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The Grades of Green Student Leadership Program is Open for the 2014-2015 Year: Submit Your Application Today

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Grades of Green is excited to announce that they’re now accepting applications for their 2014–2015 Student Leadership program. Students between 2nd and 12th grade are encouraged to apply if they think they have what it takes to take control and help the environment in a big way. Grades of Green is a well-known non-profit organization dedicated to improving the environment while educating children in the process. The application period for these important volunteer positions will be open until September 15th.

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About Grades of Green

Grades of Green is an organization dedicated to cultivating student interest in helping improve the environment. What started as a simple parent-run volunteer program has morphed into a massive non-profit organization that works with more than 250 different schools in 37 different states to improve the environment. As the group grows more children become educated about the importance of preserving and improving the environment.

The Student Leadership Program

The student leadership program is a chance for students in grades 2 through 12 to get involved with the Grades of Green organization in a hands-on manner. Each of the students who is accepted as a leader is charged with putting together a green project and implementing that project in their own school. The leaders get hands on training from the Grades of Green staff members along with ongoing encouragement and helpful ideas.

Benefits to Your School

Many Grades of Green inspired programs end up benefitting the schools just as much as the environment. While your school learns to cut down their use of harmful substances such as Styrofoam and plastic they also learn to save money through more cost-effective systems. Most schools end up saving a substantial amount of money and once they see how helpful saving the environment is to their budget they won’t want to stop.

Improve Your Resume

High school students can improve their resume noticeably by being accepted as a Grades of Green Leader. Not only will they be helping out the environment, but they will be leading a team to accomplish their goals. This is the type of work that shows true leadership, innovation and good values, all characteristics that colleges and employers value.

If you decide that the Grades of Green Student Leadership program sounds like a good fit for you, or you know a student who might like the opportunity to do good, visit this link for the application. After filling out the full application form and attaching the necessary documents just sit tight and wait for a response from the organization.

Audi Plans to Incorporate Android Auto into Their Vehicles in 2015

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Audi announced that they plan to introduce Android Auto to their vehicles in 2015. This technology will enable drivers with Android devices to seamlessly connect to their vehicle and use voice or car optimized applications right through the Audi multimedia system. While many drivers today can connect their smartphones up to their vehicles, the experience can best be described as clunky. Android Auto should help make everything run more smoothly, and really open up the platform to future app development.

About Android Auto

Android Auto isn’t just a set of applications, but an actual framework designed to accommodate any future applications that automakers want to create. It is designed to make new apps easy to create, while keeping them similar to one another so they are easy to use and can be implemented in vehicles simply.

How it Works

Thanks to careful develop and integration of key technology into Audi vehicles drivers will simply have to connect their smartphones to their Audi vehicle and after accepting a prompt will take control of their favorite apps using the displays, buttons and interfaces of the vehicle rather than the smartphone. This quick transition makes the interface very user-friendly, and it should increase the popularity of smartphone-connected technology in vehicles.

The Open Automotive Alliance

The Open Automotive Alliance is an organization that formed around the idea of bringing Android connectivity to vehicles. This group wants to make it easy to create new auto apps, and they chose Android because it’s free and open to work with. This means it can be worked with easily, and adopted by anyone interested in the technology when finished. By taking the time to develop Android Auto the group hopes that automakers will be able to enhance their technology offerings in the future. Making development easier should increase the availability of applications in vehicles from all automakers. Eventually they should improve the driving experience for most drivers by providing them with improved technology and a smoother interface that’s easier to work with.

Safety Benefits

Today too many drivers are still relying on their smartphones to communicate with other people and keep updated on the information in their life while driving around. Not only will Android Auto help enable cool new technology advancements, but it will encourage drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road while driving, because it will make that key information available in a driver-friendly way. Hook text messaging, calling, Facebook status updates, and Internet radio up to your vehicle media system and you can easily control it with steering wheel buttons and other intuitive vehicle interfaces.

Drivers who already enjoy the Audi MMI system have plenty to look forward to with the new Android Auto system being rolled out in 2015. Not only do they get to keep the great functions of the MMI system, but they enable their vehicles to new applications and technologies that make driving even more exciting and enjoyable.

A Look at the 2015 Subaru WRX and STI

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Subaru has released their latest version of the WRX and WRX STI and they deliver on more of what performance drivers love at a lower price. The decreased price of these vehicles makes them into an even greater value for drivers looking for something fast and responsive to drive around. Although the vehicles look close to the same on the outside, many details have been seriously altered behind the scenes.

