Well, the 2018 Tiguan is finally out and available and there are a lot of things to take in about the SUV. The first is that it’s probably no longer a compact SUV at all, and more of a mid-sized or full-sized model thanks to some dimension changes. Not only that, but it’s handling and performance is a bit different now. Read on to learn all about what the 2018 Tiguan has to offer in its bigger and more imposing size, and find out whether or not it’s a vehicle that you’ll want to take on.

2018 VW Tiguan

The Larger Tiguan

The 2018 Tiguan is significantly larger than its predecessor, and it needs to be because it’s cramming in another whole row. You can enjoy third-row seating in the vehicle and room for up to seven. The Tiguan has a wheelbase that’s grown by 7.3 inches, and an overall length increase of 10.6 inches. This creates the seating space necessary to fit in more passengers, and also takes the once compact Tiguan and pushes it up toward Toyota Highlander proportions. The upsize also adds weight to the Tiguan. There’s an increase in weight by about 373 lbs. which doesn’t help make the SUV feel any more speedy.

Excellent Transmission

Volkswagen was wise to equip the 2018 Tiguan with their highly refined eight-speed transmission. This little beauty works wonders on the Tiguan and helps take the somewhat underpowered four-cylinder turbo engine and makes it feel good at the low end. Thanks to short gearing on the lowest gears and careful power distribution, the Tiguan can travel from 0 to 60 in just 8.6 seconds. It does so comfortably and never feels real sluggish, though once you climb past 45 things begin to slow down a bit. Overall the transmission feels very smooth, there isn’t much slipping going on and driving is significantly more enjoyable in the Tiguan for this reason.

Refined At Speed

Though the Tiguan is a bit rough when going over significant bumps, it offers a refined and quiet ride at top speeds. If you frequently travel along freeways that will take you to 70 or 80 MPH, you’ll enjoy the quiet and smooth ride that this SUV has to offer. The turbo four engine will take a bit of time to get you up to those speeds though, so patience is a must.

Solid Poor Weather Performance

Drivers that plan on taking their Tiguan through off the road much, or through snowy driving conditions should consider adding on 4-Motion all-wheel drive. Once added to the vehicle, it handles poor driving conditions exceptionally well. It won’t lose traction much even when traveling through mud or gravel, and can handle snowy roads with confidence that will let you travel even when the weather would keep other drivers indoors. That’s a major benefit of the Tiguan when outfitted properly.

Comfortable and Capable Inside

While the Tiguan looks nice on the outside, and its performance is at least decent for its price range, the inside is a breathe of fresh air. It looks well put-together and almost luxurious with the careful details added in here and there. The SUV is outfitted with mostly plastics and some metals here and there to create a stylish interior, and it feels a bit hard on many surfaces, but it still looks very nice. The seats are comfortable, lumbar support is decent, though it wouldn’t stand up to luxury standards. The infotainment system is also very nice. It looks like a low-cost version of Audi’s virtual cockpit, and manages to give quick and easy access to most of the functions. Overall the interior of the 2018 Tiguan is solid and makes riding in the SUV enjoyable, even if the folks in row three are decidedly cramped.

The 2018 Tiguan comes with some nice improvements. It’s a bit more sluggish than its predecessor, but that’s because it’s larger and offers more seating capacity. It’s a tradeoff that many buyers will be happy to take. If you need added seating space, and you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of performance, the Tiguan is a solid SUV that’s actually pretty enjoyable to use.