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The Alltrack Combines Luxury and Practicality in One Sweet Ride

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For the longest time Subaru was the only option if you were interested in an all-wheel station wagon for use outdoors or just as a reliable driver. That’s not the case any longer. Volkswagen took the Golf Sportwagen, and transformed it into the Golf Alltrack, a highly capable station wagon that can tackle a mix of weather conditions and even handle some off-roading thanks to the lifted body and top-notch all-wheel drive. It’s a fun little car to drive around, and perfect for small to mid-sized families looking for comfort, safety and performance when taking trips, camping or doing just about anything else.


It’s Luxurious

The Alltrack looks like a station wagon fit for a camping trip on the outside, but on the inside, well it’s beautiful. Sure it’s obvious that this isn’t a Mercedez or Lexus, but the interior is quite luxurious. The surfaces and seats are covered with soft touch materials, the cabin is laid out with care and there isn’t any clutter to be seen. It looks like a $40,000 car easily, and it’s amazing that it can be had for less than $30,000.

It’s Roomy

You won’t have to worry about storage space with the Alltrack. It was designed for that sort of thing. Sure it’s sleek and low to the ground, but it’s got a massive hatch space that will hold all your camping gear with ease. If that’s not enough, you can make use of the roof rack up top to lash on some more bags or a cargo carrier to really expand your storage options. The Alltrack is designed for day trips, road trips and camping. It’s a good solid option for families that need storage.

Excellent Stability

One of the main reasons that you’ll probably consider the Volkswagen Alltrack is for the all-wheel drive, and that’s a pretty darned good reason. The Alltrack is equipped with 4Motion all-wheel drive, which can put up to 50% of the total vehicle power to the rear wheels while driving around. That level of power control allows the Alltrack to handle dirt roads, a bit of slush and most driving conditions admirably. You’ll feel in control under most circumstances, and if you do happen to take it off-roading the 6.9 inches of ground clearance should help you avoid getting snagged on anything along the way.

Fun to Drive

The Volkswagen Alltrack doesn’t seem like the type of car that would be fun to drive, but once you’re behind the wheel, you’ll forget all those stereotypes that you slapped the car with, because it’s a blast to drive. This compact station wagon comes with a powerful 170 HP engine, and a massive 190 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s outfitted with either a dual clutch automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission, and it packs a whole lot more power and character than similar vehicles that rely on a CVT to get around.

You’ll look forward to taking cross country trips in this little wagon, because it’s a blast to take around winds and turns. There are few vehicles that drive so out of character compared to their appearance than the Volkswagen Alltrack, and that’s a good thing.

The Volkswagen ID Concept Could be the Start of the Future

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Volkswagen as been talking about the 2016 Paris Motor Show for months now, hinting that it would be releasing something memorable at the event. Well the event has come and gone, and I can honestly say that the automaker delivered completely with the futuristic I.D. concept. It looks like a little car straight out of the future, and it’s designed to run purely on electricity. If the details are correct, it should be a car to rival offerings from the likes of Tesla and Porsche, and it’s something to keep your eye on.


Futuristic Appearance

The under-lighting, futuristic rims, and long and trim silhouette of the Volkswagen I.D. make it look like a Golf from the future. It has a really modern feel to it and stands out as something that isn’t currently on any of the roads. It’s a cool looking car for sure, but we wonder how much of that design is going to make it to the production vehicle when it’s finally released around the predicted date of 2020.

A Massive Predicted Top Range

Now you should take any estimates made by Volkswagen with a grain of salt, since the car isn’t going to come up for a few years yet, but if what Volkswagen estimates is true, the I.D. will offer a top-end range of around 370 miles on a single electric charge. That’s good enough for any commute that you’re likely to encounter, and will make even lengthy trips possible without issue.

Just the Beginning

Volkswagen stated that this first Golf-esque electric concept vehicle is just the start of a full electric lineup. Volkswagen is going all-in with electric vehicles, and plans to release a whole slew of large and small battery-powered cars and SUVs for you to drive around in. After the 2020 release of the I.D. Volkswagen will put out other vehicles as well so that you can ride around using just electricity no matter how you decide to travel.

Automated Driving

Not only did Volkswagen release plenty of details about the new electric vehicle it’s been talking about for months now, but the automaker also let it slip that there is going to be an automated driving feature built into the I.D. as well, known as I.D. Pilot at the moment. That feature won’t be released until 2025 though, so don’t plan on riding around without driving at the release in 2020.


