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Volkswagen Released a Car that Gets 260 MPG

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Volkswagen is working on new ways to innovate, and in the process of working toward energy efficiency for the masses, the automaker released a highly exclusive car that manages an astonishing 260 miles per gallon. Sure it’s not affordable at around $130K, but it’s truly impressive anyway. This vehicle runs on diesel and it manages fuel efficiency figures that simply can’t be matched by most vehicles today. While 50 MPG is considered very good for a diesel vehicle today, 260 MPG is more than five times that amount and it shows that we can do considerably better when it comes to fuel efficiency, but how the heck did Volkswagen achieve these results?

Volkswagen XL1

Using a Mini Hybrid Engine

In order to get this stellar fuel efficiency level the Volkswagen vehicle uses a turbo-two engine that’s working alongside an electric motor. The whole vehicle is run through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and the overall output from both motors is 74 HP and 163 lb.-ft. of torque, respectable enough to get the car down the road without too much trouble, especially when you consider that it comes in at just 1,753 lbs. thanks to the judicious use of carbon fiber (part of why this vehicle is so expensive).

Excellent Aerodynamics

On top of the highly efficient motor and the ultra-light body of this VW, the vehicle also has excellent aerodynamics. The rear tires are completely covered over, and the whole body is designed to let air flow as smoothly as possible. Thanks to careful testing this car is extremely efficient when moving down the road and minimizes drag as much as possible.

It Comes with Standard Features

Even though the aim of this Volkswagen vehicle is to be as efficient as humanly possible, it packs quite a few features in anyway. It comes with air conditioning, power steering and satellite navigation. It’s a beautiful car inside and out, which just helps its case even more.

With just 200 of the Volkswagen XL1’s for sale, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get your hands on one, even if you do live in Europe where they’re being sold, but hopefully this vehicle will help result in more efficient vehicles throughout the VW lineup in the future as well.

The Bigger and Better 2018 Tiguan

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Well, the 2018 Tiguan is finally out and available and there are a lot of things to take in about the SUV. The first is that it’s probably no longer a compact SUV at all, and more of a mid-sized or full-sized model thanks to some dimension changes. Not only that, but it’s handling and performance is a bit different now. Read on to learn all about what the 2018 Tiguan has to offer in its bigger and more imposing size, and find out whether or not it’s a vehicle that you’ll want to take on.

2018 VW Tiguan

The Larger Tiguan

The 2018 Tiguan is significantly larger than its predecessor, and it needs to be because it’s cramming in another whole row. You can enjoy third-row seating in the vehicle and room for up to seven. The Tiguan has a wheelbase that’s grown by 7.3 inches, and an overall length increase of 10.6 inches. This creates the seating space necessary to fit in more passengers, and also takes the once compact Tiguan and pushes it up toward Toyota Highlander proportions. The upsize also adds weight to the Tiguan. There’s an increase in weight by about 373 lbs. which doesn’t help make the SUV feel any more speedy.

Excellent Transmission

Volkswagen was wise to equip the 2018 Tiguan with their highly refined eight-speed transmission. This little beauty works wonders on the Tiguan and helps take the somewhat underpowered four-cylinder turbo engine and makes it feel good at the low end. Thanks to short gearing on the lowest gears and careful power distribution, the Tiguan can travel from 0 to 60 in just 8.6 seconds. It does so comfortably and never feels real sluggish, though once you climb past 45 things begin to slow down a bit. Overall the transmission feels very smooth, there isn’t much slipping going on and driving is significantly more enjoyable in the Tiguan for this reason.

Refined At Speed

Though the Tiguan is a bit rough when going over significant bumps, it offers a refined and quiet ride at top speeds. If you frequently travel along freeways that will take you to 70 or 80 MPH, you’ll enjoy the quiet and smooth ride that this SUV has to offer. The turbo four engine will take a bit of time to get you up to those speeds though, so patience is a must.

Solid Poor Weather Performance

Drivers that plan on taking their Tiguan through off the road much, or through snowy driving conditions should consider adding on 4-Motion all-wheel drive. Once added to the vehicle, it handles poor driving conditions exceptionally well. It won’t lose traction much even when traveling through mud or gravel, and can handle snowy roads with confidence that will let you travel even when the weather would keep other drivers indoors. That’s a major benefit of the Tiguan when outfitted properly.

