Amazon’s Alexa service has been growing in popularity as more and more commercials show what the technology can do. While the tech is interesting when positioned in a house or at a business, it’s even more exciting when you think about it inside a vehicle. The Alexa voice-control technology gives you access to a bunch of features, features that Volkswagen owners will soon be able to use. That’s right, Volkswagen is going to offer the very first embedded version of Amazon Alexa voice to its owners in a vehicle.

2017 volkswagen jetta

Make Adjustments to Smart Home

One cool feature that a car integrated with Alexa offers is control of smart objects back home. With simple voice commands you can make adjustments to your thermostat, you can turn lights on and off, you can pretty much control any aspect of your home that’s attached to an Alexa setup back home, which we think is pretty cool.

Keep Tabs on the Vehicle

Turning your heat up or down from within your VW is pretty cool, but it’s not the only useful thing that buyers will be able to do with a Volkswagen that’s equipped with Amazon Alexa as standard. The smart system is able to pick up information from the Volkswagen itself. That means you can talk with Alexa about different vehicle stats as well. For instance, owners will be able to quickly ask how much fuel is in the car before heading out for work in the morning.

A Smarter System over Time

The Amazon Alexa system in Volkswagen will also learn the driver’s preferences over time and give out personalized travel information to help the driver get the most out of his trips.

Voice chat is a natural way to communicate while driving and that’s why the Amazon Alexa was a natural choice for the Volkswagen vehicles. It should be an exciting addition to the cars and any other vehicles that Volkswagen decides to use Alexa on.