September 23, 2016 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , , , , , ,

Volkswagen has been promising customers that it’s shifting toward electric vehicle technology in a big way, and the Paris Motor Show in early October is going to be the first time that you get a good look at this shift. That’s because Volkswagen is going to be showing off a potent new electric vehicle concept car. Sure the car isn’t going to go from the auto show to the dealership anytime soon, but it’s still exciting to be able to get a look at it.


Impressive Range

The range on this concept car is supposed to be between 250 and 300 miles on a single charge. Not only is that impressively long, but Volkswagen states that the car should be chargeable in just 15 minutes by the time the vehicle launches to the public. That would be a game changer for car owners looking to travel long distances with an electric vehicle. Imagine travelling across country and stopping once or twice to recharge the battery while grabbing a bite to eat. It wouldn’t be a hassle at all, and the process would likely make the trip more affordable overall as well.

An Affordable Design

Volkswagen hasn’t released any pricing information yet, after all the car is still several years away from mass production, but the company assures customers that it will be quite affordable. That’s because it’s going to be designed from standard materials. Picture a standard Golf vehicle, that’s fitted with a power long-range battery pack and charging setup. This Volkswagen EV is going to make use of very standard parts to make it much more affordable to use. That means that the price likely wouldn’t be very high at all, and something closer to in the range of an entry-level luxury car.

Not for Many Years

The idea of this long-range electric vehicle is exciting, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in the near future. Instead Volkswagen is expecting to launch the vehicle around 2020. That means you’re in for at least 2 or 3 years of waiting until the tech is available at local dealerships. Still, it’s exciting to see the technology and what is possible for electric vehicles in the future.

We’ll have to wait for the Paris Motor Show to see just what this new electric vehicle looks like, and to get more information about the actual features that it’s going to have available.

The Two Door Volkswagen is New Of limited Supply

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If you prefer two-door Volkswagen vehicles to other models, you now have a limited supply of vehicles to shop from. That’s because Volkswagen is officially killing off the two-door form factor in America entirely. There will be no more two-door vehicles sold, which means you’ll have to purchase them used from a dealership instead.


Why the Reduction

It’s likely that Volkswagen is heading in this direction because two door models just aren’t that popular any longer. When you consider what you lose out on when you go with a two-door vehicle, it makes a lot of sense that these vehicles aren’t popular. When you opt for a vehicle with two doors instead of four, you’re getting less interior space and less room for shuttling people around. Sure two-door vehicles look nice, and they are practically synonymous with sports cars, but that doesn’t matter when sales are declining.

Minimal Price Difference

One good reason to pick up a two-door Volkswagen used to be because it was more affordable. After all, if you only have two people to drive around, why not save a bit of cash on your vehicle purchase? The problem with that line of thinking today is, that switching to a two-door option only saves a very little amount of cash. In fact, the price difference is around $600 between a two door and four door Golf. For most people that price difference isn’t enough to pay attention to and certainly not enough of a reason to allow it to determine the form-factor of your vehicle.

Get a New Two Door GTI

At the moment it’s still possible to build a brand-new two door Golf GTI, but that isn’t going to be an option for very much longer. It’s a 2016 model-year vehicle, and that window for buying is closing fast. IF you have your heart set on getting one of these vehicles new, you’ll have to head to your dealer and act really fast. Otherwise you’ll be shopping around through all the available used models to find the one that’s right for you.

Volkswagen is known for doing away with vehicles that aren’t popular, but that’s pretty common among any successful auto companies. If you’re not happy with the loss, you’ll have to get a two-door while you still can. It’s not likely that Volkswagen is going to bring the two-door form-factor back in America anytime soon.

Is the 3 Row VW SUV Coming Soon

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Recently a Volkswagen prototype SUV has been spotted out on the roads in China. It’s a large three-row SUV and is likely the model that Volkswagen plans on releasing in the United States and around the rest of the world within the next year. It’s exactly what Volkswagen needs to help it compete against other automakers offering vehicles to larger families.


The Look

If the photos out of China are actually of the new three-row VW SUV that’s coming to the US, it’s not a bad looking vehicle at all. It’s similar to a Durango in shape, with a lengthy flat top, a large muscular front end and a curvy rear and it has plenty of rugged creases that give it a pretty desirable look. Sure it’s a bit bland overall, but it looks better than many of the other large SUVs that you already see out on the market, so it should be a decent entry for the automaker.

The Big Release

There isn’t any information about when this full-sized SUV is going to be released in the United States, but it’s expected to be produced right in Tennessee and then sold throughout America. The vehicle will likely come with a turbocharged gasoline engine, and will likely have a few different engine options as well.

