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Why the Volkswagen Atlas will Appeal to American Drivers

June 16, 2017 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , , ,

The Volkswagen Atlas was created specifically to appeal to the American market, which means that it has a whole bunch of features that Americans value. Below is a list of some of the main features that you’ll find in the new Atlas that were added specifically for American buyers.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Roomy Feature Rich Interior

Americans don’t like to be cramped while riding around inside their vehicles, which is why the Atlas is so spacious on the inside. It offers enough room for everyone to sit comfortably, and is loaded up with USB ports, infotainment systems, plugs and storage compartments for the whole family. Everyone can ride in the Atlas and they’ll swear it’s a minivan on the inside with how many comfort features are available.

The driver will also enjoy a roomy seating area with plenty of space and comfort features around him. The seats are large and highly adjustable throughout, which is another major benefit of going with the Atlas. Heck, even adults can sit comfortably in the second row of the Atlas, making it a capable vehicle for moving around a group of adults as well as children.

Spacious Three Row Seating

American families tend to be larger than European families and there is still a real need to be able to cart around more than 5 people at a time. That’s something the Atlas makes possible for Volkswagen and it’s the main reason the Atlas was produced at all. This will allow the automaker to compete with the other full-sized SUV options on the market, and is an American feature for sure.

All Wheel Drive

American buyers love all-wheel drive because it’s capable of handling the wide range of climate types throughout the country. With all-wheel drive issues on each of the Atlas vehicles, Volkswagen makes its SUV an easy choice for buyers that live in markets that deal with snow on an annual basis.

The Volkswagen Atlas might not show off the luxury trims that some other Volkswagen vehicles have in the past, but it comes outfitted with all the features that American buyers are most interested in, which makes it a top choice for large families looking for seating space today. Invest in the Atlas and you’ll have a decent looking, spacious, well outfitted SUV for up to seven people to ride in.

Revealing the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

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Volkswagen has long been offering smaller vehicles that large families simply can’t make do with. For that reason they’ve been losing a large portion of the American market eveyr year. Now that’s all about to change, with the luxurious Volkswagen Atlas. VW just unveiled the 2018 model in all of its glory, and it’s quite impressive. Not only does it come with plenty of tech baked in, but it’s nice looking and seems like it will handle really well in a range of driving conditions. It’s the type of vehicle that families will jump at the chance to own, and it’s something that they can be proud to drive around as well.



The Atlas comes with a system known as Car-Net. This connected product allows users to make use of a variety of connected vehicle features. Products like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink are fully supported by this technology.

Audio You Can Feel

This modern SUV comes equipped with the powerful Fender Premium Audio System that comes with 12 individual channels a 480 watt amplifier and 12 individual speakers throughout the vehicle for true surround sound performance and feel.

Power and Competence

This full-sized SUV is built on the highly capable MQB platform that Volkswagen uses for most of its vehicles today. This helps add some reliability into the mix, helping the SUV offer the type of performance that’s expected from Volkswagen.

There are two different engine options with the SUV, a 2.0 liter TSI turbocharged engine with a 238 HP output, or a more beefy 3.6 liter VR6 that puts out 280 HP. Either way, this SUV won’t feel sluggish and will offer decent acceleration without being over the top. The engines make use of a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission and there are both two-wheel and four-wheel variants of the vehicle, depending on what the buyer wants.

Selectable Terrain Management

Even a well-designed SUV isn’t made to take on every single type of terrain all the time. Certain driving conditions demand different drive styles and performance levels. That’s why it’s so nice to have the different drive modes to select from while driving the Atlas. The SUV comes with a set of modes depending on road types and conditions. You can switch among the options to make sure you always get the nice reliable performance that you want while driving around.