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The Subaru BRZ used to Set New Spin Record

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Previously a Subaru BRZ was used to set the record for the tightest 360 degree spin. Now that record has been dashed by, you guessed it, another Subaru BRZ. Professional driver Alastair Moffat was behind the wheel of the vehicle when he crushed the old record and hit the pages of Guinness World Records.

360 spin subaru record

The Record

In order to set the record Alastair Moffat drove the stunt car in a narrow lane of cars and performed the spin there. The space used to complete the spin was just 2.25 meters. That distance is notable because the previous record was for 2.5 meters and that was set in 2014 using a Subaru BRZ as well.

Moffat’s behind some parallel parking records as well and clearly understands how to drive with precision. It’s thought provoking that such a skilled driver chose the Subaru BRZ to use to beat the record out of all the vehicles out there.

Why the Subaru?

According to Moffat the Subaru BRZ is the ideal vehicle to use to break such a record. It’s lightweight and highly maneuverable. It’s also easy to control making it a good solution for tight cornering and other difficult maneuvers.

The car was used stock, but two slight modifications were made. The first was turning off the vehicle’s traction control and the second was shutting off the ABS system. Without these two changes the vehicle would not have performed the spin willingly and the record could not have been broken.

It’s clear from the record that the Subaru BRZ is a fun car to drive around. If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s responsive and designed for sharp turns, windy roads and exciting driving situations the BRZ could be the vehicle for you. It’s not too expensive to purchase and you get a lot of value for that purchase.

Dealerships Can’t Keep the Subaru Outback in Stock with all the Demand

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The 2015 Subaru Outback is a more popular SUV than even Subaru could predict. The Outback has so many optimizations that buyers simply can’t get enough of it. It’s designed to handle everyday driving conditions, but is built to switch from standard road to off-road conditions comfortably. The highly awarded SUV has been given titles like the Best Wagon for the Money, and is known in both Canada and the US for being an excellent value overall. Unfortunately this means that there simply aren’t enough to go around. That’s right, if you decide to go out and buy a 2015 Outback Wagon you’ll likely be in for a wait.

2015 subaru outback


The Waiting Game

If you decide that you want an Outback you could be in for a wait of several months depending on where you go looking for one. Some dealerships will have one in, and others will have a waiting list that you have to be put on. Trying to get a new Outback will require a bit more work than typical car shopping, but if you ask the long list of buyers if it was worth it, they’ll all give a loud resounding YES.

Picking up New Customers

Around 60 percent of the buyers going for the new Outback are new to the brand. These buyers were attracted by the feature-set of the vehicle, or all the publicity surrounding it. Subaru has to be loving all the extra customers its brand is picking up, but car dealerships around the country are experiencing a shortage. Even Hueberger Motors in Colorado, the largest dealership in the country, can’t keep the Outbacks in stock.

2015 Enhancements

The 2014 Subaru was a highly celebrated vehicle as it is, but the 2015 model makes some key safety improvements and offer a couple nice features that you won’t see on the older year model. For starters they added in a Blind Spot Detection system. It offers Rear Cross Traffic and Lane Change Assist features that all make it quite a bit safer to weave in and out of lanes while out on the highway. The car also comes with an enhanced EyeSight system that takes advantage of the standard rear camera to improve system notifications and overall safety. The infotainment system also comes with a touchscreen as standard now. The roof rails are equipped with crossbars to adjust the front and back of any cargo you happen to be carrying around. Finally the 2015 Outback has a few added options like the power tailgate and the 18 inch wheels, that you couldn’t get in 2014.

The Outback is one of the most highly celebrated Wagons of the year, and that’s why you’ll have to be patient or persistent if you want to get your hands on one. You can either canvas all the Suby dealerships in the area, or you can stick with one and wait it out. Either way the Outback is worth the wait, and builds on what it was already famed for to begin with making it the best Outback to date.

Deciding Whether to Buy or Lease a Vehicle

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If you’re planning on shopping for a new vehicle, or will be in the next year or two you may be considering whether you should lease or purchase that new Subaru you’ve had your eye on outright. I would love to tell you that you should buy a vehicle or that you should lease a vehicle, but one option isn’t right for everyone. You must consider the benefits and drawbacks of each situation, and how your car ownership habits affect the whole situation. Only when you do this can you truly determine if you should be buying a car, or signing a short-term lease agreement instead.

subaru wrx

How Often Do You Want a New Vehicle?