The large SUV being spotted in testing is an encouraging sign that Volkswagen is getting close to releasing it to the public, but only time will tell if the SUV is actually the model that’s going to be launched, or if Volkswagen is just testing out a new project that they have planned for another country.

Volkswagen Takes the Top APEAL Spot in 2016

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For years now the J.D. Power APEAL study has been considered as a benchmark for car owner satisfaction. If a particular model, or brand of vehicle gets high scores on the study, it means that owners with these vehicles are generally happier with their purchases. That’s something to be excited about, and something that you should take not of as well, and it’s something that Volkswagen buyers will be very interested in. After all, Volkswagen did take the top spot for non-luxury vehicles.

2016 volkswagen passat

Volkswagen the Non Luxury APEAL Leader

Volkswagen managed to get a score of 809 points between all its different vehicles. This score was quite a bit higher than the overall average of 801 points, and it put Volkswagen in the 12th spot overall, when including all the luxury brands. When you take the luxury brands out of the equation that score puts Volkswagen squarely at the top of the study. It did better than all the other brands out there, which means you should really be interested in Volkswagen vehicles and how enjoyable they are to drive around.

How the Study Works

A total of 33 different nameplates were considered for the study. This includes all the biggest automakers from around the world, and it considers all the major vehicle manufacturers that sell vehicles in the United States. More than 80,000 car owners were talked to about their vehicles and which ones they prefer to come up with the end results for this study. That’s a lot of opinions and that’s why the findings from this study are so significant. Even if the results don’t reflect the opinions of everyone accurately, they reflect the opinions of a large portion of the auto buyers in the United States.

The next time that you go to shop for a vehicle, just remember that if you aren’t getting a luxury car the best that you can do is a Volkswagen if you want to be satisfied with your purchase. This is based on significant statistical results, and it shows that Volkswagen really focuses on the features that are going to make auto buyers happiest with their purchases.

Volkswagen Cleans up the Golf Lineup

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Volkswagen is beginning to understand that consumers aren’t interested in complicated. They like simple options that they can pick from, with results that are easy to predict. That’s exactly why the automaker is beginning to limit the options available to Golf buyers, there were simply too many of them in the past. Not only that, but Volkswagen is also making the vehicle more affordable to purchase, at least by a small amount.

2017 Golf GTI

Simpler Golf Choices

Choosing a Golf used to mean choosing from a bunch of different variations, but Volkswagen is downsizing and streamlining a bit to make that whole process simpler. If you decide that you want the standard Golf, you can pick from the hatchback four door version, or the Wolfsburg four door version of the car if you aren’t willing to pre-order and wait for the model to be finished. If you are willing to pre-order, you can also get the SE and SEL models of the Golf.

Need the GTI SE or Autobahn for Performance

If you’re interested in getting the high performance variation of the Golf GTI, you actually have to purchase the SE or Autobahn editions of that vehicle now. The Performance Package isn’t available to owners of the GTI S at all, but that package comes as a standard feature set on either of the other two models mentioned up above.

More Affordable Golf Models

Both the Golf S and the GTI SE models are more affordable than they once were when purchased from Volkswagen. The Golf S is $280 lower than last year’s listing, and the GTI SE will cost consumers around $225 less than it did for 2016. Those aren’t huge drops, but when the cost of so many other vehicles is climbing upward, it’s nice to see at least one that’s headed in the other direction.

Why Volkswagen is Simplifying its Offerings

Volkswagen started to realize that it was offering just a few too many options to Golf buyers, and the automaker is hoping that by simplifying options, and adding more features as standard in the higher level vehicles, it can close more sales. Buyers won’t have to do as much research or worry that they are purchasing the wrong variation, and that simpler process will hopefully cause more people to actually make the purchase.

The Stretched Tiguan Makes an Appearance

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It’s been ages since Volkswagen announced the new Tiguan and actually showed it off, almost a year now, but still nothing is available in the United States yet. That’s due to having to rely on the Puebla Mexico factory that still isn’t retrofitted for producing the vehicle properly yet. Anyway, people have been eagerly awaiting news of the latest Tiguan because it’s supposed to have three rows in the stretched version, and there’s finally some images to look at for the latest model. That’s truly exciting for someone waiting to pick this model up when it’s available!

Extended Tiguan from Frankfurt Auto Show

The Stretched Model

When you take a look at an image of the stretched model of the Tiguan it’s obvious that the rear doors have been stretched out. This added length gives Volkswagen the room it needs for another set of seats to help the vehicle appeal to larger families. The latest model looks a bit more like a station wagon than the shorter version does, but it keeps the same general styling overall. A strong front, sloped rear and relatively flat top give it a raked over look that’s not too bad at all. If you’re looking for a large SUV that looks somewhat like a high quality station wagon, you should wait for the Tiguan to be released by Volkswagen.

