Subaru scored very favorably on the latest Consumer Report Top Ten list. While plenty of larger American auto manufacturers didn’t make the list at all, Subaru managed to take three of the spots. This in itself is impressive, and even more so when you consider how small of a company Subaru is.


What Vehicles Made it?

Out of all the Subarus on the list, the Legacy, the Forester and the Impreza all grabbed the top spot in their category. The cars beat out a long list of vehicles to make that position and it’s thanks to Subaru’s careful design and the features they choose to focus on above all else. Subaru had more entries on the list than any other automaker.

How Vehicles are Chosen

It’s important to understand the decision process that goes into choosing one of these top vehicles to truly understand what a Subaru vehicle has to offer. A set of subjective measures are used to choose the various vehicles on the list. Consumer Reports looks at reliability ratings, crash test ratings, driving dynamics and interior features to make their decisions. Each of the judges that have a say in the rating process have had experience with these vehicles to allow them to formulate an opinion on them.

The Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza received high marks for its interior. With a classy and comfortable ride, the Impreza really stood out to Consumer Reports. It’s also said to have a low level of road noise and an updated infotainment system that can compete with other leading systems on the market.

The Subaru Legacy

According to Consumer Reports the Subaru Legacy succeeds in having a better ride quality than its competitors. It’s spacious and comfortable to ride around in. The vehicle doesn’t lead with its fuel efficiency, but it manages a high figure for offering all-wheel drive.

The Subaru Forester

In a section as competitive as the compact SUV it’s impressive to be the stand out. The Forester achieved the top position through a careful combination of characteristics. It’s described as highly practical and gets good marks for its safety. and fuel economy. The inside of the Forester is equipped with top features at a good price making it a high value in the category.