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Toyota Offers a More Affordable Prius than Ever Before

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Toyota has been suffering  from a lull in sales recently due to extended low gas prices. Buyers aren’t as interested in the Prius as they once were, and Toyota admits that prices have slowly climbed up to a slightly less approachable level. Most buyers wouldn’t consider a $25,000 base price outlandish for a top-performing hybrid like the Prius Two, but to help bring in new customers and offer an even better value, Toyota is releasing a slightly stripped down version of the Prius and dubbing it the Prius One. It’s $1,200 cheaper and tosses out some very minor features that few people will miss. If you’re looking for a way to cut your car-buying costs and the Prius is your vehicle of choice, you’re in luck, because the Prius One is coming out soon. Let’s get into what you get with the Prius One, and what you lose out on so you can decide whether the trade-off is worth it to you or not.

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What You Lose out on

If you opt for the low-cost Prius One, you are deciding to miss out on a few select features. You’ll still keep all the standard safety equipment that you get with the Prius Two, but you’ll lose a spare tire, a rear window wiper and the pockets at the rear of the front seats. These are all pretty minor sacrifices that most people will probably be able to give up, but it’s still important to understand what you are deciding to lose out on.

Top Level Safety Still

Toyota is fast becoming known for its preventative safety technology that is beginning to be the new standard with every Toyota vehicle. That will be carried over to the Toyota One. It’s going to be fitted with the Toyota Safety Sense P technology, including things like pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise, lane keep assistant and auto high beams. These are features that you won’t find on many top level vehicles from other brands, and they come with the most affordable Prius available when you shop with Toyota,.

Free Safety Upgrade on Other Models

If you decide that you don’t need to save money and you still want the Prius Two or greater, you’re still going to benefit from recent changes by Toyota. That’s because the automaker is giving buyers a discount that pretty much allows them to get the added Safety Plus Package with cross traffic alert, park assist and a blind spot system for enhanced safety still.

The Prius One will maintain the excellent levels of fuel efficiency that the Prius is known for, but will do it at a lower cost for buyers looking to save some cash. It’s the perfect vehicle for college kids, or anyone looking for efficiency really.

The Toyota Prius is the Most Affordable According to YourMechanic

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Owning a vehicle is expensive, there’s no doubt about that. But one of the biggest expenses that you likely face, is probably one that you don’t even think about before making a vehicle purchase. Maintenance. That’s right, the money that you spend on maintaining that vehicle over the years is staggering, and it makes a lot of sense looking for vehicles that are more affordable to maintain when you try to pick out the one that you are going to drive around. According to information from YourMechanic, a vehicle website focused on car maintenance, the Toyota Prius is the least expensive vehicle to maintain overall. That’s exciting news when you consider that you’ll already be saving money on fuel every day that you drive around.

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How Little Does it Cost?

According to data collected by YourMechanic, the Toyota Prius costs justs $4,300. That’s a bargain when you consider vehicles like the Chrysler Sebring that will set you back $17,100 over a 10 year period for regular maintenance and repair. When you look at the difference between maintenance costs of these vehicles it’s obvious that that is a consideration you should be making when buying your vehicle.

Save Money Over the Long Term

While the Toyota Prius is a bit more expensive than some of the other vehicles out on the road, it’s easy to see how you’ll save money over the long term by picking up the mid-sized hybrid. Not only will you cut your fuel expenses throughout the year, but you’ll cut maintenance and repair costs as well. It’s the ultimate low-cost vehicle when you consider all the different ways that it will save you money, which is exactly why you should be considering it over the other options being offered to the masses.

I’m not saying that you should run out and buy the Prius, there are other vehicles such as the Kia Soul, the Camry and the Honda Fit that are also affordable to maintain, but I am saying that you need to pay attention to maintenance costs before running out and buying a new vehicle. They make a big difference over time, and you could end up spending as much as $13,000 additional money over 10 years because you picked a more expensive vehicle to maintain when you were out car shopping.