The Interior

The WRX has always lagged behind the competition a bit with its interior quality, but it is making up the difference with the 2015 model. Thanks to added interior space and a refined driver’s seat this vehicle is a true joy to ride in. Equipped with Bluetooth, a 4.3 inch multi-information display and automatic climate control the WRX is very user-friendly. The rearview camera makes backing out of tight spaces easier, and the simple layout makes this vehicle easy to drive. The trunk space has been bumped up a bit so you can store a bit more, but this still pales in comparison to the hatchbacks in this class in terms of storage.


If you pick up the WRX or WRX STI chances are it was for the performance because this car is faster than ever before, and has a more highly tuned suspension as well. The first thing you’ll notice is the surprising acceleration. Thanks to the 268 four-cylinder boxer engine this car goes from zero to sixty in under six seconds. The STI steps it up a notch with a 305 HP engine thanks to a turbocharged engine. Either way this car moves quick and it is very responsive with sharp-tight steering. This car grips the road like crazy thanks to the all-wheel drive and its aerodynamic design. It handling is on par with vehicles at twice its price range making it a great bargain vehicle for those who love performance.


A car built to go fast wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive safety setup, and every WRX has one. With front, side, curtain and knee airbags you are truly protected from every angle. Stability and traction control systems help this already grippy vehicle maintain its hold on the road under extreme conditions. The active front head restraints are designed to diminish the shock and recoil in the rare event of crash.

Both the WRX and the STI version have a lot of power on top of a very stiff and responsive suspension. If you want to feel like you’re in a racecar while driving down windy back roads, or you want a vehicle to take to the track you’ll be satisfied with what this car has to offer. That being said, if you’re just looking for a car to cart the kids back and forth to school and to make it through the morning commute, there are better options for you. For standard driving conditions this car’s suspension is a bit stiff and it can be uncomfortable going over rougher roads. Performance car lovers will enjoy the new WRX, for everyone else there may be better options for your needs.

Audi Debuts A3, S3, and A3 e-tron PHEV in Los Angeles for North American Market

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This year’s Los Angeles Auto Show served as the unveiling of the all-new Audi A3 for the North American market. Filling the spot of the A3 Sportback, the new A3 will shun the hatchback configuration for most models and will instead adopt more traditional sedan and convertible bodystyle.

If you’re a die-hard fan of the A3 Sportback, don’t lose hope yet, as Audi will continue to offer the hatchback body in the e-tron Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle model. As the name suggests, this model will be able to run on electricity alone for some miles before its gas engine kicks in.

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For those of us interested in saving fuel at the pump, but not quite ready to make the transition to a plug-in hybrid car, the new A3 will be offered with Audi’s 1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder engines, producing 170 and 220-horsepower respectively. Audi will also offer a 150-horsepower 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine that will offer extended range and fuel efficiency over its gas-powered brethren.

If you’re a speed demon, you can also make your way up to the 290-horsepower S3 model. Expect a future RS3 model offering in excess of 300-horsepower.

But the A3 isn’t so much about horsepower, as it is about bringing Audi’s pursuit of luxury and technology to the masses. With a base price of $29,900, the all-new A3 gives customers the opportunity to own the first vehicle in its class with 4G LTE connectivity. This technology allows the all-new A3 to incorporate features such as Google Earth and Google Street View in its MMI infotainment system.

S3, sedan, convertible, cabriolet, TDI, TFSI, LA, Auto Show

Operating in conjunction with a 7-inch screen that rises from the dash, MMI’s latest trick is the incorporation of a touchpad onto its rotary wheel. Teamed with the A3’s available 705-watt Bang & Olufsen Sound System, the compact Audi is turned into a miniature A8.

With available safety features such as active lane assist and adaptive cruise control, the Audi A3 incorporates a host of technologies to keep its passengers safe. Whether your new to the Audi brand, want to cut your emissions by investing in the A3 Sportback e-tron PHEV, or feel the need for speed that is the sporty S3, Audi’s latest compact model will leave you more than impressed with its available luxury and technology features.

Subaru Teases LA Auto Show Crowd with 2015 Legacy Concept

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Subaru is preparing to release an all-new Legacy mid-size sedan. But before it does that, the company is teasing us with this sexy 2015 Legacy Concept set to debut at next week’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Moving away from the somewhat blocky styling of the current Legacy, the 2015 Legacy Concept hints at a more coupe-like profile for the 25-year-old nameplate. Like the current Legacy, though, the 2015 Legacy Concept doesn’t ignore its standard all-wheel-drive system, and blistered fenders are visual reminders of this.

Subaru, LA auto show, 2015Though the 21-inch wheels may fail to materialize when the production 2015 Legacy is unveiled, expect front and rear end styling to remain consistent with the 2015 Legacy Concept. Subaru refers to the design of the 2015 Legacy Concept’s head- and taillight’s as “hawk-eye”. Paired with the new hexagonal grille design, the 2015 Legacy Concept certainly makes a memorable impression upon first appearance.

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