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The 2017 Corolla is One of the Safest Budget Cars Available

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The Toyota Corolla has long been one of the most popular family sedans in the United States, and the 2017 version of the vehicle rolls out enough new features for that trend to continue on into the future. While the latest Corolla doesn’t offer the exciting driving dynamics that you would find behind the wheel of a sportier vehicle, it does pack a whole lot of functionality and safety into a pretty affordable purchase. In fact, if you were to write down all the standard features that come in the 2017 Corolla, you would be hard-pressed to come up with any other vehicle in the price range that can compare in terms of safety or tech.

2017 toyota corolla

Top Level Safety

One of the best features of the 2017 Corolla is all the safety tech that comes packed inside. The sedan comes equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense system as standard, so you get a bunch of preventative safety tech tools without having to pay extra for them. What that means is you’ll enjoy auto high beams, adaptive cruise, automatic emergency braking, a forward collision warning system and lane departure and lane keep assist. All these features will help ensure that you remain safe while out on the road and that most of the common causes of accidents are stopped before they can end up causing a problem at all.

New Enhancements

On the outside of the Corolla you’ll see that the front-end of the vehicle has been redesigned for an all-new look. The interior is also changed notably. There’s a remodeled instrument panel with a more modern look to it. The Corolla also comes with a new set of climate controls. Overall things aren’t too different, but most of the changes to the Corolla are enhancements.

A Comfortable Family Sedan

The Toyota Corolla prioritizes being a family vehicle over everything else. It offers more rear legroom than other sedans in the class, it offers more comfort features than most as well. There is an excellent amount of trunk space, making it easy to pack in important luggage for family trips or camping excursions.

A Real Budget Vehicle

The Toyota Corolla is the ideal vehicle to purchase when on a budget. With a starting price around $19,000 it’s hard to find another brand-new vehicle that’s outfitted as nicely in the price range. Even the top-end XLE that features a 7.0 inch Entune infotainment unit, heated front seats, a power sunroof and a smart key is available for just over $24,000. No matter what grade of Corolla you decide on, you’ll enjoy an affordable price tag on your purchase.

The 2017 Corolla isn’t for everyone. It isn’t a sports car, it doesn’t get fuel economy like the Prius, but it does offer top level safety features, a good set of tech features, and huge rear seating room, and it does all that on a budget.

New and Improved 2017 Toyota Corolla

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Toyota has released information about the 2017 Toyota Corolla, and it looks to be getting some pretty nice enhancements. If you’re considering picking up a new sedan, you may want to consider this new offering from Toyota for the features that are going to be included as standard with the new model.


Exterior Changes

The 2017 version of the corolla has some pretty notable changes compared to the outgoing model. One change that you’ll likely spot right away is the grill. Instead of visually splitting the grill with a separator, Toyota decided to rely on a rougher vent texture on the lower section of the grill, and a finer texture up top. This gives it some noticeable variation. The front LEDs are also modified. Instead of sitting right in the center of the air vents up front, they are now set right at the back of them and are in a long thin strip, rather than the circle used on 2016 Corollas.

Interior Enhancements

The outside of the 2017 Corolla isn‘t the only thing that was changed, there are also some pretty noticeable changes inside. The upholster is made from new and improved fabric. The HVAC controls are redesigned to make them more user-friendly than the outgoing design. There is also a set of circular air vents that offer a nice clean look inside the Corolla.

Added Tech Features

When you pick up a 2017 Corolla you’ll enjoy standard Bluetooth as well as an enhanced Entune audio system. Not only that, but the car is going to come standard with the Toyota Safety Sense P safety package, a really comprehensive suite of safety prevention technologies. This is a good enough reason to upgrade to the Corolla alone, but there are some other enhancements the vehicle benefits from as well.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Not only is the Corolla going to be more fuel efficient, with a projected economy of 40 MPG, but it’s also going to be more powerful with a 140 HP engine in the LE Eco trim, instead of the 132 that was offered on the outgoing model. This means that you’ll enjoy improved performance while also going farther on a single tank of gas.

The Corolla continues to get better and better, which is part of why it’s one of the most popular sedans in America. These latest changes to the 2017 model year version are pretty significant, and make upgrading a no-brainer. The safety features alone are worth taking a look at.

The New and Improved 2017 Toyota Corolla

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The Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling sedans in the Toyota lineup, and for good reason. It offers excellent performance, reliability and it fits right in that mid-size sedan spot that so many small families are interested in. Details for the 2017 model year Corolla have just been released and it appears that the price went up slightly, though some nice new features were added to the vehicle to make up for that cost.

2017 Toyota Corolla

The Increased Price

The 2017 Corolla is priced at $19365 including destination costs. That’s an increase of $600 over the 2016 Corolla, which isn’t too bad compared to increases by some other automakers.

What You Get

Even though the Corolla is slightly more expensive than it was in 2016 it also comes with a bunch of new features and enhancements that more than make up for the cost increase. The 2017 Corolla comes equipped with a standard backup camera that makes it easier pulling out of tight parking spots, parallel parking or just backing out of your driveway.

It comes with a set of redesigned and improved wheels as well and enhanced styling that makes it look more modern and edgy overall.

These enhancements make the Corolla more desirable, even though it is a bit more expensive than it was before. It’s up to you to decide whether or not the changes are enough for you to get the more expensive vehicle, or if you should stick with the 2016 model year Corolla.

