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The FR-S Lives on as the Toyota 86

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Well the Scion FR-S is no more. I know it’s a sad day for auto enthusiasts, but there’s no reason to cry. The model will live on under another badge, the Toyota 86! That’s right, Toyota is nearing the launch of a 2017 performance model under the badge of Toyota 86, and it looks to be an improved version of the FR-S that drivers are really going to enjoy. Sure it’ll set you back a bit more than the FR-S would have, but you’ll also get more for your money than Scion buyers did.

A Bump in Cost

While making the transformation from the Scion FR-S to the Toyota 86, the car became more expensive. The standard model will be about $950 more than it was as the Scion FRs and the Automatic model will cost around $570 more than the automatic FR-S did in 2016.


While making the transformation from the Scion FR-S to the Toyota 86, the car is receiving quite a few enhancements that are worth taking note of. It’s getting more aggressive styling, it will receive a few handling enhancements to make it more exciting to drive around and the car is even getting a bit more power during the transformation. Between all those changes the Toyota 86 should be worth taking a look at and really considering if you were a fan of the FR-S.

The vehicle comes with a new set of shocks and tune-adjusted springs that should perform better during aggressive driving. It comes standard with a Hill Start Assist Control mode, and will be offered in both manual and automatic variations, which is excellent for all you manual enthusiasts out there.

Overall the Toyota 86 is an exciting vehicle that offers many of the same benefits and features that the Scion FR-S had going for it. Sure it’s rebadged and it has a new name, but it’s the same reliable and high-performance vehicle. If you’re interested in a high-powered Toyota coupe, the 86 is probably the best that you are going to get, and it’s pretty darned good. It’s hard to say if the name change is good or bad for the sports car, but it will be pretty cool to own the first of a new line of cars, and that’s exactly what buyers of the 2017 Toyota 86 will be seen as.

The Key to Driving Safely in Adverse Weather Conditions

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Now that it’s getting colder some parts of the country are experiencing snowy and icy conditions that aren’t conducive to safe driving, at least without some serious adjustments to your driving technique. Not only do you have to get snow tires and all the gear that will make your car handle more capably in these conditions, but you also have to learn how to drive your vehicle when the conditions aren’t great for it, and that’s a real adjustment for most people.

scion frs snow driving

Get the Right Gear

The most important investment that you can make for your safety in cold-weather driving conditions is a pair of snow tires. They will allow you to brake more effectively and maintain your grip while turning and driving around as usual. With the proper snow tires you should consider adding chains or studs in order to enhance the traction on your tires even further. These accessories will only be used for severe weather driving and would have to be removed for the average days, but will really help enhance traction when it’s needed most.

Work in Slow Motion

Driving in winter weather isn’t just about lowering your speed, though that’s a pretty good first step. You also have to think about how you turn the vehicle. Changing direction too quickly while driving in the snow can lead to problems with sliding. You have to turn slowly and with a wider arc than you normally would for best performance. This takes some getting used to and you’ll have to practice in order to get good at driving in the snow without performance problems. To be sure that you’re safe go extremely slow while out in the snow or on icy roads at first, and over time you’ll develop a feel for winter driving that’s very safe.

Watch Far Ahead

It’s always important to remain aware of your surroundings while driving, but it becomes even more important while driving in the snow. It’s in your best interests to avoid driving after dark on snowy roads in general to help you avoid running into situations with low visibility. While driving look far ahead down the road and prepare to slow down as soon as you can so you can do it slowly. You have to begin braking sooner and slow down at a much slower pace than you would expect.

A Little Gas Makes all the Difference

In the event that you start to spin out and lose traction don’t make the major mistake of slamming down on your brakes. That will take a minor problem and turn it into something very serious. Instead lightly press down on the gas to keep the tires spinning and carefully ride out the problem. As long as you have some decent tires equipped the slipping will subside in a matter of moments and you can continue to drive as usual. The moment you press down on the brakes you go into an out-of-control slide that’s really hard to control.

Driving out on snowy and icy roads isn’t much fun. However, it doesn’t have to be unsafe if you know what you’re doing and you take the time to prepare adequately. Sure some work is involved, but you’ll feel more confident out on the road and shouldn’t have as many problems either.

