk about Porsche moving away from sports cars and getting into the SUV market they inevitably bring up the Cayenne as the example of the very first SUV that Porsche produced. What all these people don’t realize is that the Cayenne wasn’t the first SUV produced by Porsche, there was another before it, way before it. Try the 1950’s.

1956 Porsche Jagdwagen

Introducing the JagdWagen

The JagdWagen was a military SUV produced by Porsche in the late 50’s. It was an attempt by Porsche to obtain a military contract, but the military ended up going with the DKW Munga because it was more affordable.

A Beefy Little SUV

The JagdWagen was a beefy SUV designed to stand up to rugged use. It came with the same 50 HP engine that was in the 356, and it had a 5-speed manual transmission. This SUV was quite buoyant making it ideal for river crossings and high levels of mud. Sure it wouldn’t top more than 62 MPH, but it was not made for speed at all. It was designed for rugged durability. It came with a cloth top and didn’t have any doors at all. You just jumped up over the sides to slip right in.

Porsche made a total of 71 of the SUVs and several of them can still be found floating around today. In fact, there is one being sold on, and it’s in pristine condition. That’s likely why it’s being listed for between $220,000 and $260,000.

The next time that someone starts talking to you about how the Cayenne was Porsche’s first SUV, you can bring up the story about the Jagdwagen and how it was produced decades before the Cayenne was ever available. It’s a more badass vehicle for sure, but I don’t know how practical it would be for use today, perhaps on an offbeat trail somewhere.

The 2017 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition is Breathtaking

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There’s something particularly special about the 911 Targa. It just oozes heritage out of every one of its pores, and it’s something that you can be proud to drive around in general. Well, the 911 Targa options are about to expand, with an even richer offering, the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition. It’s a highly capable vehicle that’s infused with even more life and history than the other Targa offerings.

911 Targa Exclusive Design Edition

A Historic Color

The entire vehicle is featured in a brilliant Etna blue. It’s the same color that was used on the Porsche 356 B in 1960 and 61. The badging, spoiler and grill also feature that same color and they blend with the overall theme of the vehicle nicely. This brilliant color is set of nicely by a deep black that’s used on the rear grill, the tailpipes and the LED headlights as well as the RS Spyder wheels. It gives it some nice definition and a striking appearance overall.

Close 911 Targa Exclusive Design Edition

A Striking Interior

Inside this special design edition of the vehicle you’ll notice a bunch of special characteristics that mark it as a special edition. The sill plates come with an exclusive logo and some of the letters light up in blue when the doors are opened. The quality leather upholstery is a smoky graphite blue and blue accents are used throughout the vehicle in places like the stitching, the air vent fins and a bunch of other slight areas. This car is very blue, but Porsche makes the colors work together nicely and really give this car a special feel as well.

Special Accessories

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this special car you’ll receive some accessories to help you celebrate your purchase. It comes with a indoor car cover and a graphite-blue photo album that will match the leather seats within. The photo album details the build process for the car, so that you can show it off to your loved ones that are interested in the vehicle.

Overall it performs just like a 911 Targa 4S is expected to, but it comes with enough added style and exclusivity to be something special all its own.

Porsche Plans to Offer a 250 HP Cayman and Boxster in China

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There’s a trend around the world, but especially in countries like China for luxury products at lower prices. Audi recently released the TT vehicle at an unprecedented price point, and some of its more basic entry-level vehicles have been getting more affordable. Now the same thing is happening with Porsche over in China. The automaker just released a 250 HP 718 Cayman and Boxster over in China. It’s more affordable than any other sports car offered by Porsche in the country, and the automaker expects the move to help boost sales, which I have no doubt that it will. My whole point isn’t that Porsche’s are getting more affordable in China, it’s that it’s possible they could be getting cheaper in the United States in the future as well.

Porsche Cayman

Porsche is an Elite Product

For as long as I can remember Porsche has been viewed as a product for only the elite. It’s a supremely well-crafted vehicle that’s designed to perform better than most cars out on the road. This vehicle looks nice, and is something that many people want, but only few can afford. It’s something for the elite.

Porsche owners, and supporters of the brand complained when the more affordable Cayenne was released, and they were furious with the Macan as well, but they would really have a fit if Porsche began offering a Cayman for budget prices, and that’s something that’s entirely possible in the future, especially if the Chinese market takes to the products as well as its expected to.

