Help the Friends of Hollywood Central Park Win 25k and Kickoff the Park Project

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Each year Wells Fargo gives out a $25,000 prize to a business that wins the Wells Fargo Works for Small Business competition. In order to enter into this competition each of the businesses have to submit more information about what they’re trying to achieve and wait to be approved for the contest.

deck park advisors

The Friends of Hollywood Central Park made it through the first round and was chosen for consideration of the prize money. The organization is pushing their Deck Park Advisors business in this competition and if accepted will be able to start a successful business that will help fund the future park project.

Deck Park Advisors

The Deck Park Advisors business is dedicated to helping other cities and towns around the world figure out how to create more park space above existing freeways and roadways. The business will begin a consulting company and the money earned by their efforts will funnel into the Hollywood Central Park project. If the company gets the funding it needs to get off the ground, it could provide a good portion of the money needed to make the Hollywood Central Park possible

Helping them Win

While most of the score that each entrant receives will come from a panel of judges put in place by Wells Fargo, there is a public voting portion that will serve as a tie-breaker for the different entrants. To help make sure that the Deck Park Advisors have the best possible chance of succeeding it’s important that people visit the judging site here and vote for the project. You vote by pressing the “Vote For This” button, and each person is able to vote for the project once a day. If enough people vote for the project regularly the business will have a better chance of succeeding and could be just the thing that the Hollywood Central Park needs to get going for real.

Learn About the Winner

Wells Fargo won’t announce the winner of the contest until September. That’s when the company announces the finalists for the project as well as the Grand Prize winners. If you would like to see whether the contest develops into a big win for the Friends of Hollywood Central Park or not, keep an eye on the Wells Fargo website, as well as the Hollywood Central Park site for an update.

If you want to do something to help the project, visit this website and place a vote today and every other day that you remember to visit!

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