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The Most Desirable 2017 Golf GTI

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The Volkswagen Golf has a lot going for it. It’s just the right size for many small families. It’s efficient, it’s fun to drive, it comes with nice features and is a nice looking vehicle in general. It’s a pretty solid package and it’s no wonder that so many autobuyers are interested in the vehicle each year. Even if you do decide that the Golf is the right vehicle for you though, you still have to decide which version of the vehicle is the right one, and with over 5 different trim levels to choose from, and additional options on top of that, making that decision is more difficult than you might think. That’s why we’re here to break down what we believe is the very best version of Volkswagen’s most versatile little vehicle.

2017 Golf GTI

Take a Look at the Golf Sport

While there are more prestigious versions of the Golf, the Golf Sport offers an excellent mix of value and desirable features. For a starting cost of just north of $28,000 you get the high quality plaid upholstery, 18-inch wheels, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as bixenon headlights. There’s even a proximity entry system and a push button to start the vehicle up. The features in the Sport make the vehicle feel like a luxury model, and what I listed above isn’t even everything that you get either.

Performance Improvements

Not only do you get the nice features when you opt for the Sport, you also get performance features that help the trim level earn its name. You’ll get a 10 HP power boost, as well as more capable brakes, and a powerful limited-slip differential. This is the most affordable trim model to come with all these performance enhancements, and that’s what makes it so darn desirable.

What You’ll Miss out on

By going with the Sport you will miss out on some features of the more expensive models. You’ll miss out on active-safety features, a Fender audio system and leather seats, but you’ll also save a bundle in the process. If those features mean enough to you, then it’s clear you should either get the Autobahn or SE trims, but if they don’t you’re better off with the Sport version of the vehicle.

The GTI Sport also comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission that makes the vehicle even more fun to drive around, but you can switch it over to a dual-clutch auto if you’re willing to add $1,100 to the purchase price. Either way the car is pretty darned quick with times of 5.9 seconds with the manual and 5.6 seconds from 0 to 60 with the automatic.

Choosing the right Golf to drive around isn’t always easy to do. Hopefully the explanation up above makes your decision process a bit easier to go through.

Volkswagen Cleans up the Golf Lineup

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Volkswagen is beginning to understand that consumers aren’t interested in complicated. They like simple options that they can pick from, with results that are easy to predict. That’s exactly why the automaker is beginning to limit the options available to Golf buyers, there were simply too many of them in the past. Not only that, but Volkswagen is also making the vehicle more affordable to purchase, at least by a small amount.

2017 Golf GTI

Simpler Golf Choices

Choosing a Golf used to mean choosing from a bunch of different variations, but Volkswagen is downsizing and streamlining a bit to make that whole process simpler. If you decide that you want the standard Golf, you can pick from the hatchback four door version, or the Wolfsburg four door version of the car if you aren’t willing to pre-order and wait for the model to be finished. If you are willing to pre-order, you can also get the SE and SEL models of the Golf.

Need the GTI SE or Autobahn for Performance

If you’re interested in getting the high performance variation of the Golf GTI, you actually have to purchase the SE or Autobahn editions of that vehicle now. The Performance Package isn’t available to owners of the GTI S at all, but that package comes as a standard feature set on either of the other two models mentioned up above.

More Affordable Golf Models

Both the Golf S and the GTI SE models are more affordable than they once were when purchased from Volkswagen. The Golf S is $280 lower than last year’s listing, and the GTI SE will cost consumers around $225 less than it did for 2016. Those aren’t huge drops, but when the cost of so many other vehicles is climbing upward, it’s nice to see at least one that’s headed in the other direction.

Why Volkswagen is Simplifying its Offerings

Volkswagen started to realize that it was offering just a few too many options to Golf buyers, and the automaker is hoping that by simplifying options, and adding more features as standard in the higher level vehicles, it can close more sales. Buyers won’t have to do as much research or worry that they are purchasing the wrong variation, and that simpler process will hopefully cause more people to actually make the purchase.