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What’s New for Audi in 2018

October 12, 2017 lacarguy Audi Tags: , , , ,

There’s a lot of new features coming to the Audi lineup in 2018. But instead of digging too deeply into each and every one of them, we’re just going to offer an overview for the different models getting changed up across Audi’s lineup to give you an idea of what’s coming in a broad sense.

2018 Audi

The S4

After being removed for a year the S4 is finally back again. It comes locked and loaded with a 354 HP turbocharged engine along with an eight-speed automatic transmission. There’s no manual transmission option this time because the vehicle comes with auto safety features that don’t work so well with it.

The A5 and S5

Both the A5 and S5 models from Audi are getting another body type for 2018, a Sportback. The A5 will rely on a 252 HP turbo 2.0 liter inline-four while the S5 will get a 354 HP turbo 3.0 liter V6 engine. Each has all wheel drive, though the A5 manages it through a seven-speed dual clutch, while the S5 relies on an eight-speed torque converter style transmission.

The A6

The A6 is just a year away from a complete redesign and it’s using this year as a chance to offer some more unique performance features as addon options. What was part of the Competition model last year, is now available as options for the standard A6. Including special wheels, a special differential with torque vectoring and a stiffer suspension.

The A8

There isn’t much change in the 2018 Audi A8, other than a bit more driver assistance technology and some enhanced safety packages. Other than that, the biggest changes in the A8 are coming in 2019 with things like Level 3 autonomy and some very nice tech features.


The 2018 Audi Q5 is benefitting from quite a few nice enhancements. It’s getting more power with a boost by 32 HP to 252 overall. It’s also getting enhanced fuel efficiency figures thanks to its more advanced all-wheel drive system. The system can fully decouple the rear axle, allowing the vehicle to drive as a standard two-wheel drive model.


The Q8 is an all-new addition to the Audi lineup that’s going to serve as an enhancement to the Q7. It’s essentially a coupe style Q7 with less space and a more aggressive stance. It’s going to come with both V6 and V8 engines and maybe a hybrid option as well. It’s also going to be one of the first Audi vehicles that uses the brand new MMI media system layout.


That’s right, starting next year you’ll be able to purchase the RS3 that was once only available overseas. It doesn’t come as a hot hatch though, but instead a dynamic sedan that can really tear up the roads. It comes with 400 HP with a 2.5 liter in-line five-cylinder engine and it can even be fitted with reverse staggered tires where the front tires are wider than the rear. It’s a cool ride for sure, and will be a solid daily-driver, but it’s not going to be cheap.

The 2018 Audi A8 Shows off Promising Self Park Features

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We’ve already done a story covering some of the innovative features that are coming with the 2018 Audi A8 but the word is out that it’s getting yet another feature that many car owners are going to want, self parking. No it’s not the first car to ever offer self-parking as a feature, but it is the first Audi vehicle and we’re sure that it’s pretty much perfected as well. The A8 should be able to handle a wide range of parking conditions, and that will make doing things like parallel parking in the city, or getting into your garage at the end of the day a bit easier. The vehicle is even capable of backing into a parking space, making it easier for poor parkers to get their vehicle situated when backing in is called for.

Standaufnahme     Farbe: Havannaschwarz Metallic
Standaufnahme Farbe: Havannaschwarz Metallic

Remote Self Parking

In the ad by Audi the A8 sedan is told to park itself by a simple button press on the keyfob and then it capably pulls itself into the garage without hitting anything at all. It’s not a brand-new feature that you can’t find on any luxury cars today, but the 2018 A8 will be the first Audi to receive the feature and something for Audi fans to celebrate.

In order to make self parking possible the A8 comes with the full suite of sensors and radar systems that are used with things like adaptive cruise control, lane assistance and emergency braking systems. The car will of course come with some added safety features as well and should be more convenient to own than many other A8 models in the past.

Complementing the 48V Setup

These new tech-heavy improvements just compliment Audi’s move to the 48V electrical system throughout the A8. Not only will the car be able to park itself and be safer than ever before, but it will also have regenerative braking and special electrical systems that make it more efficient and capable than ever before. The latest A8 is going to be a revolutionary product that’s worth the purchase because of all the added capabilities worked into it.

While Audi is already hard at working teasing the 2018 A8, it won’t be revealed until July 11 at the Audi Summit in Barcelona Spain. That’s when you’ll learn about all the different features offered and why so many people are going to want the A8 when it finally comes out.