Previously a Subaru BRZ was used to set the record for the tightest 360 degree spin. Now that record has been dashed by, you guessed it, another Subaru BRZ. Professional driver Alastair Moffat was behind the wheel of the vehicle when he crushed the old record and hit the pages of Guinness World Records.

360 spin subaru record

The Record

In order to set the record Alastair Moffat drove the stunt car in a narrow lane of cars and performed the spin there. The space used to complete the spin was just 2.25 meters. That distance is notable because the previous record was for 2.5 meters and that was set in 2014 using a Subaru BRZ as well.

Moffat’s behind some parallel parking records as well and clearly understands how to drive with precision. It’s thought provoking that such a skilled driver chose the Subaru BRZ to use to beat the record out of all the vehicles out there.

Why the Subaru?

According to Moffat the Subaru BRZ is the ideal vehicle to use to break such a record. It’s lightweight and highly maneuverable. It’s also easy to control making it a good solution for tight cornering and other difficult maneuvers.

The car was used stock, but two slight modifications were made. The first was turning off the vehicle’s traction control and the second was shutting off the ABS system. Without these two changes the vehicle would not have performed the spin willingly and the record could not have been broken.

It’s clear from the record that the Subaru BRZ is a fun car to drive around. If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s responsive and designed for sharp turns, windy roads and exciting driving situations the BRZ could be the vehicle for you. It’s not too expensive to purchase and you get a lot of value for that purchase.