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The Audi Q2 to Pack Even More Power

August 18, 2017 lacarguy Audi Tags: , , ,

The Audi Q2 is a fun little SUV that’s worth owning and comparable to the Porsche Macan. This pint-sized SUV packs a real punch, and word from Audi says that that punch is about to get a whole lot more lethal. The little SUV is getting an option for a larger engine that will produce even more horsepower. That’s exciting for enthusiasts and it means you can do even more with the little SUV.

Audi Q2

The new Q2 is going to come with a 2.0 liter turbo-four TFSI engine. That engine offers 187 HP overall, and will help you travel from 0 to 62 in just 6.5 seconds. That’s really fast for an SUV and it’s something that most car enthusiasts are going to enjoy seriously. The best part is that this more powerful Q2 is still going to be very affordable and will start off in the 30’s. Choose the new model for more power and you’ll be launching down the road like never before.

The Audi Q2 is a very popular SUV over in Europe, largely because of it’s unique blend of power and compact performance along with some nifty features that you won’t find in many other SUVs. Give it a look yourself today and you just might find your favorite new SUV model.

Sure it can’t stand up to the high performance racing SUV models from companies like Porsche, but it’s a good balance between functionality and performance when you’re looking for a practical daily driver that’s still fun to stomp down on the accelerator in. Give this SUV a try today and you’ll be sold on it for future use. That’s a promise to any serious driver that wants a bit more power in his or her daily drive.

Audi Continues to Expand on Auto Technology and Talks about New Features at CES 2016

January 6, 2016 lacarguy Audi Tags: , , , ,

Audi has long been at the head of bringing technology into vehicles, specifically technology around Internet connectivity. The first automaker to bring cellular data into a vehicle natively, Audi is also one of the pioneers on other mobile technologies and some of the latest features on the market today. Cars offered by the company feel very modern and are some of the most exciting to drive, and that’s because the automaker works hard to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

audi wifi

An Early Start

Audi was the first automaker to bring WiFi into a vehicle and it should come as no surprise that the automaker is still leading the way. The automaker set up the framework for cellular data connections built right inot a vehicle and even came up with the business model that made it possible for such a thing to exist.

Enhancing Vehicles Today

Audi has a number of projects running to create enhanced multimedia systems for its drivers and passengers. The cars will support Apple Car Play and Android Auto in the future making it easier for more devices to be used in the vehicles. It will also provide enhanced support and offer more features to accessories like tablets and watches in the future. Audi was also one of the automakers that acquired Nokia Maps and it’s interesting to see how the company is going to take that mapping technology and incorporate it into its vehicles. Google Maps are a strong service that’s already available in many vehicles, but Nokia Maps could offer other features that the Google Map suite simply isn’t providing, or it could give Audi its own proprietary solution for owners.

More Upgradeable

One of the major goals that Audi has for its vehicles is making them upgradeable later on. That would mean that as new infotainment units come out for new vehicles, they could also be added to an older model to offer the same features. That’s an exciting prospect and would address one of the most difficult problems of today. The tech in vehicles is outdated fast and it’s sucks to have to scrap an entire vehicle just to get a more modern media system. By creating a modular system for car computers, Audi would enable its vehicles to stay on the road longer while still keeping drivers up to date with technology.

Audi clearly values technology and is working to offer some of the most exciting features in the world to its drivers of tomorrow. That being said, the company knows how important it is for different automakers to be on the same page. That’s why it’s beginning to adopt open standards like Android Auto that are already in use on other vehicles. Becoming more unified will help improve auto technology for everyone.