In a time when so many automakers out there are working hard to come up with their own tech solutions, Audi is taking the more practical approach and teaming up with Google for the best possible tech experience. Audi is integrating the Google Now personalized voice service into its vehicles more than ever before, making it possible to achieve a whole new level of control using just your voice to do it. This will make it possible to do cool things with your voice while driving down the road, and seems like a pretty good move by Audi to us.

Audi Android

What the Google Service Will Do

while Audi’s HERE service will still handle navigation tasks in the vehicle, Google Assistant will handle a bunch of other voice-controlled activities. Users of the advanced Google service are expected to be able to adjust the temperature settings of the heating and cooling system within the vehicle. They will also be able to roll windows up and down, adjust a sunroof, look up information and do more from behind the wheel of the vehicle. Audi vehicles are becoming more and more integrated with software and this will give voice control users more power as time goes by.

Faster Updates and More Personalization

Audi decided to work with Google for these services because the automaker believes the tech giant will be able to put out faster updates and create more personalized technology for users than Audi could itself. In other words, Audi is interested in releasing the best possible product to its customers, which should help improve the brand and make it more favorable for drivers overall.

Voice control technology is becoming more capable with each passing year, and Audi is teaming up with one of the tech giants that’s pioneering all that new tech. This should result in better technology for everyone driving around an Audi, and exciting updates in the future as Google does even more to innovate.