Comfortable and Capable Inside

While the Tiguan looks nice on the outside, and its performance is at least decent for its price range, the inside is a breathe of fresh air. It looks well put-together and almost luxurious with the careful details added in here and there. The SUV is outfitted with mostly plastics and some metals here and there to create a stylish interior, and it feels a bit hard on many surfaces, but it still looks very nice. The seats are comfortable, lumbar support is decent, though it wouldn’t stand up to luxury standards. The infotainment system is also very nice. It looks like a low-cost version of Audi’s virtual cockpit, and manages to give quick and easy access to most of the functions. Overall the interior of the 2018 Tiguan is solid and makes riding in the SUV enjoyable, even if the folks in row three are decidedly cramped.

The 2018 Tiguan comes with some nice improvements. It’s a bit more sluggish than its predecessor, but that’s because it’s larger and offers more seating capacity. It’s a tradeoff that many buyers will be happy to take. If you need added seating space, and you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of performance, the Tiguan is a solid SUV that’s actually pretty enjoyable to use.

Volkswagen Decides to Improve 2018 Model Warranties

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Volkswagen is working hard to build up its base of users by offering a larger lineup of SUV vehicles and trying to appeal to what American buyers want more, but it’s also working to add more value alongside its vehicles. One of the ways the automaker is doing this is by expanding its warranty program. When you buy one of the 2018 model Volkswagen vehicles in the future, you’ll enjoy a longer and more comprehensive warranty than what comes with past models. That’s an exciting reason to head over to Volkswagen Dealership Lots

2018 volkswagen jetta

What You Get with the New Warranty

Volkswagen is going to offer a 6-year 72,000 mile warranty on all its 2018 model year vehicles other than the e-Golf model. That’s more than double what many of the automakers are offering today and an exceptional warranty by any standards. Volkswagen claims that the new warranty is designed to protect buyers that are relying on longer and longer auto loans to purchase their vehicles. If they’re buying a vehicle with a 6-year loan, it’s nice to have warranty coverage throughout that loan period. That’s something that Volkswagen buyers can now enjoy.

e-Golf Buyers Make out Even Better

The 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf comes with a very similar warranty offer, but the battery on the vehicle is covered for eight years or 100,000 miles. That’s even better coverage and ensures that drivers get a long lifespan out of the vehicle without running into any serious problems. As the owner of the e-Golf, you’ll be able to rely on Volkswagen to make sure that your EV is running properly. The e-Golf is one of the most popular EVs on the market today, mostly because of its excellent 100+ mile range, and this offering will just help to make it even more popular in the future.

More Volkswagen Models as Well

On top of the new warranty enhancements, Volkswagen is hard at work releasing additional models as well. VW said that it will focus on the SUV side of the market more, because that’s what Americans want, but the automaker is also going to release two new vehicle models every single year from now on for many years to come. The automaker already announced a new Jetta for next year, and there are going to be plenty of additions to follow as well.

Overall Volkswagen is really stepping up its game and many new buyers are going to be heading over to a nearby Volkswagen dealership in order to take advantage of the very generous warranty program the automaker is now making available.

The Volkswagen T-Roc is a Tiny SUV for Urban Drivers

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With each passing year vehicles are getting larger and larger in size. The compact trucks like the Toyota Tacoma are now nearly as massive as what was once a full-sized truck and full-sized trucks are the size of small houses. SUVs are heading in the same direction as well, which is fine for everyone that likes massive vehicles, but that’s not everyone. There are always going to be at least a few people that want something more compact, more efficient and less extravagant. For all those people, Volkswagen is releasing the T-Roc UTV. This compact SUV is meant for urban commuting, but we bet quite a few people in rural locations are going to make use of the vehicle as well.


Compact SUV Performance

The little SUV actually looks similar to a Golf turned SUV. IT’s highly compact and will sport space for up to five. If you don’t want a huge amount of rear cargo space, and instead you want something small and cute to drive around, the T-Roc could be just the thing for you. The SUV is going to launch with three or so different engine options, offering three different levels of performance for you to choose from.

Impressive Safety Features

Volkswagen is planning on releasing the T-Roc UTV with a good suite of safety features. It’s expected to come with auto braking systems, post-collision braking, and lane keep assist as well las the more standard features. You’ll also get adaptive cruise, which will make driving around a bit more enjoyable in this pint-sized SUV. Overall you’re going to get a whole lot of cool safety features packed into this little SUV from Volkswagen when it’s finally released.

