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A Modern Little Car that’s a Hoot to Drive

January 13, 2016 lacarguy Scion Tags: , , ,

If you’re looking for a fun little car to drive around in, that’s what the Scion iM is. It’s compact, it’s built to handle well, and it can even be paired with a manual six speed if you want the full driving experience. These are all really great things for someone searching for a fun little vehicle, and that’s what the Scion iM is meant for.

2016 scion im

It’s Modern

It wouldn’t be a modern Scion without all the fancy gadgets and a nice touchscreen ulling it all together. Of course this car comes with one and it works quite well too. It comes with both Bluetooth and a USB port, though you won’t get navigation and you’ll have to rely on a GPS unit or your phone to do that job. What you do get, which is a bit surprising, is dual-zone climate control. That’s almost unheard of in the sub 20k price range, especially in a compact like this. The car also comes with automatic lights and a rear-view camera for those tricky parking spaces.

It’s Respectably Efficient

You won’t get crazy efficiency levels like you would from a Prius, but the iM gets a respectable 28 city and 37 highway. Most people would agree that’s pretty nice, but it’s not segment leading by any means.

Trunk Space

It’s a hatchback so of course it has trunk space to spare. Whether you have camping gear, a bicycle, some small furniture or anything else, the trunk will likely accommodate it. You’ll be surprised at what you can store in this little car, and that’s one of the main charms that it has going for it. If you know that you’re the type of person that always seems to need more trunk space than you expect, you’ll like this car.

It’s Fast Enough

The iM isn’t a race car. It’s pretty low power with 137 HP, but it’s fast enough. It hits 60 in 8.6 seconds and feels pretty peppy under most standard driving conditions. It’s not going to feel sporty without more power, but for a daily driver this car’s pretty enjoyable to motor around in.

While the iM isn’t going to be right for everyone, if you like the look of the car, and you want something little and fun to drive, but with storage options the iM was made for you. It’s reasonably priced at under 20k and it’s a car that’s likely to last quite a long time since it’s built with reliable Toyota parts.

The 2016 Scion iM is the Hatchback You’ve Been Looking For

September 2, 2015 lacarguy Scion Tags: , , ,

The 2016 Scion iM is one of the automaker’s best hatchback models to date. It comes packed with modern features and it’s designed for top-level performance. Sure it’s not a race car, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like you’re driving one while heading down the road!

Aggressive on the Outside

On the outside of the iM you’ll notice a variety of special little extras that you don’t typically see on vehicle in the price range the iM’s in. LED daytime running lights improve visibility, and LED turn signal indicators are featured on both of the fully retractable and heated mirrors of the vehicle. The iM comes with a standard boyd kit for a sportier look, and it has a color-matching fin antenna up top. It’s trimmed out with classy piano black around the vehicle, and the car comes with 17″ allow wheels with extra wide 225mm tires for added grip.

Surprisingly Powerful

The lightweight Scion iM packs just enough power to feel really good when you slam down on the accelerator. The 1.8 liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine packs 137 HP overall and it’s tied to a 6-speed manual tranny that shifts incredibly easily. If manuals aren’t your thing there is an option to switch to a CVT with 7 shift points instead. While the CVT improves fuel efficiency slightly, it just doesn’t offer the same kind of fun that the manual transmission does.

Either version of the iM is relatively efficient. The manual option gets approximately 31 MPG combined. If you opt for the CVT you’ll see even better efficiency levels with a combined MPG of 32. Either way you won’t spend much on gas, and that makes this little hatchback a solid everyday driver.

Smooth and Effective Handling

Compact cars usually aren’t outfitted with overly sophisticated suspensions because they simply don’t need them. The 2016 iM goes above and beyond when it comes to suspension design. It’s outfitted with Macpherson struts out front and a double wishbone setup at the back. All together you get a setup that handles the bumps and bruises confidently, but retains some of that tight steering quality as well. The car comes with disc brakes all around as standard, and it has electric power steering that offers highly accurate performance.

A Modern Interior

Climb inside the iM and you might be surprised at how upscale and modern it looks. The 7-inch touchscreen display is trimmed out with piano black. The dash shows off narrow sporty lines. The iM is also jam-packed with technology. The media system supports the most common apps, such as Pandora for music. It comes with built-in BlueTooth connectivity for streaming music or remote control using a compatible smartphone. The car has a single USB port, an AUX port and a 12V port for connecting most devices up. It has a quality six-speaker surround sound system, and comes with a backup camera system standard.

Buyers can opt for a GPS upgrade and the vehicle comes with dual-zone climate control so both the driver and the front passenger can get the heat just where they like it. A total of eight cupholders surround the interior, so you can keep more cups in place than there are passengers in the vehicle.

There’s plenty of storage in the iM as well. The hatchback provides ample room for luggage, camping gear or anything else. The vehicle also has a glovebox compartment as well as a center storage compartment for additional storage. Finally as a first for a compact Scion, the 2016 iM gets a modern multi-info display that shows things like a trip meter, vehicle information and fuel consumption levels.