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The 2017 Panamera: Lighter, Faster, Sexier

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Since the release of the Porsche Panamera it’s been a common complaint that the car isn’t very good looking. Someone even described the vehicle affectionately as a “crouched hippo” and it’s hard to argue with that line of thought when looking at the original car. That said, a lot has changed since then and Porsche worked really hard to make the 2017 Panamera look as nice as humanly possible. Not only did the automaker achieve its goal and create a great looking vehicle, but it also managed to make a faster and more effective one in the process.


Designed to Look More Like the 911

As far as cars go, there are few out there that can top the long-term success of the 911. With minor aesthetic changes each year, the car continues to sell well to high-end buyers looking for a symbol of status or an excellent performer. That’s why when some customers began complaining about the looks of the Panamera, Porsche turned to its 911 for inspiration. The result? A 2017 Panamera that looks more like the 911 than ever before. At the front of the vehicle,  and especially the rear there are many 911 characteristics. You’ll quickly see that the two vehicles are related, and it’s hard not to get excited about the way the Panamera looks.

Enhanced Chassis

The chassis drops the vehicle lower to the pavement, and the air ride suspension reduces the amount of space needed to dampen the vehicle. The car relies on a new four-wheel steering system and electromechanical stabilizer bars that help give it an amazingly light, lithe and sporty feel overall. The car is incredibly agile for weighing in at over two tons, and it’s surprising just how easily you’ll pass cars out on the freeway with this best.

Upgraded Engine

There are actually two engines in the latest Panamera, and it doesn’t matter if you get the 4S or the Turbo variation of the vehicle, the power increases from the previous model. There’s an increase of 20 HP or 30 HP respectively. The standard Panamera comes with 440 HP and the Turbo offers a whopping 550. Either way, the car is lightning quick and a lot of fun to drive around as well.

Redesigned Interior

The 2017 Panamera has a more simplistic look within, despite all the added tech that’s crammed into the vehicle. The vehicle shows off the same Analog clock at the center of the console that gives many Porsche’s their classy look. At either side of the clock is a 7-inch touchscreen display, allowing everything from multimedia management, to information about the cooling system. The car packs in all sorts of tech goodies, supporting things like Apple Car Play and Android Auto, but it looks simpler overall because most of the buttons were removed in favor of the touch displays. It’s a really tech-savvy vehicle, but you wouldn’t know it by looking inside, which is exactly the way most Porsche owners like it to be.

Fully Reinvented 2017 Porsche Panamera

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Porsche really wanted to come up with a unique product when it redid the Panamera to create the 2017 version and that’s why it threw pretty much everything out the window except the brand name, the car concept and that quality Porsche build strategy. When you take a look at the 2017 Panamera you’ll be astounded by the level of tech infused into the vehicle (it went from 70 control units to 112 and jumped from 2 million lines of code to an astounding 100 million!)


Smaller and Lighter

Porsche attempts to make smaller and more lightweight vehicles with each new iteration, and the Panamera is no different. Through the use of more aluminum, and high strength steel, Porsche has managed to drop the weight of the vehicle slightly, while jamming in a whole bunch of new tech devices.

Impressive Tech Features

The 2017 Porsche Panamera is an impressive tech product that’s equipped with a range of capabilities that will make you feel like you’re in a vehicle of the future. Nearly every bit of information that you’ll see in the vehicle is digital, including the speedometer. Three different screens show off this info, while giving you access to more apps, nav systems, and special features than you’ll probably ever need.

Car & Info

This 7-inch display is dedicated to showing off information about fuel efficiency, trip distance and it also shows off a very cool night vision display. This special feature allows you to see heat signatures in the night, making it very easy to spot people, animals and other vehicles heading down the road. Unfortunately the screen is quite small, so it’s more of a novelty than an important driving tool. It’s still very cool though, and you won’t find a feature like this on many other vehicles.

Speed & Assist

This screen shows off a virtual speedometer as well as information about the cruise control system and other driving information. It’s a useful tool for helping you keep on top of how fast you’re going and how you manage your speed while traveling down the road.