Only a European Option for the Moment

The  T-Roc seems like a breath of fresh air in a market that’s inflated with bloated vehicles that are constantly growing in size, but it’s not an option for everyone. In fact, if you live outside of Europe, there’s a chance that you’ll never be able to get your hands on the little SUV. Volkswagen has plans to launch the T-Rock in Europe, and us folks over in America will have to wait around to see if the vehicle is expanded to the United States or not.

The T-Roc is a cool idea and it could probably do pretty well in America if it was released here. If it is released it will likely be larger than its European counterpart though, and that defeats the purpose of the vehicle entirely.

The Volkswagen Crossover will be the First Electric ID Vehicle in the US

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Recently Volkswagen has put a premium on producing capable electric vehicles, and the automaker is working very hard to create a powerful new EV that can keep up with products put out by Tesla and other automakers. The electric vehicles are all going to be part of the I.D. family within Volkswagen, and they are expected to be released in just a few years from now. While most people expected the I.D. car, similar to the one that was put on display would be the first vehicle released in the United States, but Volkswagen says that’s not the case. Instead the automaker is bringing a full electric crossover to market first, and coming out with the car later on.

Volkswagen ID Car

The Car Releases First Elsewhere

Volkswagen doesn’t plan on releasing its all new I.D. electric vehicles in North America first, and will instead launch its early products over in Europe. The I.D. car is expected to be the first vehicle launched and goes live in 2020. This will be followed up by the crossover and then finally a microbus creation.

A Capable EV SUV

There are no specifications out just yet about the I.D. SUV since it’s still in development, but if it’s anything like the I.D. hatchback that was already put on display it should offer at least 250 miles on a single charge and as much as 375 miles. That’s an exceptional improvement over most current electric vehicles, making it a more reliable option for long-distance travel.

The MEB Platform

Volkswagen spent years creating its MEB platform designed to underpin most of the compact electric vehicles that it plans to release in the future. The automaker plans on using the MEB platform for vehicles like the Golf, Passat and Tiguan in the future as well, though larger vehicles will rely on a different platform.

Release Dates

The Volkswagen I.D. Car is expected to be released in 2020, but that may not be the same release date for the crossover. Since the crossover is going to come out after the car, it’s likely it will be released later in 2020, or even in 2021. That means everyone in America will have to wait longer to get their hands on Volkswagen’s more capable EV than other parts of the world like Germany.

The I.D. line of electric vehicles is expected to make its way to the US in full eventually, but everyone should expect to have to wait until 2021 or 2022 before getting a chance to test any of it out.

Why the Volkswagen Atlas will Appeal to American Drivers

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The Volkswagen Atlas was created specifically to appeal to the American market, which means that it has a whole bunch of features that Americans value. Below is a list of some of the main features that you’ll find in the new Atlas that were added specifically for American buyers.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Roomy Feature Rich Interior

Americans don’t like to be cramped while riding around inside their vehicles, which is why the Atlas is so spacious on the inside. It offers enough room for everyone to sit comfortably, and is loaded up with USB ports, infotainment systems, plugs and storage compartments for the whole family. Everyone can ride in the Atlas and they’ll swear it’s a minivan on the inside with how many comfort features are available.

The driver will also enjoy a roomy seating area with plenty of space and comfort features around him. The seats are large and highly adjustable throughout, which is another major benefit of going with the Atlas. Heck, even adults can sit comfortably in the second row of the Atlas, making it a capable vehicle for moving around a group of adults as well as children.

Spacious Three Row Seating

American families tend to be larger than European families and there is still a real need to be able to cart around more than 5 people at a time. That’s something the Atlas makes possible for Volkswagen and it’s the main reason the Atlas was produced at all. This will allow the automaker to compete with the other full-sized SUV options on the market, and is an American feature for sure.

All Wheel Drive

American buyers love all-wheel drive because it’s capable of handling the wide range of climate types throughout the country. With all-wheel drive issues on each of the Atlas vehicles, Volkswagen makes its SUV an easy choice for buyers that live in markets that deal with snow on an annual basis.