One of the biggest considerations that you have to make, and you need to be honest here, is how often do you want a new vehicle? Are you willing to deal with an aging vehicle past the first five years that begins to have mechanical problems that need to be addressed? If you are the type of person who will commit to a vehicle and drive it as long as possible then owning is much more affordable than leasing. Especially with quality vehicles like the Subaru Impreza WRX. If you don’t like dealing with repairs and will want to switch to a new vehicle every three or four years then leasing is probably a better deal and will actually save you money.

Saving Through Lower Payments

The way that leasing can save some buyers money is through the lower payments. A lease payment is lower than a car payment because the lease only cover depreciated value. If you lease a vehicle that starts at $25,000 and will be worth $15,000 after the three year period is over you only pay the $10,000 in depreciation. If you were to buy that same vehicle your payments would be going to cover the full $25,000 which is why you would be paying so much more each month.

Business Deductions

If you are getting a vehicle for business purposes it actually makes more sense to buy than it does to lease most of the time. This is because of all the additional deductions that you can take. Not only can you deduct the vehicle payment that you are responsible for each month, but also the depreciation of the vehicle, the mileage and the operating expenses for the vehicle. All of these deductions really add up and you might find your yearly costs of buying versus leasing to be more affordable for that reason.

Consider Your Yearly Distance

Most lease agreements cover between 12,000 and 15,000 miles a year.  If you go over that by a significant amount leasing probably isn’t going to be affordable for you.  Lease agreements that offer higher mileage amounts cost more money to obtain and if you go over the amount you’ll be hit with a stiff penalty. That being said, if you don’t drive very far you may actually save even more with a lease and could work out an agreement with a lower mileage amount.

When you take the time to consider the benefits of leasing and buying a vehicle it makes it a bit easier to come to the right conclusion. For some people it simply makes a lot more sense to lease than to buy, but for others buying is clearly the more affordable option.

Subaru Stands out on the Consumer Reports Top 2015 Picks

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Subaru scored very favorably on the latest Consumer Report Top Ten list. While plenty of larger American auto manufacturers didn’t make the list at all, Subaru managed to take three of the spots. This in itself is impressive, and even more so when you consider how small of a company Subaru is.


What Vehicles Made it?

Out of all the Subarus on the list, the Legacy, the Forester and the Impreza all grabbed the top spot in their category. The cars beat out a long list of vehicles to make that position and it’s thanks to Subaru’s careful design and the features they choose to focus on above all else. Subaru had more entries on the list than any other automaker.

How Vehicles are Chosen

It’s important to understand the decision process that goes into choosing one of these top vehicles to truly understand what a Subaru vehicle has to offer. A set of subjective measures are used to choose the various vehicles on the list. Consumer Reports looks at reliability ratings, crash test ratings, driving dynamics and interior features to make their decisions. Each of the judges that have a say in the rating process have had experience with these vehicles to allow them to formulate an opinion on them.

The Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza received high marks for its interior. With a classy and comfortable ride, the Impreza really stood out to Consumer Reports. It’s also said to have a low level of road noise and an updated infotainment system that can compete with other leading systems on the market.

The Subaru Legacy

According to Consumer Reports the Subaru Legacy succeeds in having a better ride quality than its competitors. It’s spacious and comfortable to ride around in. The vehicle doesn’t lead with its fuel efficiency, but it manages a high figure for offering all-wheel drive.

The Subaru Forester

In a section as competitive as the compact SUV it’s impressive to be the stand out. The Forester achieved the top position through a careful combination of characteristics. It’s described as highly practical and gets good marks for its safety. and fuel economy. The inside of the Forester is equipped with top features at a good price making it a high value in the category.

