LAcarGUY Now Sponsoring Field Trips to the Heal the Bay Aquarium

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Heal the Bay is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the coastal areas and watersheds of Southern California. LAcarGUY works closely with the organization in several different capacities and has been a 10-year sponsor. For the past four years they supported the Beach Report Card program, but have since moved on to providing funding for field trips to the Heal the Bay Aquarium

The Beach Report Card

The Beach Report Card program grades all of the waterways around Southern California and lets everyone know how the area is doing. Not only does this effort help bring the beaches in poor shape to the attention to the locals and the supporters, but it also helps all of the volunteers understand how their contributions are making a difference. It gives everyone involved a chance to see how the waterway is improving over time, and gives them a goal to work toward as well.

Field Trip Funding

Heal the Bay runs a major aquarium known as the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium that’s positioned right on the prominent Santa Monica Pier. The aquarium is the main education center for the organization, and it also happens to be home to more than 100 different species of animals and plants that can all be found in the Santa Monica Bay.

The Aquarium serves as an introduction to everything that the Bay is home to and it helps people get attached to their local waterway while also learning a thing or two about the ecosystem. The aquarium provides a great opportunity for locals to learn about all the animals and plants that are affected by their decisions while at the beach, unfortunately not everyone can afford to visit the aquarium or even know about it. Some schools offer field trips to the location, but others can’t afford to. That’s where LAcarGUY comes in. The company is no sponsoring fieldtrips for local schools to the aquarium if they aren’t able to afford it on their own. This gets more children in to see the animals, and provides a good learning experience for students that will hopefully result in improved coastal health over time.

Teaching Children to Care About Waterways

One of the best ways to help improve conditions of beaches around the country is to teach children to love and care about all the animals that live in that ecosystem. By sponsoring the Heal the Bay Aquarium field trips more students will get the chance to go visit the aquarium and learn about the animals that are local to the Southern California area. This is a change that will affect many schools and could be a big help to the Heal the Bay message and goal of taking care of the Santa Monica Bay and the ocean overall.

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