Many new car owners are tempted to skip over service dates or to try and do work themselves rather than bringing the vehicle into the dealership for servicing. While taking this approach will save you money over the short term, it’s very likely that it will cost you more over time. That’s because you’ll leave your vehicle open to some serious problems, and you’ll likely void your warranty as well.

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Maintain Warranty

With new or slightly used vehicles your warranty is your best friend. That’s because if something goes wrong, getting the problem fixed is as simple as calling in the warranty and having the necessary repairs made for free. Unfortunately, doing the work yourself, or missing important service dates can void your warranty, leaving you without the protection that you need. By bringing your vehicle in for servicing each and every time it’s necessary, you can maintain that warranty so you have it available when you need it most.

Extend Life of Vehicle

Taking the time to visit the dealership on a regular basis serves to enhance the lifespan of your vehicle nicely. That’s because all the necessary maintenance is being taken care of and excess wear is being prevented. Not only that, but common problems are being spotted before they can become real issues. So if something is wearing out in your vehicle, the service department will let you know and they will take care of the repair task for you in most instances.

Reduce Repairs

Repairs are expensive, and if they aren’t taken care of as soon as possible the damage to your vehicle can lead to more serious problems as well. By taking care of the regular maintenance of your vehicle and heading in to the dealership regularly, you’ll cut down on the repairs that are needed for your vehicle. You’ll have less problems to deal with, and ultimately will have a more reliable product that you can count on.

Increase Resale Value

One of the biggest benefits of bringing your vehicle in for regular servicing at a reliable dealership is an increased resale value if you ever decide to sell off your vehicle in the future. Buyers love to see that vehicles have been well taken care of, and one of the best ways to show that is with a set of service records. Keep receipts from every one of your service visits and you’ll have documented proof that you take good care of your vehicle.

It might cost you a bit more money to bring your vehicle in for servicing at the dealership every time it needs it, but that money will be well spent when you extend the lifespan of your vehicle, increase your resale value and keep your warranty alive. It’s worth the cost for all the benefits that you’ll enjoy.