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Dealerships Can’t Keep the Subaru Outback in Stock with all the Demand

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The 2015 Subaru Outback is a more popular SUV than even Subaru could predict. The Outback has so many optimizations that buyers simply can’t get enough of it. It’s designed to handle everyday driving conditions, but is built to switch from standard road to off-road conditions comfortably. The highly awarded SUV has been given titles like the Best Wagon for the Money, and is known in both Canada and the US for being an excellent value overall. Unfortunately this means that there simply aren’t enough to go around. That’s right, if you decide to go out and buy a 2015 Outback Wagon you’ll likely be in for a wait.

2015 subaru outback


The Waiting Game

If you decide that you want an Outback you could be in for a wait of several months depending on where you go looking for one. Some dealerships will have one in, and others will have a waiting list that you have to be put on. Trying to get a new Outback will require a bit more work than typical car shopping, but if you ask the long list of buyers if it was worth it, they’ll all give a loud resounding YES.

Picking up New Customers

Around 60 percent of the buyers going for the new Outback are new to the brand. These buyers were attracted by the feature-set of the vehicle, or all the publicity surrounding it. Subaru has to be loving all the extra customers its brand is picking up, but car dealerships around the country are experiencing a shortage. Even Hueberger Motors in Colorado, the largest dealership in the country, can’t keep the Outbacks in stock.

2015 Enhancements

The 2014 Subaru was a highly celebrated vehicle as it is, but the 2015 model makes some key safety improvements and offer a couple nice features that you won’t see on the older year model. For starters they added in a Blind Spot Detection system. It offers Rear Cross Traffic and Lane Change Assist features that all make it quite a bit safer to weave in and out of lanes while out on the highway. The car also comes with an enhanced EyeSight system that takes advantage of the standard rear camera to improve system notifications and overall safety. The infotainment system also comes with a touchscreen as standard now. The roof rails are equipped with crossbars to adjust the front and back of any cargo you happen to be carrying around. Finally the 2015 Outback has a few added options like the power tailgate and the 18 inch wheels, that you couldn’t get in 2014.

The Outback is one of the most highly celebrated Wagons of the year, and that’s why you’ll have to be patient or persistent if you want to get your hands on one. You can either canvas all the Suby dealerships in the area, or you can stick with one and wait it out. Either way the Outback is worth the wait, and builds on what it was already famed for to begin with making it the best Outback to date.

Why the 2015 Subaru Outback is an Excellent Family Vehicle

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According to Kelly Blue Book the 2015 Subaru Outback is the best variation to date. It’s the most capable, and has enough improvements to make it worth the upgrade for many drivers as well. Not only is the latest Outback a major improvement, but it’s also a good option for a family vehicle, provided that you have the right kind of family. If your family likes to go off into the mountains and to camp and hike regularly the Outback will be a nice addition. If you prefer to stay home, or simply take trips around town there are other options that would be better.

2015 subaru outback

New Refinements

The 2015 Outback received several major improvements that make it the most capable version yet. The inside of the vehicle has been expanded to allow even more seating room than before. This allows children or adults to sit in the back seats more comfortably. It also means you’ll have more space for gear or groceries.

For those who like to go camping and to take more strenuous roads the Outback has a more capable chassis than before. It’s been reinforced to handle major bumps more capably while helping to dampen the blow as much as possible. The interior has also been noise-proofed more effectively to provide a quieter ride than before.

The SUV is more fuel efficient than ever before making it a more economical commuter for families who like to travel comfortably. The enhanced AWD setup will allow everyone to get where they need to go smoothly and safely. Even if the roads aren’t completely clear the whole way. Finally the Outback has a new gritty design that shows it for the capable off-road vehicle it is. The boxy front end combines with the curved sides and edges to create a modern and powerful looking vehicle.

Getting Attention in Canada as Well

There’s no better test of a vehicles capability than by driving around on the harsh roads of Canada where you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some snow throughout the year. The Outback was recognized by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada as the Best New SUV under $35,000. The Outback has been selling heavily since it first came out, and that’s in large part because of how nice of a vehicle it is.


