If you’ve been admiring the Scion tC from afar and you would jump at the chance to own a custom version of one of the company’s most popular sedans, now’s your chance with the Scion tC Release Series 9.0. This little sedan features a hot black on orange paint job, and a number of customizations that help it stand out from the stock version. It’s only being sold for a short period and it’s worth it to take some time to check it out if you’re considering picking up a new version of the vehicle anyway, because the customizations only serve to enhance the vehicle in our opinion.

scion tc release series 9

The Unique Features

Aside from the stand-out paint job that the vehicle’s received, it has a number of additional customizations as well. The Carlet Customs body kit gives the sedan a sportier almost race-car like look, giving the vehicle a set of custom emblems and black door handles, mirrors, and a rear spoiler that all go together really well. When building the vehicle the designers made the decision to go with a pair of 18 inch wheels that have been rendered in a nice gloss black color to further go along with that common theme.

The vehicle relies on a set of brightly-colored powder-coated springs to lower down the body, giving it that sleek low-rider look that allows a car to seemingly glide across the road. The center-mounted TRD exhaust system gives the engine a sporty tune, and offers a more performance-focused look to the vehicle.

Once you climb inside the vehicle the orange and black continues, with almost everything covered in black material or rendered a black color. Scion added in light touches of orange throughout the vehicle to help separate out the black, and to give it some added flare while keeping with the exterior theme.

Sure black and orange might not be for everyone, but for the sector that Scion’s trying to target with their tC we think that it will go over very nicely, and while you probably wouldn’t want to see the color on a top-end luxury car, it goes really well on this Scion making it into a car that you can’t help but notice when you pass it going down the road. You can own a piece of history with this special vehicle, but it only really makes sense to do so if you like the look and style of it, because it’s ingrained into every part of the vehicle.