Powertrain Options

There’s no guarantee about what powertrain Volkswagen is going to release, but you better believe there is going to be a turbocharged four-cylinder that’s going to be offered. There is also likely a standard six-cylinder offering, and other than that it’s tough to say what options will be available. It’s possible there will be a hybrid variation that could make it more efficient or even more powerful. Either way, the Tiguan is going to be a pretty capable vehicle and a decent option for families when it’s finally released.

With the stretched version of the Tiguan showing up out in the open, it’s likely that an official reveal is going to happen pretty soon. That’s something to get excited about, and it could mean that Volkswagen is getting closer to launch the latest Tiguan in the United States as well.

Volkswagen Partners with SMA Electronics for EVs

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Volkswagen has been looking to the future for months now, and is working hard to build up a strong platform of electronic vehicles. Recently the automaker announced that it’s developing three different EV platforms that it’s going to use to create more than 30 different electric vehicles by 2025. These are the building blocks that are going to support all the electric-powered cars offered by Volkswagen in the near future.

SMA Energy

Why Partner with SMA?

SMA Solar is a major German solar company that’s been in business since 1981. The company specializes in solar inverters, and it’s easy to see why such a partnership could be valuable to Volkswagen. Having access to custom-made inverters for its cars could make them more efficient, and help to extend the range of the vehicles while minimizing the total battery power needed. It’s unclear exactly how SMA and Volkswagen are going to work together, but you better believe that the partnership will help improve Volkswagen electronic vehicle technology going forward. Whether Volkswagen will just hire SMA to handle creating components for it, or to conduct research for the company, or to just create custom products Volkswagen has already identified still remains to be seen. Chances are good that Volkswagen is going to make the most of the experience and knowledge that the German solar company has to its name.

Developing Efficient Platforms

The first and most important step to creating functional vehicles is developing the platform that they are going to rely on. Volkswagen is currently in that stage of the development process, creating three different platforms that should offer all the functionality that 30 different vehicles need. That means as Volkswagen perfects each of these platforms they are really perfecting a full lineup of cars, SUVs and other models that will be travelling around the road in the future.

It’s clear that Volkswagen is committed to the future, and it’s already obvious they are going to come up with more sustainable options in the future. They’re on a path towards modern vehicles and within the next decade buyers will be benefiting from all the hard work being done now by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Could Become the Largest Automaker in the World Very Soon

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Toyota has been able to stay ahead of Volkswagen for years as the largest automaker in the world, but all that could change in 2016. Volkswagen is ahead of Toyota currently by a decent margin, and that’s a trend that could continue throughout the rest of the year. Even with all the obstacles in its way, Volkswagen managed to outsell Toyota making it the biggest and most successful automaker in the world for the first two quarters of 2016. That’s big news for the automaker, and it’s one of the reasons that it’s still up and running even after a serious scandal.

volkswagen logo

Volkswagen Beat Out Toyota by a Decent Amount

Volkswagen managed to sell a total of 130,000 more vehicles than Toyota did over the first six months of 2016. The total for Volkswagen came in at 5.12 million, while Toyota’s total was 4.99 million. That doesn’t seem like such a big difference when you look at in terms of millions, but even massive automakers pay attention to hundreds of thousands of vehicles, and that’s the difference between Volkswagen and Toyota today.

Could Volkswagen Take the Full Year Title?

While Volkswagen has already done something significant by coming out ahead of Toyota for the first six months of the year, that isn’t enough for them to call themselves the larges automaker in the country. To get that title Volkswagen needs to outsell Toyota throughout all of 2016. That’s something that Toyota has managed to do to all automakers for the past four years. The very first year that Toyota took the top title it beat out General Motors, which is now sitting in spot number three behind Volkswagen and Toyota.

For years General Motors was the top automaker in the world, and then Toyota took over that top position, and it looks like Volkswagen could take over that top spot soon. The automaker has been shooting for the top position by 2018 for a couple years now, and that still looks like a pretty realistic goal for Volkswagen. While the automaker is besting Toyota at the moment, that could change in the coming months. Either way Volkswagen is really proving that it’s one of the best and most capable automakers. There’s no doubt that the company will continue selling well for years to come, and it could even take over that top spot in the near future if it continues to grow in China and Europe as much as it has been recently.