Grades of Green Sustainable School Presentations a Big Success

February 2, 2016 lacarguy Grades of Green Tags: , , , ,

Grades of Green is a well-known organization that empowers children to improve school sustainability around the country. Last week was an exciting time for Grades of Green because they put on two different assemblies, one at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica on Monday and the other at Adams Middle School in Redondo Beach.

Two Youth Corps students attended each of the assemblies and presented alongside with Allie to help get across the importance of recycling and sustainability in schools.

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What Students Learned

While at the assembly students learned the importance of sorting their waste and how big of an impact such as simple task can have on their community. The assembly focused on small changes and what they can do over time for the environment. Sorting bins were put on display and used to show proper sorting techniques to make it easier to implement effective recycling methods at each of the schools. It’s a good first start toward future sustainability and an important message that each of the children needed to hear.

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No Idle Zone Event

It’s believed that idling vehicles outside of schools significantly contribute to air pollution and lower the quality of breathing air around schools. To help reduce this issue Grades of Green is teaming up with Robinson Elementary School to try and set up a “No Idle Zone” that will keep idling vehicles farther away from the school. This should help improve the air quality around the school while also encouraging more people to stop idling their vehicles and save on fuel consumption.

The No Idle Zone event is scheduled to take place from 1 to 2 PM in Manhattan Beach on February 3rd. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the event and help further the cause for cleaner air around local schools.

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