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The 2015 Subaru Outback is One of the Safest Vehicles on the Road

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Subaru is well-known for giving safety a high priority when developing vehicles and the new Outback is an excellent example of that. The Outback managed to receive two of the gloves highest safety awards available thanks to some great advancements that were made to it. It’s now sturdier and offers more proactive warnings than ever before, which is great news for the driver and passengers as well as any nearby pedestrians.

2015 subaru outback

The Awards

The Outback managed to achieve the top five star rating available from the Euro NCAP safety rating system. It scored highly in adult occupant protection, child occupant protection. Pedestrian protection and safety assist while also managing to handle barrier tests well. According to the results the Outback is safe for everyone riding in it as well as the people out on the road.

The second of the two awards was even more impressive and it was given in Japan. The JNCAP testing agency is very stringent with their testing and they give each vehicle a rating between 0 and 40. Any vehicle that manages to get a 2 or higher is given the ASV or Advanced Safety Vehicle designation. Anything with a score of 12 or more is an ASV+ vehicle. The Outback blew those markers out of the water by achieving the very highest amount of points possible, it managed to score a 40 on the test thanks to its careful design and suite of safety features.

Major Safety Improvements

The 2015 Subaru Outback has received a variety of improvements to safety features. Additional airbags are present and they are located at the front, at knee level, at the side and as curtain bags to protect all passengers. The vehicle handles impacts better than before thanks to improvements made to the very durable ring-shaped frame that Subaru uses on all their vehicles. The automaker relied on high-tensile steel plates more than it has in the past, and that really upped its durability. The optional EyeSight system is upgraded as well, making it more responsive and capable of predicting accidental situations before they become a real issue.

Overall the 2015 Subaru Outback is more capable of protecting its passengers than ever before. It’s the type of vehicle that you can trust to protect your family and according to both Japan and Europe it’s one of the best out there for safety purposes. Subaru values safety and their latest Outback just serves to reinforce that concept even more.

Subaru Releases Pricing for the 2015 XV Crosstrek

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Subaru recently revised their XV Crosstrek for the 2015 release, and with the new revision comes a new price point as well. The company announced that the vehicles would be starting at $21,595 and climbing from there with higher trim levels, add-on extras and the destination fee. For the slight increase in price, you’ll get some slight upgrades to nearly the same vehicle as the 2014 edition.

2015 subaru xv crosstrek

Changes to the Vehicle

The Subaru XV Crosstrek received a set of minor revisions that might not be worth trading in last year’s model of the XV Crosstrek for, but will certainly sweeten the overall package. The new and improved version is now eligible for EyeSight safety tech and it comes with a more advanced multimedia system with a larger touchscreen display. Other than that, the two vehicles are pretty much the same as far as features go.

What it Comes with

Each of the Crosstrek models come equipped with all-wheel drive, and they feature a smooth and reliable continuously variable transmission or CVT. Even at the base level drivers have access to a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, 17-inch wheels, a rocker spoiler, a set of roof rails, and a rear vision camera. When you upgrade to one of the higher trim packages more features are just added on top of those base items.

The Crosstrek Premium

If you opt for the premium trim package level on the  2015 XV Crosstrek you’ll receive a number of beneficial upgrades. The vehicle will have power windows, Bluetooth controls, heated front seats, an advanced reach and rake steering wheel, power mirrors, and a more advanced multifunction display. Deciding on this trim raises the price to around $23,295.

The Limited

The premium edition is not the range-topping model and there is another option even higher up called the Limited. This advanced variant is only $24,795 and it adds in automatic climate control as well as leather upholstery. If you want the most luxurious looking version of the Crosstrek you can have it all with this trim level.


There are two different hybrid versions of the vehicle as well. They both rely on a 13.4 HP electric motor paired with the original engine giving them a total power level of 160HP. The hybrid model enhances fuel economy noticeably, and starts at $25,995 at the base level, but climbs all the way up to $29,295 if you want more luxury features with the Hybrid Touring.


