Pacific Volkswagen was pleased to hear that it would be receiving the Wolfsburg Crest Club Award for 2015, one of the biggest honors a Volkswagen dealership can receive. The award is a pretty big deal, because it’s given out in small numbers to only the most deserving. It marks Pacific Volkswagen as one of the highest quality dealerships in the country, and a top spot to go to pick up a vehicle.

wolfsburg crest club

What the Award Means

The Wolfsburg Crest Club Award is named after Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg Germany. It’s a special award given out to just a few select dealerships that excel in a range of different areas, customer satisfaction and quality service just to name a few. It was given to the company for the 2015 year, which means that Pacific Volkswagen stood out as one of the best over the last year.

What it Takes to Get the Award

In order for a dealership to earn this prestigious award it must meet a bunch of separate quality requirements. Things like customer satisfaction, parts purchases, employee certification and the company’s financial statements all play a part in whether or not it gets the award, and Pacific Volkswagen managed to excel in each of these different areas marking it as one of the best Volkswagen dealerships in the country.

The award is an honor for the dealership to receive, but it doesn’t mean that the staff at the company is going to take it easy and stop working just as hard as it always has. The company will fight to stay at the forefront of the industry and to provide customers with the same level of care and service that they’re used to.

Pacific Volkswagen is a well-known dealership in the Torrance, California area, and handles thousands of vehicle transactions every single month. It’s a major company that strives to offer the top in customer service and satisfaction, and that’s what enabled the company to get the Wolfsburg Crest Club Award.