Kelly Blue Books Best Family Vehicle

Each year Kelly Blue Book chooses a selection of family vehicles that stand up to real-world driving situations the best. This year one of the 15 selected vehicles was the Subaru Outback. The judges at KBB considered the interior space and comfort of the vehicle, its overall level of utility and finally it’s performance, handling and safety features to decide if it was worthy of hauling around a family or not.

Since release the Outback has been showered with praise from the media and many of its new customers, and that’s because the SUV is well-built and made to perform those necessary family duties that can’t be done by just any vehicle out there.


Subaru Vehicles Hold Value Better than Any Other Accordging to ALG

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According to the ALG.com there is one vehicle brand that stands out more than all the others in North America for maintaining residual value and that brand’s Subaru. The award ceremony not only picks a brand overall, but also focuses on individual vehicles for its different categories. Subaru managed to snag the top spot for four of the different categories thanks to a big chunk of its overall lineup. According to the ALG, Subaru Ca managed to lock down the mid-sized, sports, mid-sized utility, and compact car categories with four of it’s most well-known vehicles.


The Mid-sized Car

If you’re looking for a rock solid mid-sized vehicle that you’re going to be able to resell for a good price later on, you should consider the Subaru Legacy. According to experts at ALG it’s the Legacy’s all-weather capability as well as the newly improved refinement of the vehicle that makes it so desirable and will help it to hold it’s value so well over the next five years.

Sports Cars

In the Sports Cars category Subaru managed to take the top spot once again with the BRZ. ALG points out a few special details about this car that really makes it stand out. The first is the low center of gravity that gives it performance qualities of much more expensive sports cars. The second is the low entry price tag that allows it stand out when put up against vehicles such as Audi’s, BMW’s, and Porsche’s.

The Best Mid-sized Utility Vehicle

The Subaru Outback took the midsize utility vehicle category with ease. It did so because it has a “fun to drive attitude” and a high level of fuel efficiency that allows it to remain competitive with other vehicles in the segment. The all-wheel drive capabilities of the vehicle also help to allow it to stand out when compared to many other two-row utility vehicles.

Compact Car

If you’re looking for a good quality compact car the Subaru Impreza was voted the most likely to retain it’s value by ALG. The company states that the compact segment is one of the most competitive of them all and that the Impreza has a fun-to-drive feel that helps it stand out against all of the main competitors.

Overall Subaru managed to take the ALG’s Best Mainstream Brand Award for 2015 and with all the different models that managed to snag a title it’s no wonder either. If you’re shopping for a vehicle in North American, and you want something that you can resell easily later on, the clear message seems to be that you should be shopping for one of these Subaru models. Each has something special to offer and would make a nice addition to most family garages.

The 2015 Subaru Outback

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Subaru is well-known for making some thrilling vehicles that are a blast to drive, recently the WRX STI has been getting plenty of coverage, but the Outback isn’t one of the vehicles among that list. So why are consumers getting so excited about the release of the all-new 2015 Subaru Outback? Easy, it’s an incredibly useful vehicle that doesn’t focus on flashy looks or impressive performance figures, and instead works on being the vehicle that you can always count on, whether you go camping or on a family trip.

2015 subaru outback

Slightly Enhanced Looks

Set the 2015 Outback next to the 2014 Outback and you’d be hard-pressed to point out many of the differences. They exterior looks cleaner and seems a bit more put together but it’s essentially the same on the outside. Some potential buyers will say the styling is too tame, but the vehicle manages to look nice without being flashy.

A More Refined Interior

Once you get into the cabin you’ll notice some nice improvements to both features and looks. The interior features more soft-touch materials than before and they are set off nicely by faux-wood accents. The cabin’s quieter than before thanks to improved insulation. This version of the Outback is very spacious and up to five riders can travel comfortably. Plenty of leg room is available front and back in this crossover, although riders with large feet, or big boots may be a bit uncomfortable in the back. A massive hatch in the back provides space for camping gear, groceries or anything else that needs hauling. Overall the interior is nice to look at and very comfortable without being cluttered with features.