There are a number of extras that you can add onto the 2015 XV Crosstrek as well to customize and enhance it further. A moonroof can be added for $1,000, a bolstered multimedia system, along with the advanced EyeSight safety feature and Subaru Starlink come in a different package for $1,295. You can also add in keyless entry and push button start for an additional charge, but neither comes standard with the vehicle at any trim level.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors without Worrying About Your Key with Subaru

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Carrying around car keys has to be one of the most inconvenient things on the planet, especially when you’re trying to get a few laps in at the local pool or you want to go on a long hike out in the wilderness. During these events the last thing that you want to be worrying about is whether or not you still have the keys and what would happen if you accidentally lost them along the way. Fortunately this is something that many Subaru owners no longer have to fear, thanks to the new pinned entry system that it relies on.

subaru key fob

The System

Keyless entry systems aren’t new and there are plenty of vehicles out on the road that have keypads to admit car owners entry to their vehicle, but most of them leave those vehicles with unnecessary risk. While you can leave your keys in these cars, that often invites criminals to smash your windows and try to drive away after locating them. The Subaru system works a bit differently because it also deactivates your key until the correct pin has been entered. That means that even if a criminal locates your key he won’t be able to go anywhere without knowing the pin as well.

Now you can toss your keys in your favorite hiding place within your vehicle and go off to do whatever it is you want to do without the fear of losing your keys. As long as you remember those five digits you can quickly and easily get back into your vehicle and be on your way, without being inconvenienced again.

Using It

The system that protects your car from theft while also allowing you to leave your key wherever you like takes a little getting used to but it’s actually pretty straightforward. When climbing out of your vehicle you have to press the lock button to lock your doors, and hold down the trunk button and the lock button for five seconds or until you hear a beep. The system has now been activated and even a thief with your keys won’t be able to drive anywhere.

To get back into your car you type in the key on the lid of the trunk of your vehicle and the car unlocks while activating your key once again. In mere moments it’s exactly as you left it and you can get inside and drive away. No longer will you have to worry about losing your keys while out and one less thing to think about is always nice.

Whether you like to exercise regularly or you’re an outdoor enthusiast there are a lot of different benefits to a system such as this. You could even avoid losing your keys at home by simply leaving them in your vehicle all the time. As long as you lock up the vehicle properly you would just have to worry about remembering the code and you’d never have to suffer from trying to figure out what to do with the key again. Although this system isn’t remarkably new, it has enough uncommon features that it’s a welcome addition to Subaru vehicles and I expect many other automakers to adopt similar technology in the future.

The 2015 Subaru Impreza Gets EyeSight Technology

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Subaru is all set to add their EyeSight safety technology to the 2015 Impreza,  as one of their biggest selling vehicles this could be a very smart move. This technology provides a much safer driving experience and dramatically reduces the risk of a collision between you and the driver in front of you.Subaru currently only has an option for their technology in three of their vehicles, the Legacy, the Outback and the Forester. With the inclusion of the Impreza, their lineup becomes safer and more desirable than ever before.

2015 subaru impreza

Tapping into the Family Market

Currently people buy Subaru’s because they are known for being able to handle the great outdoors better than most other brands. Most of their models are equipped with powerful all-wheel drive, and they are setup to handle rough driving conditions. Subaru doesn’t want to only be known for their all-wheel drive and great handling, they want to tap into the family market more.

By adding in their powerful EyeSight safety package as an option on one of their most popular family sedans they are hoping to grab a larger chunk of the family market. This tech will make it safer to drive for Impreza drivers than ever before, and for those who want the technology it could be just the reason to decide to go with a Subaru.

EyeSight Technology

Subaru’s EyeSight technology offers a powerful adaptive cruise control system that helps you avoid colliding with drivers in front of you. The car is fitted with a powerful stereo camera that is capable of seeing colors and identifying important cues such as rear lights and brake lights of vehicles ahead. As long as you aren’t driving more than 31 miles per hour faster than the driver in front of you, the car can stop you completely before you run into them, even if you aren’t watching the road.