A Modern Little Car that’s a Hoot to Drive

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If you’re looking for a fun little car to drive around in, that’s what the Scion iM is. It’s compact, it’s built to handle well, and it can even be paired with a manual six speed if you want the full driving experience. These are all really great things for someone searching for a fun little vehicle, and that’s what the Scion iM is meant for.

2016 scion im

It’s Modern

It wouldn’t be a modern Scion without all the fancy gadgets and a nice touchscreen ulling it all together. Of course this car comes with one and it works quite well too. It comes with both Bluetooth and a USB port, though you won’t get navigation and you’ll have to rely on a GPS unit or your phone to do that job. What you do get, which is a bit surprising, is dual-zone climate control. That’s almost unheard of in the sub 20k price range, especially in a compact like this. The car also comes with automatic lights and a rear-view camera for those tricky parking spaces.

It’s Respectably Efficient

You won’t get crazy efficiency levels like you would from a Prius, but the iM gets a respectable 28 city and 37 highway. Most people would agree that’s pretty nice, but it’s not segment leading by any means.

Trunk Space

It’s a hatchback so of course it has trunk space to spare. Whether you have camping gear, a bicycle, some small furniture or anything else, the trunk will likely accommodate it. You’ll be surprised at what you can store in this little car, and that’s one of the main charms that it has going for it. If you know that you’re the type of person that always seems to need more trunk space than you expect, you’ll like this car.

It’s Fast Enough

The iM isn’t a race car. It’s pretty low power with 137 HP, but it’s fast enough. It hits 60 in 8.6 seconds and feels pretty peppy under most standard driving conditions. It’s not going to feel sporty without more power, but for a daily driver this car’s pretty enjoyable to motor around in.

While the iM isn’t going to be right for everyone, if you like the look of the car, and you want something little and fun to drive, but with storage options the iM was made for you. It’s reasonably priced at under 20k and it’s a car that’s likely to last quite a long time since it’s built with reliable Toyota parts.

The Scion C-HR is Supremely Impressive

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Scion is no stranger to producing small and edgy vehicles, but the XB has been lagging in the market and was finally discontinued by the automaker. Now there’s a gap that needs filling and it seems that the company is hard at work coming up with an edgy vehicle to slot in their.

scion chr


What Scion came up with is known as the C-HR concept. It’s a sharp looking SUV that’s got more than enough edge to catch the eye of any young buyer. It looks like a luxury sports car morphed into an SUV and it’s just the thing that the automaker needs to get more buyers into its SUVs.

The car has a sharp angular grille out front, it has angry air scoops driving air to the massive 21″ wheels at either side, and it comes with narrow slitted headlights that really help pull the concept together. The sides are tucked right in against the vehicle creating contours with each of the wheel wells and there’s even a little spoiler at the black.

The concept vehicle is a beautiful show of what Scion is capable of, and hopefully the automaker won’t veer too far away from the design when producing the consumer version of the vehicle. The company is known for creating stunning concept vehicles and then dulling them down too much before selling them to the general public. That’s the last thing they should do with this SUV. If they leave it just as it is, or make some cost-saving optimizations while keeping a near-identical exterior they’ll get buyers. Probably more than they know what to do with. That’s how good the latest design is. Until a production version of the vehicle is released there are still plenty of used XB models for sale, but buyers will be eagerly waiting for this concept to make it to real life, I know I am.

Prepare Your Scion for the Upcoming Winter

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Winter is fast approaching, are you ready for the harshest season out of the year? If you haven’t taken steps to prepare your Scion yet, you should set some time aside to do so now. Follow along with these steps to get ready for ice, snow, sleet and slush and all the troubles that come when the temperature dips down. It will take some time, but all good things do.

scion frs snow

Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

There’s no telling when you’re going to run into an emergency while driving down the road, it’s especially important to be prepared for such things during the winter. Make sure that you have jumper cables, a spare tire or donut, a jack, a flashlight and a blanket in your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to keep an emergency cell phone in your vehicle if you don’t normally carry a cell phone with you anyway. With this set you should be able to handle most emergencies that you come across and get help for the rest.