Reliable Performance

The Subaru Outback can’t compete with a full-sized truck but the version with the larger engine can tow up to 3,000 lbs. It comes with two engine types. A four-cylinder with 175 HP and a six-cylinder with 256 HP. Both features a low-profile flat boxer engine and they are both connected to a CVT transmission, though you get paddle shifters making it feel like a six speed.  It takes the vehicle approximately 7.5 seconds to climb to 60MPH making it far from quick, but the 8.7 inches of ground clearance do make it pretty capable at going over rough terrain. The vehicle doesn’t offer exceptional fuel efficiency, but it isn’t bad either with 25 in the city and 33 on the highway with the smaller engine, or 20 in the city and 27 on the highway with the V6. The vehicle packs enough power to haul with and comes with an additional roof rack for added storage but it’s not a powerhouse by any means.

Handling Enhancements

One area that the Outback really excels in is its supreme handling. It glides over rougher roads smoothly and even manages to swing around corners nimbly for as large as it is. The new transmission takes away the rubbery feel of older versions. Thanks to the symmetrical all-wheel drive system the crossover can manage its way over dirt, sand and snow quite capably. When the going gets really rough you can switch to X-Mode and enjoy enhanced all-wheel drive as well as the advanced Hill-Descent mode that will keep your driving experience a safe one. Standard symmetrical all wheel

All-New Features

Not too many new tech features have been added into the vehicle but riders can enjoy heated seats in both the front and back of the vehicle now. The media system has also received an upgrade with a simpler navigation experience and more features than before. The screen still suffers from glare, but overall it’s much easier to use than before.

If you enjoyed the 2014 Subaru Outback you’ll love the 2015 version. You get a lot of the same features with plenty of added benefits. It’s much more fuel efficient, offers improved handling, more features and a better look overall. What’s not to like?

Subaru Announces New Pricing and Updates for 2015 Outback

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The numbers are finally out, Subaru has released pricing information for the 2015 Subaru Outback. The numbers show that prices have gone up, but only slightly. For these slight changes the buyer gets a whole lot for their money. Subaru clearly spent a lot of time upgrading and updating one of their most popular vehicles to make their fans happier than ever.



  • Outback 2.5i – $24,895
  • Outback 2.5i Premium –  $26,995
  • Outback 2.5i Limited – $29,995
  • Outback 3.6R Limited – $32,995


The 2015 Subaru Outback was built with a more distinctive design. It features more pronounced creases, a more sculpted look, and very prominent fog lights. It’s clear this vehicle is ready for an expedition, but it would look distinctly modern rolling through town as well.

Interior and Design

The all new Outback comes with a number of interior improvements that make it more enjoyable to ride in. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the 2015 model is roomier on the inside, letting rear passengers sit even more comfortable. The interior is also designed to be quieter and comes equipped with a variety of new standard tech upgrades. A 6.2 high resolution touch screen display now comes as the standard way to control your media. This screen is attached to a single disc player, an AM/FM radio, and 4 speakers for surround sound performance. This system supports Aha and Pandora apps seamlessly. It also provides iPod controls, allows iTunes tagging and comes equipped with Bluetooth support, an Aux port and a USB port.



The new Outback doesn’t just look better, it also drives better. A better frame and chassis provides more control and a smoother ride. This vehicle makes it easy to carry heavy loads or most cargo that you can throw at it. Whether you want to bring kayaks to the lake or bikes to your nearest trails just attach them to the racks and you are ready to go. The standard X-mode, Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist and Augmented Symmetrical all-wheel drive all make this hatchback easier to drive.

This vehicle also shifts more smoothly thanks to the standard continuously variable transmission (CVT). It also features the highest fuel efficiency levels to date with a combined 28 MPG, 25 in the city and 33 on the highway.


Safety Enhancements

Since you’ll be taking the Outback everywhere it’s important for it to drive safely as well. A slew of safety enhancements make this vehicle safer than it’s ever been. The Eyesight system that is used to spot difficult-to-see vehicles has been enhanced substantially. Now it features improved blind spot detection as well as a more intuitive Rear Cross Traffic Alert system. When you’re about to make a fatal mistake this vehicle is more likely to warn you of the danger and help you resolve the issue safely.

The 2015 Subaru Outback comes with enough enhancements to be considered a noticeable upgrade. For all the additional features and technologies that come along with this hatchback, you don’t have to pay much more money.  If you like the great outdoors, take a look at this latest Outback, you won’t regret it.