The system also offers corner-responsive fog lights for all US versions of the car. When the driver is going around a corner the corresponding fog light turns on and illuminates the outside edge of the road, making for safer night driving conditions.

Fuel Efficiency Improvements

On top of the improved safety features available for the Impreza, it also gets better fuel efficiency than previous versions. The upcoming version of the Impreza gets a bump up to 37 MPG on the highway, slightly better than the 36 now offered.

Adding EyeSight technology to the Impreza is likely the first change of many to come, and Subaru is hoping to increase the number of vehicles that they sell with this technology in years to come. Only 10 percent of Subaru buyers in the US pick up this impressive technology, while 76 percent of buyers in Japan opt for it. By making improvements and trying to get the word out about how impressive the tech is they hope to change that in the future.


The 2015 Subaru Outback

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Subaru is well-known for making some thrilling vehicles that are a blast to drive, recently the WRX STI has been getting plenty of coverage, but the Outback isn’t one of the vehicles among that list. So why are consumers getting so excited about the release of the all-new 2015 Subaru Outback? Easy, it’s an incredibly useful vehicle that doesn’t focus on flashy looks or impressive performance figures, and instead works on being the vehicle that you can always count on, whether you go camping or on a family trip.

2015 subaru outback

Slightly Enhanced Looks

Set the 2015 Outback next to the 2014 Outback and you’d be hard-pressed to point out many of the differences. They exterior looks cleaner and seems a bit more put together but it’s essentially the same on the outside. Some potential buyers will say the styling is too tame, but the vehicle manages to look nice without being flashy.

A More Refined Interior

Once you get into the cabin you’ll notice some nice improvements to both features and looks. The interior features more soft-touch materials than before and they are set off nicely by faux-wood accents. The cabin’s quieter than before thanks to improved insulation. This version of the Outback is very spacious and up to five riders can travel comfortably. Plenty of leg room is available front and back in this crossover, although riders with large feet, or big boots may be a bit uncomfortable in the back. A massive hatch in the back provides space for camping gear, groceries or anything else that needs hauling. Overall the interior is nice to look at and very comfortable without being cluttered with features.

Reliable Performance

The Subaru Outback can’t compete with a full-sized truck but the version with the larger engine can tow up to 3,000 lbs. It comes with two engine types. A four-cylinder with 175 HP and a six-cylinder with 256 HP. Both features a low-profile flat boxer engine and they are both connected to a CVT transmission, though you get paddle shifters making it feel like a six speed.  It takes the vehicle approximately 7.5 seconds to climb to 60MPH making it far from quick, but the 8.7 inches of ground clearance do make it pretty capable at going over rough terrain. The vehicle doesn’t offer exceptional fuel efficiency, but it isn’t bad either with 25 in the city and 33 on the highway with the smaller engine, or 20 in the city and 27 on the highway with the V6. The vehicle packs enough power to haul with and comes with an additional roof rack for added storage but it’s not a powerhouse by any means.

Handling Enhancements

One area that the Outback really excels in is its supreme handling. It glides over rougher roads smoothly and even manages to swing around corners nimbly for as large as it is. The new transmission takes away the rubbery feel of older versions. Thanks to the symmetrical all-wheel drive system the crossover can manage its way over dirt, sand and snow quite capably. When the going gets really rough you can switch to X-Mode and enjoy enhanced all-wheel drive as well as the advanced Hill-Descent mode that will keep your driving experience a safe one. Standard symmetrical all wheel

All-New Features

Not too many new tech features have been added into the vehicle but riders can enjoy heated seats in both the front and back of the vehicle now. The media system has also received an upgrade with a simpler navigation experience and more features than before. The screen still suffers from glare, but overall it’s much easier to use than before.

If you enjoyed the 2014 Subaru Outback you’ll love the 2015 version. You get a lot of the same features with plenty of added benefits. It’s much more fuel efficient, offers improved handling, more features and a better look overall. What’s not to like?

