Volkswagen just made the latest e-Golf available for purchase in Germany and it packs a pretty impressive range compared to what’s on the market from most other companies today. It has a maximum range of about 185 miles, and offers a practical range of around 125 miles on a standard day-to-day basis. That means that most drivers will be able to commute to and from work with this vehicle without issue. It’s a very impressive vehicle with some other nice improvements as well. It’s slightly more powerful, and comes with some added safety features that you won’t find on the older e-Golf. 

2017 egolf

Improved Battery for Longer Range

The biggest news for the latest e-Golf is all the added range that it comes packed with. The battery pack in the vehicle offers 35.8 KWh, and that provides between 125 and 185 miles on a single charge. That means drivers could easily travel 60 miles both ways without worrying about charging the vehicle up in-between, and more careful drivers could travel even further.

Enhanced Power

With a power icnrease of between 20 and 30 HP, the latest e-Golf travels from 0 to 62 faster than ever before. It manages the feat in about 9.6 seconds, which isn’t lightning fast, but quick enough to help you comfortably merge on most highways.

Improved Safety Features

The latest e-Golf offers comes with emergency braking features that look out for pedestrians in the road. That’s a pretty impressive feature that will make urban driving a bit safer with the vehicle. Sure these improvements aren’t as dramatic as what’s being offered on soem new vehicles, like a few from Toyota, but the e-Golf range boost is impressive compared to all its competitors.

If you are looking for an affordable EV that combines class and a good solid range, the latest e-Golf will probably be a good bet when it finally makes it stateside. The only trouble is figuring out exactly when that is going to be. The same improvements are expected in the US, but there is no word on when the car is coming over here.