According to Kelly Blue Book the 2015 Subaru Outback is the best variation to date. It’s the most capable, and has enough improvements to make it worth the upgrade for many drivers as well. Not only is the latest Outback a major improvement, but it’s also a good option for a family vehicle, provided that you have the right kind of family. If your family likes to go off into the mountains and to camp and hike regularly the Outback will be a nice addition. If you prefer to stay home, or simply take trips around town there are other options that would be better.

2015 subaru outback

New Refinements

The 2015 Outback received several major improvements that make it the most capable version yet. The inside of the vehicle has been expanded to allow even more seating room than before. This allows children or adults to sit in the back seats more comfortably. It also means you’ll have more space for gear or groceries.

For those who like to go camping and to take more strenuous roads the Outback has a more capable chassis than before. It’s been reinforced to handle major bumps more capably while helping to dampen the blow as much as possible. The interior has also been noise-proofed more effectively to provide a quieter ride than before.

The SUV is more fuel efficient than ever before making it a more economical commuter for families who like to travel comfortably. The enhanced AWD setup will allow everyone to get where they need to go smoothly and safely. Even if the roads aren’t completely clear the whole way. Finally the Outback has a new gritty design that shows it for the capable off-road vehicle it is. The boxy front end combines with the curved sides and edges to create a modern and powerful looking vehicle.

Getting Attention in Canada as Well

There’s no better test of a vehicles capability than by driving around on the harsh roads of Canada where you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some snow throughout the year. The Outback was recognized by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada as the Best New SUV under $35,000. The Outback has been selling heavily since it first came out, and that’s in large part because of how nice of a vehicle it is.


Kelly Blue Books Best Family Vehicle

Each year Kelly Blue Book chooses a selection of family vehicles that stand up to real-world driving situations the best. This year one of the 15 selected vehicles was the Subaru Outback. The judges at KBB considered the interior space and comfort of the vehicle, its overall level of utility and finally it’s performance, handling and safety features to decide if it was worthy of hauling around a family or not.

Since release the Outback has been showered with praise from the media and many of its new customers, and that’s because the SUV is well-built and made to perform those necessary family duties that can’t be done by just any vehicle out there.