Porsche is known for being a desirable vehicle, and an automaker that buyers are happy to go back to again and again. The latest survey from Consumer Reports only serves to increase that idea even more. It’s the second year in a row that Porsche has been one of the leading automakers on the list.


How the Owner Satisfaction Survey Works

Each year Consumer Reports puts out a survey from past car buyers about their experience with the vehicle. In order to decide which manufacturer should be out on top, Consumer Reports counted up the number of people that said “definitely yes” when asked if they would be willing to purchase the same vehicle all over again.

This is a pretty strong indicator that Porsche buyers are happy with their purchases, and it’s something that others should take note of.

Why Porsche Vehicles Take a Leading Spot

Porsche vehicles often rank highly on this list for two different reasons. The first is because it’s a luxury model that’s finely crafted and designed for performance and enjoyment above all else. The second is because the automaker works very hard to make sure new buyers are comfortable with their vehicles and that they get the service they need. Overall Porsche just tries really hard to satsify new buyers, and that approach seems to be working nicely.

The Top 4

Porsche didn’t snag the very top spot this year, and instead came in at number two behind Tesla. The automaker was followed up by Audi and Subaru on the list of vehicle types most desirable and with the greatest customer satisfaction overall.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that you can be happy with, consider picking up a new Porsche. Porsche owners are some of the most satisfied in the country, and that’s one good reason to justify the higher price tag that comes along with these beautiful luxury vehicles.