Subaru is Fighting to Become the Safest Automaker with New Eyesight System

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Although most people know of Subaru as one of the safest automakers in the industry, they haven’t given up on trying to improve their technology yet, and at the Geneva Motor Show Nobuhiko Marakami, the head of Subaru was on record saying that they were hoping to become the number one automaker for safety in the industry. This shows that the company is modest and that they have major goals for improvements in the future. While at the motor show  the main highlights were of Subaru’s new Eyesight safety system. The system is designed to make driving even safer and Subaru is hoping that it will help make their vehicles the safest in the industry.

subaru eyesight

Subaru’s new Eyesight system is designed to help drivers avoid crashing altogether and should offer more proactive protection to drivers. It’s the type of technology that will go from trying to minimize damage done after a crash, and simply tries to get rid of crashing all together.

Already at the Top

Subaru is one of the safest automakers in the industry currently, and they aren’t satisfied with that position. They want to continue improving safety features and to get even farther ahead of competitors. Subaru is the only automaker to receive a Top Safety Pick rating on all their lineup from the IIHS. Not only did the automaker accomplish this impressive feat in the last year, but it’s been doing in for the past five years.

Building on Existing Trust

Even though that Subaru knows they are one of the safest car makers in the auto world, they don’t want to lose the trust they currently have with customers. The best way to maintain trust is to keep producing top level products in the future, and that’s exactly what the automaker plans on doing. They are adding a range of new features to enhance their vehicles, but a great deal of research and development money goes into safety features and improvements and that really shows with all of the awards that the automaker has earned in the past.

Lower Insurance Premiums

If Subaru and other automakers are able to create vehicles that are better at avoiding crashes autonomously there’s a good chance that accident rates will go down and with them insurance premiums. This means that owning a vehicle will be more affordable and owners will be able to enjoy paying less for their cars each month. Not only will insurance rates go down, but car repairs will as well with less collisions to worry about.


The 2015 Subaru Forester is More Reliable than Ever

March 8, 2015 lacarguy Subaru

The 2015 Subaru Forester takes what makes the older Forester such a special vehicle and simply builds on those qualities creating something even more attractive and exciting. The Forester isn’t known for being a flashy vehicle with a lot of power or really great looks, but it is known for being highly practical, and a good family vehicle that you can rely on. Subaru has continued pushing their 2015 vehicle in the same direction and it certainly excels in practicality.

2015 subaru forester

Effective Performance

The Subaru Outback is by no means powerful, but it does come packed with enough power to move around effectively. It maintains the same engine and transmission options that it had last year. The CUV base engine is the 2.5 liter four cylinder engine that puts out 170 HP. It comes attached to a six-speed manual transmission that can be upgraded to a CVT for an added $1,000.

If the little four isn’t enough power for you, you can opt for the turbocharged 2.0 liter that boosts power up to 250 HP and 258 lb.-ft. of torque for huge performance increases at minimal efficiency costs. It’s important to note that if you want this engine you have to opt for the Premium or Touring trim packages as well. The Forester gets 24 MPG in the city and 32 on the highway with the smaller engine and those figures dip down to 23 MPG in the city and 28 on the highway with the more powerful turbo engine.

Highly Practical Interior

The interior of the new Forester is about the same as that in the old one except for the screen on the center stack. It’s been upgraded from that old black and white model, to a vibrant 4.3-inch color multi-touch display. It’s easier to read and a lot more pleasant to look at. Both the center screen as well as the small information screen behind the steering wheel are controlled by wheel-mounted buttons for added convenience. It also comes with a backup camera standard now, so you can see what your doing even when the cargo area is full of stuff blocking that rear window. Even with its compact footprint the Forester packs a lot of rear storage space. Behind the rear seats there is 34.4 cubic feet of space, and if you choose to fold them down you get a whopping 74.7 cubic feet to stash your goodies in. Either way there is much more than enough space to stow any camping gear or luggage for a trip.

Surefooted Handling

The 2015 Forester comes with all-wheel drive and takes on most driving conditions comfortably. The symmetrical all-wheel drive system maintains traction in most conditions, especially when coupled with a good pair of grippy tires. The Forester also comes equipped with the all-new X-Mode. This new traction control system provides a controlled descent mode that helps keep the vehicle stable and under control even on steep grades.

Overall the 2015 Subaru Forester is an improvement over the older model. Sure it still isn’t very exciting to look at, and it’s not going to win any racing competitions anytime soon, but it will get you where you need to go efficiently, and for Forester shoppers that’s what matters the most.