The Same Engine and Tranny

When you pick up the base-version of the Corolla you’ll still get that standard 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine that outputs 132 HP and 128 lb.-ft. of torque overall. It’s tied to a six-speed gearbox or a CVT depending on which you prefer and offers pretty respectable performance. If you upgrade to the Corolla LE Eco model you’ll get 140 HP instead, but still around the same amount of torque.

The latest Corolla is a minor improvement over the older models with a new look and some new features, but for the most part you are getting the same thing you did with the 2016 model. That’s why it’s up to you to take a look at the minor changes between the model years and to decide if the price increase is worth it for you or if you’d rather stick with the 2016 model.

Introducing the 2017 Toyota Corolla

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The Toyota Corolla is one of the biggest success stories for the Toyota Corporation. It’s been selling for 50 years now and has one of the most popular compact cars throughout much of that period. The Corolla built a reputation on its reliability and is continually sought after buy new and used car buyers for that very reason. Toyota introduced the 2017 Corolla at the 2016 NY Auto Show, and made brief mention of some new features it’s going to include. Things like the Toyota Safety Sense-P technology and an enhanced exterior make the vehicle particular exciting.

2017 toyota corolla

New and Improved Looks

The latest Toyota Corolla isn’t going to be an unrecognizable vehicle, but Toyota gave it some edgy enhancements to make it more exciting to look at. The hood tucks in a bit further back on the car into a V-point. This splits up the front end and makes the bumper look like it juts out in front of it. The grill is decorated with a crosshatch pattern and each light is accented by ridged air scoops. Overall the new Corolla looks like a family car for the dad looking for a bit more edge during his morning commute.

Excellent Standard Features

Toyota keeps offering more and more as standard with its Corolla models and the 2017 model year is no different. The car comes standard with bi-LED lights and a backup camera. Buyers that opt for SE or greater models also get an upgraded interior, audio enhancements, an aggressive front grille and two different exterior colors.

2017 toyota corolla 50th anniversary

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

In order to celebrate the 50th year of selling Corollas around the country, Toyota is producing a special edition version of the Corolla based on the more potent SE version of the 2017 Corolla. Just 8,000 of these vehicles will be produced and they’re set to come with improved exterior and interior features as well as all the special edition badging. The vehicle will come with audio and media system upgrades, special two-tone alloy wheels, a 4.2 inch instrument display and black upholstery with red trim. All together it should be a very nice looking Corolla and a nice keepsake for Corolla fans looking to pick up a more upscale model.

Toyota Safety Sense-P Technology

The 2017 Toyota Corolla can be optionally equipped with Toyota Safety Sense-P Technology. It’s a pre-collision prevention system that’s designed to bring a vehicle to a quick halt in the event of a possible crash. The system relies on a camera and a radar system up on top of the vehicle. These two systems scan the road for any potential problems and when you start approaching a vehicle or something else too quickly the system emits an alarm, cuing you to brake the vehicle. Even if the driver doesn’t brake the Corolla will apply brakes before the collision and stop the vehicle in most instances.

The system also offers cool features like dynamic cruise, automatic high beams and lane departure assist to help make driving safer and more enjoyable at the same time.

The Cross Country Corolla

Later on in June of this year a 1970 Corolla will be restored and prepared to travel across the country in a race from California to Illinois. It’s another chance to celebrate Corolla heritage and show what Corolla vehicles are really made of.

The 2017 Corolla looks to be a nice enhancement on the outgoing model with more technology and an improved look. Drivers looking for something special can pick up the 50th Anniversary version of the car, but everyone else will likely be happy with one of the many different trim levels of the standard Corolla models.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla Gets a Serious Makeover

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The 2015 Toyota Corolla was a seriously popular vehicle. In-fact it was one of the best-selling mid-sized sedans on the market. Toyota couldn’t afford to just sit around idly expecting success once again, not with the 2016 Honda Civic storming the market with a revamped look. That’s why the company put some of its best designers to work revamping the exterior of the 2017 Corolla. The results are pretty impressive to say the least, and you might find yourself wanting the latest Corolla after you see it.

2017 toyota corolla

A Mirai Front End

Do you think the front of the Mirai is awesome, or ridiculous? If you’re one of the folks who like the edgy look the Mirai has the new Corolla is going to be right down your alley. It has the same general shape and it’s edgy indeed. The grill out front flares down opening to a wide almost triangular shape. At either side of that unique grill are triangular gills that help fill out the front while breaking it into three distinct triangular segments. Not only did Toyota change around the grill, it also adjusted the headlights to give them a smoother look. Instead of flaring downward slightly near the inside, the new headlights maintain their shape throughout, a cool improvement if you ask us.

Refined Interior

No photos of the interior are available yet, but you better believe that the 2017 Corolla is going to sport an enhanced interior to go with the refreshed exterior. It might not be changes as radically as the front end of the Corolla is, but it’s sure to offer some features and improvements that are pretty exciting.

More Changes to Come

The 2017 Corolla isn’t on display for the public yet and it’s hard to say exactly what sort of improvements that Toyota has made to the model other than the basics. That being said, there are sure to be some serious tech and performance enhancements in the vehicle. Whether it drives differently is hard to say, but the latest Corolla looks to be a serious contender in the mid-sized segment and something that car buyers should look out for. More information is likely to be released over the next month or two, and the refreshed model should be out on the market sometime in summer for those eagerly awaiting it.