Every One of the 2014 Subaru Lineup Received an IIHS Top Safety Pick Rating

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If your searching for a safe vehicle for you and your family it would be a good idea to take a look at one of the vehicles from the Subaru lineup. This automaker has seven different vehicles, their whole lineup, that all received a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS in 2014 with several Top Safety Pick Pluses as well. Subaru was able to achieve this impressive feat through careful design and an array of powerful safety features that help mitigate damage during an accident.

Subaru Has Remained Committed to Safety After all these Years

Subaru was performing safety tests on their vehicles long before safety tests were the standard thing to do. They’ve always been committed to making excellent vehicles that stand up to abuse while keeping the driver safe, and that commitment shows.

Excellent Safety with Every Vehicle

It’s very rare for an automaker to have every one of their vehicles be an IIHS Top Safety Pick. On top of this Subaru has three vehicles, the Forester, the Outback and the Legacy that achieved the highest Top Safety Pick+ status.

Ring Reinforcement

Each of the Subaru vehicles rely on a ring-style frame that utilizes durable materials in a ring shape around the exterior of the vehicle. The unique ring shape distributes the load of an impact throughout the edges of the vehicle helping to minimize damage overall.

Careful Testing Before Designing the Vehicles

Subaru values safety so much that they test and adjust their vehicle designs early on until they are able to meet their safety goals. Only after continual virtual testing does Subaru design the rest of their vehicle and then make a series of prototypes. With the prototypes created Subaru begins conducting physical crashes to help improve their designs further before they ever make it to production. They set more rigorous standards for themselves than the safety institutes do and that’s why their vehicles are able to excel so much on each safety test.

Improving Their Highly Rated Vehicles

Subaru doesn’t accept good ratings as good enough when it comes to the safety of their vehicles. Even though the Subaru Legacy achieved a Top Safety Pick+ rating in 2013 they decided that it still had some weaknesses and went ahead and made improvements to the frame making it more rigid and enhancing the strength to improve performance in the frontal-overlap test.

Subaru vehicles are well-known for being very safe to ride in and now you know why. You would be hard-pressed to find a manufacturer more concerned with safety than Subaru and that’s why they have some of the most highly-rated vehicles out there when it comes to crash testing.

Awesome Safety Features that Make the 2015 Subaru WRX STI Safe to Operate

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Even though the 2015 Subaru WRX STI is a sporty vehicle and it isn’t very large in size, that doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous to drive around. In fact, it features a wide array of safety features that all come together to make this vehicle very safe to operate. The WRX STI utilizes both active and passive safety features to keep drivers out of accidents and protect them if they get hit by the unavoidable.

2015 Subaru WRX STI Frame

Excellent Passive Safety System

Equipped with seven different airbags the 2015 Subaru WRX STI provides protection to both the driver and the passenger in all the important areas in the event of a crash. The front passenger and the driver are protected from the front and the sides, and backseat passengers are given additional side protection. The Subaru also relies on a ring-structured frame that dissipates crash energy very effectively, reducing the severity of an accident substantially. This technology comes together to help reduce injuries in the event of an accident.

Enhanced Visibility

Subaru went to great efforts to make their latest version of the WRX easier to see out of while driving. Engineers adjusted the shape of the vehicle to enhance forward visibility noticeably. To take care of rear visibility issues a rear backup camera now comes standard with the vehicle. Overall drivers should be able to see where they are going better than ever before while riding around in the 2015 WRX STI.

Enhanced Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

The WRX STI comes with a powerful symmetrical all-wheel drive system that evenly distributes power between each of the tires on the car. This increases overall traction while travelling down the road and it makes it safer to drive the car on poor roads or in inclement weather. Sure this feature won’t help much when you get into an accident, but it will sure help keep you out of them in the first place.

Brake Override and Brake Assist

Many drivers don’t press down hard enough on their brakes before having an accident so the WRX STI will help out by providing the extra force needed to stop the car. Not only will it enhance your braking force, but the car will also prevent accidental acceleration by not allowing the gas pedal to work when the brake pedal is being pressed. This helps drivers slow down fast enough to avoid accidents, and to prevent them from making the problem worse.