Plan for Ice and Snow

If you live in a northern climate, chances are good you deal with a lot of ice. You should have an ice kit in your vehicle to help you with common cold-weather troubles. The kit should have sand, an ice scraper, de-icer and a small shovel. The sand and shovel are to help you dig yourself out of a snowbank and increase traction so you can get out if you slip off the road. The ice scraper should always be kept on hand to clean off windows when they ice up. De-icer is a handy little tool to get doors open and unfreeze keyholes when it’s really cold out.

Take Care of Maintenance

Cold weather is particularly hard on vehicles in the winter, and the last thing you want to be doing once is cold is working outside on your vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to handle all the maintenance tasks before it gets too cold out.

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your tires. Make sure the tread is good and rotate them if necessary. Switch over to your winter tires once the weather is cold enough for snow if you have any. After the tires you should move on to your oil. Check to see how long it has been since your last change. Switch it if necessary to make sure you don’t have to deal with the task in the winter. Finally take a look at your coolant levels and ensure that your antifreeze is topped up properly to keep everything running smoothly in frosty temperatures. Also check your battery to be sure it’s still in top condition. Starting your car is more difficult in the cold and a poor performing battery won’t turn the engine over on those particularly frigid mornings.
Now that you’ve gone through the steps you should feel better about your chances of getting through winter without an issue. You’re ready for unexpected problems, and the maintenance you did should help you avoid some of them.

Scion Has a Lot to Be Happy About

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Scion’s been out of the media for a while now but thanks to the recent addition of the iM and the iA and some other improvements made by Scion has a lot to be happy about.

2016 scion ia

Winning at Safety

Safety sells when it comes to vehicles and Scion has some bragging rights in that respect. The iA received the IIHS Top Safety Pick + rating for doing so well on tests from the International Institute for Highway Safety. That shows that the vehicle is safe to drive around, and that it is built to hold up well in a variety of conditions. One of the things that helped the vehicle land such a high ranking in the IIHS tests was the Low-Speed Pre Collision system that comes standard. The system helps slow down the vehicle when oncoming obstacles are detected to help reduce

Rapidly Expanding

During the month of September, Scion was the fastest improving brand of any auto manufacturer in the United States. The company has a year over year increase of 57 percent, that’s some serious gains, and shows that the brand is moving somewhere. The gains are likely because of the new vehicles that Scion is releasing.

Not only are the gains here, but they are likely to keep coming since Scion will be releasing information about a third car here. They haven’t announced it yet but will come out with more about it at the L.A. Auto Show. It’s a good time to be a Scion fan.

Winning at Drifting

Scion’s also doing pretty well at professional drift racing as well. Their team managed to take a first and second place finish in last week’s competition and Frederic Aasbo won the World and National Formula Drift championships to really seal in that top position for Scion.

With New Leadership Even More is on the Horizon

Scion recently introduced Andre Gilleland as the new Vice President of the company. He’s an experienced professional that offers both skill and enthusiasm to his position at the company and should bring some interesting changes into the mix.

Overall Scion looks to be a company that’s growing and expanding quickly and evolving into something great. It’s too early to tell if the positives will keep on coming, but so far I would expect good things in the future for the company.


2016 Scion iA Gets the Top Safety Pick Plus Rating

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If you know anything about the compact Scion iA, you know that Mazda had a hand in producing the vehicle and that it has superb handling capabilities. The vehicle also happens to be very safe to tool around in according to the IIHS safety test. The little car just received the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating. The highest rating available from the International Institute for Highway Safety.

2016 scion ia

Why it Made the Rank

The Scion iA managed such a high rating thanks to a combination of good performance characteristics. The IIHS noted that it has impressive roof, side and front strength. The vehicle also did quite well on the head restraint tests. Overall it managed impressive performance in all the tests, and the little car employs a few tricks and performance hacks to get those ratings.

The Crash Detection System

In order to handle low-speed crash issues, the Scion iA is equipped with a crash detection system that avoids low-speed impacts entirely thanks to careful detection and braking technology. It doesn’t operate at higher speeds though.