Why the 2015 Subaru Outback is an Excellent Family Vehicle

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According to Kelly Blue Book the 2015 Subaru Outback is the best variation to date. It’s the most capable, and has enough improvements to make it worth the upgrade for many drivers as well. Not only is the latest Outback a major improvement, but it’s also a good option for a family vehicle, provided that you have the right kind of family. If your family likes to go off into the mountains and to camp and hike regularly the Outback will be a nice addition. If you prefer to stay home, or simply take trips around town there are other options that would be better.

2015 subaru outback

New Refinements

The 2015 Outback received several major improvements that make it the most capable version yet. The inside of the vehicle has been expanded to allow even more seating room than before. This allows children or adults to sit in the back seats more comfortably. It also means you’ll have more space for gear or groceries.

For those who like to go camping and to take more strenuous roads the Outback has a more capable chassis than before. It’s been reinforced to handle major bumps more capably while helping to dampen the blow as much as possible. The interior has also been noise-proofed more effectively to provide a quieter ride than before.

The SUV is more fuel efficient than ever before making it a more economical commuter for families who like to travel comfortably. The enhanced AWD setup will allow everyone to get where they need to go smoothly and safely. Even if the roads aren’t completely clear the whole way. Finally the Outback has a new gritty design that shows it for the capable off-road vehicle it is. The boxy front end combines with the curved sides and edges to create a modern and powerful looking vehicle.

Getting Attention in Canada as Well

There’s no better test of a vehicles capability than by driving around on the harsh roads of Canada where you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some snow throughout the year. The Outback was recognized by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada as the Best New SUV under $35,000. The Outback has been selling heavily since it first came out, and that’s in large part because of how nice of a vehicle it is.


Kelly Blue Books Best Family Vehicle

Each year Kelly Blue Book chooses a selection of family vehicles that stand up to real-world driving situations the best. This year one of the 15 selected vehicles was the Subaru Outback. The judges at KBB considered the interior space and comfort of the vehicle, its overall level of utility and finally it’s performance, handling and safety features to decide if it was worthy of hauling around a family or not.

Since release the Outback has been showered with praise from the media and many of its new customers, and that’s because the SUV is well-built and made to perform those necessary family duties that can’t be done by just any vehicle out there.


Subaru Vehicles Hold Value Better than Any Other Accordging to ALG

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According to the there is one vehicle brand that stands out more than all the others in North America for maintaining residual value and that brand’s Subaru. The award ceremony not only picks a brand overall, but also focuses on individual vehicles for its different categories. Subaru managed to snag the top spot for four of the different categories thanks to a big chunk of its overall lineup. According to the ALG, Subaru Ca managed to lock down the mid-sized, sports, mid-sized utility, and compact car categories with four of it’s most well-known vehicles.


The Mid-sized Car

If you’re looking for a rock solid mid-sized vehicle that you’re going to be able to resell for a good price later on, you should consider the Subaru Legacy. According to experts at ALG it’s the Legacy’s all-weather capability as well as the newly improved refinement of the vehicle that makes it so desirable and will help it to hold it’s value so well over the next five years.

Sports Cars

In the Sports Cars category Subaru managed to take the top spot once again with the BRZ. ALG points out a few special details about this car that really makes it stand out. The first is the low center of gravity that gives it performance qualities of much more expensive sports cars. The second is the low entry price tag that allows it stand out when put up against vehicles such as Audi’s, BMW’s, and Porsche’s.

The Best Mid-sized Utility Vehicle

The Subaru Outback took the midsize utility vehicle category with ease. It did so because it has a “fun to drive attitude” and a high level of fuel efficiency that allows it to remain competitive with other vehicles in the segment. The all-wheel drive capabilities of the vehicle also help to allow it to stand out when compared to many other two-row utility vehicles.

Compact Car

If you’re looking for a good quality compact car the Subaru Impreza was voted the most likely to retain it’s value by ALG. The company states that the compact segment is one of the most competitive of them all and that the Impreza has a fun-to-drive feel that helps it stand out against all of the main competitors.