All of these advanced safety features help make the 2015 Subaru WRX STI a very safe care to drive around in. It’s designed to prevent most accidents from occurring in the first place, but when they do it can take a punch and keep passengers safe very effectively.

The Subaru Forester Versus the Jeep Cherokee

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Both the 2014 Subaru Forester and the 2014 Jeep Cherokee excel at off-roading and traveling in urban conditions safely. Each is designed to handle most any condition that you can throw at it and both are designed to be comfortable and enjoyable to drive. This comparison between both vehicles will let you know which is the more reliable and which your family should get.


2014 subaru forester

Exterior Styling

Although the Jeep Cherokee does feature some nice styling cues it feels a bit underplayed for a Jeep. The grille isn’t as bold as we’d like and the headlamps just look awkward the way they are split apart. The front bumper of the vehicle also looks a bit odd the way it creeps up the edges of the hood. Overall the Cherokee does look masculine but the front end looks a bit off.

The Subaru Forester is far more understated than the Cherokee and lacks many of the masculine cues present in the Cherokee. That being said, it flows better throughout and looks more like your standard vehicle. It has a boxy front end that makes the vehicle look a bit long, but it’s lifted up enough to keep that masculine stance. Subaru actually lowered the hood a bit for the new year making the vehicle more aerodynamic than before, but sacrificing looks a bit as well.

Matching Up Interiors

With either the Forester or the Cherokee it’s obvious that they are made to shuttle groups of people out into the wilderness more than anything else. The Subaru Forester provides more interior space and storage space for this task, but the Cherokee provides more interior flexibility and enhanced ride comfort along the way.

Handling and Performance

The Cherokee is built with either a four cylinder or six cylinder engine, paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission. With nine speeds you would expect shifting to be smooth and responsive, but it feels a bit clunky during acceleration. The Cherokee has a smooth ride other than shifting issues, but it offers lower fuel efficiency than the Forester at around 25 MPG combined and barely over 20 MPG in city driving conditions.

The Subaru Forester comes with either a standard four cylinder engine that provides excellent fuel efficiency figures at 27 MPG combined, or a more powerful turbocharged four cylinder engine that’s a bit more fun. Either option is paired to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and both shift very smoothly. The Forester offers a bumpier ride while traveling on and off the road, but offers a more reliable grip thanks to its all-wheel drive.


The Subaru clearly has the Cherokee in the realm of safety with a standard rearview camera, and the forward-collision system it’s easy to avoid many common accident scenarios in the Forester. It also received an IIHS best crash rating with the Top Safety Pick + while the Cherokee only earned the Top Safety Pick designation, a step below the Subaru.

Advanced Technology

In terms of technology both vehicles are outfitted nicely, but the Forester does lag a bit behind the Cherokee. Jeep went all out when putting together the Cherokee’s infotainment package, and it comes with the Uconnect media center, in-car data access as well as a customizable LED instrument panel. The Forester fights to keep up with standard Bluetooth and audio streaming and a powerful audio system, but it fails to do so.

In the end it’s pretty difficult to decide whether the Forester or the Cherokee is better. The Cherokee is a bit more adept at weaving and bobbing through  trees and over rocks while out in the forest and a bit smoother while rolling down the road, but the Forester offers more room, a safer ride, and excellent all-weather handling thanks to its all-wheel drive. If you’re looking for a vehicle to shuttle around children in or to take family camping trips in the Forester is probably a better option, if you don’t care about space and you want the most performance you can get when in the woods the Cherokee is a better fit.

Subaru Has Taken Many Measures to Make the 2015 Legacy Safer than Ever Before

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When a family is out shopping for a mid-sized sedan one of the first things that they look at after the interior space is the safety features of the vehicle. After all, who wants to drive around in a car that’s going to be dangerous in an accident? Fortunately Subaru has added or improved features in the 2015 Legacy that make it safer than ever before. That means you can drive around without worrying so much that your family is safe.