How the Lower Prices are Achieved

In order to lower the prices of its Chinese Porsche vehicles, the automaker had to slash power ratings in the country. The 2.0 liter offers up just 250 HP, not something common to Porsche vehicles. The thing is, for many car owners just looking for the status associated with a Porsche vehicle, the diminished power doesn’t even matter. They still get to own a Porsche and for much less money as well. These cars are expected to sell for around 588,000 yuan or about $88,340 USD. That doesn’t sound like much of a bargain over here when the vehicles are already available for less than that, but consider that the same treatment in the US could see a Cayman being sold for just $43,659. That’s practically a steal compared to the prices customers are paying today.

Slashing Boxster Prices in the US

It’s unclear if Porsche is ever going to try a similar strategy in the United States, but my guess is that the automaker will at least consider it if it works as well as expected over in China. Doing so would open up the cars to a whole new section of buyers, and Porsche would likely become a more common car around the country.

It will be interesting to see if the automaker decides to maintain exclusivity rather than diluting down the brand stateside, or if Porsche makes the decision to expand its lineup of vehicles with lower priced entry level offerings in the future. It’s hard not to like the idea of a brand-new Porsche Cayman at around $40,000, even if it is slower than the more expensive versions.

Porsche Unveils It’s Latest Connect System

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As technology advances so does the way that we interact with our vehicles. We went from simply adjusting the dials and buttons to change the radio, to plugging in smartphones, receiving phone calls, mapping locations and even talking back and forth with the vehicle to control what it does. Porsche is heading to an even greater level of technological advancement with its latest Porsche Connect system that’s going to be added in new vehicles soon.

Integrate with Mobile Devices

Porsche vehicles are capable of integrating with both Android and iOS mobile devices. They receive GPS information and even enable voice chat with the vehicle. Check your messages or receive phone calls while driving down the road all through your Porsche computer.

Control Your Vehicle Remotely

With the latest Porsche Connect system you can open up the doors of the vehicle and turn the lights on and off. You can also view computer stats while out of the car and even adjust the climate control of the vehicle when you aren’t inside it. It’s easier than ever before to control your vehicle and to make sure that it’s the perfect temperature for you when you finally climb inside. There is even a feature that will help you find your vehicle if you aren’t sure where it is, which is particularly useful in large parking garages.

Use with a Range of Compatible Devices

There are a range of different mobile devices that make it easy to control the functions of the latest Porsche vehicles. A smartphone, tablet or smartwatch can all connect up with the vehicle itself and do things like adjust the GPS system, locate the vehicle, or look up information that’s stored in the car’s computer. These functions are easy to make use of and they can be activated by an increasingly large range of different devices.

Porsche is offering impressive media capabilities with its latest computer system, and all of these capabilities will be showing up in the 2017 and newer model year vehicles. If you plan on picking up a new Porsche you’ll notice that you have more control than ever before over the system, and that you can do even more when you own a mobile device or two.

A Walk Around And Test Drive Of The New Porsche 718 Boxster S With Pacific Porsche General Sales Manager Carl Tofflemire

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Pacific Porsche 718 Boxster

The new 718 Boxster from Porsche has generated quite a buzz.  The styling has been updated, taking some cues from the 918 Spyder, but it still is very much a Boxster in its looks.  The ride and handling have been improved along with the steering feel.  The big news, however, is out back.  Gone is the naturally aspirated flat six, now replaced with a turbocharged flat four.  Some are not thrilled with this decision, however, as Carl talks about in the video, once you are behind the wheel, your opinion will change!  To quote Carl, “it’s truly one of the finest automobiles on the planet today.

Please watch the video then schedule your test drive of the new 718 Boxster today!

Porsche has the Most Satisfied Customers

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Porsche is known for having happy customers, and that’s part of the reason that it can sell vehicles for six figures with ease. The latest J.D. Power APEAL Study shows that Porsche is currently the most beloved car brand among current vehicle owners, and that Porsche has been the top brand for quite some time.