The Volkswagen Atlas might not show off the luxury trims that some other Volkswagen vehicles have in the past, but it comes outfitted with all the features that American buyers are most interested in, which makes it a top choice for large families looking for seating space today. Invest in the Atlas and you’ll have a decent looking, spacious, well outfitted SUV for up to seven people to ride in.

The Bigger and Better 2018 Tiguan

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The old Volkswagen Tiguan is known for being a bit cramped and not all that capable in off-roading situations either. That’s very different from how the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion is. It’s a bigger and better version of the SUV that can handle adverse driving conditions capably If you’re looking for an improved version of the SUV that gives you more space and better handling characteristics, the 2018 Tiguan 4Motion could be just the vehicle for you.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Highly Capable Off Road Handling

The Tiguan 4Motion is clearly targeted toward drivers that like to travel on rougher roads, which is exactly why it comes with such a capable all-wheel drive setup. The all-wheel drive typically puts all the vehicle’s power to the front wheels, but can switch to full power at the rear and any mixture in between to create capable handling characteristics during slippery conditions.

While driving around, all you have to do to take full advantage of the stability systems on the SUV is switch settings over to off-road mode. Doing so gives you smoother acceleration, traction and stability controls that aren’t quite so sensitive, an improved locking ratio and an electronic differential lock and a more ready all-wheel drive system that can take on rougher situations. The change is significant from one drive mode to the other, and it’s immediate. As soon as you switch the dial you’ll feel safer and the vehicle will handle whatever conditions you throw at it a bit more effectively.

Designed for Comfortable Commuting More than Anything

Even though the Tiguan 4Motion is more than capable of heading out onto a dirt track and performing well, that’s not really what it’s key design focus was when it was put together. The vehicle is made for spacious comfortable seating more than anything else. That’s why Volkswagen added on over 10 inches of length to the vehicle, as well as 1.2 inches of width and 4.4 inches to the overall wheelbase. There’s ample room within with plush seats that are a real treat to sit on. The vehicle is also much more efficient than many off-roading vehicles, which is why it lacks some of the power that alternative options have. That just means that you can drive around town without burning through as much fuel, which is probably how most owners will use the Tiguan anyway.

The Tiguan 4-Motiion is an interesting in-betweener vehicle with three-row seating, capable handling characteristics and the interior features you would expect of a modern-day vehicle. It’s a serious upgrade from the old Tiguan and a fun vehicle to own for anyone that likes to get dirty from time to time.

Volkswagen Releases a Full Deactivation Engine

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Volkswagen is working really hard to make its vehicles as efficient as possible, and one of the ways that it has long achieved fuel efficiency improvements is through cylinder activation in its engines. Many Volkswagen vehicles out on the road are capable of turning off half their cylinders while travelling down the road to cut fuel usage. That’s a pretty cool feature and it should be used on most vehicles today. Now Volkswagen is actually taking things a step further though, and releasing an engine that deactivates all its cylinders under certain conditions. This enables even greater fuel savings and should make for improved fuel economy figures in Volkswagen vehicles in the future.

volkswagen evo engine

The EVO Engine Disengages Fully During Coasting

The new version of Volkswagen’s EVO engine that is capable of cutting off all its cylinders only does so during periods of coasting. When the driver is going down the road without using the gas or the brake pedal, the engine will disengage itself and allow the vehicle to coast entirely. Since the engine fully decouples, it will not slow driving down at all even though it’s not operating, which should make for a very efficient system, especially when driving in hilly environments or other areas where coasting is common over long distances.

Heading to the Golf First

As one of the most efficient vehicles that Volkswagen offers, it makes a lot of sense that the Golf would be one of the first to receive the revolutionary engine. The engine should help make the Golf lineup more efficient and desirable. Volkswagen plans to install the engine in its Golf lineup first, and then move on to other models in the future as long as it’s successful in the Golf.

Volkswagen is working hard to make more efficient vehicles while building out its electric lineup, and it’s likely to innovate further in its quest for the highly efficient vehicle. This latest engine enhancement seems revolutionary, but buyers should wait for efficiency figures before getting too excited. It’s certainly a technology worth implementing, but without testing figures it’s hard to say exactly how much more efficient such a vehicle would be.

