While many of Toyota’s vehicles are experiencing a decrease in sales in Canada, Lexus is actually experiencing a serious surge in sales. So much of a surge in fact that records are being set. During the month of April Lexus set the tenth consecutive monthly sales record and had the biggest month of sales to date with a total of 2,651 Lexus vehicles sold. Much of this is due to the latest RX SUV that’s selling like crazy all over Canada. Let’s dig into why that is.

2017 Lexus RX

Why is the RX Selling so Well?

Canada itself is well-known for having rough terrain that’s a bit more difficult to traverse than other countries, and that’s partly why SUVs are so popular in Canada, but that doesn’t explain why the RX is selling so well over other models. Lexus has an excellent reputation in Canada, but the RX is standing on its own in terms of quality and features offered. The SUV comes with an excellent selection of safety features that make driving more convenient and crashing much more difficult to do. The SUV is known for its reliability, it’s designed with a rugged platform that can stand up to harsh weather conditions such as snowy roads or mountain driving. The SUV is also highly luxurious.

Luxuriate While Off-Roading

While we don’t recommend taking the RX through tough off-road courses, there are likely some that it could handle just fine. It’s a pretty tough vehicle, but it also comes with all the comfort and aesthetic features that you would expect out of a Lexus. It’s fitted with carefully sculpted heated and cooled seats that are designed to make your drive as enjoyable as possible. The SUV itself looks stunning, and there’s ample space within for five passengers to ride around comfortably.

The 2017 RX is just a good solid vehicle to tackle the elements in style. That’s probably why 966 units were sold in April, a major increase of 11.2% over the previous April’s sales figures. That’s a significant increase and it shows that more people than ever before are interested in the RX and what it has to offer.

Canadian buyers are realizing the value of the RX, whether it’s the 350 or the 450h hybrid model, there’s a lot to like about the vehicle and how it handles in a variety of different driving conditions.