The Central Display

Finally, there’s the massive center display that’s positioned right in the middle stack of the Porsche Panamera. This 12.3 inch screen is a high-resolution touchscreen that connects you with a whole slew of apps and some pretty cool capabilities as well.

You can easily navigate around the roads using the built-in GPS, the real-time traffic display and Google Earth. There’s also support for Apple CarPlay, making it easy to access your favorite Apple capabilities. You can do a search for fuel prices, find your flight info, look through your calendar, see news updates, glance at Twitter and do much more with this built-in display. It’s a useful tool to help you stay on top of your life while you drive down the road. It also manages your entertainment through things like satellite radio, standard radio and Internet radio.

Not Intuitive

There’s so much going on within the Porsche digitally, that it’s not intuitive. You’ll have to spend some time behind the wheel, and in the interior just fiddling with the menus and the features to become really comfortable with them. As you grow more accustomed to the many features, you’ll start to enjoy all the capabilities offered and all the cool things that you can do with the vehicle. Take some time to learn how the system works, and you’ll come to enjoy it and how effective it is for managing all those useful features detailed up above.

Exhilarating Performance

The 2017 Panamera comes in two different flavors. There’s the 4S and the Turbo. The milder 4S comes with a 2.9 liter V6 that puts out a whopping 440 HP and delivers a crushing 405 lb.-ft. of torque. For even more power, the intense Turbo version of the Panamera comes with a V8 that delivers 550 HP and 462 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s a beast of a machine that manages 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds when equipped with the Sport Chrono Package.

Overall, the Porsche Panamera is a modern tech marvel that comes with all te features that you would expect, plus many more. It’s something that buyers will have to get used to, but any tech enthusiast will come to love. The car comes packed with enough power to rocket you down the road, and with all those screens and modern-day features, you might just think you’re blasting off into space.

The 2017 Porsche Panamera is Faster and More Efficient

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The 2017 Porsche Panamera is an exciting improvement over the older models, and it’s something that you can enjoy if you like to go fast. Not only is this model faster, it’s also more efficient and it comes packed with a more technologically advanced cruise control system. Overall that makes for a more enjoyable ride and a Porsche that you won’t want to miss out on.


Exceptionally Fast

When you slam down on the gas pedal of the 2017 Panamera it goes in a hurry. You’ll feel the torque push you back in your seat as you blaze from 0 to 60 in just 3.6 seconds. It’s one of the fastest sedans that you’ll probably find on the market, and that’s thanks to the 550 V8 Twin Turbo that’s used within the vehicle. Not only is the vehicle a blast to drive around, but it’s actually quite efficient as well when you drive under standard conditions thanks to the cylinder deactivation technology.

While it’s easy to miss the torque difference between the V6 and V8 versions of the Panamera, the highest powered version offers nearly instant power and is more effective for speeding up overall. There isn’t any noticeable turbo lag, and the PDK clutch system moves through the gears so smoothly that you won’t believe the acceleration that you can achieve.

Good Fuel Efficiency

Porsche vehicles are not know for being fuel efficient, but when you upgrade to the 2017 Panamera, you’ll enjoy efficiency increases of up to 30%. That’s because Porsche is now using cylinder deactivation technology in the vehicle. In other words, when you aren’t driving at high speeds, or accelerating roughly, the Panamera switches to using just four cylinders rather than all eight.

Advanced Cruise

This Porsche vehicle also comes with a cool feature known as InnoDrive which is like cruise control on steroids. It takes into account the different vehicles on the road and what the traffic speed is like ahead of you. The system can help you maintain a certain speed in relation to the legal limit and operates more smoothly than most advanced cruise control setups.

The Same Weight

Even though Porsche relied on a more robust engine in the latest Panamera, it doesn’t weigh any more than the older models. That’s because of Porsche’s heavy use of aluminum in the body. The entire roof and many side panel sections of the vehicle are composed of the stuff, and that cuts down on weight significantly.

When you’re looking for a capable sedan to drive your family around in, that you can also bring to the track, the 2017 Porsche Panamera is one of hte best options available. It’s spacious, it’s potently powerful, it’s luxurious and it handles like it’s on rails. You’ll love your time in this sedan, and that’s something that Porsche is counting on.