Big Changes are Coming to Volkswagen Including a Full Jetta Remodel

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Volkswagen is one of the biggest automakers in the world, and at the moment it’s one of the most active and it’s headed toward some of the biggest transformations that we’ve ever seen from an auto company. While moving away from diesel Volkswagen is working hard toward a future based around electricity, with a goal of becoming the industry leader for hybrids and full electric vehicles. Volkswagen is also working hard to expand its lineup of SUVs and get the bulk of the SUV market. Finally Volkswagen is releasing a fully-redesigned Jetta for the 2018 model year, which promises a whole host of enhancements.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta

An Electric Future

Volkswagen has pretty much abandoned diesel technology and isn’t working nearly as hard to improve on its diesel platform as it once was. Instead the automaker is looking toward the future and it sees electric vehicles as the best option for future offerings. The company is focusing on offering hybrid vehicles and full electric models to the public and wants to be the market leader for those types of vehicles by 2025, with an average of 1 million models sold around the world by that time. That’s a pretty lofty goal, but it’s just one of the many goals that Volkswagen is currently pushing for.

More SUVs than Other Automakers

Volkswagen has been leaving behind a major portion of the market with its scant SUV offerings. That’s mostly why the automaker just released the Atlas and Arteon SUVs. Those aren’t the only new models to come though. Volkswagen wants to have a total of 19 different SUV offerings by 2020. That means that Volkswagen will have to put out a few more SUV models over the next few years, and the automaker may have to offer some additional variations on its existing SUVS as well.

The 2018 Jetta Should be a Major Improvement

The Volkswagen Jetta has only been receiving minor upgrades and enhancements since it’s full redesign back in 2011. The 2018 model year promises to be a special one though, since it’s when the Jetta is going to be fully redesigned. That means dramatic changes are coming. VW fans will likely see a bunch of cosmetic changes inside and out, including some major alterations to the body panels of the vehicle itself. The Jetta is likely to be altered from within as well, and will likely come with more tech features than before and a new layout for the center console. There’s no information about potential powertrain changes, or changes to the dimensions of the vehicle itself, but anything is possible on a full redesign, so Jetta fans should pay close attention to what is to come.

Volkswagen is focused on a lot of different areas and the massive automotive company is working really hard to innovate and offer more than the competition. That’s why it’s worth watching, and VW fans may have a lot to be happy about in the coming years.

Why the e-Golf is the Practical Man’s EV

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With so many high-end electric vehicles being released onto the market by the likes of Tesla, Porsche, and quite a few others, it can be easy to overlook the smaller guys, or in this case the less exciting and more practical guys like the e-Golf from Volkswagen. That could be a big mistake to make though. Sure the e-Golf isn’t flashy, it doesn’t offer sports car performance and it won’t take you around the country on a single charge, but it is practical and relatively affordable as well.

2017 VW e-golf

Decent Range and Recharge Times

One of the most important considerations to make when shopping for an EV is how long it takes to charge, and how far it will take you once it is charged. These are two areas that the latest e-Golf does pretty well in. The range of the vehicle on a full charge is over 100 miles, and a standard 240V charger will refill the car in about 6 hours, while the more powerful charging system that costs extra can get the car 80% full in just an hour offering around 100 miles on that single fast charge. For the everyday commuter or town driver the e-Golf makes good sense, and according to Volkswagen, when paying $0.13 per Kilowatt of electricity, the average user will only spend about $550 to drive for the year. That works out to around  $46 a month, which is pretty darned good for the everyday commuter.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

The e-Golf can be had for as little as $29,000 not including any tax credit, and it is available for as little as $21,495 including the $7,500 tax credit offered by the Federal government. That makes it awfully easy to build a case for the full electric vehicle. After all, it will get you where you need to go the same as any gas powered vehicle, and it will likely cost the same as any other efficient new car that you’ve been eyeing. When compared to Tesla’s current offerings, it’s easy to see how the e-Golf just makes sense.

Speedy and Fun to Drive

The e-Golf is also pretty fun to drive, though it’s not going to compare with a sports car. The car speeds up pretty quick, with 0 to 60 times in 9.6 seconds. It offers good driving dynamics with reliable braking and responsive steering. The only quirk that you have to deal with while driving is the pulsing of the regenerative brakes, but it’s not too bad, and it means that you’ll go through brake pads far more slowly than the average driver would.

Overall the e-Golf just makes good sense. It’s the most obvious EV choice for a buyer on a budget, and it has a lot to offer.