2015 subaru legacy

Enhanced Visibility

You can’t drive safely if you can’t see clearly out the windshield and look at the obstacles in front of the vehicle from all directions. This is why one of the most notable safety enhancements that Subaru made was an increase in visibility. They altered the front pillars on the sides of the windshield making them thinner than before. This opens up a larger windshield and makes it easier to see off to the sides of the car. They also used a thinner glass on the windshield as well as the windows that is easier to see through. These two minor changes make a big difference when you are trying to see where you’re going.

EyeSight System

The 2015 Subaru Legacy is equipped with an the same EyeSight system as before, but it’s been enhanced.  It’s essentially a windshield mounted camera that keeps an eye on the vehicles in front of you. By mounting it on the windshield Subaru ensures that the camera remains clean and helps avoid damage that could occur to bumper-mounted units. The camera picks up on red taillights from vehicles coming to a quick stop, and will automatically slow the car down before you collide with them. This makes driving on a day-to-day basis safer and helps prevent fender benders very effectively.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Another major danger when driving is pulling out of parking spots are driveways when you can’t always see cars coming perpendicular to your vehicle. This system utilizes a set of cameras to let you know when vehicles are coming from either direction. It will alert you that there is danger so you can avoid pulling out until the way is clear. This is perfect for when you have to pull out of a spot and don’t have anyone sitting in the back seat to help you out.

Electronic Start and Hill Assist

Starting and stopping on hills can be dangerous if you have vehicles close behind your car. The 2015 Legacy is equipped with a hill assist system that automatically applies the brakes when you’re on an incline and you go from braking to accelerating. This helps you avoid rolling backwards and potentially colliding with the car behind you if they are sitting too close.

The 2015 Legacy has been give an array of enhancements, and families will be happy to know that it is safer than ever before. With these new features you can avoid many potential accidents that normally occur, and that makes driving around town more enjoyable and less nerve-wracking than before.



The Subaru USA RallyCross Team is Entering the World RX of Canada Competition

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Subaru recently announced that they will be entering the World RX of Canada event with Sverre Isachsen behind the wheel. He will be driving around the same Subaru WRX STI Global Rallycross car that he operated at the Red Bull Global Rallycross event and did so well with. This latest event takes place on August 8th through the 9th and is the first overseas round of the series.

2014 subaru rallycross sti

Moving to the FIA World Rallycross Series

Up until now Subaru has stuck with the U.S. Rallycross series but after their latest success it seems that they are getting a bit bolder and are venturing out into the foreign Rallycross events.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Subaru is entering the Canadian event after taking second at the Red Bull Global Rallycross event. Team spirits are high and they saw an opportunity to test themselves out against a different pool of competitors.

An Excellent Opportunity for the Car Company

The Subaru team leapt at the chance to join up with this new event and they see it as an opportunity to refine their driving skills further while making further improvements to the vehicle. With the event being so close by it’s convenient to travel and compete there.

About the Event

The World RX of Canada is held on the Trois-Rivieres Circuit in Quebec, a mere 85 miles from Montreal. This puts the event just a few hours drive from the Vermont SportsCar’s shop in northern Vermont. Even though this race was developed to a different set of standards the STI was designed to stay within those standards as well so no modifications will be necessary to enter the race.

Isachsen’s Experience

Even though the Subaru USA team is new to the European RallyCross Circuit, their main driver Isachsen is not. This seasoned athlete dominated the European series three years in a row taking first place between 2009 and 2011. Isachsen’s thrilled to get the chance to race against old rivals and come up against familiar teams with his new team that he helped build from scratch.

The Subaru USA team is hoping for a similar performance from Isachsen like the one that happened at the Red Bull RallyCross event. With Isachsen back on familiar ground he could fair even better than he did in the states. It will be an exciting event to watch the Subaru USA team go up against foreign competitors, and see how their brand-new team holds up against some of the most seasoned veterans in the sport.