Overall Subaru managed to take the ALG’s Best Mainstream Brand Award for 2015 and with all the different models that managed to snag a title it’s no wonder either. If you’re shopping for a vehicle in North American, and you want something that you can resell easily later on, the clear message seems to be that you should be shopping for one of these Subaru models. Each has something special to offer and would make a nice addition to most family garages.

Why Subaru Vehicles Hold Value More than Any Other in the US

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If you’re looking for a vehicle that is going to retain its value well several years after your initial purchase you should look toward Subaru for your next car. While they may not be the biggest player in the country, according to Kelly Blue Book the average 2015 Subaru will retain 46.2 percent of its residual value after five years. This is higher than almost any other brand, and that’s a good reason to consider picking out a shiny new Suby.

2015 subaru outback

Why Subaru’s Hold Value

Subaru focuses on just a few things to help it stay afloat in a sea with so many larger players than itself. Much like Ferrari, Subaru produces a low volume of vehicles. This is primarily to make sure there is always a steady demand for their vehicles, and this helps them keep solid prices for their cars while making it easy to sell most of what they produce. Subaru also focuses on just a few key features to set themselves apart from other automakers. All-wheel drive is a major feature that Subaru has invested in and because of that buyers know that they can expect a Subaru to handle well in most driving conditions.

The Benefit of Investing in Subaru

By investing in a Subaru you not only get a safe vehicle to drive around in, but you get one that is going to hold its value for years to come. When you go to sell that car or crossover you’ll be able to get nearly half of what you paid for it originally, five years after you picked it up. Subaru’s are known as good reliable vehicles that are well-built.

An Easy Purchase Decision

Although Subaru seemingly offers seven different vehicle variants, you might be surprised to know that they are all based on two different frameworks. Subaru very carefully invests in just a couple of different body and engine types and has continued to refine them over the years. When compared to manufacturers such as GM which has 30 different platforms it’s easy to see just how much Subaru specializes and how careful they are with what they create. Since they are a smaller company they have to keep their research and development and production budgets as small as possible. By producing just two differnet platforms they are able to provide a top-quality product that is one of the safest, most refined and most awarded on the market today.

Somehow Subaru, the 12th largest automaker in the United States, continues to bring home an array of different awards even though there are so many other automakers out there with more resources to devote to their cause. That’s because Subaru is smart with their resources and they stick to features and designs that they know their customers love. This trend has helped them build up a following of very devoted fans, and is what continually sets Subaru’s apart from the competitors.

Subaru Has Plans to Incorporate 4G Internet into Their Vehicles

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Car owners and passengers interested in remaining connected to the Internet on the go will be interested to hear that Subaru is joining the 4G movement and plan to add high-speed 4G LTE connections to their 2016 vehicles, thanks to a partnership with AT&T. During CES 2014 Subaru let visitors know about their future plans to integrate 4G connections into their new lineup of vehicles for everyone interested in taking full advantage of multimedia and information apps while on the go.

subaru interior

Subaru didn’t mention which models would be getting the enhancements first, but it is likely to go into the high-end models first and move its way down the lineup over time. Dealerships should start getting the new technology in around summer time and then drivers will get a chance to test out the new high-speed capabilities first hand.

Benefits of a Strong Connection

While it might be hard to see the benefit of having a strong Internet connection in your car at first, there are actually quite a few perks to this. Many applications such as Pandora, and Slacker radio rely on mobile data to get their music while on the go, and they could play higher quality audio clips, or offer smoother playback with a more reliable Internet connection. Additional applications are expected ot make their way into the Subaru dashboard as well allowing drivers to take advantage of this new more powerful connection.

As a passenger in a Subaru it’s easy to see the benefits of the new and improved technology. Children with tablets and a spouse trying to get work done on a laptop can all benefit from the connection while on a road trip. Subaru is also updating its StarLink infotainment system with a range of new two-way applications that provide real-time information that’s helpful and convenient to have available.

Computers are making their way into every facet of everyday life, and it seems that they are becoming more important to driving situations as well. It’s li9kely that Subaru owners will have to pay for an Internet subscriptions if they want to take advantage of AT&T connections, but there is no information about whether they will offer prepaid plans, or if drivers will have to lock themselves into a contract.