Learn More About the Revolutionary Toyota Mirai at this SBC Event

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The Toyota Mirai is arguably an even more revolutionary technology than the Prius was when it was first released all those years ago. If you’re at all curious about the new technology and you want to see the vehicle first hand now’s your opportunity! This SBC Member Mentor session is all about introducing the Toyota Mirai and learning what it can do for the environment. It’s an exciting new piece of technology and could be a major turning point for the automotive industry. Not only is the session good to learn about the new technology, but it will serve as a valuable networking opportunity to get you in touch with other members of the SBC as well.

Manager of the Environment at LAcarGUY
Manager of the Environment at LAcarGUY

Where and When

The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday July 23rd. It will start at 12:00PM and conclude at 1:30PM. It’s going to be located at Lexus Santa Monica at 1501 Santa Monica Blvd.

Get To Know New Professionals

If you’re interested in getting to know other sustainable business owners and associates in your area the presentation is a good opportunity to do some serious networking. The first 15 minutes of the event will be spent networking with the other members attending. This gives you a chance to meet up with new people and ask any questions that you have. Expand your current network and get in touch with other professionals who can help your business grow and develop.

Get an Introduction to the Mirai

A quick 20 minute presentation from Alisha Auringer, the Manager of the Environment at LAcarGUY will help you understand more about the Toyota Mirai and how it works. You’ll get a look at the tech that drives this unique vehicle and soon you’ll have a much better understanding of how a car can drive around with nothing but hydrogen in the tank.

Build Your Understanding

After you learn all the new information abut the Mira you’re likely to have some questions. That’s why there is another 20 minute sessions for questions and comments after the initial presentation. You can ask more about the car, or learn more from the questions that other people ask.

Get Your First Look at the Mirai

If you’ve been waiting to get an up-close look at the new Mirai now’s your chance. The last half hour of the Mentor session will be spent taking a closer look at an actual Mirai and possibly giving out test drives as well. Get a look at the technology that is powering this revolutionary new vehicle and you can start to develop some new ideas around introducing this vehicle to customers.


If you’re interested in attending this mentoring event you can easily RSVP for it here. The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 23rd. Sign up now to make sure you have a spot.

If you are considering attending the event and you aren’t a SBC (Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles) member yet, you can learn more about it and join up here. It’s a great opportunity and will give you a chance to connect with other like-minded business owners in the area.

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