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Subaru Stands out on the Consumer Reports Top 2015 Picks

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Subaru scored very favorably on the latest Consumer Report Top Ten list. While plenty of larger American auto manufacturers didn’t make the list at all, Subaru managed to take three of the spots. This in itself is impressive, and even more so when you consider how small of a company Subaru is.


What Vehicles Made it?

Out of all the Subarus on the list, the Legacy, the Forester and the Impreza all grabbed the top spot in their category. The cars beat out a long list of vehicles to make that position and it’s thanks to Subaru’s careful design and the features they choose to focus on above all else. Subaru had more entries on the list than any other automaker.

How Vehicles are Chosen

It’s important to understand the decision process that goes into choosing one of these top vehicles to truly understand what a Subaru vehicle has to offer. A set of subjective measures are used to choose the various vehicles on the list. Consumer Reports looks at reliability ratings, crash test ratings, driving dynamics and interior features to make their decisions. Each of the judges that have a say in the rating process have had experience with these vehicles to allow them to formulate an opinion on them.

The Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza received high marks for its interior. With a classy and comfortable ride, the Impreza really stood out to Consumer Reports. It’s also said to have a low level of road noise and an updated infotainment system that can compete with other leading systems on the market.

The Subaru Legacy

According to Consumer Reports the Subaru Legacy succeeds in having a better ride quality than its competitors. It’s spacious and comfortable to ride around in. The vehicle doesn’t lead with its fuel efficiency, but it manages a high figure for offering all-wheel drive.

The Subaru Forester

In a section as competitive as the compact SUV it’s impressive to be the stand out. The Forester achieved the top position through a careful combination of characteristics. It’s described as highly practical and gets good marks for its safety. and fuel economy. The inside of the Forester is equipped with top features at a good price making it a high value in the category.

Subaru Vehicles Hold Value Better than Any Other Accordging to ALG

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According to the ALG.com there is one vehicle brand that stands out more than all the others in North America for maintaining residual value and that brand’s Subaru. The award ceremony not only picks a brand overall, but also focuses on individual vehicles for its different categories. Subaru managed to snag the top spot for four of the different categories thanks to a big chunk of its overall lineup. According to the ALG, Subaru Ca managed to lock down the mid-sized, sports, mid-sized utility, and compact car categories with four of it’s most well-known vehicles.


The Mid-sized Car

If you’re looking for a rock solid mid-sized vehicle that you’re going to be able to resell for a good price later on, you should consider the Subaru Legacy. According to experts at ALG it’s the Legacy’s all-weather capability as well as the newly improved refinement of the vehicle that makes it so desirable and will help it to hold it’s value so well over the next five years.

Sports Cars

In the Sports Cars category Subaru managed to take the top spot once again with the BRZ. ALG points out a few special details about this car that really makes it stand out. The first is the low center of gravity that gives it performance qualities of much more expensive sports cars. The second is the low entry price tag that allows it stand out when put up against vehicles such as Audi’s, BMW’s, and Porsche’s.

The Best Mid-sized Utility Vehicle

The Subaru Outback took the midsize utility vehicle category with ease. It did so because it has a “fun to drive attitude” and a high level of fuel efficiency that allows it to remain competitive with other vehicles in the segment. The all-wheel drive capabilities of the vehicle also help to allow it to stand out when compared to many other two-row utility vehicles.

Compact Car

If you’re looking for a good quality compact car the Subaru Impreza was voted the most likely to retain it’s value by ALG. The company states that the compact segment is one of the most competitive of them all and that the Impreza has a fun-to-drive feel that helps it stand out against all of the main competitors.

Overall Subaru managed to take the ALG’s Best Mainstream Brand Award for 2015 and with all the different models that managed to snag a title it’s no wonder either. If you’re shopping for a vehicle in North American, and you want something that you can resell easily later on, the clear message seems to be that you should be shopping for one of these Subaru models. Each has something special to offer and would make a nice addition to most family garages.

The 2015 Subaru Impreza Gets EyeSight Technology

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Subaru is all set to add their EyeSight safety technology to the 2015 Impreza,  as one of their biggest selling vehicles this could be a very smart move. This technology provides a much safer driving experience and dramatically reduces the risk of a collision between you and the driver in front of you.Subaru currently only has an option for their technology in three of their vehicles, the Legacy, the Outback and the Forester. With the inclusion of the Impreza, their lineup becomes safer and more desirable than ever before.

2015 subaru impreza

Tapping into the Family Market

Currently people buy Subaru’s because they are known for being able to handle the great outdoors better than most other brands. Most of their models are equipped with powerful all-wheel drive, and they are setup to handle rough driving conditions. Subaru doesn’t want to only be known for their all-wheel drive and great handling, they want to tap into the family market more.

By adding in their powerful EyeSight safety package as an option on one of their most popular family sedans they are hoping to grab a larger chunk of the family market. This tech will make it safer to drive for Impreza drivers than ever before, and for those who want the technology it could be just the reason to decide to go with a Subaru.

EyeSight Technology

Subaru’s EyeSight technology offers a powerful adaptive cruise control system that helps you avoid colliding with drivers in front of you. The car is fitted with a powerful stereo camera that is capable of seeing colors and identifying important cues such as rear lights and brake lights of vehicles ahead. As long as you aren’t driving more than 31 miles per hour faster than the driver in front of you, the car can stop you completely before you run into them, even if you aren’t watching the road.

The system also offers corner-responsive fog lights for all US versions of the car. When the driver is going around a corner the corresponding fog light turns on and illuminates the outside edge of the road, making for safer night driving conditions.

Fuel Efficiency Improvements

On top of the improved safety features available for the Impreza, it also gets better fuel efficiency than previous versions. The upcoming version of the Impreza gets a bump up to 37 MPG on the highway, slightly better than the 36 now offered.

Adding EyeSight technology to the Impreza is likely the first change of many to come, and Subaru is hoping to increase the number of vehicles that they sell with this technology in years to come. Only 10 percent of Subaru buyers in the US pick up this impressive technology, while 76 percent of buyers in Japan opt for it. By making improvements and trying to get the word out about how impressive the tech is they hope to change that in the future.