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2016 Scion iA Gets the Top Safety Pick Plus Rating

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If you know anything about the compact Scion iA, you know that Mazda had a hand in producing the vehicle and that it has superb handling capabilities. The vehicle also happens to be very safe to tool around in according to the IIHS safety test. The little car just received the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating. The highest rating available from the International Institute for Highway Safety.

2016 scion ia

Why it Made the Rank

The Scion iA managed such a high rating thanks to a combination of good performance characteristics. The IIHS noted that it has impressive roof, side and front strength. The vehicle also did quite well on the head restraint tests. Overall it managed impressive performance in all the tests, and the little car employs a few tricks and performance hacks to get those ratings.

The Crash Detection System

In order to handle low-speed crash issues, the Scion iA is equipped with a crash detection system that avoids low-speed impacts entirely thanks to careful detection and braking technology. It doesn’t operate at higher speeds though.

Impressive Performance on the Small Overlap Test

The one test that many vehicles fail the most is the small overlap test. It’s the test that simulates running into a pole or another compact object. The Scion iA did remarkably well for a vehicle that’s so affordable and so compact. Intrusion into the cabin by the test object was nearly non-existent throughout most of the cabin, and where it did occur, at the emergency brake, at the door hinge and the instrument panel, it was only by two inches, a distance that isn’t likely to cause harm.

At less than $20,000 with every one of the available options, the Scion iA is an impressive ride that also happens to be very safe to drive around in. It’s a good commuter vehicle, and it’s a lot of fun to drive thanks to that special touch offered by the Mazda relationship.

The 2016 Scion iA is Surprisingly Good

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While developing the Scion iA Toyota spared no expense putting all the pieces together and they created a surprisingly desirable package. Not only does the vehicle come with a lot of nice features that you wouldn’t expect in this price point, like a pre-collision system, a backup camera, LED turn indicators and 16 inch alloy wheels, but it’s designed to be a blast to drive as well.

Surprisingly Potent

The 4 cylinder DOHC engine isn’t loaded with power at 106 HP, but at just 2,385 lbs. in the manual and 2416 lbs. in the automatic version of the iA it has a lot of pickup and is very enjoyable to drive around. This little car comes standard with a six speed manual transmission and a small upgrade will put a 6 speed automatic transmission in with an available sport mode. The Sport Mode feature forces the vehicle to shift at higher RPMs and to downshift more frequently. Essentially it makes the car a whole lot more exciting to drive around.

The little car is relatively efficient, which is expected with such a light footprint. It manages between 31 and 33 MPG in the city with the automatic and manual versions respectively. While out on the highway the automatic gets 41 MPG and the manual gets 42 MPG.

Capable Suspension

In any sporty vehicle the suspension is vitally important. Not only does it shield the driver from any bumps or bruises in the road, but it helps the vehicle handle performance as well. The iA is fitted with durable Macpherson struts up front and a sport-tuned torsion beam suspension in the rear for competent performance in most conditions.

A Luxurious Interior

Inside the iA you get most of the features that you would expect from a much more upscale and expensive vehicle than the iA. You get a 7-inch touchscreen standard, with app functionality. It supports Pandora. Stitcher, HD radio, traffic predictions and it has BlueTooth connectivity. The vehicle also comes with an optional in-car navigation system to help you figure out where to go. The car comes standard with a rear backup camera and it has a surprisingly large amount of trunk space with 15.5 cubic feet available to hold groceries, luggage or anything else you need to get from one place to another. Passengers will enjoy the 2 available USB ports, the Aux port and the standard 12V port up front. The driver side window also comes with fully automatic up and down functionality.

Safety Features

Smaller vehicles aren’t exactly known for their safety, but the iA comes packed with enough safety features to make it one of the better options. It comes with 6 airbags, which is quite a bit for a compact car. It also has antilock brakes, dynamic stability control and a pre-collision system for low-speed driving conditions. That means the car will help you step when people suddenly slam on the brakes in low-speed situations like traffic jams. It’s a nice feature to have that could help keep rear end collisions from occurring.

Scion really nailed the 2016 iA during production and it looks to be one of the most enjoyable little cars to drive around in. If you’re looking for a fun little car for daily driving, or you want something that’s packed with most common tech features without being priced like a luxury vehicle, the iA is a good bet.