Impressive Performance on the Small Overlap Test

The one test that many vehicles fail the most is the small overlap test. It’s the test that simulates running into a pole or another compact object. The Scion iA did remarkably well for a vehicle that’s so affordable and so compact. Intrusion into the cabin by the test object was nearly non-existent throughout most of the cabin, and where it did occur, at the emergency brake, at the door hinge and the instrument panel, it was only by two inches, a distance that isn’t likely to cause harm.

At less than $20,000 with every one of the available options, the Scion iA is an impressive ride that also happens to be very safe to drive around in. It’s a good commuter vehicle, and it’s a lot of fun to drive thanks to that special touch offered by the Mazda relationship.

The 2016 Scion iM is the Hatchback You’ve Been Looking For

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The 2016 Scion iM is one of the automaker’s best hatchback models to date. It comes packed with modern features and it’s designed for top-level performance. Sure it’s not a race car, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like you’re driving one while heading down the road!

Aggressive on the Outside

On the outside of the iM you’ll notice a variety of special little extras that you don’t typically see on vehicle in the price range the iM’s in. LED daytime running lights improve visibility, and LED turn signal indicators are featured on both of the fully retractable and heated mirrors of the vehicle. The iM comes with a standard boyd kit for a sportier look, and it has a color-matching fin antenna up top. It’s trimmed out with classy piano black around the vehicle, and the car comes with 17″ allow wheels with extra wide 225mm tires for added grip.

Surprisingly Powerful

The lightweight Scion iM packs just enough power to feel really good when you slam down on the accelerator. The 1.8 liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine packs 137 HP overall and it’s tied to a 6-speed manual tranny that shifts incredibly easily. If manuals aren’t your thing there is an option to switch to a CVT with 7 shift points instead. While the CVT improves fuel efficiency slightly, it just doesn’t offer the same kind of fun that the manual transmission does.

Either version of the iM is relatively efficient. The manual option gets approximately 31 MPG combined. If you opt for the CVT you’ll see even better efficiency levels with a combined MPG of 32. Either way you won’t spend much on gas, and that makes this little hatchback a solid everyday driver.

Smooth and Effective Handling

Compact cars usually aren’t outfitted with overly sophisticated suspensions because they simply don’t need them. The 2016 iM goes above and beyond when it comes to suspension design. It’s outfitted with Macpherson struts out front and a double wishbone setup at the back. All together you get a setup that handles the bumps and bruises confidently, but retains some of that tight steering quality as well. The car comes with disc brakes all around as standard, and it has electric power steering that offers highly accurate performance.

A Modern Interior

Climb inside the iM and you might be surprised at how upscale and modern it looks. The 7-inch touchscreen display is trimmed out with piano black. The dash shows off narrow sporty lines. The iM is also jam-packed with technology. The media system supports the most common apps, such as Pandora for music. It comes with built-in BlueTooth connectivity for streaming music or remote control using a compatible smartphone. The car has a single USB port, an AUX port and a 12V port for connecting most devices up. It has a quality six-speaker surround sound system, and comes with a backup camera system standard.

Buyers can opt for a GPS upgrade and the vehicle comes with dual-zone climate control so both the driver and the front passenger can get the heat just where they like it. A total of eight cupholders surround the interior, so you can keep more cups in place than there are passengers in the vehicle.

There’s plenty of storage in the iM as well. The hatchback provides ample room for luggage, camping gear or anything else. The vehicle also has a glovebox compartment as well as a center storage compartment for additional storage. Finally as a first for a compact Scion, the 2016 iM gets a modern multi-info display that shows things like a trip meter, vehicle information and fuel consumption levels.

The 2016 Scion iA is Surprisingly Good

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While developing the Scion iA Toyota spared no expense putting all the pieces together and they created a surprisingly desirable package. Not only does the vehicle come with a lot of nice features that you wouldn’t expect in this price point, like a pre-collision system, a backup camera, LED turn indicators and 16 inch alloy wheels, but it’s designed to be a blast to drive as well.

