Help Make Hollywood Central Park a Reality: Vote for this Major Grant

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If you haven’t heard about the Hollywood Central Park project yet you can learn more about it below. It’s a powerful initiative that’s worth going for, and now there is a chance that the project could get some serious funding through the LA 2050 Play grant. The funding amounts to $100,000 toward the future of the park project and could make a very real difference in the progress of the park overall. To help make this dream come true you simply have to visit this link and vote for the project. With enough votes the Friends of Hollywood Central Park will receive the funding and can put it to use designing and building the park. Every donation the project receives is another step in the right direction so vote today and help out a good cause!

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Submitting Your Vote

If you truly want to vote, after clicking the link here, you’ll have to go through a couple more steps before your vote can be counted. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to do, follow along and your vote will be submitted in no time.

  1. Click “Vote”
  2. Create an account, you can do this with your Facebook or Email
  3. Make a Username
  4. Sign into your email
  5. Open up the email from “GOOD” sent within 5-7 minutes
  6. Click the verification link and your vote is cast!

That’s all there really is to it. Follow the steps and you’ll be able to vote for a good cause and who knows, you could be benefiting from that park as well in the future.

Voting ends November 3rd-in just a few days- so be sure to cast your vote today, don’t put it off and forget about it until it’s too late!

About the Project

Hollywood Central Park is a bold project with the idea of capping the 101 Freeway to create a total of 38 acres of recreational space for the folks over in Hollywood. Most big cities have major central parks to give children and active adults a place to have fun and get some exercise out in the great outdoors. While the project is a bold one, it’s very achievable and with enough funding should come true for the people of Hollywood. 

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