2016 Porsche 911
2016 Porsche 911

A History of Happiness

Porsche took the top spot in the APEAL study 12 years in a row, making it very clear that they take their customer satisfaction seriously and try to put out a top-level product each and every time. It’s amazing that out of more than 30 different manufacturers Porsche has been able to take the top spot 12 years in a row. The automaker works tirelessly to put out a top-tier product and has even recalled vehicles to handle issues as small as the wrong bolt being used somewhere on the car. Not only that, but the automaker keeps a close eye over its dealerships to ensure that they offer a top-tier experience for customers as well.

How the Study Works

A total of 80,000 vehicle owners were spoken to about their cars and they took a survey on them to determine how happy they are with their purchases and with their dealership experience as well. A total of 245 models were evaluated across 33 different manufacturers and in 10 different vehicle categories. The end result of all this studying was a loud resounding shout in favor of Porsche vehicles by their owners. Porsche received a total of 877 out of 1,000 points on the study, giving it the highest score out of all the different automakers that were tested.

Customers only review vehicles after they’ve had them for three months, so it’s clear if you want short-term happiness you can get it with Porsche vehicles. Long-time Porsche owners will tell you that you can get long-term happiness from the vehicles as well, this just isn’t the right study for proving that.

Sure Porsche vehicles are expensive, and they aren’t the most practical unless you want to pick up a Cayenne or Macan, but if you’re looking for your enjoyment and satisfaction there’s a lot of evidence that says you’ll be happy with a Porsche. Just take a look at the studies, and there are lots of them, and you’ll see how many Porsche owners love their vehicles.

Is the 2017 718 the Sportiest Cayman?

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The Cayman 718 is a nice blend of performance, power, looks and practical features that make it a good all-around sports car. Sure it’s not the fastest, the most comfortable, or the most practical offering the Porsche provides, but as a good mid-level vehicle that offers a bit of all three, it’s superb.

2017 porsche cayman 718


With sports cars like the 718 Cayman looks are pretty darned important. Sure some people would buy these performance cars even if they didn’t look great, but let’s be honest, most people are buying the face of the vehicle more than anything else. That’s why it’s exciting to say that the latest 718 is a definite improvement on the older models. It comes with a sharper front end that’s refined and stands out as a sports car more effectively. The sides are creased more noticeably, but they flow together more smoothly. The rear is also quite a bit smoother than before.

Modern Technology

Older Caymans come with a somewhat outdated media system that doesn’t offer the best user-experience. The latest model comes with a shiny new 7-inch touchscreen media system that’s smooth, features modern menus and has a fresh looking interface overall. You can easily control the features of the vehicle by touching the screen, or by manipulating the controls on the center console itself, giving you plenty of options to work with. The setup also offers Apple CarPlay, making it even easier to make the most of your apps in the car.

Decent Storage Capacity

When you think about Porsche sports cars you probably think about lack of space and functionality. That’s not entirely the case with the 718 Cayman. That’s because there is a decent amount of storage both front and rear in the vehicle. You can put a large bag in the storage compartment up front, and another at the back of the vehicle. There are also several little storage sections within the cabin itself to hold your mobile devices and other important items as you drive around. Sure it’s not going to hold items like an SUV does, or even a family sedan, but it’s a big improvement compared to some of the older Porsche vehicles without much space for anything.

Fun Driving

Porsche cars are known for being fun and exciting to drive around and the Cayman 718 is no different. It has plenty of power with 345 HP and 310 lb.-ft. of torque in the S variation, and can go from 0 to 62 MPH in just 4.2 seconds. The car goes all the way up to 177 MPH if you’re brave enough to push it that far.

There are three driving modes, standard, Sport and Sport Plus. Each offers a different drive feel. Normal is for casual cruising and offers a bit less power, lighter steering and slower acceleration. When you step up to Sport you’ll feel crisper acceleration and more forceful steering qualities. At Sport Plus you get the vehicle’s full power, rapid acceleration, excellent handling and you’ll even experience a bit of sliding in the corners at speed if you turn down stability a bit.

Massive Braking

Porsche fitted this Cayman with massive 911 brakes for monstrous stopping power. You’ll be able to slow down even faster than you can speed up, which is very reassuring when driving a fast sports car like this.

