Gerard Has a Huge Impact on Lunchtime Waste at His School

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This year Gerard, an 8th grader taking part in the Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program managed to cut lunchtime waste in his entire school by an average of 70%. While he had a bit of help along the way, it was all because of his careful planning and hard work that his school cut their trash creation so much, and that’s a trend that his school is going to continue on making a real difference in trash reduction over time.

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Teaching How it’s Done

Most of us are used to packing a lunch that contains things like pre-packaged food and plastic sandwich bags and other wrappers. While that’s pretty standard, it’s actually quite wasteful. That’s why it’s so challenging to figure out how to begin bringing lunches that are trash free. Gerard set up a booth in school where he showed off reusable lunch pouches and also displayed the process of how to create them. With a simple demonstration he was able to give children the information they needed to start ditching trash nearly entirely at lunch time.

How He got Them Committed

Getting a school full of children committed to anything, especially something like recycling is always a bit of a challenge. Gerard came up with some excellent ideas to help encourage his student body to get involved with waste free lunches. Gerard opened a school store with fun prizes available to kids participating in important green actions like sorting their lunch after eating, or bringing in a trash free lunch. All the prizes were donated by local Long Beach municipalities and Grades of Green partners to help keep kids motivated.


All of Gerard’s efforts led to an average waste reduction of over 70%! That’s a huge figure that most people wouldn’t dream of being able to achieve. Through some smart planning and a lot of hard work one 8th grader was able to accomplish all this, and that’s why he’s a standout member of the Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program.

Write Your Own Story

Gerard’s story is an impressive one, but you write one just as good for yourself! Apply for this year’s Youth Corps program here, or take the time to register your school here to begin Trash Free Tuesdays at your school and really start making a difference.

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