Surprisingly Potent

The 4 cylinder DOHC engine isn’t loaded with power at 106 HP, but at just 2,385 lbs. in the manual and 2416 lbs. in the automatic version of the iA it has a lot of pickup and is very enjoyable to drive around. This little car comes standard with a six speed manual transmission and a small upgrade will put a 6 speed automatic transmission in with an available sport mode. The Sport Mode feature forces the vehicle to shift at higher RPMs and to downshift more frequently. Essentially it makes the car a whole lot more exciting to drive around.

The little car is relatively efficient, which is expected with such a light footprint. It manages between 31 and 33 MPG in the city with the automatic and manual versions respectively. While out on the highway the automatic gets 41 MPG and the manual gets 42 MPG.

Capable Suspension

In any sporty vehicle the suspension is vitally important. Not only does it shield the driver from any bumps or bruises in the road, but it helps the vehicle handle performance as well. The iA is fitted with durable Macpherson struts up front and a sport-tuned torsion beam suspension in the rear for competent performance in most conditions.

A Luxurious Interior

Inside the iA you get most of the features that you would expect from a much more upscale and expensive vehicle than the iA. You get a 7-inch touchscreen standard, with app functionality. It supports Pandora. Stitcher, HD radio, traffic predictions and it has BlueTooth connectivity. The vehicle also comes with an optional in-car navigation system to help you figure out where to go. The car comes standard with a rear backup camera and it has a surprisingly large amount of trunk space with 15.5 cubic feet available to hold groceries, luggage or anything else you need to get from one place to another. Passengers will enjoy the 2 available USB ports, the Aux port and the standard 12V port up front. The driver side window also comes with fully automatic up and down functionality.

Safety Features

Smaller vehicles aren’t exactly known for their safety, but the iA comes packed with enough safety features to make it one of the better options. It comes with 6 airbags, which is quite a bit for a compact car. It also has antilock brakes, dynamic stability control and a pre-collision system for low-speed driving conditions. That means the car will help you step when people suddenly slam on the brakes in low-speed situations like traffic jams. It’s a nice feature to have that could help keep rear end collisions from occurring.

Scion really nailed the 2016 iA during production and it looks to be one of the most enjoyable little cars to drive around in. If you’re looking for a fun little car for daily driving, or you want something that’s packed with most common tech features without being priced like a luxury vehicle, the iA is a good bet.

Buyers Should Consider the 2015 Scion tC Release Series 9.0

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If you’ve been admiring the Scion tC from afar and you would jump at the chance to own a custom version of one of the company’s most popular sedans, now’s your chance with the Scion tC Release Series 9.0. This little sedan features a hot black on orange paint job, and a number of customizations that help it stand out from the stock version. It’s only being sold for a short period and it’s worth it to take some time to check it out if you’re considering picking up a new version of the vehicle anyway, because the customizations only serve to enhance the vehicle in our opinion.

scion tc release series 9

The Unique Features

Aside from the stand-out paint job that the vehicle’s received, it has a number of additional customizations as well. The Carlet Customs body kit gives the sedan a sportier almost race-car like look, giving the vehicle a set of custom emblems and black door handles, mirrors, and a rear spoiler that all go together really well. When building the vehicle the designers made the decision to go with a pair of 18 inch wheels that have been rendered in a nice gloss black color to further go along with that common theme.

The vehicle relies on a set of brightly-colored powder-coated springs to lower down the body, giving it that sleek low-rider look that allows a car to seemingly glide across the road. The center-mounted TRD exhaust system gives the engine a sporty tune, and offers a more performance-focused look to the vehicle.

Once you climb inside the vehicle the orange and black continues, with almost everything covered in black material or rendered a black color. Scion added in light touches of orange throughout the vehicle to help separate out the black, and to give it some added flare while keeping with the exterior theme.

Sure black and orange might not be for everyone, but for the sector that Scion’s trying to target with their tC we think that it will go over very nicely, and while you probably wouldn’t want to see the color on a top-end luxury car, it goes really well on this Scion making it into a car that you can’t help but notice when you pass it going down the road. You can own a piece of history with this special vehicle, but it only really makes sense to do so if you like the look and style of it, because it’s ingrained into every part of the vehicle.