An Adjustable Ride

The Cayman is available with an Active Suspension System, allowing you to raise and lower the ride height of the vehicle. This can make the car looks cooler, boost efficiency figures and improve handling all at once. The car can be lowered between 10 and 20mm depending on the version that you get.

If you’re into performance, luxury, or just looking good as you ride around, there’s a lot to like about the 718 Cayman. It’s primarily designed as a performance and driver-centric vehicle, but it’s got enough comfort features and space to be used as a daily driver by some people as well.

Why Porsche Recalled a Vehicle for Two Screws

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Porsche is known for being very detail-oriented and for its top-level engineering, and nothing helps prove that point more than the most recent recall of the automaker’s 918 Spyder supercar. All the owners are being told to bring the car into their nearest dealership to have two screws checked. That’s right, two screws in the vehicle are the source of a current recall.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Why Two Screws even Matters?

The Porsche Parts catalogue had the screws for the seatbelt reels and the seatbelt mounts mislabeled. That means that reel screws might be used for the mounts and vice versa. That’s a pretty big problem since it makes the seatbelts less effective and could cause problems during a collision, but it’s such a small detail it’s pretty amazing that Porsche as able to catch it at all.

A Recall for a Potential Problem

The Porsche recall isn’t even for a confirmed unsafe situation. Instead it’s for a potentially problematic incident. Two of the screws that are used in the vehicle were mislabeled. That means that the screws that go into one of the seatbelts of the vehicle might not be the right screws, and those belts may not be quite as safe as they should be. The recall is to simply have the owners bring their vehicles in and have them double checked to see if the proper screws are installed. If the screws aren’t in the right place, they will be replaced and the cars given back.

Porsche takes its vehicles very seriously, and Porsche owners should know that they are in good hands when it comes to the engineers from the company. Serious mistakes, or very minor issues are all repaired quickly, and the quality control team at these companies are excellent when such small issues are being taken care of.

Porsche is known for its recalls, but there are few incidents where Porsche vehicles failed because of engineering. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and apparently the people at Porsche agree with that sentiment.

Driving the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S is a Thrilling Experience

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For serious car enthusiasts, are just drivers looking for a real sports car experience, there’s something special about taking the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S around winding roads. It’s one of the more affordable of Porsche’s sports car lineup, and still invigorating to drive around.

2016 911 carrera s

You’ll Forget the Car is There

When you drive the Carrera you’ll experience, power, smooth performance, and excellent road feel. These facts don’t do the experience justice though. Imagine going down the road and forgetting that there’s even a car around you at all. You and the vehicle become one and you can swing around corners and travel at exciting speeds as if you’re doing it all on your own. Porsche has refined the driving experience to such a high level that it’s possible to forget there’s a car at all, and when that car melts away during some particularly spirited driving, well, that’s when things get very exciting.

Burn Down the Road

By now I’m sure you’ve heard complaints from at least one Porsche purist that the Carrera and Carrera S are both equipped with turbochargers. It messes with the tone of the vehicle they say, it creates turbolag they claim. Well, let me say that the Carrera S still sounds fantastic. It’s throaty, it’s raw with just enough of a rumble to let you know you’re in a powerful car. Not only does it sound formidable, but the Carrera S is also faster than before. It’s packed with 420 HP and when equipped with the Sports Plus programming and the PDK clutch it can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. Slam down on the gas pedal for a particularly long straightaway and you can imagine how it feels for a drag racer as you’re thrown back in your seat hard.

More Freedom While Driving

Every single 2016 Carrera comes equipped with the Porsche Active Sport Management suspension as standard, and the Porsche Stability Management system. Though they have similar names, they do different things. The suspension system handles spring stiffness, ground clearance and other such goodies to achieve stability as you speed along travelling wherever you decide. The Stability Management system also helps keep the car stable, but it does so by adjusting power and braking strategically to keep the car under control. This system offers more freedom than it once did, and will let you push the car farther past its limits without kicking in, perfect for the driving enthusiast that doesn’t want to go completely without the failsafes, but is looking for that racing experience all the same.

Though the 2016 Carrera and Carrera S have been modified to include a dreaded turbo, and they have more electronic nanny capabilities than before, they’re both deriver-centric vehicles that are a real experience to motor around in. Once you have one you just have to find the high quality roads to really test these machines out and get them up to their nearly 200 MPH speed cap.