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Subaru Vehicles Hold Value Better than Any Other Accordging to ALG

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According to the ALG.com there is one vehicle brand that stands out more than all the others in North America for maintaining residual value and that brand’s Subaru. The award ceremony not only picks a brand overall, but also focuses on individual vehicles for its different categories. Subaru managed to snag the top spot for four of the different categories thanks to a big chunk of its overall lineup. According to the ALG, Subaru Ca managed to lock down the mid-sized, sports, mid-sized utility, and compact car categories with four of it’s most well-known vehicles.


The Mid-sized Car

If you’re looking for a rock solid mid-sized vehicle that you’re going to be able to resell for a good price later on, you should consider the Subaru Legacy. According to experts at ALG it’s the Legacy’s all-weather capability as well as the newly improved refinement of the vehicle that makes it so desirable and will help it to hold it’s value so well over the next five years.

Sports Cars

In the Sports Cars category Subaru managed to take the top spot once again with the BRZ. ALG points out a few special details about this car that really makes it stand out. The first is the low center of gravity that gives it performance qualities of much more expensive sports cars. The second is the low entry price tag that allows it stand out when put up against vehicles such as Audi’s, BMW’s, and Porsche’s.

The Best Mid-sized Utility Vehicle

The Subaru Outback took the midsize utility vehicle category with ease. It did so because it has a “fun to drive attitude” and a high level of fuel efficiency that allows it to remain competitive with other vehicles in the segment. The all-wheel drive capabilities of the vehicle also help to allow it to stand out when compared to many other two-row utility vehicles.

Compact Car

If you’re looking for a good quality compact car the Subaru Impreza was voted the most likely to retain it’s value by ALG. The company states that the compact segment is one of the most competitive of them all and that the Impreza has a fun-to-drive feel that helps it stand out against all of the main competitors.

Overall Subaru managed to take the ALG’s Best Mainstream Brand Award for 2015 and with all the different models that managed to snag a title it’s no wonder either. If you’re shopping for a vehicle in North American, and you want something that you can resell easily later on, the clear message seems to be that you should be shopping for one of these Subaru models. Each has something special to offer and would make a nice addition to most family garages.

The Recently Remodeled 2015 Subaru 3.6R

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Subaru recently went through their Legacy and remodeled the vehicle to enhance it and make it more popular with the masses. The Legacy has always been known for standing out, but not always in a good way. In this latest remodel is seems that Subaru tried to tame the beast a bit, and offer something that the general masses would approve of. While going through the vehicle reviewers didn’t find much that they didn’t like, so Subaru may have a winner on their hands.

2015 subaru legacy

The Look

Most people aren’t going to be stunned by the way the new Legacy looks. It does have a few more angular features than before, and the engineers managed to pull out the rear lights a bit to give the body a longer look. However, with all that work the body still looks rather bland, and would bloend in with most family sedans easily.

Performance and Handling

One area that the Legacy does excel in is performance and handling. It’s buttery smooth just like you would expect from a family sedan, and you have the CVT and suspension to thank for that. The suspension takes most of the bite out of city bumps and potholes, while the CVT enables smooth gearshifts to occur while making them barely notable while driving.

The Legacy 3.6R has smooth and impressive acceleration that keeps the somewhat large car from feeling even the least bit sluggish. The six cylinder boxer engine provides immediate power that lets you speed up to highway speeds easily and smoothly.

While weaving in and out of corners there is a bit of lean in the body of the car, but it’s not very noticeable and the steering wheel is satisfyingly heavy and responsive. The only gripe that most reviewers have with the vehicle is the fuel economy. Though it has been improved it’s still behind many mainstream family sedans.

A Comfortable if Slightly Neutral Interior

Subaru didn’t go for the wow factor with their interior, but they successfully put together something neat, tidy and enjoyable to sit in. The seats are suitably comfortable and the soft-touch materials around the interior give the vehicle the feeling of luxury. Skinny a-pillars and wide front quarter windows provide plenty of visibility making seeing in every direction pretty easy. The 2015 Legacy is noticeably more quiet than its predecessor, and the ride is nice and smooth even over uneven terrain. The center stack looks nice and tidy and very upscale with its piano black coloring. The wide steering wheel is another nice touch, that gives the interior a classy look while making it more comfortable to be in.


The Legacy isn’t packed with cutting edge features, but it has enough of them for it to feel like a modern vehicle. The most notable enhancement is the new infotainment system that it has been fitted with. The new touchscreen looks better than the old and is much more responsive. Controls are easier to use than they were on previous versions and the system syncs with iOS devices quickly and effectively.

Overall the 2015 Subaru Legacy is a strong contender in the family sedan market. It’s a bit sportier than many of its competitors while keeping up with them in terms of features and interior space and comfort. It isn’t the sexiest car out on the road, and it features more than its fair share of bland styling cues, but if you’re after a car that’s enjoyable to drive and capable in poor weather conditions the Subaru Legacy fits the bill. Subaru fans are bound to like the improvements to the 2015 model, but it just may bring in some new supporters to the brand as well.



Subaru Has Taken Many Measures to Make the 2015 Legacy Safer than Ever Before

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When a family is out shopping for a mid-sized sedan one of the first things that they look at after the interior space is the safety features of the vehicle. After all, who wants to drive around in a car that’s going to be dangerous in an accident? Fortunately Subaru has added or improved features in the 2015 Legacy that make it safer than ever before. That means you can drive around without worrying so much that your family is safe.

2015 subaru legacy

Enhanced Visibility

You can’t drive safely if you can’t see clearly out the windshield and look at the obstacles in front of the vehicle from all directions. This is why one of the most notable safety enhancements that Subaru made was an increase in visibility. They altered the front pillars on the sides of the windshield making them thinner than before. This opens up a larger windshield and makes it easier to see off to the sides of the car. They also used a thinner glass on the windshield as well as the windows that is easier to see through. These two minor changes make a big difference when you are trying to see where you’re going.

EyeSight System

The 2015 Subaru Legacy is equipped with an the same EyeSight system as before, but it’s been enhanced.  It’s essentially a windshield mounted camera that keeps an eye on the vehicles in front of you. By mounting it on the windshield Subaru ensures that the camera remains clean and helps avoid damage that could occur to bumper-mounted units. The camera picks up on red taillights from vehicles coming to a quick stop, and will automatically slow the car down before you collide with them. This makes driving on a day-to-day basis safer and helps prevent fender benders very effectively.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Another major danger when driving is pulling out of parking spots are driveways when you can’t always see cars coming perpendicular to your vehicle. This system utilizes a set of cameras to let you know when vehicles are coming from either direction. It will alert you that there is danger so you can avoid pulling out until the way is clear. This is perfect for when you have to pull out of a spot and don’t have anyone sitting in the back seat to help you out.

Electronic Start and Hill Assist

Starting and stopping on hills can be dangerous if you have vehicles close behind your car. The 2015 Legacy is equipped with a hill assist system that automatically applies the brakes when you’re on an incline and you go from braking to accelerating. This helps you avoid rolling backwards and potentially colliding with the car behind you if they are sitting too close.

The 2015 Legacy has been give an array of enhancements, and families will be happy to know that it is safer than ever before. With these new features you can avoid many potential accidents that normally occur, and that makes driving around town more enjoyable and less nerve-wracking than before.