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Audi is Planning an Exciting EV for 2019

April 19, 2017 lacarguy Audi Tags: , ,

Audi is planning to release a powerful full-electric vehicle by 2019. This car will have a sporty look and performance to match. It will do 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds and has an approximate driving range of 300 miles on a full charge. It’s going to be a capable EV and a good second step toward creating a capable lineup of electric vehicles.

audi etron sportback concept car

How the Range is Possible

In order to make the 300 mile range possible, Audi is equipping the vehicle with a 95 kWh battery pack that will hold up over an extended period when it’s finally charged up all the way. That’s a pretty serious battery pack, and it’s going to add some weight to the ride, but the Audi should still feel quick and powerful during regular operation.

Brimming with Futuristic Tech

The latest full-electric Audi coupe is going to come stocked with plenty of cool tech features that will make owning the vehicle even more rewarding. It’s going to come with a set of Matrix LED lights as well as laser lighting and OLEDs to create brilliant light on the outside of the vehicle and to offer communication with other drivers around the vehicle to keep it safer when inn congested driving conditions.

The car is going to get rid of blind spots as well. That’s because a series of real-time cameras will show you exactly what’s on the other side of the vehicle so you can move from lane to lane with confidence that you aren’t going to have any problems.

Audi’s Electric Future

The two full electric vehicles planned within the next couple years from Audi won’t be it for the company. The automaker has big plans to implement even more electrified vehicles in the coming future to go along with Volkswagen’s plans to move toward an EV future. Audi wants to fit at least a quarter of its lineup with batteries by 2025, and release at least three electric vehicles by 2020.

EV fans will soon have plenty of luxury options to choose from, and eventually it’s likely that much of Audi’s lineup will either be a hybrid or full electric vehicle. That’s pretty exciting for anyone that’s sick of inefficient vehicles, and it’s a good direction for Audi to move toward to help modernize the brand more.

Audi Finally Unveils Its EV Crossover Concept that Will Be Taking on Tesla

September 18, 2015 lacarguy Audi Tags: , , , ,

Audi made their intentions very clear last week at the Frankfurt auto show when they showed off their EV crossover concept vehicle. The automaker explained what the vehicle could do, and then went on to say that they plan on releasing a full electric crossover by 2018. It’s clear that the automaker is planning on going head to head with Tesla, the automaker who pretty much has the long-range EV market cornered at the moment.

audi e-tron quattro preview

The Crossover Specs

According to Audi the crossover can travel a total of 310 miles on a charge and it has a 90 kWh battery pack overall. Charging up that massive pack to full capacity takes about 50 minutes in all, which isn’t too bad at all for such a lengthy range.

Impressive Handling

The e-Tron Quattro is designed to have impressive handling. It’s built with three separate electric motors, one up front and two in the back, to deliver that all-wheel drive performance that most people expect from Audi. The crossover travels from 0 to 62.1 MPH in just 4.6 seconds, which is pretty quick for a crossover vehicle.

Wireless Charging and Solar Support

The concept car from Audi can be charged back up wirelessly, meaning that charging in parking spots or in the garage will be nearly effortless for drivers operating the vehicle, but wireless charging will take quite a bit longer than a direct line. The vehicle is also equipped with a fully solar roof to help recharge it as you drive down the road as long as it’s sunny out. The panels could help boost the range a bit in the right conditions, and could serve as an emergency way to trickle charge the vehicle back up for short-range driving in the right conditions.

Coming Out to Take on the Tesla Model X

With Tesla planning on unveiling their Model X crossover later on this month, it’s pretty clear that Audi is looking to take on the automaker with its own offering. While it’s highly unlikely that Audi will have a product out anywhere near as soon as Tesla, the automaker will likely improve upon its offering to compete with later iterations of the Tesla vehicle and it’s likely to be one of the only automakers producing such long-range electric vehicles, even if it doesn’t come out for a few years from now.

Electric Vehicles are beginning to Look Like a Big Part of Audi’s Future

December 3, 2014 lacarguy Audi Tags: , , , , , ,

While many automakers are beginning to shift toward hydrogen fuel cell technology Audi is basing its stake firmly in EV technology and according to statements from their Technical Development Chief, Ulrich Hackenberg, the automaker is planning on releasing a family sedan with a range of around 280 miles sometime around 2017.

audi r8 etron

While his statements were not detailed in any way, there was enough said to expect the vehicle to be a large sedan or possibly a crossover that offers enough space for a family of four to sit comfortably and luggage space as well. This vehicle in development is expected to be released to compete against the Tesla Model S, a brand that Audi has admitted to respecting in the past. While an efficient EV that achieves close to a 280 mile range seems unrealistic currently, battery technology continues to evolve and there’s a good chance it will have improved further by 2017 when this vehicle is expected to be released. This development should be enough to get most EV enthusiasts excited, but it’s not the only electric vehicle in the works for Audi.

The EV Q8

There have also been rumors released that Audi is working on an all-electric version of their Q8 SUV. This vehicle would compete directly with the Tesla Model X and it would help round out Audi’s electric lineup further, and show just how committed they are to the technology.

Leveraging R8 Research and Development

The recent development of the Audi R8 e-Tron suggests that if anyone is capable of producing a powerful EV that has an impressive range it’s Audi. By introducing new battery technology to the vehicle they were able to double its effective range to an impressive 281 miles. This high-performance vehicle should have provided plenty of testing to help the automaker build their experience producing electric vehicles, and all of that research and development will help with the next models.

A Future Filled with EV’s

If these rumors weren’t enough, Bloomberg is also going on about a series of performance blueprints that Audi has developed for a whole EV lineup. Apparently Audi is a lot more committed to electric vehicles than they are willing to let on to the general public, and it’s safe to say that we will be seeing some new developments from the automaker in the future.